Basij commanders of the Council of Basij-e Mostazafin met with the Leader of the Revolution

Enemies Trying to Infiltrate Decision Makers

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on November 25, 2015 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with Basij commanders. The meeting was held in Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad and upon his immaculate household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth, and may God curse all their enemies.

Welcome, you dear brothers and sisters. With your warm breaths, with your kind hearts and particularly with the statements of our dear Sardars – Mr. Ja’fari and Mr. Naqdi - you imbued this Hussainiyah with the scent of Basij. The scent of Basij should be appreciated and breathed. The truth behind this astonishing and auspicious phenomenon should be understood in a correct manner. I would like to congratulate all of you on the anniversary of Basij Day and I hope that the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake) will be satisfied with each and every one of you dear brothers and sisters and also with all the people who are under your command. I hope that such personalities are satisfied with and pray for you and that – by Allah’s favor – you will live in this world and in the hereafter with this holy light in your hearts and bodies.

Basij the Iranian resistance

I would like to use this opportunity to raise a few points. One is that the phenomenon of Basij is an innovative phenomenon. This does not mean that in other countries and places, popular resistance forces have not existed. We know that they have, but resistance forces in different countries in the world – in the west, in the east and the like – emerged during the time of political suppression and pressure, and revolutionary activities. After such revolutionary activities came to an end, either these resistance forces came to power themselves or others came to power with their assistance. After that, their resistance force and their popular organization stopped pursuing their activities. This has been the case in the world.

Those who are familiar with popular resistance forces in Africa, Europe and Asia and in different countries are aware of this. For example, during the time of the domination of the French over Algeria, popular resistance forces were formed and they fought for many years. They fought hard perhaps for eight, ten years and they endured many difficulties. However, after the formation of a revolutionary government, no trace of such forces remained. Some of them came to power and some of them formed a party, but nothing like a resistance force survived. Another example is France during the time when it was occupied by Germany. During that time, resistance forces existed – leftists, rightists and conservatives – and they fought very hard, but after liberation from German occupation and the formation of a government, no trace of such forces was seen and they were gone. As I said, some of them came to power. Such people suffered from the maladies of power.

I myself saw this with my own eyes in a number of countries. Those people who had fought in difficult trenches and on the ground until they seized power behaved in the same manner that such and such a Portuguese commander had behaved towards them during the time when he was ruling over their country. They behaved in the same way as they did, without any difference. Their purpose of fighting was to seize power. I myself have witnessed this in many cases. In fact, they changed their identity.

Political parties

Another scenario was that others would come to power and these resistance forces would form parties, such as the ones that exist in these countries. In fact, such parties fought with the purpose of seizing power. In the present time, the goal of western parties and other parties in the whole world is to come to power. A party fights in order to hold office. After that, another party fights in order to snatch the office away from it.

Today, parties – what is referred to as a party in the world – are not actually a bridge to attain the ideals that they believe in. This is what we had in mind about the meaning of a party in the beginning of the Revolution, but today such a thing does not exist in the world. The goal is to form a group – like a club or an association – through which they try to seize power. After seizing power, they behave in the same way that the former government did, without any difference. So, such resistance forces are dissolved and destroyed after achieving victory. That resistance forces survive during the time of their victory like a continuous current and a bubbling spring, that they blossom on a daily basis and raise their awareness, that they participate, in an organized way, in the arenas that their country needs, that they develop in terms of quantity and quality, that they find new concepts, and that they play a role in newly-born battles – this is how our Basij is – is unprecedented in the world. Such a thing is unprecedented in the world.

Basij and people

This was our Imam’s (r.a.) feat and skill. Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) formed Basij out of the people. Basij is not separate from the people. Basij means individuals from different social backgrounds. It means the individuals who are in universities, farms and markets and the individuals who have certain responsibilities in different organizations. They are basijis. They are members of the Basij organization. Basij is, in fact, a special choice made by the people. It is one of the representatives of the people. This is Basij.

The phenomenon of Basij is an innovative phenomenon.

This organization was formed by Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) and it developed on a daily basis. Besides, astonishing, great and outstanding things emerged from this organization. Many of our Sardars in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps – some of whom were martyred and some of whom are thankfully alive – are basijis. You have heard or read, in different writings, astonishing things about them. In the beginning, they entered the arena as basijis, but they were not obligated to do so. They entered the arena as basijis and thus their talents were cultivated and they turned into great Sardars like Shahid Baqeri, Shahid Kazemi, Shahid Borujerdi and others, and others and others. This was what they did in the arena of war.

