US President strikes a blow on global peace with every decision he makes: Ayatollah Khamenei

Unfortunately, ever since the current President of the United States (George Bush) took office, he has struck a blow on global peace and security with his every speech or measure. The decisions he has taken are all against global peace and security. He withdrew from the Kyoto protocol which was an international treaty to protect the environment and had been signed by U.S.’s previous president. He withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty to expand his nuclear activities, he openly and blatantly declares that. After the 9/11 incident, in New York, whenever he has given a speech, he has either threatened the world or humiliated nations; he has either invited the American and western nations to hate Muslims and the easterners, or has threatened to launch atomic attacks on countries by informing them of his future attacks here and there. His words and stances precisely contradict global peace and security. Who runs these politicians? One should contemplate and ponder over it. Who directs these inexperienced individuals--who have just entered the political arena, greedy and unaware of spirituality--and created these situations? It truly deserves reflection.
The same US president has defended the usurper Israeli regime and claims Israel is defending itself! It is Israel that is committing these massacres, and he says Israel is defending itself and dubs the Zionist regime's crimes as fighting terrorism! Is killing women, children, and young adults, as well as bulldozing Palestinians simple houses an instance of self-defense?

April 05, 2002

Today, this crisis is not special to us – of course, if “crisis” is the right word [but] to say the least it is a “major challenge.” This major challenge is not special to us. Today, this challenge can be seen all across the world and is the result of not feeling responsible – with regard to environment. You saw how in the case of Kyoto Protocol, the Americans stood [against the protocol] as a bullying government. I said this in Friday Prayers [sermon] a few years ago and talked about this. That is, a sort of bullying approach to a treaty, which is not related to one country or two countries and this and that corner of the world. It is related to the entire globe. The issue of greenhouse gas is not an issue, which is related to a single country and which damages a single group of people. No, it is related to the entire humanity.

March 8, 2015