'Cyberspace and social media are more powerful than nuclear bombs'

Today, media are the most important weapon in the war between powers. Even the greatest powers are working with media. Today, the influence of media, television networks, art and great internet networks is much more than that of weapons, missiles and atomic bombs. Today's world is such a world. They are expanding this arena on a daily basis. May 17, 2004

This is because cyberspace is really a growing and unstoppable world. There is no end to this world. No matter how hard we look, the thing that is infinite and endless is cyberspace. The more we move forward in this world, the more it continues. This presents great opportunities for every country. And it involves certain threats as well. We should do something to make the most of the opportunities and to keep the threats at bay as much as possible. 
Aug 24, 2016

I have written down a number of those capabilities of ours that are the target of most enmities:

The first is Islamic faith: Islamic faith. Some people might be surprised and say, “Sir, today’s world is the world of the freedom of thought, belief and the like!” This is not the case. Most of all, they show enmity to the kind of “original Islam” that Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) applied for the first time which is the basis of the Islamic government and the Islamic Republic. Take a look at the activities that are done today everywhere in the world – particularly in the Islamic Republic and among our people - with the purpose of breaking this dam of faith.

If you are interested in social networks and in cyberspace, you know and understand well what I am referring to. They are using all methods to undermine our Islamic faith. What does “our” refer to? Does it refer to me, a seventy, eighty-year old man? No, they are not worried about us. They want to undermine the faith of the generation that appeared after us and the generations after that. And certain efforts are being made to that end. Well, a source of our power and our capability is our Islamic faith which is a target of their enmity. 

Jun 14, 2016


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