Leader's Address to Workers and Teachers

The following is an abstract of the statements made by Grand Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with a group of workers and teachers on April 30, 2003. The meeting was held on the eve of Workers Day, May 1, and Teachers Day, May 2.
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

First, I would like to welcome all the dear brothers and sisters, the honorable teachers and workers, and express my deep gratitude to them for their valuable services to society and their great endeavors in the important fields of education and production.

There is a subtle relationship between these two valuable professions. The fact is that civilization is founded on both natural and human resources. In other words, natural resources without human resources, or even without developed human resources, will not be of any benefit.

For instance, the backward Asian and African countries under the old colonial powers were rich in natural resources, but they did not have the opportunity to develop their human resources. Consequently, some covetous, cunning and cruel powers came to these countries from distant places and plundered their wealth and natural resources.

However, it is also true that human resources without natural resources cannot bring about a country's progress. The reason is that a country that is not a producer and manufacturer of goods and commodities has to consume the products of other nations and has to depend on others for its basic necessities. Consequently, it is always submissive and obedient to others.

This is the case in the countries where dictatorial regimes are in power, since these regimes and their foreign supporters do not want these nations to achieve progress and self-sufficiency and want to keep them backward and dependent forever.

Therefore, the nations that do not value their teachers and workers and do not try to develop their human and natural resources will always depend on outsiders for the basic necessities of life.

Natural and human resources are the main assets to any nation. Workers utilize natural resources, manufacture the needed products and make great strides toward self-sufficiency. And teachers develop human resources, bring up the young generation and help them to become learned and knowledgeable individuals.

Teachers and workers are two important professions. Indeed, they are the main pillars of society. Thus, they should be highly valued and held in great esteem by people and the government.

Fortunately, the reports presented to me by government officials indicate that some positive measures have been taken to remove the economic and financial problems facing workers and teachers and raise their living standards.

However, these measures by themselves are not enough, and the government should make more efforts to improve the country's economy, control inflation and boost the value of our national currency.

It is clear that if these goals are not accomplished, the mere rise in the workers and teachers' salaries will not be very beneficial to them.

With regard to the important events that are taking place in our neighboring country Iraq, I would like to stress one point. These events have helped to reveal many facts to the world, including the falsity of the claims of the powers that have so far been claiming to support democracy, since these powers are now openly saying that the Iraqi people are only entitled to bring to power a government that is approved by them!

These powers have also announced that if all the Iraqi people decide to establish an Islamic system in their country, they will oppose the Iraqi people's decision! This is what they call democracy and respect for the people's votes! This is democracy of the American type!

Furthermore, they have been claiming to fight terrorism and are still shamelessly repeating their false claims. Despite this, they are collaborating with the Monafeqin (members of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization), whose hands are covered with the blood of many innocent Iranians and a large number of Iraqi Kurds and Shias!

In 1991, when Saddam Hussein massacred the Iraqi Shias in the southern region and some other parts of that country, the Monafeqin cooperated with the Iraqi regime in ruthlessly suppressing the Shias.

The Monafeqin admit to and even brag about committing acts of terrorism. Although they are known as terrorists by the world public, they are supported by Washington! Thus, it seems that terrorism is bad if terrorists are not agents of the United States, but when they are U.S. agents, there is nothing wrong with terrorism!

This all indicates the falsity of U.S. claims to support democracy and oppose and fight terrorism.

As far as the British are concerned, they have been portraying themselves in the world as those advocating tolerance and laxity. However, in the course of the events in Iraq, British soldiers entered the Iraqi people's homes by force, disturbed their peace and quiet and frightened their children. They also fired on the people's rallies in different Iraqi cities. The British showed in practice what they mean by tolerance and laxity!

Saddam was toppled because he did not have the support of the Iraqi nation. The aggressors also will ultimately be driven out of Iraq because of the Iraqi people's resistance. Surely they cannot stay in power in Iraq as long as Saddam did, since they are occupiers and face greater public resistance.

The United States and Britain are accusing the Islamic Republic of inciting the Iraqi people. They are wrong, as the Islamic Republic is inciting nobody. In fact, the zealous Iraqi people and their passionate youth who see the tanks and armored vehicles of the aggressors on their streets every day and whose homes are often broken into by U.S. and British soldiers do not need any outside incitement!

Nowhere in the world, brave and zealous men and women tolerate the presence of alien forces and occupiers in their homeland, and Iraq is no exception.

What makes Muslim nations resist occupiers is the Islamic awakening of these nations. Indeed, the presence of U.S. and British forces in any Islamic country would provoke the same reaction that it has presently caused in Iraq.

A wave of Islamic revival and awakening has swept through the Islamic world, and Muslim nations are expressing a strong desire to return to Islam and practice this lofty religion. This awakening has stemmed from the great Islamic revolution of the Iranian people under the leadership of our late magnanimous Imam. This is the reason for the hostility of arrogant powers toward our nation, our Islamic revolution and system and Imam Khomeini.

The enemies told us not to export our Islamic revolution! We said that revolution could not be exported, since it is not a commodity! However, our Islamic revolution, like the scent of spring flowers that is carried by the breeze, reached every corner of the Islamic world and brought about an Islamic revival in Muslim nations.

My dear brothers and sisters! Other nations in the Islamic world have fixed their eyes on you. Therefore, try to perform your duties with a greater sense of responsibility and in a more disciplined way. By doing so, you will not only help our nation reach the peak of honor, dignity, progress and prosperity, but you will also encourage other Muslim nations to get rid of chains and follow the glorious path that you have trodden toward spirituality and prosperity.

I pray to Almighty Allah to bestow on us further success in performing our duties in the best possible manner.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings