Ayatollah Khamenei's Opinion On Human Rights

Ayatollah Khamenei's Opinion On Human Rights

  • Beacause of the Islamic Revolution ,sanctions are imposed on Iran

    Jun 3, 2016

    Of course, pressures are exerted with various excuses. Sometimes, they exert pressures with the excuse of the nuclear matter, sometimes with the excuse of human rights and the like. But the truth of the matter is that the enemies of the people of Iran and of Islamic Iran are intimidated by and worried about the characteristic of being a revolutionary. Lately – in recent months – an American politician said, “Sanctions are imposed on Iran because of the Islamic Revolution. The essence of sanctions originates from the Revolution that was launched in 1979”- the Revolution of the year 1357. This is a reality.

  • U.S. claims to advocate human rights, turns a blind eye on Saudi crimes in Yemen

    Feb 8, 2016

    America does not answer the simplest questions that public opinion in the world has. It is asking the Americans, “Do you know that it has been 10, 11 months now that a country is bombarding Yemen and destroying cities? Do you or do you not know of this? If you know of this, why do you support it? If you know of it, then why do you not protest? If you know of this crime, then why do your fuel-providing planes help them? Why do you help them? Why do you support them?” You who claim to be supporting human rights should answer public opinion in the world. When thousands of children and thousands of men, women and civilians are killed inside their houses and in hospitals and schools without any defense, is this not terrorism? Is this not the most brazen and cruel form of governmental terrorism? Why do you support it? However, the Americans do not answer these questions. They look directly in the eyes of people in the world and they make claims about advocating human rights.

  • The great danger for the world is pretension, lying and hypocrisy

    Oct 7, 2015

    They attack hospitals and murder tens of patients by bombarding them. Later on, they say, "Excuse us. This was a mistake." And sometimes, they do not even apologize. In Gaza, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and other countries, certain crimes are committed that make us wonder at the cruelty and cold-heartedness of the people who commit them. How can they do such things? They put a person into a cage and they burn them alive! And human rights organizations sit and watch! This is while they use all their means to rescue a dog or a cat that has fallen into a well. This way, they want to say that they are advocates of all living creatures. The great danger for the world is this pretension, this lying, this hypocrisy.

  • One of the major problems of U.S. is supporting regimes who repudiate human rights

    Sep 16, 2015

    This is really one of the major problems of America. Today, this problem has entangled American politicians as well. They have really gotten stuck in it. They are supporting such regimes. Over the course of many years, their anti-dictatorship slogans and claims to support human rights have been repudiated because of the existence of such regimes. In the present time, this issue has posed serious questions among American intellectuals, political personalities and thinkers and they have no answers for them. This enemy is such a creature! This is how the issue of human rights, democracy, terrorism, security and peace has worked out for the enemy who is in front of us. They used to say that they were fighting for peace, but which peace? They have polluted the whole region with war. Where in the region does war not exist? This is the enemy. He whom the Revolution is confronting and he whom you are standing up against is this!

  • Arrogance wants to impose its intended clichés on the people

    Sep 3, 2015

    Arrogance is trying to impose its intended clichés on the people throughout the world and on all nations ...With this imperialist attitude, they fabricate, distort and define certain concepts and they want everyone to understand and use them in their literature on the basis of their own definitions. For example, terrorism is a concept that arrogance uses in a specific sense. The same is true of human rights or democracy. From their perspective, bombarding Yemen and striking houses, hospitals and schools is not terrorism. Similarly, attacking Palestinian settlements in Gaza and other places over and over again and killing hundreds and thousands of innocent and defenseless children, women and men is not terrorism from their viewpoint. When the people of Bahrain say that each and every one of them inside that country should have a vote, this has nothing to do with human rights and it is not considered as a demand for human rights.

  • Those who claim to support human rights train terrorists themselves

    Jul 4, 2015

    The goal of the enemies of the Iranian nation is to prevent our country and people from achieving their true civilizational position. They felt that this movement has begun in the country and this is why they have imposed sanctions on us. I too believe that sanctions were not imposed because of the nuclear issue, the issue of human rights and the issue of terrorism. They [the Americans and westerners] themselves train terrorists. They themselves are opposed to human rights. Are they pressuring a country only for the sake of human rights? The issue is not this. There are more important calculations behind this issue. A people, a movement and an identity have come into being that pivot around principles opposed to those of global arrogance and the oppressor-oppressed system. They do not want this to develop. We are in such a condition. We are in such a position. Therefore, we should move forward and work hard.