 Basij is, in fact, a special choice made by the people. It is one of the representatives of the people.

They had the same achievements in the arena of knowledge as well. Many of the individuals who accomplished amazing feats in the arena of science and technology either have a basiji background or are basijis in the present time. Even if their names have not been recorded in the list of Basij organization, they consider themselves to be basijis. Nuclear scientists – Rezainejad, Ahmadi Roshan, Shahriari, Ali Mohammadi and others and others – and the same personalities who played a role in highly nuclear and technical areas, all of whom we know up close, are in fact basijis.

The characteristics of Basij

Basij has a specific definition: a group of people who show their presence in the middle of the arena and anywhere necessary with lofty divine goals and with an untiring spirit, who show their talents and bring all of their capacities to the arena, and who are not afraid of the dangers of this path. Such people are prepared to lay down their lives. Well, “being prepared to lay down one’s life” is easy to say, but it is not so easy in practice. “Basiji” is a person who is prepared for this difficult task – laying down one’s life and sacrificing things that are even dearer than one’s life. This is the meaning of Basij and it is one of the unique characteristics of our country. It is particular to the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic.

One of the characteristics of Basij is the wide scope of its presence which should be preserved. It has a wide scope of presence in military, scientific and artistic arenas. Well, Shahid Avini is a basiji. Such and such a committed and enthusiastic artist in the world of the visual arts, poetry, literature and the like is a basiji. This is also the case with personalities active in technological and economic areas. I have advised executive officials that Basij is a volunteer, to show its presence and to play its part in the economy of resistance. Of course, our dear brothers who are commanders in Basij and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps should be very careful as economic activities are a slippery ground: “When flowers increase in number, elephants slip” [from Gulistan of Saadi]. They should be very careful.

Later on, I will point out that one of the enemy’s traps is financial and economic issues. Therefore, one should be very careful and vigilant. This is because we are always exposed to tests. You should know this. Of course, you know it because this is clearly visible in Islamic teachings. Even if we become a “Balaam” – a person whose prayers were definitely answered by God – and even if we achieve such a position, there is still room for slipping up. Even if we achieve such a position, we may slip up.   

Imagine that you are moving up a straight path. At all moments and steps, there is a precipice under your feet. This precipice exists at all moments of your trip. The more you go up, the more difficult, formidable and dangerous the precipice becomes. Therefore, you should be careful. Later on, I will speak about the care that you should take. So, the wide scope of presence – in all the arenas that we mentioned and in all those that we did not mention: you basijis are aware of these arenas – is one of the characteristics of Basij.

The presence of Basij means the presence of the people. When Basij is present somewhere, it means that the people of Iran are present there. As I said, Basij is a sample and manifestation of the people of Iran. It is a sample and sign of the people of Iran. Of course, it is evident that this presence is for the sake of defending ideals, values, and revolutionary and national identity. It is for the sake of helping our people and our country to reach the points which they deserve, which they have formulated in the shade of the Revolution and on which they are moving forward. The presence of Basij means this. It should defend.  

The triangle of gold, power and hypocrisy-duplicity

Well, when we say that it should defend, a question comes to mind: is there any attack because of which it should engage in defense? Is there an enemy against whom it should launch a defense? This is the question that comes to mind. You clearly know the answer to this question. Yes, there is an enemy. There is a deceitful, crafty, skillful, fraudulent and devilish enemy against this great movement. Who is that enemy? Arrogance.


Today, the global conflict is between the arrogant movement, and the ideological movement and national and identity-based independence manifested by the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic.


Of course today, the manifestation of arrogance is America. One day, it was England. This enemy is not sitting idle, rather it is constantly busy. The analysis that existed in the beginning of the speech delivered by our dear Sardar Ja’fari is a completely correct analysis. Today, the global conflict is between the arrogant movement, and the ideological movement and national and identity-based independence manifested by the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic. Today, the main conflict in the world is this. This does not mean that there are not any other conflicts. Even dogs attack and fight against one another for the sake of a carcass. Such conflicts exist as well, but the main conflict is this. The main line and the main front is this. So, there is an enemy and this enemy is sensitive.

