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U.S. the agent of global Zionism, the creator of ISIS

The US – the US government, the political regime of the US – is obviously a devious and malicious phenomenon. As Imam [Khomeini] pointed out, it is the Great Satan. It is really the Great Satan. The region's insecurity is rooted in the US. The insecurities that you witness are rooted in the US. There is a malicious and dangerous network in the world which is called "Global Zionism," and the US is its agent. The US is an enemy of independent nations. It is behind much of the viciousness, warmongering, and massacres that exists in our region and in many other regions throughout the world. Like a leech, the US is after sucking nations' assets and resources. This is the political system of the US today!

Whether or not those who established this political system knew that it would end up here is another issue, but today this describes the US.  In recent years, the US government and system has been entangled in such a situation. The Zionists' main accomplice in crimes that they've committed – in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and other parts of the world — is the US.

The creator of DAESH – this active and militant takfiri orientation – is the US. This has been openly acknowledged by the same person in his presidential campaign. One of the criticisms that he made against the Democrats was that they had created DAESH. He himself has acknowledged this! Well, now do you expect them not to be furious at the force which has prevented DAESH? They created DAESH for a specific goal. Now, you see that he delivers speeches, yelling at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps because of its achievements in defeating DAESH. Well, this is completely natural. When you gain an understanding about the other side, this will sound quite natural to you.
Ayatollah Khamenei, Oct 18, 2017


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