Women, West, Islam: Why are there more women than men converting to Islam?

Women, West, Islam: Why are there more women than men converting to Islam?

  • Catastrophic consequences of the western view on women

    Mar 8, 2018

    In the present time, the largest numbers of violent rape are being committed in throughout west–in the US and in Europe. Is this justice? Their statistical calculations [for violent sex crimes] are much larger than in other countries. That is the while, some women, apparently–according to their own statements–enjoy freedom there [in the west]! According to statistics, most instances of domestic violence–violence at home--by men against women are committed in western countries. Moreover, these statistics reveal that many women will not dare file a complaint against their abuser. These statistics are related to only those who file a complaint; so, these statistics do not represent all victims. It is those countries [Western countries] which have problems–problems related to life, to culture, and to the management of that society. So, where is the justice? There is no justice! They speak about gender justice simply to pursue their own goals [elsewhere]. Within Islam, gender justice means that women must be respected, they must be shielded from harassment, that men are not be entitled to bully or use violence against women just because of their physical strength or because of having a larger body than women.--Justice represents this.

  • Those who humiliate the foundation of the family are hypocrites

    Mar 8, 2018

    Those who humiliate the foundation of the family are betraying both the nation and women – the society of women. Those who pretend that 'gender justice' means the participation of women in all areas, that men participate in, are betraying women's trust, respectability, and identity. Women are respectable. No one has said that women should not participate in various social arenas, or that they should not undertake responsibilities, or that they should not become scientists: this is not what is said. Today, there are countless women, within our society, who are among the best scientists, the best writers, and the best cultural personalities. And you should know that this is the Revolution's feat: such rights for women did not exist before the Revolution. There were a very very few numbers of women who had managed to achieve great scientific, cultural, belletristic, and other such rankings. Today, such women are abundant [in numbers]: this was the Revolution's masterpiece. This is because the paradigm for Muslim women upholds such features. At the same time, women are the heads of their household: they are the center of the family. The most important job that a woman can have is motherhood, wifehood, and the being at the center of tranquility and calm in the family: "And made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her in love" [The Holy Quran, 7: 189]. Thus, women are a great source of tranquility and calm: this is the greatest characteristic of women in Islam, and one should pay attention to these points on Women's Day. With certainty, we advise the honorable Iranian, Muslim, and pious women to preserve these Islamic and Quranic concepts and to strengthen them on a daily basis. They should avoid maladies, like the extravagant, negative comparisons with others – for example, negative competitiveness and imitation of deviant western models. They should take great care of themselves. Today, Muslim women are dignified in our country. Iranian women have the privilege of having an independent cultural identity, so much so that they are not influenced by others: you [the women] should preserve these qualities for yourselves.

  • Gender equality or gender justice

    Mar 19, 2017

    Allah the Exalted has made men and women similar to one another in some aspects. In terms of achieving spiritual positions, they are not different. An example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). In terms of the power to lead, they are not different either. An example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). In terms of the capability to guide humanity, they are not different either. An example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). But they are different in terms of the responsibilities and duties for managing life. Again, an example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). Those who want to defend women’s right are – as they say – blowing into the trumpet from the wrong side! They do not understand what they are saying and what they are defending. They say, “Why should women not be allowed to manage?” Is management a source of pride for humans so that they look for the reasons behind men’s management? They refer to this as gender justice. Is this justice? Those who introduced gender equality in the world and who pursued it are subject to many calamities and depravities from this area in the present time in a way that they have become regretful. Of course, many of them do not explicitly acknowledge this and many of them grew up with that culture and therefore, they do not understand what is happening. However, their intellectuals understand this. They acknowledge these calamities, understand this truth and express their concern. I wish that those who speak about gender justice do not mean something similar to gender equality which has been brought up by westerners.

  • Weakening the women: a Zionist plot

    Mar 19, 2017

    In the name of defending the rights of women, some people make statements which are not a source of respect for women. On the contrary, such statements undermine women. I am speaking about those who make such statements inside the country. Otherwise, in western European culture, these statements are most probably and almost certainly planned by the Zionists who want to create chaos in the human community and annihilate it completely. They want to turn women into objects for gratifying men’s desires. This is their plot and we have nothing to do with that. This issue is completely different, but in our Islamic environment – whether in our country or in some other Islamic environments – some people speak of certain things, certain duties and certain expectations which are a source of humiliation and contempt for women and they do so in order to support women! For example, they say, “Why do you not allow women to work outside the house?” First of all, who does not allow them to do so? What is wrong with this? Second, is working outside the house – for example, typing for such and such an office – a proper position and status for women so much so that we fight for it? Is this the meaning of justice? Justice means knowing the qualities that Allah the Exalted has inserted in the nature of all creatures. Then, we should appreciate the value of those qualities and cultivate them. Justice is this.

