Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei narrates how he promised his family a trip to Egypt


In the years, before the 1979 Revolution—a time when no one thought the Islamic Revolution would gain victory—I told my wife and children that if the revolution gains victory, I will do three things for you. One, I would take them to the movies. Second, my children asked me to buy a toy rifle for them, since the rifles were popular among children at that time. Many children played with them, but I suspended it for a time that I supposed would never come.
Third, I told them I would take them to Egypt to meet the famous Egyptian Quran reciter, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail. At home we had plenty of cassettes with Egyptian reciters, particularly, Mustafa Ismail’s.
My family has asked me several times why the trip to Egypt never happened. Of course they went to the movies, although I was unable to go. 

May 24, 2000


Actually, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was alive after the revolution; however, I had different concerns during the first years after the revolution. Otherwise, I would have invited Sheikh Mustafa Ismail to Tehran by any means possible.


April 26, 1991