  • The U.S. has no right to speak about human rights

    Jan 9, 2014

    Everyone has the right to speak about human rights except for the Americans because they have been the greatest violators of human rights not only in the past, but also in the present time. It is with the support and assistance of the Americans that the usurping Zionist regime is doing all these evil acts in the region. What situation is Palestine in? What situation are the Palestinians in? What situation is Gaza in? Do people in the world not know in what situation the people of Gaza are? In that oppressed land, a patient who is in urgent need of treatment is bedridden and he does not have access to basic medications. Why is that? It is because America is behind the usurping Zionist regime. If a country and an innocent people are surrounded by the enemy, if they have no way out, if they do not have any resources, if the patients in this country do not receive basic treatment, if the hungry continue to starve, then are these acts not a violation of human rights?

  • World's current disaster is that those who claim advocating human rights support criminals in practice

    Aug 9, 2013

    One event is the event of the oppressed Palestine. After the passage of 65 years since the official occupation of Palestine, this oppressed nation continues to suffer from oppression and cruelty on a daily basis. Houses are destroyed, innocent people are arrested, children are separated from their parents and prisons are filled with people who are innocent or who have served their prison terms. What is distressing is that western powers support these criminals with all their power. One of the disasters of today's world is that an act of clear oppression, which is a combination of tens and hundreds of oppressive acts, is supported by those who claim they support human rights and democracy and who chant beautiful and colorful slogans, but who support criminals in practice.

  • The issue is that the Islamic Republic is standing on its own feet

    Jul 26, 2013

    They are hostile towards a nation that refuses to surrender to their rule, a nation that refuses to act the way they want, a nation whose actions are against their will. Similarly, if governments submit to them and act in an obedient way, they gain their approval. Neither democracy, nor human rights, nor the nuclear issue are important to them. The issue is that the Islamic Republic is standing on its own feet, is relying on its own power, is standing firm by relying on Allah the Exalted and is making progress in different areas. They do not like this, and so be it.

  • The U.S. raised the flag of human rights yet inflict the most serious harm on human rights

    Feb 16, 2013

    They claim that they are committed to human rights. The Americans have raised the flag of human rights. They say, "We are committed to human rights not only in our country, America, but also in the entire world." Well, this is a claim. What have they done in practice? In practice, they inflict the most serious harm on human rights and they hurl the biggest insult at human rights in different countries. Their secret prisons throughout the world, such as their prisons in Guantanamo, in Iraq, in Abu Ghraib and their attack on civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in different areas are examples of the Americans' claim to support human rights. Based on the news that is reported every day from Afghanistan and Pakistan, their drones both spy for them and pressure the people. Of course, as an American journal said a few days ago, these drones will be a source of trouble for them in the future.

  • Supporting the Zionist regime is the most shameless kind of Violation of human rights

    Nov 21, 2012

    The savage attack on Gaza over the past week, which is truly shocking, should awaken the world of Islam and it should give fresh impetus to the movement of Muslim peoples... The leaders of global arrogance behave so shamelessly in this crisis. They not only do not frown at the brutal Zionist regime and they not only do not prevent it from doing what it is doing, but they rather support and encourage it. America explicitly supported the Zionists. England supported them. France supported them. These are the leaders of global arrogance. Muslim peoples do not have enemies who are as hated and brutal as these people. All these people explicitly supported them. The recent event shows how willing the leaders of global arrogance are to observe morality. They are very far away from human qualities. Now that they give political support to the Zionist regime for the purpose of safeguarding their corrupt political interests, why do they claim that they support human rights?

  • The same people who sympathize with animals, have been silent while innocent humans are being killed.

    Jul 21, 2012

    In the East Asian country of Myanmar, thousands of Muslims are being killed because of prejudice and ignorance - assuming that the claims are true and that these killings are due to prejudice and ignorance, and not because of political matters - but those who falsely claim to support human rights keep silent. The same people who sympathize with animals, the same people who magnify every problem that exists in countries which are not dependent on them, have been silent while innocent and defenseless men, women and children are being killed. They also make attempts at justification. This is how they support human rights, the kind of human rights which are independent from morality, spirituality and God. They say the people who are being killed are not the people of Myanmar. Let us assume that they are not the people of Myanmar - which is a lie and according to the reports I have received, they have been living in Myanmar for three, four hundred years. So what? Should they be killed?