  • Being a housewife means cultivating a human

    Mar 19, 2017

    Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her) was an Islamic woman, a woman at the highest level of Islamic standards and at the level of a leader, but the same woman who could have been a prophet in terms of spirituality and virtue used to carry out her motherly and wifely duties and she used to do housework. These things should be understood. What should one say to these ignorant and deceived individuals? They copy the statements that westerners make. They should not belittle housework so much. Women’s housework means cultivating individuals and producing the best and loftiest product of the universe – humanity. Housework means this... but today, our society needs to know what being a mother and a homemaker means. It needs to know what being an excellent homemaker means. With that position and with that status and greatness, Fatima Zahra was a homemaker. This is not a source of humiliation for her. With that greatness, she cannot be humiliated. Can this greatness be belittled? So, her greatness is preserved, but one of the aspects and duties of that greatness was being a spouse, a mother and a homemaker. We should look at these concepts with such an outlook.

  • In Islam, the woman is like a flower

    May 9, 2016

    According to Islam, and in the general view Islam offers, the woman is—as stated in the phrase “like a flower, not like an administrator;” [speaking in Arabic]—like a flower. A flower’s existence is needed, and its maintenance entails certain requirements. “Not like an administrator”: the Arabic word used here means executor; that is, the coordinator of the personnel. According to this sentence, your wife is not supposed to be responsible for providing services, even as the head of the servants. The Arabic term, based on the Arabic literary expressions and usage, represents a person who manages the affairs of your house; that is, a person who does the work. When you own a house, you normally have a coordinator: so here it says the woman is not like your coordinator. So you see, if in a given family or society the woman is regarded in such a manner, firstly, the reverence, respect and gentleness she receives as well as the consequences of such manners, will make the woman feel safe and at peace. Islam by no means prevents women from working outside their homes. Some of the opponents of Islam’s view of women attack this assumption, saying ‘you miss out half of the workforce of the society’, which is not the case. No one has said women should not work: they work, if they can work. But they should work with this vision in mind, with this view; the work assigned to them should suit their characteristics—qualities that make them ‘like a flower’. And, of course, the most important responsibility of the woman is her role in the family; not in the sense that they must serve others at home; it means that the woman should make the family environment a safe and peaceful environment for the children and for her spouse, with her kindness and with the dignity that is assumed for her at home.

  • Emphasis on maintaining women's dignity in family environment

    May 11, 2013

    If women are regarded as respectable in the family environment, an important part of problems in our society will be solved. We should do something to encourage children to kiss their mother's hands. This is what Islam is after. We can see this behavior in deeply religious and moral families which have a close relationship with religious concepts. The children in a family should behave towards their mother in a respectful way. There is no contradiction between such a respectful behavior and the emotional and warm relationship between a mother and a child. There should be such respect and women should be respected in the family environment. This is the way to prevent oppression against women. Imagine that in a family and in a home, the man hurls all kinds of insults at his own wife, including behavioral and verbal insults and physical abuse. Unfortunately, there are certain places in our country in which there are still instances of physical abuse. This issue should not occur. Of course, this occurs many times in western countries. And this is not unexpected. Westerners, particularly European races, are wild. They have a neat appearance, they wear ties and they use perfume and other such things, but they still have the same wild nature and they still behave in the same wild way that they have always behaved throughout history. They easily kill people and they coldheartedly commit crimes. Therefore, it is not surprising if women are beaten in the home by the Europeans and by the Americans. But such a thing should not be even imagined in an Islamic environment although it unfortunately exists.

