Story of a man permitted to punish Mohammad (pbuh) before his demise

The present day coincides with the anniversary of the demise of the holy prophet of Islam (PBUH)--the most prominent of all humans throughout history, the spiritual father of Muslims and all the individuals who believe in advancement and growth of humanity. During the anniversary of his demise, one of our duties consists of being grateful, by heart and through words, for extraordinary, tireless efforts, and endeavors of the greatest person of the world and history. In addition, the current period represents the anniversaries of the martyrdom of the oldest grandson of the prophet--Imam Hassan Mujtaba (as)-- and our 8th Imam: Imam Reza (as).
The day the holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH) died and before that, the days of his illness, were difficult days for Medina; particularly, because of the events that happened shortly before his demise. The prophet (PBUH) entered the mosque, stepped up to the rostrum and stated: “If there is anyone to whom I am beholden, please come forward to claim your debt." The audience started to cry, saying, Oh! Messenger of Allah! How is it possible that you be indebted to us?!" He said, “Disgrace before God is more difficult than disgrace before you. If I owe you anything, ask for it now, so it is resolved in this world rather than in the Hereafter."
This reveals the degree of his (PBUH) ethics! Who is saying this? That great man who Gabriel is proud to be friends with; however, he asks the people, in sincerity, in case someone suffered the slightest damage because of him, without him knowing it. The prophet repeated this question two or three times.
In history there are stories that I do not exactly know which or to what extent are accurate, but the one that has often been quoted is that a person stood up and said: "O Messenger of Allah! you owe me. You were, once, passing me by, riding a camel; we were both riding our camels when my camel came near yours; and, you used your stick to make the animal move faster; but, the stick hit me in the stomach, so you are indebted to me for this! The prophet (PBUH) raised his shirt and said: "Come now, and retaliate; do not leave this matter for the Hereafter." The people were astonished and wondered if the man really wanted to take retaliation out on the prophet (PBUH). How would his heart allow it? They saw that the prophet sent someone to fetch the same stick (used on the camel) from his house. Then, he said: "Come and take it, hit me in the stomach with this stick." That man came forward. The present people were all astounded and embarrassed, wondering if the man would strike him; but, they saw him falling at the feet of Mohammad (PBUH), and he started to kiss the prophet. He said: "O' Messenger of Allah! I will save myself from the fire of hell by touching you!"
O Lord! For Muhammad (PBUH) and his household, for Your dignity and glory, send your best regards, favours and blessings, forever to the pure soul of our dear prophet. O Lord! Grant him the favour of Islam, Muslims, and of humanity; lead us to be his nation; guide us to follow him and his straight path; make our society look like his community and grant us all with the needed willpower to follow him.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Friday, May 18, 2001


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  • 2017-11-17 12:55
    This is not acceptable that Prophet Muhammad was most prominent of all humans throughout the history. no such Quranic order in this respect. Even Khameini himself unable to prove it. Prophet's saying "“Disgrace before God is more difficult than disgrace before you. If I owe you anything, ask for it now, so it is resolved in this world rather than in the Hereafter." itself speaking that God is the Lord of Judgment day on that day God having accountability of all including prophets. To one person he allowed hit the stick to hit him as once prophet's stick had hit man mistakenly by saying ""Come now, and retaliate; do not leave this matter for the Hereafter." Khameini and his followers must know that God is the creator of all universe, Prophet himself did not come as a prophet but Allah himself assigns responsibilities of humans either makes him labour, king, prophet etc. see Ayahs Amantu billahi, wa malaikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wal qadri khairihi wa sharrihi hi minal lahi ta'l
  • 2017-11-19 12:58
    I think they should call him only one of the most prominent or something like that and not the Most prominent. Can you show proof that Khamenei really said that he was the most prominent? Then maybe people like Mazzharudin can stop accusing. Sometimes I think the translations for iranian leader's sites are incorrect.