Leader's Message to Ismail Haniya

 In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dear Mr. Haniya,

The patience of you and the brave and selfless mujahideen and people of Gaza in the face of one of the most tragic war crimes in history during the past twenty days has raised the flag of grandeur in the Muslim world. You proved that Muslims who do not give in to oppression and bullying have such power that strong armies and the arrogant and bullying powers of the world are unable to stand against. They gain such power from their solid souls and hearts which are filled with faith in God and the hereafter.

The Israeli army which has been stuck in the Gaza quagmire and which has been disgraced in Gaza due to your sacrifices and martyrdom-seeking efforts is the army which managed to gain control over major parts of three Arab countries in a matter of six days.

You should be proud of your faith and reliance on God, your bravery and patience, and the sacrifices which you have made. These are what all Muslim nations are proud of today. Your jihad has disgraced the US, the Zionist regime, and their allies as well as the UN and the hypocrites of the Islamic Ummah.

Today, not only Muslim nations, but many European and American nations acknowledge the legitimacy of your defense. You are the victors in this battle, and will God willing disgrace the anti-human enemy even further by continuing this noble resistance.

Remember that "Thy Lord has not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased" [The Holy Quran, 93:3] and "Soon will thy Lord give thee so that thou wilt be well pleased." [The Holy Quran, 93:5].

The bloody and tragic events which are happening in Gaza, especially the killings of Palestinian civilians and the innocent children of Gaza, have caused our hearts to bleed. The scenes of these tragic crimes, which are perpetrated by those who have occupied Palestine, have filled the hearts of our people with grief. May God bless you and may He soon grant you victory.

You should believe in these promises which have been made by God: "And surely Allah will help him who helps Him. Surely Allah is Strong, Mighty." [The Holy Quran, 22:40] and "Whoever strives hard, strives for himself." [The Holy Quran, 29:6]

The Arab traitors should know that their destiny is no more fortunate than that of the Jews of the Battle of the Trench. "And He drove down those of the People of the Book who backed them from their fortresses." [The Holy Quran, 33:26]

The nations of the world support the people and mujahideen of Gaza. And those governments who do not support the people of Gaza only widen the gap with their people, and their destiny is already clear.

If those traitors - Arab governments - are concerned about their existence and reputation, they should remember these words by the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.): "You are dead as long as you are ruled by others. You are alive even if you get killed while fighting for freedom. "

I appreciate the efforts of you and the innocent and resisting people and soldiers of Gaza. Besides all the efforts made by the Islamic Republic to help the people of Gaza, I always pray to God to bestow patience and victory on you.

Greetings be upon you and God's pious servants
Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Muharram 18, 1430 A.H.