  • Women are stronger than men

    May 11, 2013

    The Islamic discourse on the issue of women should be promoted by taking an offensive position and behaving in a determined way. If they say, "Why do you not give women the freedom to appear without hijab?" we should answer, "Why do you give them this harmful and threatening freedom in such a way?" What is being pursued in the west regarding the issue of immodesty and lack of hijab makes one distressed. One wonders what they want to do and where they want to go. You may have more information in this regard but I also have a lot of information about what is being done on this issue. These things are done at different levels which range from higher levels to occupational levels, living conditions and other such things. In the Islamic discourse, respect towards women and the characteristics, dignity and delicacy of women should be highlighted. By delicacy, I do not only mean physical delicacy. As well as physical delicacy, I mean the delicacy of women's psychological and intellectual structure and also the delicacy of their responsibilities. It is only the delicate and gentle fingers of the mother which can separate the extremely thin nerve fibers of a child's nervous system from one another so that he will not have any emotional complexes or problems. Nobody else can do this. That is to say, nobody else except for a woman can do this. This is a feminine task. A number of tasks require such delicacy that one wonders how the divine will has bestowed such a great capability and such delicacy on women. I always say to my friends and relatives and to women that, contrary to the idea that has been established, women are the stronger gender. Women are stronger than men. Women can completely control and influence men with their wisdom and delicacy. We can see this in practice and we can prove it by reasoning. This is a reality. Of course, there are a number of women who do not adopt wise measures and who, as a result, cannot do this. But if a woman is wise enough, she can tame a man. This is like the situation in which a person can bridle and ride on a wild lion. This does not mean that he is physically stronger than the lion. Rather, this means that he has managed to use his mental power. Women have this capability, but they should do this with delicacy and subtlety. When I say delicacy, I do not only mean physical delicacy. As well as physical delicacy, I mean delicacy in implementing thoughts and ideas, showing acumen and making decisions. These are capabilities which Allah the Exalted has bestowed on women. In my opinion, this should be the basis. This discourse should be improved and pursued.

  • Muslim women's Jihad [great endeavor]

    May 1, 2013

    One of the most important responsibilities of women is being a homemaker. As everybody knows, I do not believe that women should not have social and political roles. There is nothing wrong with this. But if this means that we should look down on homemaker, then we have committed a sin. Homemaking is a job. It is a great, important and sensitive job which builds the future... Giving birth is one of the feminine efforts and responsibilities. Giving birth to children is, in fact, the art of women. It is they who take the trouble. It is they who endure the sufferings. It is they whom Allah the Exalted has offered the means for raising children. Allah the Exalted has not provided men with the means for raising children. He has provided women with the means. He has given them the patience, the feelings, the emotions and the body which are necessary to raise children. This is, in fact, the art of women. If we do not let these things pass into oblivion, then we will make progress.

  • There is no difference in social, personal and individual rights of men and women

    May 1, 2013

    There is no difference in social, personal and individual rights of men and women In the Holy Quran, Allah the Exalted has mentioned how much women should be respected. To Allah the Exalted, women are like men. There is no difference between men and women in terms of spiritual and divine position. This path has been created for human beings, not only for men or for women. Allah the Exalted has created a woman like Fatima Zahra (s.a.) about whom Imam Askari (a.s.) or Imam Hadi (a.s.) say, "We are the representatives of Allah among the people and Fatima is representative of Allah among us." [Atayeb al-Bayan, volume 13, page 236]. This is based on a hadith which has been narrated by these Imams (a.s.). Fatima Zahra (s.a.) is the representative of other divine representatives. She is the Imam of Imams (a.s.). Is there a greater personality? She was infallible. And such a person was a woman. Great women such as Mary, Sara, Asiya and many other great women are the outstanding personalities of the world. In the path of perfection and transcendence, it is human beings which move forward. There is no difference between men and women in terms of social rights. There is no difference between men and women in terms of individual rights. Of course, in specific cases, women have been given certain privileges and in a number of other cases, men have been given certain privileges. This is based on the nature of men and women. This is Islam. It has the most reasonable, the most dignified and the most practical laws that one can ever imagine regarding the issue of gender. We should follow this path. One of the major ways to do this is to raise a family, safeguard the family environment and preserve love in the family. And this is the responsibility of the lady of the house.

  • The major injustice by Western civilization towards the female gender

    May 1, 2013

    One of the sins that western civilization committed is the movement that they launched on the issue of women. We have many things to say in this regard. The great sin that western civilization has committed against women cannot be wiped out or made up for any time soon, nor can it be easily put into words. Like everything else, they give this movement different names. They commit crimes, but they refer to it as measures to defend human rights. They oppress the people, but they refer to it as a move to support nations. They launch attacks, but they call it defense. The characteristics of western civilization are deceitfulness, hypocrisy, dishonesty and contradiction between words and actions. They behave towards the women exactly in the same way. Unfortunately, they have established their culture throughout the world. They have acted in a way that today one of the most important responsibilities or the most important responsibility of women is to put themselves on display and put their beauty at the service of men's pleasure. These things have become the main qualities that women should have. Unfortunately, the world has become like this. In the most formal meetings, such as political meetings and different other meetings, men should wear long pants and modest clothes, but if women appear as nude as they can, it is alright. Is this normal? Is this natural? Is this a natural process? They have done this. Women should put themselves on display and they should become objects of pleasure for men. Is there a kind of oppression which is worse than this? They call this freedom and they call the opposite behavior restriction. This is while hijab and modesty earn women respect. This gives women protection. They are taking away this protection on a daily basis. And they give different names to what they do to women. The first consequence or perhaps one of the first consequences of this behavior was that the family was destroyed and undermined. When the family is undermined and destroyed in a society, corruption will be established in that society.

