Imam Khamenei

'Officials Should Not Set Themselves the Goal of Satisfying Arrogant Powers, They Should Satisfy the People'

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on June 4, 2017 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of the 28th demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini (r.a.). The speech was delivered at Imam Khomeini's shrine.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate, chosen and infallible household – who guide the guided - especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

Peace, greetings and divine salawat be upon the esteemed son of the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) and the reviver of nabawi religion – our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). Today, we are commemorating the painful demise anniversary of that great personality. This ardent and passionate group of people have gathered here on this day to commemorate that great personality.

Dear brothers and sisters, today's discussion is mainly comprised of a few points about our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) and about the Revolution. If there is any time left, I will raise a few points about matters related to domestic and foreign policy.

As for issues related to Imam (r.a.) – that great man – over the course of these years, well-informed personalities have said many things about him. But first of all, what has been said about Imam (r.a.) and the Revolution – these two issues are interconnected and Imam's (r.a.) name and remembrance are not separate from the Revolution – does not cover all the issues that exist in this regard. There are some issues left which should be presented to public opinion gradually. Secondly, what has been said about the Revolution and Imam (r.a.) and what we ourselves have said should be repeated over and over again. This is because if a reality is not repeated frequently with its details and specific characteristics, it will be possible for that reality to be distorted over the course of time.

Most of you know that there are certain motives to distort Imam's (r.a.) personality and the Revolution, which was his greatest achievement. Therefore, we should repeat the truths that we have told about Imam (r.a.) and the Revolution over and over again, thus preventing distorters from distorting Imam (r.a.) and the Revolution.

The same is true of holy sharia. The same is true of historical truths. We are responsible towards repeating many religious teachings. For example, we should constantly keep reciting the Holy Quran so that Quranic truths will not disappear from people's minds. Another example is history – true and accurate history. We should repeat history. If our people had not engaged in repeating and illustrating Ashura in an emphatic manner over the course of many centuries, that important event might have been erased from memories or it might have been undermined compared to what it is now.

Today, my speech and my statements are primarily addressed to you dear youth. The first reason for this is that youth have not witnessed the era of great epics. They have not seen that era. They have only heard about the era of the victory of the Revolution, the Sacred Defense Era and the era of great moves and great jihads in the face of secessionists. These things define history for our youth. Therefore, it is necessary to explain these events for them. This is the first reason. And the second reason is that distorters target the minds of youth. Today, they mostly want to work on the minds of our youth and they would like to prevent this big generation of the country from becoming familiar with many truths. Therefore, today's statements are addressed to youth.

I will tell you dear youth that the Islamic Revolution was achieved by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). It was with his wisdom that divine willpower materialized. The Revolution was not merely a political transfer through which a group of people at the top were replaced by another group. This was not the case. The Revolution was a deep transformation. It transformed the arena of the country's politics – a deep transformation – and it transformed Iranian society.

In the arena of politics, this transformation meant that an oppressive and hereditary dictatorship - which was dependent on the enemies and which followed foreigners - would be replaced by a popular government which was reliant on the people, which was independent and dignified and which enjoyed an identity. This was the great transformation that occurred in the arena of politics. In the arena of society too, our society had turned into a society without any identity. With that cultural background, with that greatness, with all those scholars and scientists, with that rich philosophy and with that wealth in the area of human knowledge, Iran had turned into a society that did not have any identity and that was following the west.    

The goal of the Revolution was to change this situation. Its goal was to turn society into a society which enjoys identity, independence, originality, creativeness and innovativeness. The Islamic Revolution was such a transformation which was achieved by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) with the help of the people.

When our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) was mentioning these goals in his speeches and statements, he was actually mentioning the maximum goals. From the viewpoint of cynics and those who provoked the people, it was very unlikely for our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) to be able to achieve these goals. Even, politicians thought like this. A well-known, honorable and respectable politician once said to me, "The day when Imam (r.a.) brought up the issue of destroying the monarchy in the country, we said, 'Why is he saying this? This is not possible. This cannot be done.'" Even experienced, brave and self-sacrificing politicians were thinking like this.

So, Imam (r.a.) spoke about a maximum goal. Compare this goal with the goal that the Constitutional Movement had. The goal of the Constitutional Movement was to decrease the Shah's powers with the help of the Majlis. Also, compare Imam's (r.a.) maximum goal with the goal that the movement to nationalize the oil industry had. The goal of that movement was to take away oil – which had been monopolized by the English – and to give it to our government. You should compare these small and minimum goals with that of Imam (r.a.) who was on the lookout for that great transformation.

The movements which had set themselves minimum goals did not succeed, but Imam (r.a.) succeeded with his great maximum goal. Of course, those movements made some achievements in the beginning, but they failed after that. However, Imam (r.a.) managed to achieve a complete victory and he managed to preserve and eternalize it.

There is a question here: how did Imam (r.a.) manage to help this great movement achieve victory and how could he preserve it? On the basis of worldly criteria, the secret to his success was that he managed to bring society and all the people – particularly youth – to the arena. Of course, divine willpower was the main factor but on the basis of worldly criteria, this was the reason behind his success. In every movement and in every country, when the masses of people enter the arena and show resistance and steadfastness, their goal will be achieved. There is no doubt about this and the opposite of this condition has never happened in history. Imam (r.a.) accomplished the great feat of bringing all the people in society – in particular, youth – to the arena and keeping them in that arena.

How did our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) attain that capability? This is the point which I would like to stress as it is an instructive lesson for you and I in the present time. Imam (r.a.) had some personal attractions. There were some attractions in his slogans. These attractions were so powerful that the people from various social backgrounds and youth were encouraged to enter the arena. Despite the fact that youth were faced with various attractions, ideas and thoughts both during the time of revolutionary activities and in the first decade after the victory of the Revolution, despite the existence of leftist ideas and the philosophies which were dependent on the capitalist front – these people used to make alluring statements and put forward various ideas – and despite the existence of attractions that ordinary life contained for youth, they chose Imam (r.a.) and Imam's (r.a.) path, movement and fighting. They chose the Revolution. Why? Because of the attractions that existed in Imam (r.a.).

Some of these attractions were related to his personality. Imam (r.a.) had a very strong and powerful personality, marked by his power to resist hardships and difficulties. He was outspoken in declaring his position. He was honest. He used to speak with sincerity. All those who listened to Imam (r.a.) felt honesty in his statements. These were Imam's (r.a.) personal attractions. Faith and reliance on Allah the Exalted were visible in his behavior and in his statements on an equal basis. Both his behavior and his statements were signs of faith and reliance on God Almighty. These were Imam's (r.a.) attractions.

Some of his attractions were related to the principles that he presented. For example, one of the things that he presented to the people was Islam: original and Muhammadi Islam. Original Islam is the kind of Islam which is neither fettered by a reactionary outlook nor by syncretism. During a time when these two things existed together – reactionary outlook and syncretism – Imam (r.a.) advocated original Islam. This was attractive to Muslim youth. One of the principles that existed in Imam's (r.a.) slogans was independence. Other principles included freedom and social and economic justice. These were the principles that Imam (r.a.) brought up. These are all attractive.

Another principle of Imam (r.a.) was getting rid of American domination. This was something that was attractive to Iranian youth. And I will tell you that today, liberating oneself from American domination is even attractive to the youth living in those countries which have signed long-term pacts of dependence with the US. For example, in a country like Saudi Arabia which is at the service of American goals, if you go to the youth – this has been experienced – you will see that all of them hate being dependent on the US and that they are interested in separating themselves from this oppressive domination. This was one of the characteristics of Imam's (r.a.) principles.

Another principle which was highlighted in the slogans of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) was the issue of democracy which means the people's power to make decisions about the country's government. It means the people's power to choose and to exert their willpower in all the arenas of life. One of Imam's (r.a.) slogans was the issue of national self-confidence. He used to say to the people frequently that they are powerful and that they can stand on their own feet in science, in industry, in fundamental tasks, in leading the country, in managing the important areas of the country, in economy and in other areas. These were the attractions in Imam's (r.a.) personality and it was these attractions that managed to absorb youth. As a result of this, youth came and joined the movement of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.), thus helping the Revolution to achieve victory.

After the victory of the Revolution – which created a big quake in the world – a division came into being in a big part of the world: the supporters of the Revolution and the enemies of the Revolution. The enemies of the Revolution were comprised of the big powers of those days – the US and the Soviet Union of those days – and various powerful orientations like the Zionists. The orientation of companies which give power to governments and which oust them later on and the companies which are the main decision-makers on fundamental matters became the enemies of the Revolution. This was how a long line of the Revolution's enemies was formed. They sensed danger.

