Leader Meets with Students

Ayatollah Khamenei the Leader of the Islamic Revolution met today with Iranian students. Speaking at the meeting, which was held on the occasion of Student Day, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Iranian nation has been successful in its confrontation with the arrogant powers of the world, further adding: "There is nobody in the world who doubts the fact that over the past thirty years, America has declined more than thirty levels in terms of power and global credibility. Everybody knows this. Even the Americans themselves admit this."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that currently America is the most hated government in the world and added: "If the regional governments as well as other governments outside the region find the courage to specify a day for expressing hatred towards the American government and tell their people to take to the streets on that day, the demonstration that will be staged will be the largest in history."

His Eminence said that America has lost credibility in the world and added that American values have been undermined in the world. "They were claiming that they were opposed to terrorism. Today in our region and in many other parts of the world, they enter into an alliance with terrorists. They arrange meetings with terrorists and negotiate with them. They provide terrorists with money and weapons so that they can carry on their terrorist activities. They support the Munafeqeen grouplet who have admitted to having assassinated thousands of people in the country. They took this grouplet off their so-called list of terrorist organizations."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to America's claims of supporting democracy and stated: "They say that they are after democracy and the right to vote, yet they strongly support the most autocratic rulers in our region and in other parts of the world. Everybody can clearly see this."

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that human rights is promoted in the world as an American value and added: "They are carrying the flag of human rights, but the worst actions against human rights are carried out under the protection of America. Not only do the Americans fail to confront such actions, but they also support them. In the occupied Palestinian lands, the shameless Zionist thugs have been openly trampling on the rights of the Palestinian nation for 65 years. But the Americans do not even frown at them. They even help and support the Zionists."

His Eminence said that America's opposition to popular movements for freedom and reform contradicts its proclaimed support for peoples. He reiterated: "They claim that they are the wealthiest nation and government in the world... But the performance of their politicians has been so bad that today America is the most indebted government in the world."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the large prison population in America and stated: "They claim to support freedom, yet there is no other country in the world whose incarceration rate is as high as that of America."

He said that American governments keep the facts from their own people and added: "They claim that they have a proud people. American governments have humiliated and misguided their people."

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: "The 99 percent movement, the anti-Wall Street movement, has been launched in spite of the fact that the people of America are not aware of many of the facts. If the people of America were aware of those facts, this movement would be intensified more than ten times."

His Eminence said that American governments' obedience to the Zionists is one of the reasons behind the decline of American values and principles. He added: "Is it not a disgrace for a government if its presidential candidates speak in a way in their electoral campaigns to make the Zionists happy and to prove their obedience to them? In the electoral debates between the two presidential candidates, each candidate tries his best to express his obedience to the Jewish population of Palestine, to the Zionists, to Israeli capitalists. This is because they are under the yoke of the Zionists."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that this decline has undermined America's power on a daily basis. "The arrogant American government is the one that has been defeated in the battle it started in the year 1332 against the Iranian nation, and the one that has emerged victorious out of this battle is the proud, determined and powerful Iranian nation."

Ayatollah Khamenei said that it is necessary to understand the reasons behind the victories of the Iranian nation over the past 34 years, further adding: "When a people stand up and resist in a determined way, when a people rely on their internal capacities and on Allah the Exalted, when a people lay down their lives, wealth and honor, they will be victorious in the greatest and most difficult battles even if they do not have as much money as their enemy, even if they do not have as many weapons as their enemy, even if they have not made as many advances as their enemy, even if they are fewer in number than their enemies, even if they have less than one percent of the media outlets that are available to their enemy."

His Eminence said that the confrontation between the Iranian nation and America will not come to an end and that the confrontation will only increase the power and preparedness of the Iranian nation. "We will become more powerful thanks to these challenges, but we need to be careful. We need to identify the challenges that lie ahead of us. We need to find out what the enemy wants to do. We need to find ways of confronting the enemy. If we fail to take care of these things, if we suffer from ignorance, if we suffer from laziness, if we ignore what is obvious, we will be defeated. After all, God does not discriminate in favor of anybody."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that one of the requirements for achieving victory is to resist and rely on Allah the Exalted. He reiterated: "God's grace and assistance will find nations that resist, nations that understand, nations that have insight, nations that are judicious, nations that make efforts and move forward."

His Eminence called on all Iranians to work hard and help the country make progress. He reiterated: "When everybody makes efforts, when everybody works hard, blossoming will be achieved faster, it will be possible to make more progress and victories will be more conclusive."

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the necessity of unity in the country and stated: "Disputes between government officials are harmful and what is even worse is taking their disputes to the people."

He added: "I warn our government officials and the esteemed heads of the three branches of government in this regard. I have supported the heads of the three branches of government and I still support them. They are our government officials and it is necessary to help them. But I warn them to be careful."

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the recent correspondence between heads of the three branches of government and added: "They may write a hundred letters. But they should be focused on their own responsibility. They should not take their disputes to the people. They should not create an uproar about trivial things and feed them to propaganda campaigns of the enemy and to foreign radio stations and TV channels."

His Eminence reiterated: "What is important is that all of us should know that we have responsibilities. All of us should know that our position is sensitive."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the enemy is angry with Iran because of scientific advances that the Iranian nation has made. He added: "One of their common techniques is insidious infiltration - just like mice and termites. We have to be careful. Disputes should be minimal."

Ayatollah Khamenei stated that differences of opinion are natural but added that such differences should not result in public disputes between government officials.

His Eminence stressed: "From today to election day, anybody who plays on the emotions of the people in order to create discord, has definitely committed treason against the country."