  • The impact of the Islamic Revolution on empowering women

    Jul 11, 2012

    Today, it is an honor to announce that Muslim women in Iran are proud and dignified. They use numerous propaganda techniques to distort this truth, the truth has remained intact: today our educated women are the most pious and revolutionary people in our country. Today, our women, our educated women, and our young women are active in the most advanced laboratories of scientific and scholarly centers. Our pious and revolutionary young women are among the most active women in political, scientific, and managerial areas: they are highly educated, and they think critically. The advancements that the Iranian nation has achieved are due to resistance. If the people of a country resist for the sake of God, and in the way of God, Allah, the Exalted, will help them: this is a divine promise, and divine promises are inviolable.

  • The strategic role of women in the victory and the persistence of the Revolution

    Jul 11, 2012

    In revolutions, in the great wave of Islamic Awakening. I would think that if women do not take part in the social movements of a nation, that movement will not reach effective results: it will not succeed. [Audience shout "Allahu Akbar!"] If women take part in a movement with awareness and insight, that movement will take off quickly. In this great wave, of an Islamic Awakening, women play an unparalleled role, and it is necessary for them to continue this role. It is women who prepare and encourage their husbands and children to step into the most dangerous areas. We have clearly witnessed the significance of the role women played during the time we were fighting taghut [tyrannical monarchy] in Iran and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. If our women had not fought in the battlefields during the eight-year war, which was imposed on us, if they had not been present in different national arenas, we would not have achieved victory during that difficult test. Our women helped us to achieve victory. The mothers and wives of our martyrs and war veterans created an atmosphere with their unwavering patience, in which our youth and men were encouraged to have a determined presence. And this atmosphere spread to every part of the country. As a result, the general atmosphere of our country was filled with selflessness and self-sacrifice, and we achieved victory. This is the case today within the world of Islam--in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Libya, in Bahrain, in Yemen, and in every other place. If women strengthen and continue their presence on the front lines, they can achieve victories one after another: there is no doubt about it.

  • Disintegration of family foundation

    Jul 11, 2012

    In an Islamic environment, a woman achieves scholarly growth; she achieves personal growth; she achieves ethical growth; she achieves political growth; she becomes a pioneer of the most essential social issues: yet, she remains a woman. Being a woman is an advantage for any human: a source of pride. Isolating women from much needed feminine environments and characteristics will not bring about a feeling of honor for most women. Moreover, housekeeping, raising children and taking care of one's husband must not be considered a source of disgrace for women! Western culture led to the collapse of family values. Today, one of the greatest problems of the Western world is the breakup of family environments and an increase in the number of orphaned children! The West is suffering from the consequences of neglecting family values and will suffer more: these social developments build up over time. The West will be harmed greatly by this problem, and the flashy, materialistic civilization of the West will collapse along the faults of this problem.

  • In the western perspective, women are basically viewed as products

    Jul 11, 2012

    The western view of women is an insult to women: they call it "freedom," but it is not, in fact, representative freedom. Over the past two, three decades, Westerners have chosen charming names for their crimes against humanity. Whenever they've committed murder; whenever they've plundered a country; whenever they've enslaved people; whenever they've confiscated other nations' sources of wealth; whenever they've imposed wars on nations or whenever they've committed other crimes, they chose deceptive and beautiful names for their actions: liberation, human rights, democracy and other such things. Describing the western attitude towards women as "freedom" is a deception: it has nothing to do with freedom. The cornerstone of Western culture is that women should be socially presented as a product, an object that men can benefit from; for instance, promoting immodest clothing is a step in this direction. Over the past 100 years, or more, violence against women in the West has been on the rise: there has been no decrease of violence in this regard. Sexual freedom and unprincipled sexual behaviors in the West have not curbed sexual desires, which are natural and instinctive. In the past, they used to promote the idea that men and women should be allowed to have free relationships with one another to diminish their sexual desires; later on, clearly, quite the opposite happened. The more that they allowed men and women to have free sexual relationships with one another, the more the resulting situation of sexual desires increased. Today, Westerners feel no shame of promoting homosexuality as a moral value: this makes any dignified human embarrassed, but Westerners have no shame. The Western view of women is perverted, flawed, misleading and simply wrong. The Islamic view of women brings about dignity, honor, growth and an independent identity for women: this is our assertion, and we can prove it with extremely compelling evidence.

  • Imposing Western culture on Islamic societies, especially on women

    Jul 11, 2012

    For a hundred years, now, the West has been trying to impose Western culture and lifestyles on women of Islamic communities: relying on its money, power, weapons, and diplomacy. Efforts have been made over the past one hundred years to detach Muslim women from their identity. All implements of power and propagation have been employed to achieve this goal: money, propaganda, weapons, different deceptive materials, sexual impulse; they have employed all these things to separate Muslim women from their Islamic identity. Today, carrying out efforts to restore the Muslim woman's identity is the greatest service that you can render for the Islamic Ummah, Islamic Awakening, and Islamic dignity... Islamic Awakening and Islamic dignity will be strongly affected by the women's awakening, the women's sense of identity, and women's awareness and insight.

  • Islam does not have a gender-oriented outlook, everyone is equal

    Jun 11, 2012

    Islam regards women as dignified humans. Men and women share the same characteristic of being human. A human is a human before being a man or a woman. People are equal as far as human nature is concerned: this is the Islamic view. Allah, the Exalted, has bestowed certain physical traits on men and women. Both men and women play a role in creation, in the growth and transcendence of humanity, and in the course of history, but the role of women is more important than that of men. The most important duty of humanity is to aid in human survival through reproduction; in this regard, the role of women is incomparable to the role of men: this is why the home environment is so important. --This is why the family is important. This is why imposing restrictions on human sexual instinct is important. --This is the view that should be adopted on Islamic issues and shari'a. The West, which has strayed from the righteous path, calls these things "limitations” while they label its misleading bondage of women as "freedom." --These are among plots that the west was carried out.

  • Western policies have caused biggest harms to women's dignity

    Jan 4, 2012

    Regarding the issue of women and family, the most problematic part is the western view of women and it is not possible to explain this in one or two sentences. It is western policies that constitute the biggest insult to women and the biggest blow to the dignity of women. Even radical feminists are harming women without knowing it. When I say they harm women unknowingly, I am being optimistic, which means that those who are in charge do not know what they are doing. It is possible that there are certain backstage policy-makers who know what they are doing. And this has probably been specified in Zionist protocols. That is to say, degrading women and turning them into an object of pleasure for men are among the things that have been specified in those protocols. One might have problems with the credibility and authenticity of those protocols, but a careful look at the Zionist system and the Zionist network of propaganda would reveal that this is what they are doing. They might not be forced to degrade women, but there is a tendency. That is to say, this has turned into such an inviolable norm that nobody dares act against it. For example, on a formal occasion, a man should wear formal clothes. He should wear a tie. He should wear a shirt with long sleeves. He is neither allowed to wear shorts, nor is he allowed to wear a T-shirt to a formal occasion. But a lady should not cover major parts of her body on the same formal occasion. It is a problem if she wears a dress that completely covers her body. It is a problem if she is not attractive enough at the meeting. It is a problem if she does not wear make-up. This has become the norm. And they are proud of it. In the west - especially in America and in northern parts of Europe, in Scandinavian countries - there are important centers that are presenting women as objects of pleasure for men. Women are advertised in newspapers and magazines and nobody protests. This has become the norm. What would be a stronger blow to women? Providing such role models for women is one of the biggest blows to them: of course, I am speaking about western women and those who follow western norms, not our women. Therefore, we must not adopt a passive position on this wrong culture. The west has been seriously misled in the issue of women and family. It is not just the issue of family: the west has been seriously misled in the case of women's identity and personality as well.

  • With their involvement, Iranian women became a major pillar the revolution’s victory

    May 22, 2011

    We have made progress in the Islamic Republic. I am optimistic. I saw the situation of our society before the Revolution. At that time our country, our society and our women were heading towards a horrible and dangerous situation. Because women in our country were imitating European women, in some cases their situation was even worse than the situation of European women. This was the kind of situation that they were promoting. Of course Iranian women managed to overcome this destructive wave because of the religious faith that has been instilled into their hearts. Encouraged by Iranian men, they managed to contribute a lot to the Revolution through their presence and they managed to play an essential role in helping the Revolution achieve victory. And after the victory of the Revolution, the movement of Iranian women has been extraordinary. I would say that the wives and mothers of those who struggle in the way of God are true manifestations of patience and resistance. If you read their biography, you will see how much they have suffered. Of course there were a few such women among the wives of revolutionary activists who went through those hardships, but perfect examples of such women emerged during the Sacred Defense Era. They sent their children to the battlefields. Many of their children were martyred or disabled, but these models of patience and resistance stood firm like a mountain. This is the progress that we have made in spiritual areas. Thankfully our country has made extraordinary progress on political and scientific fronts as well. The large number of intellectual women who teach at our Islamic seminaries and universities - some of whom are fortunately present among you dear audience - shows that the Islamic Republic has been successful. This is my view. This optimistic view makes hearts hopeful about the future. If we continue making progress at this speed, we will definitely manage to overcome the wrong western culture that is prevalent in the world. We should work hard. We should make determined efforts. However, this optimistic view should not prevent us from seeing the weaknesses.

  • The Islamic Republic questions the west regarding women

    May 22, 2011

    I was once asked how we would defend ourselves against what westerners say about the issue of women in our country. I said, "We will not defend ourselves: we will attack them." regarding the issue of women, it is the west that owes us an explanation. It is the west that is oppressing and humiliating women. Westerners pressure women psychologically and emotionally and they insult women's personality and position in the name of freedom, employment and responsibility. They are the ones who should answer for their actions. The Islamic Republic has a responsibility in this regard. The Islamic Republic should clarify its position on the issue of women without standing on ceremony. The position of the Islamic Republic is mainly a protest against the western view and the oppressive western inequation. The issue of hijab and the issue of man-woman relationship become meaningful from this perspective.

  • West's main strategy regarding women lies upon exposition and corruption

    May 22, 2011

    In the west, they are gradually voicing their opposition to hijab in an open way. They say that hijab is the symbol of a religious movement and that they do not want religious symbols to be promoted in their secular societies. These are the reasons that they present for this opposition. I believe what their claims are a lie. It is not a matter of religion. The problem is that the fundamental policy of the west is to promote moral corruption among women and to exploit them, and hijab works against this policy. Even if hijab is not motivated by religious faith, they oppose it. This is the main problem. This issue has resulted in serious consequences for different communities: the break-up of the family and shocking statistics about women trafficking. According to a report that has been published globally - I think the report has been published by the UN - women trafficking is among the trades that are growing fastest in the world. There are a few countries which are worst in this regard and the Zionist regime is among them. Under the guise of labor, marriage and other such things, they collect women and girls from poor countries in Latin America, certain Asian countries and certain poor European countries and they deliver them to certain centers, centers whose names and activities would shock people. All of these things are the result of the misconception about women, the result of the oppressive inequation about women's position in society. The issue of illegitimate children - which is most common in America - and the issue of cohabitation are in fact destroying the warm family environment and its blessings. They are depriving humanity of these blessings. These issues are the consequences of the first problem that I spoke about. It is necessary to do something in this regard. It is necessary to define the position of women and to stand up against the propaganda of the west in a serious way. May 22, 2011

  • Misjudging the status of women, misjudging family matters make the foundation of problems regarding women

    May 22, 2011

    Regarding women's issues in society, there two essential problems. If we can address these two problems, we can hope to find a solution to "women's crisis" over time - in the long or medium term. One of the problems is the misconception about women's position in society. This misconception and wrong attitude started in the west and it is not a very deep-rooted and old issue. We can say that the claims about the inclusion of this issue in the protocols of Zionist intellectuals do not go against the truth. That is to say, if we look carefully, we will see that in the west this misconception dates back to only 100-150 years ago and that the misconception spread to other societies, including Islamic societies. This is one problem. The second problem is the misconception about the family and misbehavior in the family environment. I believe that these two problems have given rise to "women's crisis" which is a critical problem in the modern world. "Women's crisis" might appear to be a strange term. Today the environmental crisis, the water crisis, the energy crisis and global warming are considered as the main issues that humanity has to face. But none of these things are among the main issues of humanity. Most of the main problems of humanity are related to spirituality, ethics and social behavior of human beings towards each other - including the relationship between men and women, women's position in society and women's issues. This is a genuine problem, but they do not discuss it. Those who formulate dominant global policies do not consider this issue in their best interest and maybe they believe that discussing this issue goes against their main strategies. Regarding women's position in society - no matter what you call it - the problem is that they have gradually created an inequation: one side of the inequation is the taker and the other side is the giver. They have divided humanity into these two categories. Men are the taker and women are the giver. This has been gradually established in western societies over several decades using different methods and propaganda techniques. Maybe the process took 100-150 years. I cannot give you an accurate number. This is an issue that deserves to be researched. Later on the problem spread to other societies as well. They defined women as the creatures who should benefit men and they promoted this definition. Therefore, if a woman is determined to distinguish herself in western societies, she has no choice but to make use of her sexual appeal. Even in formal meetings women should dress in a way to appear pleasing to their beneficiaries - namely, men. I believe this is the greatest blow, the biggest insult and the greatest injustice as far as women are concerned. Unfortunately, there is a cultural norm in western culture according to which women are considered the giver and men are considered the taker. Other societies followed the west and made efforts on its path. And this norm has been established in the world. If somebody says something that goes against this norm, they create uproar against him. For example, if in a society women are prohibited from wearing make-up in public places, they will create an uproar. But there will be no uproar in the world if the opposite is done - that is to say, if immodesty is promoted among women in a society. When a society promotes modesty and discourages make-up among women, dominant propaganda machines of the world create an uproar about it. This shows that there is a culture, a policy, a strategy that has been followed for many years in order to consolidate this wrong and insulting position for women. And unfortunately, this has already happened.

  • A comparison between the status of women in Western families and Muslim families

    May 22, 2011

    The situation of western families - in terms of oppression against women and in terms of violating women's rights - is definitely worse than Islamic, Iranian and eastern families. Their situation is not better than us and in certain cases, their situation is definitely worse. But we do not follow them. They are not our role model. We have a lot of shortcomings in our family environments. Addressing these shortcomings requires a legal guarantee for implementation and this is something that has to be done. This is one of the areas in which very little work has been done in the country and it is necessary to do something about it. There is no shortage of Islamic texts and sources in this area. Sometimes we see certain people criticizing Islamic thought and finding fault with Islamic rules such as those related to inheritance, blood money and other such things. This is while these criticisms are misplaced. There are logical and firm answers for these criticisms. However, we, unfortunately, fail to pay enough attention to behaviors in the family environment. This is while Islam has absolutely clear views in this regard. The family environment must be a safe, dignified and peaceful environment for women so that they can fulfill their essential duty of protecting the family in the best possible way.

  • The faulty manners in which women’s character is expressed in the West

    Apr 21, 2010

    The corrupt western world tried to impose its wrong and misguided redefinition of women on the people of the world - which was degrading to women. They tried to convince the world that in order to develop a personality, women have to look attractive to men. What kind of personality is that? They said women have to give up their modesty and morality and use their physical appeal in order to gain the approval of men. Is this humiliation or respect? Influenced by Zionist elements, the ignorant and intoxicated western world presented this idea under the guise of respect for women. And some people were taken in. The greatness of women does not depend on their ability to attract the attention of immoral men. Such an ability is not an honor for women. It will not bring about respect for them. It will only bring about humiliation. The greatness of women depends on their ability to preserve their God-given modesty. Their greatness depends on combining this ability with pious dignity and a sense of responsibility. They should use their feminine delicacy and their pious inflexibility appropriately. The combination of delicacy and pious inflexibility is particular to women. That is the advantage that Allah the Exalted has bestowed on women. Therefore, the Holy Quran mentions the names of two women as examples of religious faith for both men and women. "And God sets forth, as an example to those who believe, the wife of Pharaoh" [The Holy Quran, 66: 11]. "And Mary the daughter of Imran" [The Holy Quran, 66: 12].God mentions the wife of Pharaoh and Mary as two examples of faith. These are some signs that point to an underlying Islamic ideology.

  • Western culture generally objectifies, disrespects women

    Oct 20, 2009

    There has always been a wrong outlook towards women. Today, the same wrong outlook exists in the west. Of course, a number of women may become outstanding, honorable and modest personalities in western systems. This holds true for men too. But the general outlook towards women, which has become firmly established in western culture, is an objectifying and insulting outlook. From the western viewpoint, the reason why women should not wear a chador and why they should not wear hijab is not that it wants them to be free. You say that you can have freedom with hijab as well. The West has a different opinion. It wants women to entertain men's eyes and it wants to use them in an illegitimate way. It wants women to a have a special appearance in society. This is the greatest insult to women. Of course, they cover it up with certain beautiful words and they give it different names. Respecting women means giving them the opportunity to develop, at different levels, those capabilities and those outstanding and great talents which Allah the Exalted has bestowed on all individuals - including women and the talents which are particular to them. Respecting women means allowing them to develop these talents inside the family, in society and in international arenas and for the sake of knowledge, understanding, research, education and construction.

