Ayatollah Khamenei attended graduation ceremony at Police Academy

Regarding JCPOA: every wrong move by the 'Dominating Cabal' will be served with IR's response!

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on September 17, 2017 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, at the graduation ceremony of the Police Forces Academy.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth.

Today, you delivered a glorious, beautiful and productive performance. The maneuvers were very good. The formation was exquisite and the performance that you delivered was completely innovative and productive. Innovation is attractive and appealing in all tasks, on all educational and research matters and in all cases of micro and macro-management. Today, we witnessed the signs of innovation in this arena and in different areas. I am very grateful.

These are sensitive and important days. Your graduation and your achievement in receiving epaulets have occurred on very important occasions. First of all, it is the month of Dhul-Hijja which is a very significant and meaningful month marked by Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Ghadir, Arafah, Mubahala, and the birthday anniversary of a number of the Imams (greetings be upon them). Moreover, these days coincide with the end of the month of Shahrivar and Sacred Defense Week. Also, these days come before the month of Muharram, the beginning of the lunar Hijri year and the month of Imam Hussein (greetings be upon him) which is the month of martyrdom and honor.

In such circumstances, you dear youth of mine succeeded in receiving military ranks and epaulets. I will consider this as a good sign and I ask Allah the Exalted to bestow stability on you because of the path that you have taken which is a glorious path, one that leads to bliss in this world and in the hereafter.

My dear ones, what is important is attention to the significance of the responsibility that you have undertaken: the responsibility of ensuring security and order in the country. Security is one of the primary blessings of God. If security exists in a country, that country will have the chance to achieve scientific, practical, moral and human progress. However, if security does not exist, none of these will be possible or they will be very difficult to achieve. You have decided to provide the people with the main factor in the happiness of this country and this nation. This is a very important responsibility. Your lofty determination and your spiritual and physical capability will help you to carry out this responsibility, God willing.

My dear ones, the amount of significance that security enjoys equals the amount of enmity that it receives. The enemy has always been trying to destroy security in the country towards which he shows hostility. Since the first day our people achieved the Islamic Revolution, our international satanic enemies – the system of domination, its leaders and the Great Satan: the US and its cohorts – have been trying to take away security from this country. In the course of the past 38 years, one of our main tasks has been to preserve security.

Our youth have fought and struggled to maintain security including in the first months after the victory of the Revolution - during which time some malicious and secessionist moves were made by the enemies on some of the borders of the country – and after that in the era of the imposed war and the Sacred Defense which lasted for eight years and also after that until today. The enemies have always been trying to take away security from this country. However, our pious youth in the Armed Forces – including in the Police Force – have stood with complete courage and power and they have defended the security of this country.

I would like to say to you dear children and youth of mine that you are the only organization that has close contact with the people throughout the country. The people see your services, your endeavors and your self-sacrifice. In cities, in villages, on roads, on borders, in passenger terminals, in mountains and plains, in dangerous areas, in all place and in all seasons of the year, the Police Force has close contact with the people. We do not have any other organization which has as much contact with the people in such a broad scope. Your capabilities define the reputation and dignity of the Islamic Republic.

When you directly confront a corrupt orientation – for example, the orientation of drug dealing, the orientation of thuggish behavior, the orientation of stealing and various other dangerous orientations – when you show sacrifice and go through a lot of trouble on this path, the people see your efforts with their own eyes. As well as satisfying the need of the people for security, you are bringing dignity and credibility to the Islamic government. This is a source of dignity for every country. 

Thankfully today, in this unsafe region, in this region where the hostile and dirty hands of the enemy have sown the seeds of terrorism – in such a problematic and eventful region – you and other responsible youth have managed to bring about exceptional security for the country. This is very important. I deem it necessary to thank the efforts that the Police Force has made in different areas and in confronting various forms of corruption and criminal activities. These roles should be strengthened on a daily basis. Tasks should be carried out in an efficient and scholarly manner.

The report that was delivered to me about this academy – which was also read out by the honorable officials today – shows that the tasks which are being carried out are necessary and valuable tasks. Scientific, research and experimental tasks and tasks related to training are necessary and all of them should be pursued seriously. It is necessary for us to have a police force which befits the status of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic government and which has the necessary standards for a Quranic and Islamic society. Of course, there is some distance from where we are to that point. You dear youth should cover this distance and move forward. I know that you can do so and you will do so, by Allah's favor!

What is important is asking Allah the Exalted for His assistance and preserving ones' relationship with Him. After that, what is important is establishing a friendly relationship with the people. You should accompany power with kindness and friendliness towards the people. Another thing which is important is commitment to the law. No illegal measure should be adopted. And finally, the thing which is important is having courage and boldness in enforcing the law. When the law requires something, you should not show any consideration for anyone. You should uphold the law with courage and bravery and you should carry out the responsibility that the law has entrusted you with.

The law should not be violated and no hesitation and doubt should be shown when you want to enforce it. The main problem of countries and nations is that they show hesitation and doubt in carrying out their religious, conscience-based, rational and human duties.

