Let us unite to help Gaza and overcome Zionism: Ayatollah Khamenei

The Palestinian conflict could not be resolved by the Americans. Their interference would make matters even worse. The more the Americans interfere in the issue, the more complex the issue will get.

US can't resolve Palestinian conflict, US interference makes matters worse

The Palestinian conflict could not be resolved by the Americans. Their interference would make matters even worse. The more the Americans interfere in the issue, the more complex the issue will get. The Palestinian people are vigilant. They are noble and broad-minded people. They have elected their own government. They should let that government make decisions based on the nation's support. As time passes, their interference in the Palestinian issue - their unilateral interference which is aimed at supporting the interests of the invading Zionist regime - will make the issue even more complex. Of course, these issues will be resolved. Both the issue of Palestine and the Iraqi issue will be resolved. One day these issues will be resolved, and there will be no trace of the American arrogance and their identity on that day.


Statements made during a public address to the people of Larestan; May 8, 2008.


The issue of Gaza is the issue of humanity and human principles

The issue of Gaza is not the issue of a small piece of land. The issue of Palestine is not only a geographical issue. It is the issue of humanity and human principles. Today, the issue of Palestine is a dividing line between commitment and hostility to human principles. This issue has such significance.

Without a doubt, America will suffer a loss in this deal. These historical eras and these ten, twenty, thirty-year historical developments are like a moment and they will soon pass. But the history and future of America will definitely suffer a loss as a result of the movement that they launched in the past 50, 60 years with regards to the issue of Palestine. The issue of Palestine will be a source of disgrace for America for many years in the future.

Palestine will be liberated. You should have no doubt about this. Palestine will definitely be liberated. It will be restored to the people of Palestine and a Palestinian government will be formed in this country. There is no doubt about this, but America's disgrace and notoriety will not disappear. They will continue to be disgraced.


Leader's Inaugural Address in Meeting with Participants of Gaza Conference; February 27, 2010.


Let us join hands and work together to help the people of Gaza

All people and nations - particularly governments and officials in different countries - should think of ways to help the people of Gaza.

Two tasks should be carried out: one is helping the oppressed. Helping the oppressed means providing them with basic needs. Today they need food, medicine, hospitals, water, electricity and reconstruction of their houses and cities. The world of Islam is responsible for providing these things.

They need weapons as well. The enemy wants to disarm them so that he can attack them whenever he wants - whenever he has an excuse or even when he does not have any excuse. He wants to do something to make them incapable of reacting to him. The enemy wants this. The firm determination of the world of Islam should show itself in the face of this illegitimate claim of the enemies. This is the first task that should be carried out which is helping the oppressed: "Be a helper of the oppressed" [Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 47].

You should be a helper of the oppressed. This help is one that falls on the shoulders of the entire world of Islam. We say to Muslim governments - the ambassadors of Muslim governments are present in this meeting - from this podium, let us join hands and work together to help the people of Gaza and to overcome the obstacles that the Zionist regime has created on this path. Let us offer every kind of help to the people of Gaza.

The second task that should be carried out is to confront those people who are committing this great historical oppression, who are the perpetrators of this genocide and who are displaying this shamelessness and brazenness in committing crimes and murdering people. One really becomes surprised at their shamelessness in giving reasons for killing civilians. They are so shameless. They try to justify killing little, innocent and oppressed children. They are totally shameless and impudent.


Leader's Speech in Meeting with Officials and Ambassadors of Islamic Countries; July 29, 2014.


  • 2017-08-02 18:14
    All what said the IMAM will be seen, and some are already obvious and clear to those who want to see and hear the reality on the terrain. MAASHA ALLAH LONG LIVE IMAM ALI KHAMENEI
  • 2017-09-14 14:41
    InsaAllah the day will come soon. Long live the best leader( grand Ayatollah khamenei) in the world.
  • 2017-11-04 14:26
    The reality of Palestine is no longer an issue of concern only to Palestinians or Arabs in general. It is an issue of concern to humanity as a whole. What the illegitimate and criminal zionist Israel is doing to the Palestinian people is no longer just "human rights violations" but direct attacks on the human existence with the deliberate purpose of exterminating a whole nation by means of murder in cold blood. An enemy with such characteristics should not be confronted with conventional weapons, and therefore, the necessity to obtain nuclear weapons to be fully used against the criminal state of Israel must be in order. The government of North Korea has declared full willingness to collaborate with anyone considered to be an enemy of the US and since Israel is its lap dog, the Koreans would most likely provide nuclear weapons to HAMAS. The criminal state of Israel must be destroyed if Palestinians want to live.
  • 2017-12-25 20:15
    It is the United States intention to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem. I am totally opposed to the move as it recognizes Israel and puts the stamp of approval on Israel and its open-air concentration camp--Gaza. There is a solution, if President Trump is willing to make the effort. The U S embassy should be constructed on the "green line"--the border of east and west Jerusalem. The east-half of the building should be declared the embassy of Palestine and the west-half should be declared the embassy of Israel. I am sure that the zionists would have a fit, but what could they do? Perhaps re-enact the terrorist bombing of the King David an addendum, I wish all of humanity a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...may our Creator give us good fortune (and a free Palestine) in the coming year!