Imam Jawad 720

What is the great lesson Imam Jawad (as) teaches us?

The life of Imam Jawad (as) is a role model. Imam Jawad (as)—an Imam with such status, such nobleness—passed away at the age of twenty-five. This is not what we say; history says that; history written by non-Shias. This noble man appeared outstanding during his childhood, adolescence and youth in the eyes of Ma’moon and everyone else. These facts are very important; they can be examples for us to follow. 
Statements made in meeting with a group of youth; April 27, 1998.

Like other infallible Imams, Imam Jawad (as) is a role model, leader and an example to follow. The short life of this meritorious servant of God was spent on fighting against the unfaithful and rebellion. In his adolescence, he was appointed the Leader of the Islamic nation; and, in a few years, he went through a compact struggle against God’s enemy--such that he became unbearable for the enemies of God; hence, they poisoned him, leading him to martyrdom. Just as our other Imams (as) recorded a golden page in history, through their endeavor for the sake of God, this noble Imam (as) also fulfilled an important part of Islam’s comprehensive struggle, through his activism, and he taught us a great lesson. That great lesson is that when faced with hypocritical and duplicitous powers, we should make an attempt to awaken people’s awareness for fighting these powers. If the enemy displaces hostility, openly and bluntly, and does not practice duplicity, it will be an easier task. But, when the enemy is like Ma’moon Abbassi, who disguises as sacred and an advocate of Islam, it would be difficult for the people to recognize him. In our time and in all eras of history, those in power have always tried to resort to duplicity and hypocrisy once they fail in openly standing against the people. 

Statements made in a Friday prayer sermon; October 10, 1980


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