Signs of Western civilization's savage nature from Imam Khamenei's viewpoint

Signs of Western civilization's savage nature from Imam Khamenei's viewpoint

  • The French govt's giving refuge to terrorists, a manifestation of the Western savage civilization

    Nov 3, 2020

    What kind of government is the French government? What policy does it have? This policy is the same policy that has offered shelter to the most violent and savage terrorists in the world: the terrorists who martyred a president in our country and his prime minister. They martyred the head of the judiciary branch, many members of parliament and executive and judiciary officials. According to the figures that are available, they also martyred about 17,000 ordinary people on the streets and in the bazaars. They are not ordinary terrorists and they have sought shelter in France and Paris. That is while the French claim to be supporting human rights and freedom! The same government offered the most help to a bloodthirsty wolf, namely Saddam. Of course, we cannot say that it offered more support than other governments, it was one of the main supporters of Saddam in that war. It provided that bloodthirsty wolf with advanced planes and advanced equipment and they were not ashamed of doing it as they have acknowledged it. This is related to their behavior towards terrorists and the like, but you have also witnessed how they treated their people during the Saturday [Yellow Vests] demonstrations held last year. That is while they claim to be interested in freedom, human rights and other such values! I believe that these are the two sides of the same coin: in others words, defending that act of cultural savagery and the criminal action taken by a cartoonist is one side of the coin and the other is defending and helping the munifeqeen and Saddam. These are the two sides of the same coin. Well, such courses of action have been repeatedly adopted in European countries and in the US. The incidents related to insulting the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet have frequently occurred in western countries – in both the US and European countries – but such incidents cannot damage the honor, magnificence and greatness of the Holy Prophet of Islam in the slightest manner. It is completely clear that the enlightened personality of the Messenger of Mercy cannot be damaged with these actions. By Allah’s favor, this sun shines more brightly on a daily basis. Just as the thugs in Makkah and Taif could not erase the name of the Holy Prophet of Islam, despite all the efforts that they made, these excellencies will not be able to damage the Holy Prophet either. However, one can understand a point from this incident: that these courses of action show the dark nature of the western civilization. It indicates that that civilization and culture and that modern jahiliah [ignorance] is really dark and wild in its nature and in its reality. Of course, they are hiding this savagery. That is because they are equipped with science and technology. They cover their savagery up with science and technology and they hide it this way. They appear in public by uttering civilized words, with a humanistic appearance and by wearing ties and perfume, thus covering up their inner savagery. So, Islam and the Holy Prophet are not harmed this way, but this is a means so that you and I can gain a deeper understanding of that civilization. That civilization is really a wild civilization. It has also created a disastrous situation for its nations. In the present time, even after the passage of several centuries from the beginning of that civilization during the Renaissance, you can witness inequality, poverty, injustice and moral decadence in European countries, in the US and in those countries which follow them. This is the nature of that civilization and culture.

  • Western culture and civilization has revealed itself during the Corona pandemic

    Apr 9, 2020

    Western culture and civilization showed their mettle as well! Well, our national television showed some of the things that happened in western countries, in Europe and in the US, but some of them were not broadcast because this is the information that we receive and therefore, we are aware of it. The west displayed its cultural products as well. In some western countries– in Europe and the US– it so happened that governments confiscated masks and gloves belonging to another government while they were being transferred in order to use them for themselves. This happened in European and American governments. And the people there emptied the stores in a short time, in the space of one, two hours- as they were anxious to fill their fridges and they emptied the shops. They showed the whole world on television the empty shelves in the stores. Our television showed it as well. And there were some people who fought with one another over toilet paper. There were also long rows of people trying to buy guns. It was broadcast on television that the people were lining up to buy guns because they felt insecure and felt the need to buy guns in this sensitive period of time. We can also refer to their prioritization of patients: their preference not to treat the elderly. They said, “It is not necessary for us to bother treating the elderly, the disabled and the like who suffer from various conditions and ailments considering the restrictions that we have.” These are the things that have happened there. Some people in those countries have committed suicide out of fear of the coronavirus and of death. This is the conduct that some western nations have shown. Of course, this is a logical and natural consequence of the philosophy ruling over the western civilization, which is an individualistic, materialistic and secular philosophy. Even if there is a belief in God in that philosophy, it is not based on correct, towhidi and deep tenets. This is another issue. I would like to add that a western official said a few days ago that the “Wild West” has been revived. This is what they say. When we say that there is a spirit of wildness in the west which is not incompatible with their perfumed and neat appearances, some people express their surprise and deny it. Now, they themselves are saying this! They say that such behavior is a symbol of the Wild West being revived.

  • The French Army’s strange crimes in Islamic countries

    Oct 30, 2019

    The French – who have deafened the world with the cry of human rights and democracy – have committed so many crimes in North Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. In East Asia – in Vietnam – before the Americans entered Vietnam, the French committed crimes there. They committed many crimes. They committed crimes in East Asia. The French Army committed shocking crimes in present-day Syria and Lebanon. They exerted many pressures on the people. These incidents occurred in the past 100 years. Arrogant armies are like this by nature.

  • Perfumed savages

    Mar 21, 2019

    I will tell you that politics and power in the west and in western countries – mainly the US and European countries – are oppressive, bullying, illogical and greedy. They know nothing about logic. Logic is not in their vocabulary. Deep inside, western politicians are savage individuals in the true sense of the word. You should not be surprised at this. They wear a suit, they wear a tie, they put on perfume and they carry a Samsonite brief case, but they are savages and they act in a bestial manner in practice. Notice that in the recent incident in New Zealand during which Muslims were killed, an individual enters two mosques and fires many rounds of bullets at tens of individuals, killing and martyring more than 50 people in the process. Well, is this not terrorism? The Europeans– neither their politicians nor their press– were willing to refer to this as a “terrorist act”, rather they referred to it as an “armed attack”. Is that an “armed attack”? What then is terrorism? Whenever a crime is committed against even one single individual who is favored by them, they rally all human rights efforts and label it as a terrorist act in order to confront it, but in such a clear and vivid case, they do not call it a terrorist act. They are like this.

  • ISIS and Blackwater, creatures of the savage West

    Feb 8, 2018

    You’ve witnessed how bad, oppressive, and savage DAESH was. The US government is even worse than them. The US government is the same machine which created the likes of DAESH – not just DAESH itself. It facilitated the tasks for them. It acted as the cause. This is not just our claim, rather they themselves have acknowledged this. The one who is the US President, presently, used to constantly highlight the fact, in his electoral campaign, that the creation of DAESH was a measure adopted by the Democrats -- the opposite party to his own. He would repeat this over and over again, and he was right. Evidence and proof for this claim did exist. In the present time, too, there is such evidence. It was they who created DAESH. It was they who strengthened it. It was they who offered DAESH their weapons, and their financial support and the like. Most probably, it was they who trained them to use certain methods. Those savage U.S. organizations which are dependent on the US administration – such as the former Blackwater [it changed its name again] – are carrying out these tasks. They know these methods to perfection. They are experts at carrying out these savage acts against humanity. Most likely, it was they who have taught such methods to DAESH. Otherwise, how does a depraved individual from the Caucasus know how to torture an individual, how to drown people by torturing them, gradually, and how to burn them little by little? Likely, it was they [US mercenaries] who taught them these methods

  • Briton’s entertainment, hunting indigenous people

    Nov 20, 2013

    This is one of the greatest disasters of arrogance in modern times. Modern times means the era of scientific progress and the era of the emergence of dangerous weapons. When these weapons became available to arrogant powers, they created a disaster for all nations. They do not attach any value on the lives of individuals - those individuals who do not follow, obey and surrender to them. There are many examples in this regard. One example is the behavior of arrogant powers towards Native Americans - those people whose financial and natural resources, whose geography and whose entire properties are in the hands of non-natives now. Well, there were native people in America. Their behavior towards these Native Americans was so violent and so disgusting that it is one of the darkest points in the history of modern America. The Americans themselves have written many things about the massacres that took place and the pressures that they exerted. The same thing was done by the English in Australia. The English hunted people, for pleasure, like animals and like kangaroos. They did not attach any value on the lives of human beings. This is only one example. There are hundreds of examples which have been recorded in their own history books.

  • More than 70 years of continuous oppression of the Palestinian people

    Aug 10, 2011

    Despite the fact that the US is the cruelest and most merciless government in the world, it “advocates” for human rights in its propaganda! It “advocates” for the rights of the oppressed, it advocates for animal rights! Well, they should be disgraced. These things must be brought to the surface. These things must be promoted at an international level. Look at the oppressive acts they have committed against Palestinians. In the present time, the Palestinians are subject to oppression and cruelty on a daily basis. For one, two, ten, twenty, and now seventy years this oppression has been continuing, and the U.S. government has been behind it. Today, they continue to operate behind this oppression [against Palestinians] as well. Well, this should be explained.

  • History of the Colonial Period, evidence of Western savagery

    Jun 21, 2004

    The history of the era of colonialism is full of western’s great violence Read the history of the era of colonialism in order to see what great violence westerns caused in spite of misleading appearance and their claims of support for human rights. This is not to say they only killed people. They also made a lot of efforts to keep their colonies backward and to deny them the opportunity to make progress in different areas.

  • Torture chambers of Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, manifestations of American savagery

    Jun 11, 2004

    The US, as an embodiment of wildness, claims to be a supporter of human rights Those people who are notorious in the world for deception, lying and fraud have accused the Islamic Republic of deception and lying. Those whose malevolence and enmity against the human race is brighter than daylight - everyone is witnessing this malevolence and enmity on different scenes - have accused the Islamic Republic of violating human rights and they themselves appear on the scene as advocates of human rights! Notorious America - whose prisons exist throughout the world including in Iraq and Afghanistan - and the group of people who are carrying the flag of ruling over the world and who are the embodiment of disaster, opposition to people's rights, and complete savagery claim that they are advocates of human rights! A few days ago, it was said in the news that America has 20 prisons like Abu Ghraib prison. Notice how embarrassing and humiliating it is for human beings to witness that such savages and blood-sucking and marauding wolves claim to be supporters of human rights. This is while these savages have opened their mouths against the Islamic Republic. They are ranting and raving all the time and they have said whatever came out of their mouths.