However, many nations, Muslim peoples and even some non-Muslims nations who were informed of revolutionary events became interested in the Revolution. They became fans – some of them became very ardent fans of the Revolution. We witnessed this in various countries and this continues until today. Well, reactions naturally began. Reactions to the Revolution began since the first day.

Of course, in the beginning, big powers became confused and they could not fully understand what was happening. After they collected themselves, their enmities against the Revolution began. Since then, their enmities throughout the past 38 years were devised. Of course, there are other enmities which they have not exhibited yet. So, they have been busy thinking and planning in their organizations since the first day until today. I will tell you in sum that they have thankfully failed in their enmities. The people of Iran have achieved victory over all the enmities of their enemies throughout this period of time and by Allah's favor, this will be the case from now on too.

I would like to say something in parentheses: this is related to the 1360s. The 1360s was the first decade of the victory of the Revolution, one that marked the auspicious life of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). Dear brothers and sisters, injustice has been done to the 1360s. It was a decade which determined the fate of Iran and the Iranians. It was an extraordinarily important and sensitive but at the same time unknown decade which has recently been attacked by those who take the podium. They are attacking the 1360s. The 1360s was the decade of big tests and great victories.

The 1360s was also the decade of the most violent terrorism in the country. In a span of a few years, thousands of ordinary people, of officials and of individuals from various social backgrounds were martyred by terrorists. These individuals varied from ordinary traders and young students to political activists and great personalities who played a determining role in the Revolution.

I do not want to mention figures, but they have said that the number of martyrs reached 17,000. Seventeen thousand honorable, dignified and valuable individuals were martyred during the terrorist activities of the 1360s. Personalities like Shahid Motahhari and Shahid Beheshti were present among those martyrs. Personalities like this emerge very rarely in a country over the course of time. These are personalities who can determine the fate of countries.

The 1360s was the decade of the imposed war. Eight years of the first decade of the Revolution and of the auspicious life of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) were spent on an imposed war on the Iranian nation. Notice how difficult this is! The 1360s was the decade of the most difficult sanctions. They imposed sanctions on everything. They imposed continuous sanctions against the country, against our economic centers and against our administration. The 1360s was also the decade of great achievements. It was the decade of fighting secessionism. They were provoking certain groups in different corners of the country. They gave them money and weapons in order to pit them against the Islamic Republic and disintegrate the country. The 1360s was the decade of such big events.

And in 1360s, the Iranian nation and our youth stood so firm that they defeated all these enmities. This is a very important issue. I advise those who are interested in thinking and deliberating and those who make judgments about the 1360s to act in a way that the martyrs and the murderers are not swapped for one another! In the 1360s, injustices were committed against the people of Iran. Terrorists, munafeqeen and their supporters, and the powers which had created them and which constantly developed them, oppressed the people of Iran and they treated them in a cruel manner.

The people of Iran took a defensive position, but they managed to defend and to achieve victory and they thankfully foiled their plots. This was about the 1360s. Our youth stood firm. With his enlightened face, with his Godly heart and with his strong determination, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) stood firm and he overcame all these problems.

Imam (r.a.) then passed away. After his demise, some people entertained the hope of reversing Imam's (r.a.) path, but they thankfully failed. A number of years passed from Imam's (r.a.) demise. Some people outside the country and their agents inside the country waited for the Revolution to show negligence and to become old and derelict so that they could attack and restore the conditions prior to the Revolution, but they failed.

What is the reason behind these failures? The reason is the same attractions that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) enjoyed: attractions related to his fundamental beliefs and principles which exist in the country. I will enlarge on this matter later on. Imam's (r.a.) body has left us, but his soul is alive. Imam's (r.a.) soul is alive, his path is alive, his essence is alive in our society. The same attractions that - during the time of Imam's physical life - used to attract the people, youth and the hearts of individuals like a magnet exist today as well. Imam's (r.a.) name solves problems.

Besides, his principles are infinite and they defy time. These things exist. Therefore, the slogans of social and economic justice, independence, freedom, democracy and severance from the domination and lure of American power and other global powers are still attractive to our people and to our youth in the present time.

Of course, we are truly behind in fulfilling some of these slogans. We are behind in the case of social justice. We are behind in fulfilling some Islamic principles and values and we do not deny this. But our endeavor, our goal and our ideal are the same things that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) defined and we will be pursuing these ideals. This is attractive to our young generation. This is attractive not only to the young generation of our country but also to young generations in other countries – particularly Islamic countries.

This is the power of uniting that the Revolution enjoys. This is what I want to say. I want to say that the officials and the political activists of the country should not ignore this power of uniting that the Revolution has. This is a very great blessing. This is a blessing that is available to our country and to our people.  The Revolution has the power to unite. It can guide and move youth and determined, decisive and healthy individuals towards lofty and exalted goals. There is no pioneer which is as great and as powerful as the Revolution and revolutionary slogans. Today, we need this and we will be needing it for many years to come.

Our enemies are not sitting idle, though. My dear ones, my brothers and sisters, the enemies are not sitting idle. Of course, they have not managed to deliver a fatal blow to us until today and we have moved forward and made progress. We have managed to make great achievements despite what the enemy wished, but he is waiting in ambush. Notice how shameless the enemy is. The US president – who stands with a tribal, backward and completely decadent system – stands beside the tribal chief and does a sword dance, while he criticizes the 40 million votes of the people of Iran in a free election!

These are enemies who are so shameless, brazen and indifferent that they stand beside the murderers who kill the people of Yemen in streets and markets day and night and then they speak about human rights! Can shamelessness be greater than this? It is about two and a half years now that they have been bombarding Yemen day and night. They are not bombarding military centers, rather they are bombarding streets, markets, mosques, hospitals and the people's houses.

They kill the innocent and they murder women, infants, children and adults. That is while they go and stand beside the murderers and engage in a romantic conversation with them. They speak about human rights and they impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic because of human rights! Can shamelessness be greater than this? In the face of such an enemy, we need the power of mobilizing that the Revolution enjoys.

You should attach great significance to the Revolution and you should commemorate it. You who care for the country and the people should revive revolutionary values in the real sense of the word because the country needs this. It should not be the case that we forget those lofty values and the Revolution because of short-term goals and the various developments that occur in the arena of daily and transient policies. Today, if we want to move forward in the arena of science, politics and economy and if we wish to carry out great tasks, we need the courage and self-confidence that a revolution gives to people, as our Revolution gave these things to us.

You should not ruin that courage and self-confidence and you should not undermine it. Today, the people of Iran need that self-confidence. Today, our youth are prepared to show resistance on great paths and for great tasks. They are ready to enter the arena. I will tell you that should an experience like the experience of the 1360s occur, we have millions of youth inside the country who will definitely enter the arena with complete power, with complete self-confidence and with complete courage to preserve and protect the country.

I sometimes hear that some individuals put forward the idea and concept of rationality in the face of revolutionary slogans, as if rationality were the opposite of revolutionary outlook. This should not be the case. This is a mistake. True rationality lies in revolutionary outlook. It is revolutionary outlook that can show us the truths. When did Imam (r.a.) introduce the US as the Great Satan and as an untrustworthy entity and government? Our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) taught this to us many years ago. Today, after the passage of many years, the heads of European countries are saying that the US is untrustworthy:

"The things that are seen easily by youth in the mirror are easily seen by the elderly in raw rubble" [from a poem by Moulavi].

This is rationality. Rationality is what Imam (r.a.) said about the US – about its unreliability - 30-plus years ago, which is being repeated by the heads of European countries today. They too are saying that the US is unreliable. We ourselves experienced this. The Americans are really untrustworthy. They are untrustworthy on all matters. By Allah's favor, I may expand on this matter in other opportunities. This is rationality.

Rationality means that people should identify originality and original things. Rationality means reliance on people. Rationality means reliance on domestic forces. Rationality means reliance on God Almighty. Rationality means these things. Rationality does not mean that one should get close to the US again after liberating oneself from the clutches of its power and arrogance. This is not rationality. Rationality is what Imam (r.a.) had. It was the Revolution which defined rationality for us.

To sum up, the greatest lesson that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) taught us was revolutionary morale, mentality and action. We should not forget this. Imam (r.a.) is not a cultural legacy. Some people look at Imam (r.a.) as a cultural legacy. Imam is living! Imam (r.a.) is our Imam! He is our leader. He is in front of our eyes. Although his body is not with us, his words, his path, his thoughts and his essence are alive. You should look at Imam (r.a.) like this and you should learn from him.

