Leader’s View of Islamic Awakening

  •  Hatred of the Middle Eastern people against America
"Today we are going through a sensitive stage. The essence of my personal interpretation is that the centers of global arrogance are making their last efforts in their confrontation with the Islamic movement, the genuine symbol of which is the Islamic Republic.It may not be possible to present reasons in support of this interpretation in a short time. Of course the interpretation is logical, but maybe it is not possible to summarize the reasoning behind it in a few words. In many arenas, the efforts and measures of the centers of global arrogance have reached a dead end, and they have lost control of things. The lines that they had drawn around global issues have been invalidated or at least undermined in the most sensitive part of the world - namely, the Middle East.

I believe today the order of domination is stuck in such a situation in its confrontation with the Islamic movement. It does not have a firm foothold because many of its propaganda techniques - which used to enjoy a strong foundation - have been revealed to the people of the world. Today the deep-rooted resentment at the presence of the powerful Zionist lobby is gradually spreading in the American society. This public dissatisfaction is gradually developing among the people of America - which is the center of the activities of the powerful Zionists and Zionist capitalists. Of course the ruling regime in America is very strict with the people, a special kind of strictness. And it keeps them so busy with daily life that they barely have a moment to spare. This situation is developing in America in spite of their efforts. I have accurate information in this regard. The same thing is happening in another form in European countries. The situation of Islamic countries is clear. The situation of Middle East states is also clear. Peoples of the world hate the US regime and the hegemonic powers of the world. And they cannot manage this situation. They are making constant efforts, but they cannot manage it."

Part of a speech delivered by the Leader on June 23, 2010in a meeting with university professors

  • They cannot set the situation right

"This side has grown more powerful than it was 3 decades ago. It has become more experienced. It has gained further awareness. It has more freedom for action. On the other hand, the enemy has grown weaker...
Today there are no such things. That is to say, they cannot do these things. This does not mean that they have grown nobler and better today. It is just that the ground is not prepared for them to do what they used to do. They see that they cannot do anything. That is to say, the Islamic Republic has grown more significant and more powerful today. And the important point is that today the west feels that its old hegemony over the world of Islam is undermined. That is to say, the same people who were free to do whatever they wanted in Islamic and Arab countries have realized that it is not possible for them to do what they used to do. This wave of Islamic Awakening has forced them into this position. They even find it difficult to revise their old ways. In some countries - which are clearly dependent on the west and their people are aware of this and are discounted because of this - they want to revise some of their ways in the hope that they may be able to set things right. But they cannot do so. This is a blind alley for them. Today the west is stuck in such a situation."

Part of a speech delivered by the Leader on September 15, 2010 in a meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts


  • This is different from interfering in internal affairs of other countries

"Imam Khomeini (r.a.) considered the movement to be global, and he used to say that the Revolution belongs to all Muslim nations and even non-Muslim nations. He was not afraid of saying this. This is different from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries which is something that we will not do. This is different from exporting the Revolution the way yesterday's colonialists would, and we are not the kind of people to do such things. This just means that the sweet aroma of this divine phenomenon should be spread all over the world. Nations across the world should understand what their responsibility is. Muslim nations should know what their identity is and where it lies."

Part of a speech delivered by the Leader on June 4, 2010 on the occasion of Imam Khomeini's (r.a.) demise anniversary


  • Steadfast steps of the Islamic Ummah

"The spread of the wave of Islamic Awakening in today's world is a fact that promises a good future for the Islamic Ummah. Since three decades ago when this powerful movement started with the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, our great Ummah has moved forward steadily, removed obstacles from its path and conquered certain strongholds. The increased complexity of the methods through which the arrogant powers show their enmity and the costly efforts that they make to oppose Islam are also due to these advances. The widespread propaganda of the enemy to promote fear of Islam, the hasty efforts that it makes to foment discord among Islamic sects and provoke sectarian prejudice, its efforts to make Shia and Sunni appear to be enemies of each other, fomenting discord among Muslim governments, making efforts to exacerbate disagreements and turn them into irremediable enmities and disputes, using intelligence and espionage organizations in order to promote corruption and prostitution among the youth - these are all frantic and confused reactions to the steady movement and firm progress of the Islamic Ummah towards awakening, dignity and liberation."

Part of a message by Ayatollah Khamenei, Wali Amr of the Muslims, issued to hajj pilgrims on November 15, 2010


  • The Revolution is already exported

"Today we do not want to export the Revolution. Revolutions are exported once, and our Revolution is already exported. When you see that today Islamic faith and tendencies have been revived across the world, when you see that nations have awakened in North Africa, in the Middle East and in the east and west of Islamic countries, when you see that Muslim youth in different countries have turned to the beauties of religion and the Quran, these are all indicative of the fact that the Islamic Revolution was exported at the beginning. We do not want to start thinking of exporting the Revolution after the passage of 14 years. Revolutions are exported once, and our Revolution is already exported. When the Revolution achieved victory and the news and attraction of this victory filled the world, what was supposed to happen happened. What makes you unhappy, what infuriates you has already happened and it is too late to stop it now.You cannot do anything about it, neither can anybody else. It is too late now."

Part of Leader's Eid ul-Fitr prayer sermons delivered on March 24, 1993


  • The future belongs to the Islamic Ummah

"The day when the Islamic Revolution achieved victory, Muslim governments and peoples - especially the Arab nations - believed that the Zionist regime was invincible. This [victory] caused the Zionist regime to temporarily put aside and forget about the slogan of "from the Nile to the Euphrates". Muslim nations - from Africa to East Asia - started to think of establishing Islamic systems and governments in different ways, not necessarily the way the Islamic Republic was formed. They started to think of spreading the rule of Islam over their countries. Some countries managed to do this, and Islamic movements assure a promising future in some other countries."

Part of a speech delivered by the Leader on May 25, 2003 on the occasion of Imam Khomeini's (r.a.) demise anniversary


  • America and the power of the Islamic camp

"The Americans know that they have no future in the Islamic world. Thus, by making innovative and pre-emptive attempts, they are trying to prevent Islamic Awakening of Muslim nations from turning into revolutionary movements and to delay the indubitable victory of Muslims. The Americans recently acknowledged that if they had not invaded Iraq, faithful Iraqi people would have taken the initiative and toppled Saddam in a short time. This is what the United States is afraid of. Their activities are passive and are motivated by a fear of the consequences of Islamic Awakening in the Muslim world. The actions that the Americans carry out in the region today are not the result of their power. Rather, they are the result of the sense of power in the Islamic camp, the Islamic uprising and Islamic Awakening."

Part a speech delivered by the Leader on June 4, 2005 at Imam Khomeini's (r.a.) shrine