Ayatollah Khamenei

We neither celebrate nor mourn the US election outcomes: Ayatollah Khamenei

In a meeting with thousands of people from Esfahan held at Imam Khomeini (ra) Husseiniyeh this morning, Novemnber 16, 2016, the Leader of the Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, stated that: "I do not have any comments on the outcome of the presidential election in the U.S. Anyone coming from either of the two parties has committed pure evil."

Regarding the hostility practiced by various U.S. presidents against the Iranian nation, His Eminence held: “One imposed sanctions, another shot down a passenger airliner and one attacked our oil platforms. We are not concerned and we are prepared to combat any possible incident. Across the world, some people mounred and some celebrated it. We neither mourn nor celebrate [the outcome of U.S. elections]; we concentrate on how to move our country out of possible problems.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always witnessed hostility from both popular U.S. party sides, adding that: “Today the most significant needs of the country, particularly, for the elites and the authorities, are political insight, staying vigilant against enemy plots, and preserving the revolutionary spirit, direction, taking measure, and action in the arena of Economy of Resistance, continuing the rapid scientific growth, national unity and harmony, as well as maintaining an internal and spiritual strength.

During this meeting, which was held on the anniversary of a mass funeral organized in Esfahan for the 370 martyrs of Muharram Operation of November 16, 1982, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Persevering the principles of the Islamic Revolution is among the very important necessities today and the principles of the Revolution are the fundamentals and indexes expounded by Imam Khomeini (ra) on his last will and testament."

His Eminence further added: “The enemy has targeted the economy, because they think it's the country’s weak point; and this is why measures and action of the Economy of Resistance have been stressed; hence, authorities must demonstrate, before the eyes of the nation, the measures and actions and the implications of it.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the issues brought up during the U.S. presidential campaigns regarding failures, poverty and massive problems in the United States stating: "The U.S. has spent its nation’s money on devious wars, which have brought nothing but the massacre of thousands of civilians and the obliteration of infrastructures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen."

Ayatollah Khamenei put emphasis on the fact that the realities, tapped into during election campaigns, in the U.S., have been brought up repeatedly over the past years, but some were unwilling to accept it, holding that: "insight means that you know who you are dealing with and how they think about you; and if you close your eyes towards that you will certainly get struck with a blow.

His Eminence stressed that political and non-political elites are expected to have such insight, asserting: "fortunately typical people do have such insight, but it is a surprise how some elites rely on illusions; hence, they lack such insight.

The Leader of the Revolution finally touched upon the Arbaeen Walk, dubbing it as an invaluable investment adding: "This great million-man walk between Najaf and Karbala, this enthusiasm, affection and movement-- even if accompanied by dangers—is always alive in the hearts of our people; this treasure should be preserved, as it guarantees the survival of our country."



The full text of the speeh will soon be uploaded on the website.