  • US levels allegations of violation of human rights to mislead global public opinion

    Feb 16, 2011

    Maybe the main reason behind the pressure that they have exerted on Islamic Iran and the Islamic Republic throughout the past 33 years is that they wanted to prevent the formation of a model for the Muslim population of the region. This is because it is difficult to start a movement without having a role model. They impose sanctions in order to make the country economically weak, hoping that others will look at our country and think that Islam brings about economic backwardness. They assassinate our scientists in order to thwart the scientific movement and prevent the Iranian nation from showing its impressive and advanced scientific movement to the world and the Islamic Ummah. And this scientific movement was inspired by Islam and the Islamic Revolution. They level allegations of political suppression, violation of human rights and other such things in order to mislead global public opinion. However, the Revolution has been shining brightly in spite of all this propaganda.

  • The propaganda on human rights is aimed at presenting a distorted image of Iran to the world

    Jan 9, 2011

    The enemy wants to create economic problems for our people. It wants to create trouble for our government officials through such things as sanctions. But they have been unsuccessful. They try to make other countries, governments and peoples afraid of the Iranian nation. All the propaganda by the Americans and Zionists about human rights, the nuclear issue and the imaginary atomic bomb is broadcast with the purpose of presenting a distorted image of the Iranian nation to the countries of this region. But they have been unsuccessful, and this is evidenced by America's defeat in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Who defeated America? America was defeated by the appropriate policies adopted by nations. They say that Iran is their enemy in different regional issues. Their enemy is not Iran. The influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran is spiritual. Yes, the power of the Islamic Republic awakens nations. There is no doubt in this regard.

  • When there is an interest on the line, the lives of people are worthless for U.S.

    Aug 18, 2010

    I believe this negative propaganda is the most unfair thing that our enemies are doing. This is because the Americans are the biggest violators of human rights. This is a fact. Whenever their interests are on the line, they treat lives of numerous people as worthless - they do not show any respect for their rights. But when it is their turn, they suddenly claim their rights. During their invasion of Iraq, they used 10-ton bombs in Basra. The Americans themselves used to call these bombs the mother of bombs. The bombs weighed ten tons! They killed many people, civilians, children and women in Basra as well as in other places. During the same days, a few American pilots whose planes had been shot down were captured by the elements of the Ba'ath Party. They televised interviews with the pilots, but the Americans protested that the Ba'ath Party had violated international regulations and that POWs should not be interviewed. This is how they behave. They have double standards.

  • The siege of Gaza is a clear violation of human rights

    Jun 4, 2010

    Another issue is the oppressive blockade on Gaza which has lasted for three years now. It was an extremely cruel and savage move, and surprisingly it was approved and supported by America, England, and the western powers that constantly claim to support human rights. It is three years now that they have imposed a blockade on 1.5 million people. They do not allow food and medicine to be provided for all those people. They disrupt the provision of drinking water and electricity. They disrupt the provision of cement and building materials that are needed to repair the damage caused by war. Cement was the major part of the flotilla's cargo, which the people needed to repair their houses. In addition, they frequently open fire on the people, killing innocent children as well as men and women. This is how the Zionist regime acts. The organizations that claim to support human rights are just watching.

  • Those who claim to support human rights trample on the most basic human rights

    Feb 8, 2010

    They speak about public opinion, but if public opinion could believe the statements made by America and the Zionists, different nations across the world would not show their hatred for the heads of arrogance on various occasions. But you see that they are showing their hatred. Wherever they go, there is a group of people who shout slogans against them. Those who claim to support human rights trample on the most basic human rights in their prisons, in different parts of the world, in their relations with other nations, and even in their own countries! These people are talking about human rights! They legitimize torture! Is this not a shame for a country? When a country legitimizes the torture of its prisoners, is it not a source of disgrace for that country? Yet, they claim to support human rights! They claim to defend human honor! When their audience throughout the world compare their claims with their behavior, they make fun of them. Who would believe such claims?

  • Security Council is a tool used by oppressive world powers to further their domination

    Mar 4, 2009

    It was a day when the Security Council promptly and officially recognized the occupation of Palestine by usurping [Zionist] terrorist groups and played a basic role in the birth and continuation of this historic injustice. After that, for several decades, it maintained a satisfied silence with regard to the cases of genocide, expulsion of refugees, war crimes and various atrocities committed by that regime. Even when the General Assembly voted branding Zionism as a racist ideology, the Security Council not only did not go along but also maintained practically a diametrically opposite stand. The oppressive world powers, which enjoy permanent membership in the Security Council, use this world body as an instrument. As a result, the Security Council not only does not help the cause of world security, but also rallies to the assistance of these powers whenever they deploy notions such as human rights, democracy and the like as pretexts to further their greed and domination.

  • Shame on those who claim to support freedom and human rights

    Jul 30, 2008

    The Palestinian nation is in the right. It has been oppressed. Shame on those who claim to support freedom and human rights. They claim to support human rights, yet they turn a blind eye to all the oppression that has afflicted the Palestinian nation. I wonder why they do not feel ashamed. Where in the world would a fair person stand so much oppression that is being imposed on the Palestinian nation - not as the owners of the country, but, say, even as an immigrant minority? Their houses are being demolished. Their youth are being killed. Their men are being imprisoned. They are constantly threatened. Their houses are being bombed. They are forced to suffer from starvation. They are under an economic blockade. Their gardens are being ruined, as are their lives. Who would stand all these things? Yet President Bush shamelessly claims that his administration is committed to freedom. You call this freedom? Shame on you, Bush. You call this support for freedom?

  • Those who most violated human rights broadcast propaganda against Iran

    May 3, 2008

    all monopolists, all those who seek to dominate the world, and all those who used to plunder the resources of this country naturally want to deploy their forces against our nation... They are opposed to the very existence of our government and its structure. They are opposed to the slogans shouted by our government and our Imam. Every now and then the domineering powers start propaganda waves against the Islamic Republic. They keep broadcasting such propaganda. They shamelessly broadcast propaganda about the nuclear issue at one point and human rights and other issues at another. But who are the people who broadcast this propaganda? The name of those who broadcast propaganda against us is enough to cast doubt on this propaganda. They themselves have violated human rights more than others. They have organized the highest number of attacks against nations. They have plundered national resources more than all others. It is these people who are at the forefront of this propaganda.

  • US's violation of Human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine is disgraceful

    Apr 23, 2008

    Today the hopes of our enemies - that is, the arrogant Americans and the evil and dangerous global Zionist network - and their greed to conquer the Iranian nation are far less than they were 20 years ago. That is because they can observe the dynamism with which the Iranian nation is moving ahead. Of course, they have their propaganda machines. In spite of the crimes that they are currently committing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, and in spite of America's crimes and disgraceful practices - such as torture and similar acts - they claim to support human rights and democracy with utmost impudence. They level fanciful allegations against the Islamic Republic. This is propaganda. When they fail to defeat us in practice, they use their tongues and broadcast propaganda against us. These are all because of the Iranian nation's progress. You must make more progress. This nation must keep moving ahead. By the favor of Allah the Exalted, the enemies will shut their mouths.

  • U.S. Officials openly supported terrorism in the time of Ariel Sharon

    Feb 7, 2005

    As for terrorism, they have fomented terrorism themselves. The same individuals who are often mentioned by the U.S. officials as the world's most notorious terrorists have been fostered directly or indirectly by the American Central Intelligence Agency. This is not something hidden from the eyes of the world's political analysts. This is a fact known by everybody. One day they thought the presence of these terrorists at our country's eastern borders would weaken the Islamic Republic. Thus, they spent money, and also provided training and weapons. A few years ago, when the butcher Ariel Sharon, a wolf in the garb of a human, took office, he openly said that he intended to assassinate such and such Palestinians. The U.S. officials supported him. They did not say that terrorism was wrong, especially when it was state-sponsored terrorism. Therefore, they are not opposed to terrorism. They have assassinated their opponents in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Anyone who wants to know the meaning of American human rights, just look at Iraq

    Jul 30, 2003

    Today anybody who wants to know the meaning of the kind of human rights and democracy that the Americans want to promote in the Middle East, they can take a look at Iraq. Today Iraq is the testing ground for the claims of America. They insult and pressure the people of Iraq through the use of military force and bayonets. They subject the people of Iraq to intolerable bullying through the use of military force. This is while they are trying to convince global public opinion that they are saviors of the Iraqi nation or that they want to restore the rights of the people of Iraq. Who in the world believes such a thing? The story of America is analogous to the story of the butcher who saved a deer from a wolf, only to butcher it later on.