Some individuals say that challenging powers is costly and they think that this is rationality. They are making a mistake! Challenging powers may be costly, but so is compromising! Notice that in order to compromise with the US President, the Saudi government had to dedicate more than half of its treasury to American goals so that they spend it the way they want. Are these things not costly? So, compromising is costly as well. If challenging is done in a reasonable manner, if it is based on logic and if it is accompanied by self-confidence, it will prove to be much less costly than compromising.

I have said before – and I will continue to address this issue later on – that it is not the case that deceitful and transgressing powers are satisfied with a particular level. We have witnessed this in recent interactions. In the beginning, they specify a level and when you retreat to the level that they want, they will introduce a new level, a new claim and a new demand. And then, they will force you to meet their new demands with the same pressures and this process goes on and on. This will not stop.

Revolutionary outlook means that the officials of the country should not set themselves the goal of satisfying arrogant powers. The officials of the country should set themselves the goal of satisfying the people, employing domestic forces and strengthening active elements inside the country. This is revolutionary outlook. Revolutionary outlook means that the country and officials should not give in to any sort of bullying and that they should not become inactive and weak-minded. They should not accept oppression and bullying from the other side, nor should they be deceived by him. Although powers bully others and have many weapons, they use deception as well. Whenever necessary, they become deceitful, cunning and dishonest and they use maneuvering tactics. This is the meaning of revolutionary outlook.

So, this is what I want to say: dear brothers, dear sisters, dear youth throughout the country and honorable officials of the country, all of you should know that today, we need revolutionary outlook, behavior and slogans and we need the principles of our magnanimous Imam's (r.a.) Revolution. The country needs this. You should not reject revolutionary outlook by labeling it as "extremist" and the like. Revolutionary outlook is the country's need in the present time. This is the same lesson that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) taught us and therefore, we should benefit from this lesson. This is my first and foremost discussion.

I would like to say a few things about domestic issues as well. One very import issue was presidential elections which were held a couple of weeks ago. I should thank, from the bottom of my heart, each and every person who went and put more than 41 million votes in ballot boxes. A great achievement was really made. This became a source of credit for the country. It became a source of credit for the Islamic Republic. It became a sign of public trust for the Islamic Republic. The fact that the majority of the country – 70-plus percent of the people – gave a vote of confidence to, approved and trusted the Islamic Republic is very important.

Unfortunately, some people say – let us say out of misunderstanding or else I do not know how to describe them – that the people's votes have nothing to do with the Islamic government and with approving the Islamic government. This is not the case, gentlemen. Even in the case of those who might be irritated at the Islamic government, when they go and vote within the framework of the Islamic government, this means that they believe in and trust this framework. They consider this framework as efficient and that is why they are moving within that framework. These approximately 42 million votes of the people – about 70-plus percent – was a vote of confidence to the Islamic Republic. It was a sign of trust in the Islamic government. This was a very important event.

Fortunately, the honorable Guardian Council announced the validity of the elections. Of course, it announced that certain wrongdoings have been committed. I too had received some reports in this regard. They should definitely pursue these wrongdoings. Although these wrongdoings did not and will not change the results of the elections, wrongdoing is wrongdoing and this does not befit the status of the Islamic Republic. Officials should pursue these wrongdoings in a serious manner.

They should identify the culprits so that these wrongdoings will be eliminated in our various elections – as the people have some elections in the future – and so that we will no longer have such violations. When we close our eyes and ignore these wrongdoings, they will be repeated. Wrongdoings should be prevented. I thank the officials of the country who organized and supervised the elections.

Of course, during election campaigns and televised debates, certain statements were made and some misconduct was shown. Different organizations of the country were accused. These were not good statements. This is all in the past now. However, such courses of action should not continue. Everyone should pay attention: they should put aside what happened during elections and they should not repeat it.

The people – whether the group of people whose candidate won the election or the group of people whose candidate did not win – should show capacity and forgiveness. Forgiveness means showing capacity and being broad-minded. They should not be narrow-minded. There are some people who behave in a narrow-minded way whether they win or lose a competition. This should not be the case. No matter if we succeed or fail in achieving a goal, we should show capacity. Well, they fortunately showed capacity during this year's elections. Even those who did not win the election showed capacity- unlike the year 1388 during which time some individuals created serious problems for the country.

Another issue which I would like to discuss briefly – later on, by Allah's favor, I might expand on it – is that the honorable administration should attach great significance to production and to employment. On the basis of the Constitution, the president has numerous resources at his disposal. They can carry out many tasks. They should benefit from the resources that are available to them. They should activate domestic capacities and there should be no delay in fulfilling the promises that have been given to the people in practice.

In the 12th administration, they should choose those officials – officials in different divisions – that are diligent, active, prepared and competent. Their capability should move many tasks forward, God willing. If, God forbid, one division – whether economic or non-economic – shows inefficiency, this will be considered as inefficiency on the part of the system and this is not fair. The system is efficient. Therefore, different divisions should be able to move with the same pace that the system does.

Officials should prepare the country for resistance in the face of American sanctions. They should make the country resistant. As you witness, the Americans say new things with complete shamelessness every day. They sing a new song every day. The country should be resistant against what they are doing and it should have the capability to stand firm. Officials should take into account this economic, cultural, political and comprehensive resistance.

On international issues too, the country should speak with one voice. All the honorable officials of the country should pay attention to this. On important international issues, the country should speak with one voice. They should not voice various opinions. It is possible that such and such a writer or person who writes in cyberspace has a different belief. This is not significant. The officials of the country should speak with one voice. They should be unanimous.

I wish to say a few things about foreign matters as well. Unfortunately in the auspicious month of Ramadan, our brothers in some countries are suffering from serious problems. In Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Libya, Muslims are suffering from these serious problems while they are fasting. In Yemen, the Saudi government is bombarding that country day and night, putting pressure on the people of Yemen. Of course, they are making a mistake. I would like to say here that the Saudi government should know that even if they continue adopting the same method against the people of Yemen for 10, 20 years, they will not achieve victory over them.

This is a crime that is being committed against an innocent and shelter-less people and therefore, it will definitely not produce any result. They are only fattening their sins before people throughout the world, before Allah the Exalted and before the angles who record our actions. They are only making divine revenge on themselves heavier.

The same is true of Bahrain. In Bahrain too, the presence of the Saudi government is an unreasonable presence. The issues of Bahrain are related to the people of Bahrain themselves. The people of Bahrain should sit and speak to their government and reach an agreement. Why should a foreign government bring their military to that country, interfering in their affairs and making policies for them? These are unreasonable and irrational courses of actions which are creating problems for countries and nations. If they want to impose their will on a nation, this is logically wrong and practically inefficient. The result of this is disgrace and dishonor and it will not reach anywhere either. Even if they benefit from this American bribe – reaching several billion dollars – they will not achieve any result.

The same is true of the Syrian issues. The presence of foreign countries in Syria, against the wishes of the Syrian government and Syrian nation, is wrong. We believe that Syrian issues should be resolved through negotiations. We believe that in Syria, in Bahrain, in Yemen and everywhere in the world of Islam, the enemies are waging proxy wars. They are pitting the people against one another. The solution is to talk and to negotiate without the interference of others. Weapons – in the manner that you see – should not be injected into countries from the outside. Today, DAESH is being thrown out of its birthplace, which is Iraq and Syria, and it is moving to other countries. It is going to Afghanistan, Pakistan and even the Philippines, European countries and other places. This is the fire that they themselves have fueled and in the present time, it is burning themselves.

By Allah's favor, on all these issues, the people of Iran have managed to do their work in a reasonable, rational, determined and decisive way. From now on too, by Allah's favor, grace and guidance, all the political developments of the country will be moving towards of the ideals of the people and towards their victory. And I will tell you that by Allah's favor, on the basis of the experience that has been gained in the past 38 years, the future of the people will be much better than their present-day conditions, God willing.

Dear God, in this Ramadan afternoon, shower Your mercy and blessings on these fasting group of people and on these hungry stomachs and thirsty lips.

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad (s.w.a.) and his household (a.s.), help the people of Iran achieve victory and dignity in all their important arenas.

Dear God, make our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) – whose soul, whose life and whose breath are alive among us – more alive on a daily basis.

Dear God, bestow Your kindness and blessings on the dear martyrs and self-sacrificing youth of these people.

Dear God, help the officials of the country succeed in rendering services to this great nation. Make the holy heart of the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake) satisfied and pleased with us.

Dear God, make the people of Iran and this humble person benefit from the prayers of that great personality. Enlighten our eyes with the light of his presence.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings