US, Europe, gave Saddam WMD, have no right meddle in our missile program

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on October 18, 2017 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with outstanding students, members of the Elite Foundation and the winners of scientific competitions and entrance exams in Iran.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad and upon his pure household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

You are very welcome. It was a very sweet and pleasant meeting for me, as this is the case every time. I derived the benefit that I was supposed to derive from this meeting. First of all, I met with you, I listened to your statements, I felt the determination, motivation and spirit that one fortunately witnesses in youth and I benefitted from the statements that you made. I really enjoyed listening to you. Therefore, I obtained the benefit that I wanted to obtain from this meeting. Now, it is my turn to raise a few points:

Before I forget, I would like to mention those who are not present in this year's meeting. A large number of dear brothers and sisters and outstanding personalities are not present here because of our condition and due to some circumstances. Whenever I am among youth – particularly outstanding youth -  I first thank Allah the Exalted: "And whatever favor is bestowed on you it is from Allah" [The Holy Quran, 16: 53]. You are God's blessing for us. You are considered divine blessings for those who love the Islamic Republic. For us – people who have lived a long life – you youth are truly a divine kindness and divine blessing. I thank God.

The second feeling that I get when I meet with you is hope. We attach great significance to the future of the country. We attach great significance to the horizons that are within our sight. When we see you, we become hopeful that by Allah's favor, the future will be shaped in the same way that we wanted.

As Mr. Sattari pointed out, the human resource in our country is an exceptional in the world. The best and the most prominent and outstanding part of our human resource is the existence of outstanding personalities. These individuals can revive the feeling of commitment in every human being. When they move on the straight path, and when they adopt a good orientation, the feeling of commitment will be revived in all those who know and see them.

That is why I am a staunch and genuine believer in outstanding personalities. I believe in you outstanding personalities. I hope and I request that the Elite Foundation and Mr. Sattari – who is in the administration as Vice President – make an effort in the direction of encouraging all the officials of the country to become believers in outstanding personalities in the real sense of the word. This is one of our expectations. They should believe in outstanding personalities. First of all, they should believe that we have outstanding personalities, second they should believe that these outstanding personalities are capable of changing the country's fate in a way that is accepted and approved by everyone. Some of our officials neglect this point. They should be pulled out of this negligence.

Well, I would like to say a few things about the issue of the Elite Foundation, the issue of outstanding personalities and other similar issues. Then, at the end of my statements, I will raise a few political points.

The first issue is that scientific progress strengthens the country. Our dear presenter recited a hadith: "Knowledge is power." The Arabic word "sultan" means power. Knowledge is power. Anyone who has it will have the upper hand and anyone who fails to have it will be dominated. This means that a powerful hand will overcome them and they will become subordinate to them. This is knowledge. Today, you can witness this. The Americans and the Europeans have managed to conquer the whole world because of the knowledge that they acquired.

You know that the US, England, France and many European countries – even small countries in Europe – managed to occupy other countries, some of them managing to keep hold of those colonies for several centuries. They exploited everything that they had and they destroyed them. They achieved power over those nations and they became dominant because of knowledge. They were after knowledge. We ignored the caravan of knowledge and therefore, we fell behind despite our brilliant history and despite outstanding talent that we enjoyed. Others moved ahead of us. We should make up for this.

Well, since a hundred years ago, some of those who are infatuated with the west have been promoting the idea that if you want your country to progress, if you want Iran to move ahead, you should be defined under the category of the west. This is westoxication which is the same concept that was critiqued up by the late Al-e Ahmad. This was a wrong idea. Some of those who used to promote that idea were doing this out of treachery and some were doing so out of ignorance, not treachery. Today too, some of their followers or – let us say – the residue from that orientation continue to promote such thoughts.

They say that we should make progress under the category of the west. This is not the case. For fifty years, the country lived in the shadow of the west: for fifty years! For a while, it lived in the shadow of the UK, for a while – in middle Reza-Khan period – it lived under the shadow of Germany and for a while, it lived in the shadow of countries like the US and this continued time and time again. What progress was made in our country during those eras? What did the country gain apart from disaster, backwardness and the destruction of the main resources of the country? So, we cannot be defined under the category of the west. This cannot be done. Those who say that the country might be able to progress by being subordinate to the west are traitors to the country if they know what they are saying. Or they might be ignorant.

So, what should we do? We should put an end to dependence. Of course, dependence includes political, economic and cultural dependence. It is comprised of various forms, but the main form is political dependence. Primarily, it is political dependence that prepares the ground for everything else. Naturally, political dependence causes culture and economics to infiltrate as well. This brings about dependence in all areas.

This is true even in the area of security, as was the case during the time of taghut. We were dependent in the area of security. Of course, we were mainly dependent in the area of the economy. The same is true of culture. Well, political dependence came to an end thanks to the Revolution, but liberation from other forms of dependence is difficult. This requires effort. This is not a claim that I am making today. During the time of my presidency too, I said this in Friday prayer sermons. I said that our political dependence came to an end, that we were thankfully liberated, but that we are still dependent in terms of the economy and culture. We should work on this because dependence will lead to disaster.

I will tell you that when I look at the memoirs which have been written by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's friends, I read that in certain cases, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi himself was extremely angry at the Americans. He sometimes cursed them. Of course, he did so in his private room and in the company of his close friends. He was like a person who goes to his rooftop and swears at a policeman in a distant city. He used to swear at them in his private room, but whenever the British or the US ambassador delivered a message, made a phone call and issued a command, he was ready to bow to them and obey their command. He had no choice and he had to do so. This is dependence. This should be destroyed.

Well, political dependence has completely been uprooted in our country. But great efforts should be made in other areas and one of the main factors in our salvation is scientific progress which is being carried out by you. Therefore, there should be no obstacle on the path of scientific and technological progress. Government and public organizations and activists in various cultural divisions should not create any obstacle in the way of scientific progress. Thankfully, there are enormous capacities, examples of which you witnessed in this meeting. I am in contact with many of these examples at various levels. I am informed of their activities, I receive reports and I feel this in meeting with those individuals. I know that capacities exist in abundance and that we can move forward. This is the first point.

The second point is about the condition of the Elite Foundation and the Scientific Deputy [of the Presidency]. Thankfully, they have made great progress and they have improved. In recent years, there have been many factors which have improved the condition of the Scientific Deputy and the Elite Foundation. Knowledge-based companies have made a huge leap. It was in the year 1393 that I stressed the importance of knowledge-based companies in the same meeting. Fortunately, today knowledge-based companies have made a good leap. There have been good investments in this regard. A number of scientific committees and scientific nuclei in universities – this was another issue which I stressed in that meeting – have thankfully been established. The intellectual orientations towards cultivating outstanding personalities have been revised. Many of the issues which you raised today exist in the minds of the officials in the Elite Foundation and the scientific deputy as they have discussed these matters with me.

They are supposed to pursue a revised and completed method and course of action. These things exist, but I am not satisfied yet. This does not mean that I am the only person who is not satisfied, rather it means that these achievements are not enough and they cannot be relied on. There is still a long way to reaching the ideal point. This is what I want to emphasize both to Mr. Sattari and the officials who are present, and to you dear outstanding youth. When it comes to scientific progress, we should not rely on the activities of a single university, research center and the like. This should become a process. This should become systematic. There should be an orientation in the country towards science and scientific progress. It should turn into a well-established orientation and process in a way that it will not be possible to stop it.

It should not be the case that if such and such an administration has other ideas, it will be able to influence the scientific progress of the country and create a pause in it. It should not be the case that if a certain official has different viewpoints, he will be able to change the course. Differences of opinion, methods and managerial tastes should not have an impact on the scientific progress of the country. This will happen only when this becomes systematic.

As for knowledge-based companies, the regulations for these companies should not be reduced. You should take care to impose careful regulations for these companies. It should not be the case that we only increase them in number. The budget for science and technology should not be reduced. They should be increased. Of course, the friends in the meeting said to me that there are some problems with the innovation fund. By Allah's favor, I will pursue the matter in a serious way so that the problem will be eliminated. Of course, financial resources should be managed correctly as well.

The next point is about scientific articles. Fortunately, we are at an advanced level in terms of the number of articles, but this is not enough. We should also add that this is not of primary importance. What is important is the quality of articles. According to the reports that I have received, we are not in a good condition in terms of the quality of our articles. We should improve quality. Quality standards should develop. Instead of increasing the number of articles, we should pay attention to the relevance of these articles to the affairs of the country. Of course, this was expressed by some of our dear students. They themselves have discussed this with me. I too believe that scientific and research articles should be at the service of the needs of the country and these needs should be clarified for students. Many outstanding personalities may not be completely aware of the needs of the country.

Another point in this regard is the same issue that I have discussed with Mr. Sattari before. I have said to him that the scientific deputy and the Elite Foundation should play the part of a command center and they should attach significance to it. In fact, like a command center, they should benefit from all the organizations of the country which can play their parts in the area of science and technology. They should benefit from the two ministries which are in charge of higher education, from Azad University and from ministries related to industries and oil. This is because such organizations have numerous resources which can be at the service of scientific and technological progress.

The scientific deputy can do so by relying on its managerial position. Besides, outstanding personalities should be asked to present their work. Outstanding personalities should feel that their existence is beneficial. They should feel valuable. This is what gladdens and pleases outstanding personalities and this is what gives them steadfastness and stability in the country. They should understand that they are valuable and beneficial to their country. They should be asked to present their work. In my opinion, this is possible by playing the role of a command center.

Another point is that we should think of something for the industry of the country. I witnessed that an important part of the discussions that some of the friends presented were relevant to this problem. The industry of the country is suffering from the malady of assembling which is an old malady. When the issue is about assembling, then innovation does not make much sense. And when innovation does not exist, scientific dynamism and endeavor will not exist either. When scientific endeavor is not important, the relationship between industries and universities – an issue which we have been stressing so emphatically – will not be achieved. If industries and universities get in touch with each other, they will both make progress. This is clear.

Of course, since long ago, I have been discussing with various administrations the issue of the relationship between industries and universities. It was because of our pressures and insistence that the scientific deputy was established. This was done in order to develop a relationship between industries and universities. However, this relationship will be established in the real sense of the word only when industries feel the need to benefit from universities. This feeling of need does not exist in assembling. Industries should be recommended to do so. One of the dear friends in the meeting said that industries should be demanded to do so. Well demanding is one issue and feeling a need to do so is quite another.

This feeling of need should be generated. And this happens only when that old problem is eliminated. The issue of changing one's outlook from assembling to innovation should be created in industries in a period of ten years – we do not want to rush it. This should be done at a ten-year interval. This outlook should become dominant in the country.

Another point regarding outstanding personalities, the Elite Foundation and the like is that great significance should be attached to cultural activities in the Elite Foundation. This is a very important matter. We should pay attention that the arrival of technology is followed by the arrival of culture. Technology involves culture and this cannot be ignored. When we get technology from others, we bring their culture as well. Although we are after technological independence – there is no doubt about this and this should be achieved – this arrival of culture is like communicating vessels. There is a give-and-take relationship in all areas. Therefore, great significance should be attached to the issue of culture. We need to attach great significance to the issue of culture in the Elite Foundation and the scientific deputy. We need to do cultural work in a correct and intelligent manner.

Another point – the last point in this regard – is that the dear outstanding youth should take care of themselves. You should take care of yourselves. One of the dear individuals pointed that this is a war and we have both martyrs and "disabled war veterans" in a war. He is right. This is a war. A thing which is more dangerous than physical assassination is mental and intellectual assassination. They sometimes assassinated our scientists. They martyred them – you witnessed this – but what is worse and more bitter than that is to hold our scientists as captives. Our scientists should not be captured by them. This primarily falls on outstanding personalities themselves. Outstanding personalities should take care of themselves on their own.

The issue of piety which has been repeated time and time again from the beginning to the end of the Holy Quran – "In it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah" [The Holy Quran, 2: 2] – means this. Piety means taking care of oneself. It means self-edification. This is the case in all areas. You should pursue this.

