Unity 1500

No difference between Shias and Sunnis for the enemies


One of the instruments that the enemies use is creating discord among us. I insist that we stress and place great emphasis on this matter. Brothers, sisters, Muslims in the world of Islam, if this call reaches your ears, you should know that the day when the words “Sunni” and “Shia” appeared in the American discourse, we became concerned. Every insightful person became concerned. What does America have to do with Sunni and Shia? What does such and such a Jewish Zionist politician in America – who has done nothing except for showing malevolence against Islam and Muslims – have to do with making judgments about Sunni and Shia in the world of Islam? Why should he say something about Sunni and a completely different thing about Shia? Since the Shia and Sunni discourse showed itself in American words, those people who were perceptive and intelligent in the world of Islam became concerned. They understood that a new scheme was being devised, and it was finally put into practice.

There is a history behind waging a war between Shia and Sunni. The English are experts at this. We have many records and abundant information about the history of waging a war, creating discord and instigating grudges between Sunni and Shia. Such discord was created by English agents – whether in our country, in the former Ottoman government or in Arab countries – with the purpose of pitting these countries against one other. However, the plot that the Americans have hatched today is a more dangerous plot. Does supporting a denomination against another denomination in the world of Islam make us happy? If they advocate us, should we be happy then? No, we should become sad and see what week points they have found in us that they want to use and that has made them advocate and support us.

They are opposed to the essence of Islam.

- Ayatollah Khamenei, December 29, 2015