Sheikh Zakzaky

Sheikh Zakzaky is an oppressed, but courageous individual: Imam Khamenei

Sheikh Zakzaky is an oppressed, courageous and determined individual who was attacked by others. This was how they took revenge on him. Jun 20, 2016

Notice that in the present time, Muslims are being killed everywhere ranging from East Asia, Myanmar, to West Africa – Nigeria and other such countries. They are being murdered everywhere. In some places, they are killed by Buddhists, and in some places they are killed by Boko Haram, DAESH and the like. Dec 17, 2016

In Bahrain, why do they exert such pressures on Muslims? In Nigeria, why do they create such disasters for that peaceful, conciliatory and believing Sheikh [Ibrahim Zakzaky]? Why do they murder about 1,000 people who are close to him? Why do they martyr his six children in the course of two years? Why does the world of Islam remain silent in the face of such crimes? Why is the world of Islam tolerating the day-and-night bombardment of Yemen that has lasted about a year? It is about a year – 10-plus months – now that the houses, hospitals, schools, roads, innocent individuals, men and women of the people of Yemen have been under bombardment. Why? Is this to the interest of the world of Islam? And they are striking Syria and Iraq in different ways. Their goals are dangerous goals. They are devised in their – as they say – “think tanks”. We should be awake. Dec 29, 2015

This year, the world of Islam has witnessed protests in many Muslim countries; from the east of the Islamic world, Indonesia; to the west of it, Africa and Nigeria. In Muslim countries, wherever the public was granted permission to display their will and determination on Al-Quds day, masses of people took to the streets and demonstrated with overwhelming emotions their concern for the issue of Palestine. Oct 01, 2008



  • 2017-01-21 20:23
    hope he is free soon #freezakzaky