As for the political discussion, I would like to say a few things about political matters as well. As was pointed out, political dependence is a dangerous thing. Political dependence will lead to subservience. It was said that anyone who fails to have knowledge will be dominated. This is more difficult in the case of political dependence. You will really be dominated. In other words, you will become subservient. A people who are politically dependent have to accept subservience. They will become obedient. Well, we said that scientific progress is against this dependence. Now, I want to say that our enemy is extremely angry at our power, at our movement, and at the motivation that you have for scientific progress and the progress of the country. The enemy is angry. In whatever ways he can – from a distance or from a nearby place – the enemy examines the condition of the country carefully and he is extremely worried about the increasing power of the country.

It is very obvious to international observers that today's Iran is radically different from the kind of Iran that existed 40 years ago. We used to be a substandard and backward country and nation which was condemned to obeying the orders of this and that, but today we are an influential country which is busy moving on the road of power – scientific and political power. We are moving forward. This is completely tangible. The enemy is upset and angry at this.

Of course, the main enemy – he who puffs out his chest on the scene, against Iran and Iranians – is the regime of the United States. The issue is not about the American people. And the reason for this is what has already been mentioned. They were the owners of this country for many years. They used to control everything in our country, but the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic have taken these things away from them. That is why they have been angry and upset since the first day. They imposed sanctions, hatched plots and magnified events. This is not something that has begun today. Such tasks began since the first day. In those days, neither the issue of nuclear energy, the issue of missiles nor the issue of our influence in West Asia – which they refer to as "The Middle East" – had been brought up. These things did not exist, but they began to fight because of losing their domination. This is obvious. Well, we have managed to put an end to the US domination. We have completely cut off its domination – political, security and economic domination - over our country. We have cut the hands of America. 

Besides, we have become powerful despite American hostility. This is very important. It is a very important thing for nations to see that without being in the shadow of powers, a nation can grow and move forward. One can grow, move forward and stand on one's own feet despite hostility shown by powers. We have shown this in practice. This makes them angry as well. The people of Iran became role models for other countries and nations so that they can show that it is possible to stand up against superpowers, to show fearlessness in the face of them and to move forward.

You know that these military achievements, missiles and the other things which they are upset about have all been achieved during the time of sanctions. We were under their sanctions, sanctions in every area! And what has happened in this period of time has surprised them and made them unhappy.

A few years ago, a report was delivered to me about an Israeli general. He had stated in an article – at that time, we had just tested a missile- the article was about one of the missiles which was tested a few years ago – that he was surprised to see Iran carry out such a task. Well, he was an expert. He understood these things. They see these things via satellite and the like and they can make correct evaluations. In that article, he mentioned, "I am an enemy of Iran, but I admire it because of accomplishing this task despite the heavy sanctions that have been imposed on it." This was the gist of what he had stated. So, the enemy sees these things.

Well, I do not want to waste time answering the nonsensical and foolish statements that were made by the charlatan and vulgar President of the United States [Audience laughs]. This is really not necessary. Well, the officials of the country responded to him and they did so in a good way. They were right. But I do not want to respond because it is a waste of time to discuss his statements. However, what I want to say to you and to anyone who will hear these statements is that you should know the enemy. You should know the enemy. One of the dangers which threatens every nation is failure to know one's enemies or to consider him as one's friends or as an impartial party. This is a very grave danger. This means falling asleep. You should know the enemy and his methods. You should see how he shows his enmity.

We should not suffer from negligence in this regard. If we show negligence, we will be looted. If we show negligence, we will be ambushed. Therefore, we should not show negligence. The Commander of the Faithful (greetings be upon him) said in Nahjul Balaghah, "By Allah, I shall not be like the badger, that feigns sleep on the continuous sound of stone-throwing" [Sermon 6]. I will not be like an animal that is put to sleep with a song. I will not go to sleep, I am awake and I know what is happening around me. We have been asked to act in the same manner. We should not fall asleep. We should not show negligence.

Of course, I should tell you that our enemy is suffering from retardation. Later on, I will expand on this matter. Not only their boss, but also their ruling apparatus is really suffering from mental retardation. They want to make young, pious, revolutionary, active and advanced Iran go back in time. They want to make it go back to 50 years ago. Well, it is obvious that this cannot be done.