As for security, I will tell you that one part of security is related to the affairs inside the country and another part of it is related to regional matters. Today, our region is an unsafe region. Why is that? First of all, this is because of the devilish and malicious interferences of domineering powers: the interferences of the US and the Zionists. They use every possible means for infiltration, for ensuring their illegitimate interests, for weakening nations and for destroying courage and national power. One day, they create DAESH and one day, they follow other vicious methods. The latter occurs when DAESH and the likes of DAESH draw their last breaths with the willpower of the Resistance forces and with the determination of pious youth.

Today, this is the role of the US. When they become disappointed at one method, they pursue other ones. Of course, by Allah's favor, the people of Iran, the youth of Iran and the youth of the Resistance – who are under the influence of Islamic and Quranic slogans – will once more bring the agents of the system of domination to their knees and they will crush them again. What is of utmost significance in the region is that regional peoples and governments have a feeling of power and put that power to use which is a divine blessing. If this happens, then the infiltrating, callous and greedy enemy will be forced to retreat. If we compromise with him, he will advance.

Notice how shameless the leaders of the system of domination are! On the issue of nuclear negotiations – the nuclear agreement which is known as the Bar-Jaam [the JCPOA] – they commit different mischievous acts. Every day, they exhibit a new aspect of their maliciousness, proving the correctness of our magnanimous Imam's statement when he said, "America is the Great Satan." The regime of the United States of America is indeed the most vicious Satan.

You dear youth should know that the issue of sanctions is a completely clear and resolved issue. The people of Iran have been pursuing nuclear activities for the peaceful needs of the country. In a few years from now, we will need 20,000 MW of electricity generated by our nuclear resources and nuclear power. Apart from the amount of energy which is obtained through non-nuclear organizations, 20,000 MW has to be generated through nuclear resources according to the analysis of our experts and researchers. That was why the Islamic Republic took this path with scientific and practical measures. This was a legitimate, correct, harmless and safe course of action which contained no harm and danger for any nation and country.

However, the regime of the United States of America – which is concerned about the scientific progress of this nation and all other nations, which is not willing to let them make scientific progress and which does not allow nations to develop whether in scientific, practical or economic areas – imposed oppressive sanctions in the face of this legitimate and correct move made by the Islamic Republic. As a result of this, the officials of the country concluded that they negotiate and ignore part of their rights in order to lift sanctions and they did so. However today, despite all agreements, all commitments, despite the numerous talks that were held, the attitude of the United States of America towards these negotiations and towards their results is completely oppressive, thuggish and cruel!

What should the people of Iran do in the face of this hostile move made by the enemy? What should officials do? Officials should prove to the leaders of the corrupt regime of the United States of America that they are reliant on their own people, and that these people have formed a powerful nation. They should prove that the people of Iran will not give in to bullying thanks to Islam and that they will not bow down to powers. They should prove and show this.

The Americans should know that the people of Iran will insist on their honorable and powerful positions. When it comes to important matters related to the national interests of the country, retreating is meaningless to the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will continue our movement with complete power. The enemy should feel this and he should know that if bullying and thuggish behavior works elsewhere, it will not work in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is standing firm and is powerful. Because the people of Iran are a source of inspiration for other nations, they are the target of most enmities. The corrupt, crooked, untruthful and deceitful officials of the United States of America do not feel embarrassed at all. They stand up in a shameless manner and accuse the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran of telling lies. The people of Iran moved forward, took action, made progress and chose the path of God with complete sincerity and they will continue this path with sincerity until the end.

It is you who are liars! The liars are the leaders of the system of domination! The liars are those who cannot bear to see any nation happy and blissful and who are willing to safeguard their illegitimate interests at any price and at the expense of other nations' interests! It is they who deceive and who lie! The people of Iran have stood firm. They should know this.

On the issue of the Bar-Jaam [JCPOA] every wrong move by the system of domination will receive a response from the Islamic Republic! On this matter, you can feel the importance of security in the region. This security that does not exist in the region thankfully exists inside the country and this has been achieved thanks to the efforts and endeavors of you pious youth and of managers and officials in charge of such affairs. I hope that God will help.

One fundamental matter is that you search and find sensitive and weak points. An example is the issue of roads and the accidents that occur on roads. What is the share of the Police Force in preventing road incidents? This should be examined. Of course, different factors and different organizations have a share in this area. What is the share of the Police Force, the Ministry of Roads and various industrial centers? We should act in a way that our dear people will get rid of this eventful, bitter and painful aspect of their lives.

Another example is the issue of preserving the borders, the issue of smuggling drugs and confronting the consumers, sellers and distributers of addictive drugs, and the issue of confronting criminal activities. The tasks which are thankfully being carried out with complete power by the Police Force in different areas of the country should be accomplished with as much precision, speed, comprehensiveness and persistence as possible. The honorable officials of the administration should help the Police Force as well.

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, make these dear youth steadfast on their path.

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, bestow Your special assistance, kindness and blessings on these dear youth.

Dear God, bestow Your special blessings on these youth, on their managers, trainers and commanders and on the other divisions of the Armed Forces.

Make the holy heart of the Imam of the Age satisfied with them. Make the pure souls of martyrs satisfied with them.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings