ISIS in Afghanistan: Western powers' fire claims Afghans' lives

They(Americans) entered Iraq and Afghanistan with the promise of freedom, democracy, and human rights. Today after the passage of several years, the situation in these two countries is so bad that no nation would want to be in the same situation. Insecurity, backwardness, poverty, increasing domination of arrogant powers, jeopardizing their national interests, disregarding the rights of the people, and the subsequent total failure in achieving the goals they had announced or the interior motives they had not announced are very prevalent there. These failures are reflected in the behavior of American politicians and their discord, disagreement, and decisions. That is the way the global bullies act. 

Jun 3, 2008

Is this not a failure for the US government? Could there be a greater failure for them? Their efforts to overrun Palestine and Iraq ended in failure. They even failed to overrun Afghanistan which was a less powerful country. They were unsuccessful in implementing their plans in Lebanon. Despite all these facts, they keep threatening others. Instead of accepting the realities, the superpowers usually resort to threats to intimidate other countries.

May 5, 2008

The same is true of the Syrian issues. The presence of foreign countries in Syria, against the wishes of the Syrian government and Syrian nation, is wrong. We believe that Syrian issues should be resolved through negotiations. We believe that in Syria, in Bahrain, in Yemen and everywhere in the world of Islam, the enemies are waging proxy wars. They are pitting the people against one another. The solution is to talk and to negotiate without the interference of others. Weapons – in the manner that you see – should not be injected into countries from the outside. Today, DAESH is being thrown out of its birthplace, which is Iraq and Syria, and it is moving to other countries. It is going to Afghanistan, Pakistan and even the Philippines, European countries and other places. This is the fire that they themselves have fueled, and presently, it is burning them up.

Jun 4, 2017


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