They foolishly think that they can restore the condition that they had created for the people of Iran 50 years ago. Well, is this not mental retardation? They think in the same way that they did 50 years ago. They cannot understand what has happened here. Important events have taken place in this region. Of course, the most important one is the Islamic Revolution and the appearance of the Islamic Republic, but other important events have taken place around us as well. They cannot have a correct understanding of these events. Because they cannot understand, they are condemned to defeat. Surely, their wrong calculations will lead to their defeat.

In Iraq, their calculations were wrong and as a result, they were defeated. In Syria, their calculations were wrong and they were defeated. In the region to our east too – I do not want to enter into details – their calculations were wrong and they were defeated. And this has continued until today. The same thing has happened in our own country as well. It is 40 years now that they have been showing enmity towards us, but they have only received a blow on their mouth and they have been defeated. Why is that? This is because their calculations are wrong. Their understanding of reality is wrong. They do not have a correct understanding of the events.

Well, the US – the US government, the political regime of the US – is obviously a devious and malicious phenomenon. As Imam pointed out, it is the Great Satan. It is really the Great Satan. The region's insecurity is rooted in the US. The insecurities that you witness are rooted in the US. The US is the agent of global Zionism. There is a malicious and dangerous network in the world which is called "global Zionism". The US is its agent. The US is an enemy of independent nations. It is behind much of the viciousness, warmongering and massacres that exists in our region and many other regions in the world. Like a leech, the US is after sucking nations' assets and resources. The US is this. Today, the political system of the US is this.

Whether or not those who established this political system knew that it would end up here is another issue, but today the US is this. In recent years, the US government and system has been in such a situation. The Zionists' main accomplice in the crimes that they committed – including in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and other parts of the world - is the US.

The creator of DAESH – this active and militant takfiri orientation – is the US. This has been openly acknowledged by the same person in his presidential campaign. One of the criticisms that he made against the Democrats was that they had created DAESH. He himself has acknowledged this! Well, now do you expect them not to be furious at the force which has prevented DAESH? They created DAESH for a specific goal. Now, you see that he delivers speeches, yelling at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps because of its achievements in defeating DAESH. Well, this is completely natural. When you gain an understanding about the other side, this will sound quite natural to you.

So, they are angry at us. As I mentioned, one of the reasons behind their anger is that their hands have been cut off. And today, the reason is that the Islamic Republic has managed to foil their plots in the Middle East – in West Asia for which they had numerous goals and plots. The Islamic Republic has managed to foil their plots in Lebanon, in Syria and in Iraq. They were involved when the Zionists were defeated by Hezbollah of Lebanon. At that time, the US Secretary of State [Condoleezza Rice] said that the condition created in the region was "the birth pangs of a new Middle East". They thought that a great thing was happening.

Now, I would like to offer some words of advice to political, press and cultural activists and to the officials of the country on the occasion of the recent events and the things that they did. First of all, everyone should be confident that this time too, the US will be slapped across its face and they will be defeated by the revolutionary people of Iran. You should be sure that this will be done, as this has been the case in the past decades. Whenever they confronted the Islamic Republic, they were defeated. This is one issue.

Another issue is that the US President is acting in a foolish manner, but this should not cause us to ignore the enemy's tricks, deceits and plots. "The enemy cannot be considered as small and weak" [from a poem by Saadi]. If we say that such and such a person is stupid and silly – well they say such things which might be true – this should not make us ignore the enemy's tricks. Everyone should be on the scene with acumen. Everyone should be on the scene with complete vigilance and preparedness. A military war will not break out, but there are certain things which are not less significant than a military war. We should be vigilant. We should see what the enemy is doing and what he wants to do. We should predict his moves.

The third point is that the enemy is opposed to the power of the Islamic Republic. The enemy is opposed to every element of power in the Islamic Republic. Despite the enemy's efforts, we should try to increase the elements of power inside the Islamic Republic. One of these elements is science which you are involved with. This is really an arena of fighting and it is a source of power for the country. Another element is defensive power: the issue of missiles and the fuss that they kick up about it. This defensive power should increase on a daily basis. Of course, despite the foolish desires of the enemy, it will increase on a daily basis.

The third element is economic power. You should attend to economic power. However, economic power is not achieved with dependence on this and that. Since long ago – not now – I have been saying frequently that I am alright with foreign investment in the country. I have no objections whatsoever, whether it be western or European investment. However, the economy of the country should not be reliant on a pillar which might tremble whenever the likes of Trump let out a yell. Our economy should be based on the inside. This means the need for the economy of resistance whose policies have been announced and should be pursued. So, this is another point: all factors and elements of power – including defensive power and the power to move forward in the region and the like - should be strengthened inside the country.

The fourth point is that we should pay no heed to the enemy's instillations. They instill certain ideas. On the issue of the Bar-Jaam [the JCPOA], they used to instill the notion that if we reach an agreement, enmities will be eliminated, but if we do not reach an agreement, they will continue to show enmity. Well, we did reach an agreement, but not only have enmities not been eliminated, but they have also increased in number! It was the enemy's idea that if we did not reach an agreement or if we delayed it, such and such things would happen. Today, they should not put forward another demand. They should not say that if we do not reach an agreement with them on such and such a matter – for example, on the presence of the country in a certain region – then such and such things might happen. These are the enemy's instillations. We should think of and find our interests on our own. We ourselves should find out what is in our interest. We should not hear it from the enemy.

The fifth point is that when we stress the importance of defensive power, this is because of our experience. We have experienced this. There was one day when our country – in Tehran where you come and go comfortably with complete security in the present time – was under the attack of Saddam's missiles. Perhaps, many of you were not born in those days yet. We did not have any means to defend ourselves. That was while everyone was helping Saddam. The US used to help Saddam by giving him missiles, defensive weapons and even war plans. It used to help him with his satellites.

Others were helping him as well. France was helping as well. It used to give him missiles and planes. The same is true of Germany. Germany was giving him chemical weapons. You know that Saddam's army used to conduct chemical attacks on many occasions. We have so many casualties of those chemical weapons. Many of them have passed away! It was the Germans who were giving him the substances. The Germans used to provide them with chemical substances so that they would make chemical bombs. They might even have provided them with chemical bombs in certain cases. Everyone used to help him, but we were empty-handed. We did not have any means.

So, we began to think of building defensive tools. We actually began to do so from point zero. If I speak to you – unfortunately, there is no time to expand on this matter – about the first thing which we managed to launch, whose range was about 20 km, you might laugh. They built something like a carrier from which we were supposed to launch RPGs somehow! And those RPGs were supposed to cover a distance of 15, 20 kilometers. This was how things began. Later on, we managed to increase our capabilities. When our capabilities increased and when the enemy witnessed that we could respond, he stopped. This is our experience. If we do not increase our defensive power, our enemies will become bold and audacious. They will be encouraged to attack us. Our defensive power should be developed in a way that the enemy will not be encouraged to do mischievous things.

The sixth point is that European governments have stressed the issue of the Bar-Jaam. He [Trump] had said that he would tear it and do such and such things – he dared make such stupid remarks. However, European governments condemned this. They said that he should not tear it and the like. Very well, this is good. We welcome even this much of effort on their part and this is good, but it is not enough to merely say that he should not tear it. Well, the Bar-Jaam is to their advantage. It is both to the advantage of the Europeans and the Americans. It is natural that they do not want it to be torn up. Of course, we too have said that as long as the other side does not tear it, we will not tear it either. However, if he tears it up, we will shred it [Supreme Leader and Audience laugh]. Of course, I had said something else before [Audience laughs- reference to Supreme Leader's speech delivered on June 14, 2016 where he said that if the US tears up the agreement, we will set it on fire]. So, even this much of effort is good, but it is not enough.

First of all, the Europeans should stand up against the US's measures. If he does not tear it, but violates it instead – for example, through sanctions and the things which they expect to come out of their Congress – the Europeans, France and Germany, should stand up against him. Of course, there are not very high expectations of England [Supreme Leader and audience laugh]. They should stand up against him. If they only say that they are opposed, this is not enough.

Secondly, they should avoid entering into our fundamental matters such as defensive power and the like. They should not be unanimous with the US. If European governments say the same thing that the US is saying, if they say why Iran is present in the region – well, what is that to you? Why should it not be present?  Or when they echo the US criticisms about us having missiles with a range of two, three thousand kilometers, this does not make sense. What is it to you? Why do you yourselves have missiles? Why do you yourselves have nuclear missiles? Why do you have atomic weapons? If they want to interfere in the defensive power of the Islamic Republic and speak against it, this cannot be done. We will not accept this from the Europeans in any way! They should not sing along with the US when it sings songs of bullying and foolishness. This was the sixth point.

The seventh point is that officials of economic matters should take the economy of resistance seriously. Domestic production and the prevention of imports and smuggling are among the first steps that they should take. This year is the year of employment. In the present time, we are in the second half of Mehr. More than half of the year has passed! Activities should increase in the area of employment and domestic and national production. These activities should increase and backwardness should be made up for. For a while, we were involved with the elections, electoral statements and the like. Time has gone by. We should make up for it so that we can reach somewhere in this area.

As I said, we welcome foreign investors, but we will not be satisfied with the work done by them. This is because they cannot be trusted. Foreign investors come today, but create a problem for us tomorrow because of a certain incident. Foreign investors can come and they can make investments, but the economy of the country should rely on domestic matters. Domestic capacities are not few, rather they are many and the initial tasks that should be carried out are clear and good tasks. Dr. Sattari pointed them out as well.

It is correct to say that our economy is an oil-based economy. It is a resource-based economy meaning that you sell resources and eat! They are resources anyway. This should change. Our economy should be based on value-added. Even in the area of stones – the precious construction stones that exist in the country – many of them are exported abroad even before they are fully prepared. This is very surprising and some of our ministers have really shown negligence in this regard. Well, these were some points about political matters.

Well, the last point is addressed to you dear youth. I have written it down. You youth should benefit from opportunities. Today, you have the opportunity to build the future of your country. Your time is different from our youth. Our youth was marked by insecurity and hardships. When we were your age, we were either in prison, under pressure and torture or in exile. And when the Revolution achieved victory – the first years after the Revolution – our days and nights were marked by working and endeavoring. There was no rest. We were constantly working. After one, two years I became president. Some of those who were with me did not become president. They were only trying and working. I too was engaged in another kind of work and endeavor during my presidency. What I mean is that we really went through a lot of trouble when we were at your age and a little older than that. This is not the case for you. You enjoy security and tranquility, you have scientific opportunities, you have capabilities and you are encouraged and respected. You should appreciate the value of this by benefitting from this opportunity.

The precious gem of youth is at your disposal and this is the same precious gem for which we will be questioned on Judgment Day. Allah the Exalted will ask, "How did you spend your youth?" One of the questions that we are asked is: how did you spend your youth? We should answer this question. You should not forget your divine and conscience-based duty and you should endeavor as hard as you can. And your endeavors will be beneficial. You will be able to turn the path of the country around if it is wrong. You will be able to change the parts which are problematic.

Fortunately, the orientation of the country is a correct orientation. Of course, there are many problems in different corners, but the orientation is correct. So, you will be able to eliminate problems. You can help prevent orientations from taking a wrong and deviant path. This is a task that you youth – knowledgeable and well-informed youth – can accomplish. You should benefit from this opportunity and you should know that Allah the Exalted will help you: "And those who strive in Our cause, We will certainly guide them to our paths" [The Holy Quran, 29: 69]. When you engage in jihad in the way of God, Allah the Exalted will guide you: "And if any one believes in Allah, Allah guides his heart aright" [The Holy Quran, 64: 11].

God will guide your hearts towards what you should do. Your intentions should be based on having a sense of responsibility and carrying out responsibilities. You should make your intentions divine. And God will help, God willing. And I am sure that ten years from now – when you will be in charge of the country completely – you will see an Iran which is much better and more advanced, disciplined and developed than today and by Allah's favor, you will be the ones to manage it.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings



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