The Shia community in Pakistan is a very gentle and tolerant society: Ayatollah Khamenei

We advise all Muslims and Nations, and we strongly urge our Pakistani brothers: do not allow some of these clerics, collaborating with the global dictating powers, to divide the Ummah with rhetoric that causes dissension and division.  
The Shia community in Pakistan is a gentle and tolerant society. They are not in favour of division; their leaders advise them to integrate with their Muslim brethren. May God have mercy on the great Martyr, the late Seyyed Aref Hussein; during a period of struggle and diligence, he always invited people to unite against oppression. Finally, the arrogant powers secretly plotted against him, making him a martyr...
Value unity and make the “week of unity” a week that is truly full-fledged. In other matters, we insist on the issue of unity as an Islamic and revolutionary principle. When we say there should be unity between Shi'ite and Sunni, and different Islamic groups for Islamic purposes; then, all resistant and sacrificing Iranians from different social groups, from any city and province, speaking any language or dialect, are obliged to maintain unity as well.

October 11, 1989