As I said, today the manifestation of this arrogance is America. But this is only the political apparatus of arrogance. Arrogance is not only formed of a political apparatus. The financial apparatus is sometimes more important and efficient. An example is these cartels, big companies and tycoons who are mostly Zionist. These individuals and companies form the whole of arrogance and they are always busy. In fact, they both have gold and power. The gentlemen in the meeting spoke about the triangle of gold, power and hypocrisy-duplicity which is a correct triangle [in Persian: zar (gold), zur (power) and tazvir (hypocrisy, duplicity)]. In the past, when we used to speak about zar, zur and tazvir, by tazvir we meant religious tazvir – the elements that appear in religion’s clothing and that smooth the path for the entrance of the army of zar and zur. However today, by tazvir, we do not only mean religious tazvir. We mean political tazvir as well.

Political and diplomatic apparatuses are busy hatching plots, devising schemes and formulating plans in a seriously hypocritical manner. They appear with smiling faces and receive you with open arms, but at the same time that they are hugging you, they push the dagger in your heart, like what you have seen in some movies. So, in the present time, tazvir includes political and diplomatic tazvir as well and therefore, it should receive attention. Well, this is enmity and it may appear in different forms. We should pay attention to such enmity. We should constantly review, practice and keep it in mind so that we know what we should do. All of us – including the politicians and managers of the country, you dear basijis and others activists, thinkers and diligent personalities – should constantly keep such issues in mind.

The Soft enmity Infiltration

One kind of enmity is hard enmity through which they drop bombs, shoot a bullet and send terrorists. Another kind of enmity is soft enmity. Since some time ago, I have been bringing up the issue of infiltration. Infiltration is a very important issue. When we speak about infiltration, some people react. They say, “The issue of infiltration has become a point of partisan contention. They are making partisan use of it.” I have nothing to do with such statements. Well, they should not make partisan use of it and they should not say nonsensical things about the issue of infiltration. They should not speak about infiltration without having a serious content. We have nothing to do with such issues, but no matter what statement is made and what serious course of action is adopted, we should not show negligence about the reality of infiltration. We should not forget that the enemy is after infiltration.

Later on, I will enlarge on the issue of infiltration and say what infiltration is and how it is exerted. We should not show negligence about the essence of infiltration. Parties should not accuse one another. Some parties might say, “When you spoke about infiltration, you meant such and such a thing” and others say, “No, you meant another thing.” That is not important, rather what is important is that the reality should not be forgotten. The enemy is formulating plans in order to infiltrate.

There are two kinds of infiltration: one is individual infiltration and another is systematic and network infiltration. There are many examples for individual infiltration. This is what it means: imagine that you have established an organization in which you have a responsibility. Now, they send someone to your organization who has disguised themselves and who is wearing a mask. You think that they are your friend, while they are not. They appear as a friend so that they can do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes, their goal is to spy which is the least important form. The least important form is spying and gathering intelligence. But sometimes, they do something more important than spying. They change your decisions. You are a manager and official and you make important decisions. You can make a great and efficient move, but if you make it in a specific way, this will be to the advantage of the enemy. They show up and deceive you into making it that way. This is decision-building and it has been witnessed in all organizations.

This is not particular to political organizations. Seminarian, religious and other such organizations have witnessed this as well. The late Sayyid Hassan Tahami – who was a great religious scholar in our country and who resided in Birjand – had gone to Birjand to live there. He was a very great mullah and if he had stayed in Qom or Najaf, he would definitely have become a marja taqlid because he was a very wise man. He himself narrated a story for me. He said, “During the time when the Iraqis were fighting against the English – in the year 1918, which is approximately one hundred years ago – one of the marja taqlids of the time had a servant who was a very good man. He used to speak to the clergy in a very warm and friendly manner and he had a friendly relationship with everyone.” The late Tahami used to mention his name, but I have forgotten it. He continued, “Later on when the English achieved victory and occupied Iraq, Najaf was the last city that they occupied. Then the clergy were informed that that servant was an English officer!” The late Tahami added: “I did not believe it. I said, ‘Is such a thing possible?’”

After that he said, “We were walking in the Hovish Market – a well-known market in Najaf – and I saw that seven, eight, ten English officers were approaching us on horses. At that time, they used to come and go on horses. I saw that an officer was leading them. I moved aside so that they would pass. When they reached me, I saw that the officer who was leading them on his horse said, ‘Sayyid Hassan, how are you?’ I looked and saw that he was the fellow who worked as a servant for such and such a marja taqlid. We used to see him for many years!” Sometimes, infiltration is like this. It is individual. They penetrate someone’s house or organization. And there have been many such cases in political organizations as well. Today too, such a thing may exist which is, of course, dangerous.

Manipulating people's outlook through systematic infiltration

However, the more dangerous form [of infiltration] is systematic infiltration. Systematic infiltration means creating networks inside the people by means of money. It is here that the role of money and economic matters becomes clear. The most important means are two things: one is money and another is sexual attraction. They attract and gather individuals and they fabricate a fake and false goal so that they can draw those personalities who can be influential in society towards their ideal direction. What is that ideal direction? It is changing beliefs, ideals, outlooks and lifestyle. They want to do something to make the targeted individual and the influenced personality think in the same way that the Americans do. In other words, they want to do something to make you look at things in the same way that an American does. Of course, American politicians have nothing to do with the people of America. They want to make you make decisions in the same way that a high-ranking CIA agent would want you to and consequently to want the same things that he wants.

If they exert systematic infiltration on those personalities who play an important role in the fate, politics and future of the country, notice what will happen. Ideals, values, goals and beliefs will change then.

This way, they feel relieved and at ease. Without needing to take risks and entering the arena, you are working for them. This is the goal. This is the goal of infiltration: they want to exert systematic, network and comprehensive infiltration, not individual infiltration. If they exert systematic infiltration on those personalities who play an important role in the fate, politics and future of the country, notice what will happen. Ideals, values, goals and beliefs will change then.

In the present time, when you take a look, you come to believe that on the issue of Palestine, a people are clearly being oppressed. You are seeing this. This is how you look at it. He – an Arab Palestinian, whether a Muslim or a Christian - who is being oppressed in his own house is condemned from an American perspective. From your viewpoint, he is the oppressed party, but when they manage to change your outlook, you will look at the issue the way they do and then you say that Israel is defending its own identity. Did Obama not say this? At the same time that they were shooting, day and night, at the people of Gaza and at the same time that they were attacking defenseless people and their houses, their lives, their farms, their children, their schools and their hospitals, the U.S. President said that Israel is defending its own identity. This is how they look at things. Creating networks and orientations makes individuals – no matter if they live in Iran or another country – adopt such an outlook. Notice how dangerous this is.

Targeted individuals

Who are the targets of this infiltration? Primarily, outstanding and influential personalities, decision-makers and decision-builders. It is such people who are targeted by such infiltration. It is such individuals who are infiltrated. Therefore, infiltration is a danger, a grave one. Now, when someone says, “Such and such a person wants to make partisan use of the word ‘infiltration’” this does not diminish the importance of the issue! It does not matter if they use it in that way or not- well, they don’t dare do that! This is the truth of the matter and it cannot be ignored. 

And infiltration is completed by some peripheral measures. One of the things that completes infiltration is to criticize those individuals who insist on honorable principles, correct outlooks and values. This completes infiltration. I do not want to say that those people who criticize Basij and who accuse it of extremism, harsh measures and the like are intentionally cooperating with the agents of infiltration. I do not make such a claim and I am not aware of such a thing, but the truth of the matter is that this is a kind of help. Those people who are accusing – in different areas and in different ways – Basij of extremism, fanaticism and the like are, in fact, completing infiltration. The projects of infiltration are being completed through such individuals. This is because Basij is a solid bulwark. Basij is a solid bulwark and it should not be weakened and undermined.

I advise all those individuals who have an important position and are listened to, that they should not try to undermine the firm principles of the country and the fundamental bases of the Revolution. As soon as someone speaks about fundamental principles, they should not immediately say that they are acting in an extremist and hard-core manner and that they are speaking in a partisan fashion because this is not the case. They should not criticize fundamental principles and accuse individuals of extremism. They should not deny the clear guidelines of the Revolution. There are clear guidelines and firm principles in the Revolution. Well, the 20-plus volumes of Imam’s (r.a.) speeches are in front of us. Imam (r.a.) was the manifestation of the Revolution. He was the Revolution’s spokesman. He was the illustrator of the Revolution’s truths. So, they should look and see which points Imam (r.a.) stressed. They should not deny the clear guidelines and principles of the Revolution. This is one of those issues that are important.

I consider Basij to be very important. I consider it as a very important, influential and, of course, promising phenomenon. I believe that the efforts that are being made and the tasks that are being carried out to damage the reputation of Basij, cannot weaken it. By Allah’s favor, Basij will become more deep-rooted on a daily basis. Basij used to be a thin and lean sapling, but today it has become a strong tree and by Allah’s favor, it will even become stronger and better than this. However, you should take care not to let this strong tree be stricken by pests. Here, I am addressing you. You should be careful. Sometimes, they come to cut a tree with a saw. Well, this can be prevented, but sometimes a tree is stricken by pests. The cure for this is more difficult.

One of the pests in Basij would be arrogance. Now that we are basijis, that we are chosen personalities and the pride of the country – after all, Basij has such characteristics and we said so many positive things about it – we should not look down on others because this is a pest. This is a pest. The greater you become and the higher position you achieve, the more humble you should become and the more humility you should show before Allah the Exalted. Notice that you and I both repent and sometimes say, “Oh God, forgive me for my sins and I return to you.” However, compare our repentance with that of Imam Sajjad (a.s.). We too pray, but compare the humility that we show in our prayers with the humility that the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) shows in his prayers and with the humility that Imam Hussein and Imam Sajjad (a.s.) show in Dua Arafa and Sahifa al-Sajjadiyyah. There is a world of difference between our position and his, but he was a thousand times more serious than we are in showing humility and repenting.

Although the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) enjoyed that greatness, position, religiousness and piety, he speaks about fear of God’s torture in Dua Kumayl. The higher position you achieve, the more humble you should become before God and His servants. We have been taught in Dua Makarim al-Akhlaq that the more respectable we become and the higher status we achieve in the eyes of the people, the more humble we should become in ourselves: “Oh God, do not raise my position in the eyes of people even by a single degree unless you diminish me – inside myself – as much.”

Our responsibility

We should pay attention to our responsibility, to our negligence and to our weaknesses and shortcomings. We have many shortcomings. I am speaking about myself. Well, you youth are better than the likes of us, but all of us have certain shortcomings. We should pay more attention to our shortcomings. So, arrogance is one of the pests. You should be careful. Because you are basijis and self-sacrificing individuals and because you are prepared to lay down your lives, you should not become arrogant.

The second pest is negligence. One of the things that follows arrogance is negligence. When we become too proud of our power, our capabilities and our values, we become relieved and we show negligence. You should not show negligence and be stricken by it. Your eyes should always be open and you should always watch carefully.

Another pest – this is the last one that I mention – is entrance into the competition of having a flashy life. This is a competition after all: running after an extravagant and better life, more fashionable equipment and more income. Running is a race. Materialistic individuals have participated in this race. Now, some are cleverer in this race and they move forward until they earn billions, but some of them are not as clever. In any case, materialistic individuals are present in this race. These are people who worship this world. You should not enter this race. You should not say, “Such and such a person has something. They have gained such and such a thing, but I am empty-handed and therefore, I should have it as well.” This is not only Basij’s blight, rather it is everyone’s blight. We saw many individuals who were good and enthusiastic people. However, when they fell into the abyss of leading a flashy and extravagant lifestyle, their sharpness gradually turned into bluntness, their capabilities decreased and their motivation weakened. When one’s motivation weakens, one’s willpower weakens as well. And when willpower weakens, it shows itself in practice. This was how they were lost. These are the blights.

What are the priorities of Basij today? Primarily piety and purity.

What are the priorities of Basij today? Primarily piety and purity. Piety and purity. All mystics – great personalities in the world of mysticism some of whom we have seen up close – advised that we should not commit sins. Some people say, “What dhikrs should we say that are very good and that help us achieve a high [spiritual] position?” Their answer was that you do not need to say dhikr, rather you should not commit sins. This is the first step. If this step is taken, many of your problems – psychological, spiritual and material problems – will be eliminated. All of us are subject to committing sins and slipping up. You should be careful. If you engage in this self-care – which is referred to as piety – Allah the Exalted will help you stand firm. Piety has been frequently repeated in the Holy Quran and it means taking care of yourself so that you do not commit sins and wrongdoings. This self-care is a source of divine mercy and blessings. As a result of piety, one’s life, time, moments and hours become blessed. This is my first piece of advice.


The second piece of advice is to have insight. Insight. I have quoted this sentence from the Commander of the Faithful (peace and greetings be upon him) many times in my speeches: “And this banner will be borne only by him who is a man of insight, of endurance” [Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 173]. Primarily, he speaks about those who have a sharp sight, who enjoy insight and who have a correct understanding about the scene. Insight should increase on a daily basis. We should know the domestic scene of the country. We should know what is happening inside the country in the present time. Where in the country do we feel the presence of the enemy? In which areas can we move forward in a comfortable way, with piece of mind and with a confident heart? This is insight. We should know our position in the world. Where are we in the present time?

Insight should increase on a daily basis. We should know the domestic scene of the country. We should know what is happening inside the country in the present time. 


Some people focus all their efforts on humiliating insiders, themselves and the people. They say, “We are nothing” and they say this in different ways. They sing the praises of such and such a country, people and their behavior. However, such praise is most of the time wrong and it is done in a cinematic fashion. In movies, when police show up and when they want to arrest someone, from the beginning, they say, “Be careful, whatever you say will be used against you in a court of law.” This means that such police are so honorable that they say, from the beginning, to the suspect – a person who may be a criminal – that they should be careful lest no stupid comment comes out of their mouth because it may be used against them in a court of law. Are western police like this? Are American police like this? This is the work of Hollywood movies. American police arrest someone, then they begin to beat, shoot at and kill them. They shoot at and kill someone because of carrying a toy gun in their pocket. So, are police like this? Movies falsely ornament courts of law, police, the executive branch and the like. Well, this is what movies do. Some people’s writings and speaking is like these Hollywood movies.

Our people

They ornament and beautify others with things that they do not actually have. This way, they are in fact engendering a sense of inferiority in our people. This is not the case. Our people are a great people. They have emerged successful and victorious out of great tests and they have accomplished amazing feats. Our people are the same people who did not beat and kill prisoners of war, rather they used to heal them and give them water out of their own water flask. Our people are such a people. They arrest, at sea, a bunch of bad people who are accused of spying – there was a real possibility that they were spies - but they send them back home in new clothes. Our people are such a people. They are such a people in their behavior, their kindness, their fair-mindedness and their courage. Our people are a people who liberated themselves from centuries-long humiliation and who managed to speak at the peak of dignity.

Our people are the same people who did not beat and kill prisoners of war, rather they used to heal them and give them water out of their own water flask.


We have such a people. This is not a minor achievement. Different countries and global powers sit together to see what they can do about Islamic Iran. Well, this is the power of our people. This is their worldly, military, political and moral power and their power of reasoning. This does not mean that we do not have any shortcomings, rather we have many shortcomings. But our capabilities, values and outstanding achievements are many as well.

So, why do they belittle the people? Some people are used to belittling the country, the people and officials in a continuous manner. Insight means that we know and understand these truths, our position, the position of the country, the people and the Revolution’s logic and the position of the straight line that Imam (r.a.) depicted in the country. We should understand the position of such things. Insight is this.  

The Occupation of Palestine

Being prepared, ready and geared up. This is another requirement and necessary piece of advice that we should offer to basiji brothers and sisters. One should be prepared [audience chants, “Oh liberated Leader, we are prepared”]. Thank you very much, thank you very much. We know that you are prepared [audience chants, “The blood that runs in our veins is a gift to our leader”]. Very well, it is enough. By doing this, you shook off your tiredness [audience laughs] because you were silent for a while [audience and the Supreme Leader laugh]. You chanted some slogans and this way, your tiredness is gone. Now, pay attention:


The clash that exists in today’s world is a real clash. The other sides are sides that are miles awCertain events are taking place around us about which we cannot be indifferent. The first event is the event of Palestine. The first one is the issue of Palestine. The issue of Palestine is not a minor issue.

ay from human values. They are miles away from such values. Certain events are taking place around us about which we cannot be indifferent. The first event is the event of Palestine. The first one is the issue of Palestine. The issue of Palestine is not a minor issue. About 60-plus years have passed from the occupation of Palestine. Several generations of these people – the Palestinians - have come and gone, but the Palestinian ideal has thrived. The enemy is trying to destroy the Palestinian ideal, but the Palestinian ideal has thrived.

Unfortunately, Arab governments are so busy doing other things that they do not have the time or they do not want to attend to the issue of Palestine. Standing on ceremony with other countries, different other considerations and aligning oneself with America and others do not allow them to do so. The issue of Palestine is a very important issue. We cannot abandon the issue of Palestine. Today, the Intifada of the people of Palestine has begun in the West Bank. The people are fighting, but the judgment that arrogant bullhorns make is a completely oppressive judgment. When a person whose house has been occupied, whose life is in danger and who does not have financial security – they come and destroy his house with a bulldozer, they engage in building settlements and they destroy his farm – attacks with a stone, they say that that person is a terrorist! This is while the organization that is destroying that person’s life, security, dignity, wealth and world is referred to as innocent. They say that this organization is defending itself. This is very strange. This is one of the wonders of today’s world!

Someone has come and has usurped a house. They have thrown out the owner of the house and they are constantly oppressing him. They say to him that he should not defend himself, but he is defending himself. If the oppressed owner – who has lost his security and his house, and whose wife, children, dignity and everything he has are under threat – swears at the usurper or throws a stone at him, they call him a terrorist. Is this a minor thing? Is this a minor wrongdoing? Is it a minor mistake? Is it a minor act of oppression that can be forgiven? This cannot be forgiven! We will defend the movement of the Palestinian nation with all our power as long as we can and in whatever way we can!

Bahrain, Yemen and Syria

The other events that are happening around us are the same. Most of the events that are taking place today are such issues. There is a world of difference between a fair, impartial and humane judgment, and the biased and malevolent judgment of westerners, their politicians and their propaganda apparatuses. An example is the issue of Bahrain. Another example is the issue of Yemen. Another example is the issue of Syria.

On the issue of Bahrain, what do the people of Bahrain want? The people of Bahrain say that every individual from among the nation should be given a vote in order to elect the government. A vote for each person. Well, are you not speaking about democracy? Are you not saying that you are the emblem of democracy? Are you not saying that you want to defend democracy? Very well, is there any kind of democracy which is clearer than this? Not only do they not give them the right to vote, but they also pressure, insult and humiliate the majority of the people. These people form the majority of the population. These people who are asserting their rights form 70, 80 percent of the population. The oppressive minority has the power in his hands and he is doing whatever he wants to them.

He even insults their holy beliefs. In the month of Muharram, they harassed those who took to the minbar, who delivered eulogies, who set up mourning banners and who performed rowzas. They even harassed someone who cursed Yazid – “All praise belongs to God” [speaking in Arabic]. Well, the reason why they are so shameless is that they are Yazidis. They defend Yazid. Should Yazid – who is the most disreputable person throughout the history of Islam – not be cursed? God’s curse be upon those who harass the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) and his children and household. This is their behavior. This is Bahrain.

As for Yemen, it is many months now that they are bombarding the people of Yemen consecutively. They are bombarding houses, hospitals and schools. They are dropping bombs continuously. They are bombarding a people who have done nothing wrong and who are innocent. This is while those organizations that claim to be advocating democracy, human rights and the like are constantly defending and supporting the perpetrators. This is the world. This is the oppressive world. This is the world that you are standing up against and that you are chanting slogans against.

The same is true of the issue of Syria. In recent days, we spoke about the issue of Syria and it was broadcast in media. They are defending the meanest and most malevolent terrorists. They are helping them whether in Syria or in Iraq. And this help is given to them directly and indirectly. They insist that the formation of the Syrian government should be done in such and such ways. With what right are they saying this? Every people should choose their own fate, political system and government. What is it to you? You have come from the other side of the world with evil and malevolent intentions. The world of arrogance is such a world. Insightful individuals know what they should do against such a world. They know that their position is completely legitimate.

There is a world of difference between a fair, impartial and humane judgment, and the biased and malevolent judgment of westerners, their politicians and their propaganda apparatuses.


Basij can make others understand that the political positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the most reasonable positions that a fair-minded and wise person can adopt. Today, the official and political positions of our executive officials and our political system on the issue of Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen and Palestine are clear and well-defined positions.

Basij is a blessing for the Islamic Republic. It is a provision and a treasure, an infinite treasure. This is because our people are infinite. They are a treasure as well. And I will tell you that first, the people of Iran will – by Allah’s favor – preserve this valuable treasure. Second, they will utilize it and third, they will undoubtedly reach the peak of their desired transcendence and progress with the help of such willpower, determination and insight. And the enemies have to watch the spectacle and the progress of the people of Iran without being able to do anything. And this will be the case God willing.

God’s mercy be upon our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) who opened up this path for us. God’s mercy be upon our dear martyrs who taught us a practical lesson with their sacrifice and who helped us understand how we should act. And God’s mercy be upon you dear ones who are cheering up the hearts of the people and who are giving them hope with your preparedness in the present time.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings