Recent damage inflicted on Iran by U.S. will gain a response

The rulers in the United States, firstly, know that they didn’t achieve their goal: they might try to repeat it, but they know they can never achieve it. Secondly, they damaged us during these days, they know there will be some sort of retaliation.

On the anniversary of the January 9th, 1978 uprising, thousands of people from Qom met with Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, this morning January 9, 2018.


Addressing people of Qom this morning, January 9, 2018, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “The vast manifestations arising from millions of Iranians against recent riots is no ordinary event. Nowhere, in this world, have we witnessed the same exact phenomena. I am well informed on this. This great, coherent people’s movement against the enemies’ conspiracy, with such organization, awareness, and enthusiasm is unique among the world, and it continues for forty years now.”

On that note, Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say, “It’s not simply a question of a number of years. It is a fight of a nation against an anti-nation; a fight of Iran against anti-Iran; a fight of Islam against anti-Islam: this has always existed and will persists.”

Commenting on the plots and schemes initiated by the enemy against the Islamic establishment and the Iranian nation, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution affirmed: “All actions that the enemies have waged against us, during the past forty years, are counter-attacks against the Islamic Revolution. The revolution uprooted the enemies’ political position in the country; now they (the enemy) uses counter attacks, frequently, and is defeated each time. The enemy acts and cannot advance because of the resistance: the strong national and popular barrier.”

He reiterated, “Once again, the nation with its full power tells the United States, the UK and their Londoners, ‘they couldn’t make it happen this time, and will never achieve their goals.’”
“Various analyses were proposed during these days. All these analyses had a common point: the point which allows the righteous and truthful desires of the people to be distinguished from and the brutal and destructive movements of another group. The two must be distinguished,” said the Leader of the Revolution.

He continued: “That a person is deprived of a right and objects to it: or that protesters – hundreds of people — come together and gather to express their concerns, is one thing; and that a number of the people from this gathering misuse this motive--to insult the Quran, to insult Islam, to insult the flag, to burn the Mosque, commit sabotage or set the country on fire--is another thing. The two should not be mixed.”

Ayatollah Khamenei acknowledged the genuine grievances of the people and addressed them by stating: “The people’s wants, appeals, or protests have always existed in this country, and persist today. Well, like these problematic financial institutions, some of the institutes have been problematic and have made some people very dissatisfied.”

“These appeals must be dealt with and heard out. They must be answered as much as possible,” he said. Conceding that he must include himself as a responsible party, the Leader of the Revolution stated: “All of us — I do not say “others must follow”— I myself am responsible; all of us "must follow this approach."

Elaborating, further, on the enemies’ plots, the Supreme Leader brought up a few points on the mode of operation used by the enemy: “I would like to add that these events had a distinct triangle pattern or scheme. Events did not emerge overnight; but they have been carefully organized. My observances are based on information from sources of intelligence: some are made obvious by their own statements, some have been obtained through intelligence operations.”

The Leader of the Revolution discussed the triangular model, or the pyramid of hierarchy scheme, to describe who was responsible for the flow of money and carrying out the orchestrated events in Iran recently.

The hierarchy of the pyramid/triangle is listed from top (1) to bottom (3) in Ayatollah Khamenei’s own words:

1. “The plot was made by Americans (US) and Zionists. They have been plotting for many months to initiate riots in small cities and eventually move towards the center.”
2. “Money was provided by a wealthy government near the Persian Gulf. Well, these plots are costly. The Americans are not willing to spend money while such accomplices are already there.”
3. “The third side of the triangle consists of the US submissive henchmen: Mohajhedeen-E-Khalq Organization, the murderous MEK.”

The Leader of the Revolution offered more detailed information by stating: “They were prepared months ago. The media of the MEK admitted to this; they said, recently, that they were in contact with Americans some months ago, to carry out U.S.’ orders: to organize riots, meet with this or that person, find individuals inside the country to help them fan out to the people. And that it was they who initiated this.”

Adding to the tactics used by the MEK, the Leader informed the audience: “They began with a slogan [to catch attention] in opposition to high prices. Well, this is a slogan that everyone likes. They wanted to attract some people with this message, then enter the arena themselves to pursue their evil goals and attract followers. What people did here is this: First, some people came to streets--though not a big number--, however, just as they understood the real intentions behind, the people separated their lines.”

He went on to say, “On the one hand, the rioters shouted ‘my life be sacrificed for the sake of Iran,’ on the other hand, they burned the flag of Iran! The fools did not understand that these two actions simply cannot go together. Well, we hope that you (MEK) die for Iran! But, when have you stood up to the enemies of Iran? Those who have always stood against the enemy of Iran are the devout, believing, and revolutionary people. Who were the 300,000 martyrs of the Holy Defense era? They were these believing and revolutionary men who defended their country. When have you (MEK) died for Iran, that you shout ‘my life be sacrificed for the sake of Iran’?”

Ayatollah Khamenei did not overlook the fact that the U.S.A. had a part, too, in the seditious attempt to cause distress for Iran; nevertheless put out by the Iranian people. On that note, he indicated: “Well, the United States is now angry, extremely furious; it's not angry with only me; it's angry with everyone and everything: angry with the Iranian people, angry with the government, and angry with the Revolution of Iran because it was defeated by this massive, retaliatory movement.”

Informing the people on U.S.A.’s reaction towards their own failure in Iran, he added: “Now, the US officials have started to talk nonsense; the president of the United States says the Iranian government fears its very own people! No, the Iranian government was born by their people; it is for their people, is created by the Iranian people, and relies upon them. Why should it fear their own people? If the people were not there, no Islamic government would exists!”

Mentioning, in brief, the nonsensical tweets coming from the account of U.S. President, the Leader of the Revolution clarified this matter by asserting: “He [Trump] says that the Iranian government is afraid of U.S.’ power. So, if we are “afraid” of you, how did we expel you from Iran in the late 1970’s and expel you from the entire region in the 2010’s?”

The Leader of the Revolution then sent a solid message to the enemies, avowing that U.S. will never be able to accomplish their goals: “The rulers in the United States, firstly, know that they didn’t achieve their goal: they might try to repeat it, but they know they can never achieve it. Secondly, they damaged us during these days, they know there will be some sort of retaliation. Thirdly, this man who sits at the head of the White House— although, he seems to be a very instable man--he must realize that these extreme and psychotic episodes won't be left without a response.”

In his final statements Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Revolution, reminded his audience: “Those who like to make friends with U.S. agents--whether outside or whether, unfortunately, some inside--they also know that this system is strongly standing and will resolve all weaknesses and problems with God’s grace.”

This full text of the speech will soon be uploaded on the website. 


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  • 2018-01-09 17:25
    May God bring peace to all and keep all Iranians and Americans safe.
  • 2018-01-10 01:46
    I am not a fan of the US Government meddling in the affairs of another country. I really just wish we all could just get along and stop the aggressive rhetoric and posturing on both sides. I love my country, but I also love the people of the world - even if they do not agree with me, my principals or my country.