  • Utmost scientific progress with the greatest separation from humanitarian values and morals

    Jun 11, 2004

    What is important is that if there is an influential cultural orientation for channeling the efforts and movements of a society - one that is developing and that enjoys lofty scientific, social and worldly ideals - then this society will achieve salvation and happiness. But if there is not such a cultural, religious, divine and spiritual orientation in a society that is developing in scientific arenas, then the result will be the current situation in advanced western societies. The more these societies make progress, the farther away they will be from salvation, human values and justice. Today, you can see the peak of materialistic civilizations - in terms of science, wealth, military power and political and diplomatic diligence - in America. America is a country that enjoys great wealth. It enjoys a legendary military power and an extraordinary political dynamism, but the American society stands at the peak of separation from human values and virtues and from spirituality and morality. This has not been witnessed in any other society. Today, the most hideous, immoral, decadent and socially deviant acts have become legal and acceptable in this advanced society and in other similar societies. All human societies commit sins, but if a certain sin becomes legal and socially acceptable, if it is justified and invested in, this is an unprecedented deviation. Today, this deviation is clearly and visibly seen in American society which is known as the most advanced scientific, industrial, financial, economic and political society. You may see a man or a woman with a very neat and decent appearance. If anyone sees this man on the street and if anyone sees this woman in a store, they will not have any feeling of distrust towards their moral behavior. But the same man and the same woman turn into a ferocious wolf inside the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Beneath the neat appearance of this man and woman who have used perfume and who have worn ties, there is a wild dog. The photos which were published from Abu Ghraib prison shook and awakened even the most ignorant layers of western societies. The torturer was a woman. A woman should normally have feminine and delicate feelings. And the tortured were several Iraqi men. What was their crime? Their crime was being suspected of something. They were tortured to a disgusting extent. This society which has committed such crimes is an advanced scientific, industrial and civilized society with extravagant claims such as the leadership of human beings. When there is no spiritual guidance and no influential and healthy cultural orientation in a society, it will lead to such results. This was the great sin of the western civilization.

  • The crime committed by Europe and the US in Bosnia

    May 8, 1993

    Brothers and sisters! It’s a year now that a nation is being slaughtered. Is this a joke?! You and I just hear something [but we cannot truly understand such a situation]! For several days, different cities in our country were bombed by the enemy at intervals. You saw how difficult the situation was for people! People are being killed in a European country for a year now. It is not Africa this time. It is not in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. It is not East Asia. It is Europe, where its governments do not believe the rest of the world has the right to live. Because they say, "They are not civilized; we are civilized." There, a nation is being slaughtered for a year now. How can one express what has happened to the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina?! Which pen can describe what is happening?! Which global media, which news agency of the world’s famous news agencies, were willing to go, write about and show the truth of what is happening there?! It is one year now that the old and young, men and women, the sick and healthy, individuals and people from all works of life are being killed there. They are being trampled on. Their women’s dignity is being violated. Their houses are being ruined. From the start of this until now - over a year now - the big governments, headed by the United States, have only turned their attention to them once in a while, uttered some word, and sometimes expressed regret [nothing more]! As one who knows the nature of this civilization that is based on materialism and who knows the nature of these lying, deceitful politicians in today's world, I did not expect them to support the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Even now when they say they support them, I know they are lying. When they said, "We are besieging the Serbs next to the sea," I knew they were lying. And they did not besiege them. We do not expect [to see any help from] them. They did not even permit a few young Muslims from other places in the world to go there to help those desperate people, or to give them a few weapons to protect their lives. Then, in a world where this tragedy is just one among many other similar ones, there is the issue of Palestine too. There are also other cases concerning different countries around the world. And there is the issue of decapitating democracy in Algeria. There is the repression of Muslims in different parts of the world. There is the deportation of the Palestinians... And all of these catastrophic events are being done by the world powers themselves, through their encouragement, or in front of their eyes while they show no reaction. Nonetheless, these lying politicians who felt no pity for thousands of Bosnian women and did not care about the genocide of a nation raise their voices and claim that, "We are against terrorism. We support human rights!" using their strong propaganda machine and communication tools. They make a list and include this country and that country in their list of terrorists, then they claim to be the ones who support human rights! What is this? This is the same old suffering, which has existed among humankind from the past.

  • American aggression will be shattered

    Dec 27, 1989

    The American government is aggressive, shameless and belligerent The nature of the enemy against whom our people chant "Down with …” is aggressive, shameless and belligerent. Wherever they are able to, they do not shy away from aggression and assault. And they put a good name it: defending democracy, defending human rights, and other such words that even the most foolish people should not believe today, and they don't believe it. Our nation chose the right path. We will continue on this way. By the grace of God, by trusting in God, with the solidarity of our nation, and with the solidarity of other nations with our revolution, we will not compromise with America and its aggression for even a moment in the future, as in the past. The second point is that what will lead to victory is our way, not America’s way. The American’s aggression will be defeated. The teeth and horn of this savage, thoughtless beast that does not care about anything in front of it will break.