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Inforgraphic: What is the role of Iranian people in appointing the Supreme Leader?

For the first time in our history – which is comprised of several centuries, from our ancient history onwards – the people of Iran were given roles after the victory of the Revolution.

For the first time, they moved out of the periphery and into the center and they played a determining role. As is evident, the highest ranking officials of the country – varying from the Leadership to the president and various other officials – are elected and given responsibilities with the votes of the people. They have to answer to the people. They have to answer to them. This element was one of the most important events, changes and transformations that the Revolution brought about.

So, after the Revolution, national interests changed. In other words, the criteria for determining national interests changed. As I mentioned, after the victory of the Revolution, dictatorship turned into democracy, dependence turned into political independence, and backwardness turned into noteworthy achievements in the area of infrastructure, of human resources and of important industries such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and various other industries in which we are among the best countries in the world. In some industries, we are among the best countries in the world – and there are 200-plus countries in the world! We have also made achievements in the area of science, higher education and other areas. Well, these are events that have created our revolutionary identity.

June 12, 2017

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From the beginning of the Revolution until today, this is the 12th meeting of the sort. In other words, from the beginning of the Revolution, the people of Iran have played their role 12 times in electing the highest-ranking officials of the country. This is a very important issue.

Moreover, the people's choices and votes have brought about 10 Islamic Consultative Majlises, five city and village councils and five Assemblies of Experts. All these have been achieved thanks to the Revolution. Our new generation should not forget certain things. We experienced the pre-revolutionary era with all our being. Before the victory of the Revolution, the people did not have any role in the management of the country and in the appointment of managers. Heads of countries, monarchs, kings and their cohorts used to come and go, but the people were mere spectators. They did not have any role.

The Islamic Revolution came and moved the people from the periphery into the center. This way, the people were given the power to choose everything. From the beginning of the Revolution, this is the 12th time that the result of the people's choice for the management of the executive branch is being announced. 

August 3, 2017

As for the issue of elections, dear brothers and sister, elections are very important in our country. Not only presidential elections but also parliamentary and city and village councils elections are the same. Elections are one of the two pillars of religious democracy. Religious democracy stands on two pillars. One of these two pillars is the people’s votes and elections. We boast to the whole world thanks to elections. In order to strike the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic, the enemies ignore and accuse our elections. This shows that elections are every important [Audience chants “I will never surrender to humiliation”]. Pay attention! If it is necessary to chant this slogan, you should rather say, “I will never surrender to not having elections!” [Audience laughs].

Elections are very important because they are a source of national dignity, of strengthening the people of Iran and of their reputation. Of course, by Allah’s favor, I will speak more about elections in the future. What I want to say on the issue of elections today is that elections are a power-generating phenomenon. People and outstanding personalities in the world were attracted to the philosophy of religious democracy which was introduced by us. In the face of various schools of thought such as liberalism, communism, fascism and the like, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) brought religious democracy – which is the same as the Islamic Republic – to the arena, thus attracting nations and outstanding personalities in all corners and countries in the world.

This religious democracy is reliant on elections. Therefore, the people of Iran should really shine brightly in elections. What I am saying and what is of primary importance to this humble person is the participation of the people in elections. All those people who can vote and who are legally eligible should enter the elections and create an enthusiastic environment. This is our first and foremost request.

March 21, 2017

The issue of elections is a very important issue for the country. Elections are the complete manifestation of the people's presence and choice. With their presence in the arena of elections - including presidential, parliamentary and Assembly of Expert elections - the people shape true democracy in the country. This is very important. We have not allowed this process to be stopped or delayed during the 36, 37 years that have passed from the Revolution.

Elections in different countries are delayed when a war breaks out or another incident occurs, but in Iran, elections have not been delayed even for one single day. This has not happened in any era. Tehran, Khuzestan, Ilam, Kermanshah and other cities used to be bombarded, but elections were held on their scheduled date. The same thing happened everywhere in the country even in villages and those places where it is difficult to come and go. Elections have not been cancelled in this country. Some people wanted to cancel elections. At certain points in time, some demagogues and westernized individuals tried to cancel or delay elections, but by Allah's favor, they were prevented from doing so and the elections were held in their scheduled date. This is the significance of elections. This is why our elections are thankfully the manifestation of democracy.


September 9, 2015


The meaning of this great participation of the people in the elections is that religious democracy has been firmly established in the country. It means that the Islamic Republic has managed to establish democracy in the country. This is not a minor achievement.

A country that witnessed different oppressive and dictatorial rulers over the course of many centuries has gained such a familiarity and has formed such a strong bond with democracy and participation in electing the owners of power that 72 percent of the people participate in the elections even after the passage of 35 years from the excitements of the early revolutionary era. This should be appreciated.

Democracy in the country has turned into a standard process. This is why the people throughout the country “ n villages and cities“ consider themselves to be responsible towards ballot boxes. This is why they go to ballot boxes and this is why 72 percent of the people vote. This is a very important issue. This is a high figure in the elections that are held throughout the world.

March 21, 2014


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    Good luck on the elections! I'll try and stir up support to keep the Americans from interfering again!