  • It is the West that needs to defend its views on women, not Muslims

    Oct 20, 2009

    The participation of our ladies in seminarian studies, fiqh, philosophy, academic areas, humanities and natural sciences is outstanding and prominent and this participation can be witnessed in all fields of knowledge. Female students have filled our universities. The presence of women has astonishingly influenced scholarly environments. What is this? What phenomenon is this? What truth is this? When did our country have such a large number of woman researchers who are knowledgeable and well-educated and who are interested in promoting values and principles? Such a thing never existed in our history. During the time of taghuti regimes, there were only a few outstanding female scholars. But women did not have an outstanding and dominant presence in society. This large number of woman researchers is particular to the Islamic Republican era. This has been achieved in the shade of the rule of Islam in the country. It is because of the rule of Islam that women are showing themselves in the arena of knowledge and that they are achieving such prominence. This is one of the glories of the Islamic Republic. This is the reason why I have repeatedly said in my meetings with students and youth that we do not engage in defense when it comes to western claims on the issue of women. Rather, we launch an attack. It is the West, not Islam that should engage in defense.

  • Were there more intellectual women during the Pahlavi era or during the Islamic Revolution?

    Jul 4, 2007

    We did not have so many outstanding women during an era of taghut [in this case, the Pahlavi era]. This is my claim and I’m sticking to it. Today, the absolute and relative number of female researchers, professors, scientists, intellectuals--who work in different areas and who are experts in those areas--poets and artists, such as fictional writers, poets and painters, is far larger than the number of such women during the time of taghut. The time of taghut [Pahlavi era] was a period of time when they had destroyed hijab and the belief in the necessity of distance between men and women, and they used to promote decadence on a daily basis. Additionally, in certain cases, their actions were more excessive and worse than European countries. Today, in the Islamic Republic, we have such a large number of scientific and political personalities, and cultural and artistic experts, who wear hijab, chador, or headscarves. At that time [taghut], we did not even have a small number of such great women. There were very few women who practiced this way of life. This proves a theory, which is the exact opposite of one they were trying to establish. This theory reveals that not only does promotion of such decadence not help women strengthen their spirituality and develop their capacities, but it also keeps them so occupied with such matters as outward appearances and the trouble this brings about. This prevents women from moving towards perfection and transcendence.

  • What is the Islamic identity of a woman?

    Sep 20, 2000

    The Islamic identity is that, while retaining their womanly identity and features—which are natural and inherent to women, and for each gender, the particular characteristics are to be valued—and preserving the tender feelings, the flowing emotions, the love and compassion, and the feminine brilliance, a woman should advance in the field of spiritual values, such as science, worshiping God, getting closer to God, acquiring divine teachings and walking the oases of mysticism. She should advance in the field of social, political and resistance-related affairs; patience, resistance, political presence, political aspirations and political understanding and awareness; knowing their country; recognition of their future; recognition of national major goals and Islamic goals of Islamic countries and nations; identifying the enemies’ plots, identifying the enemy, diagnosing the enemy's methods day by day. She should also progress in the area of providing justice and fairness and a peaceful environment within the family. If rules are needed, if correction and reform is to be made on the issues that influence the role of women, educated and aware women should advance in all of these fields; to show a model for women; to say that a Muslim woman is a woman who maintains her religion, veil, femininity, delicacies; while at the same time she defends her own right; advances in the fields of spirituality, science, research, and getting closer to God, and she can become an outstanding figure, who is also present in the political arena. This will become a model for women.

  • The Muslim woman's duty is to revive her identity

    Sep 20, 2000

    For years, on the mainstream media across the world, those who attribute no value to the female gender, or humanity and human values, except with relation to gaining money—which unfortunately plays an important role in all arenas of today’s Western culture—have also rendered the matter of women to a capital and a means of producing profits in various arenas. They discuss it, they educate the public on it, and they promote it, manipulating the minds of men and women all over the world into a major temptation and deviation. In such a situation, a Muslim woman should ponder on Islamic teachings and values and observe the limits that the Islamic establishment has put in place for the progress of men and women, and revive her identity. So she can make the powerful reasoning win over the temptations and fallacy of the agents of Zionism, Capitalism and the rich of the world. Islam stood up to the Ignorance that oppressed women: at the level of spirituality, thinking and human values; and in the level of her political presence; and most importantly, at the level of the family. A man and a woman make a small society called a family: if in a society, the system of values is not appropriate, the first point where the woman is oppressed is within the family. In all the three areas, Islam provides a system of values.

  • Western civilization laid the foundation of women’s immorality and nudity

    Sep 20, 2000

    The west ought to answer for the situation brought about for the female gender, because they betrayed women. Western civilization has failed to offer anything to women. If any scientific, political or intellectual progress can be seen among women, it was women themselves who made those accomplishments them. In every country—also seen in Islamic Iran and other countries—these advances are achieved by women; women themselves are accountable for such achievements. What the West has spread and the Western civilization has laid the wrongful foundation for, is women’s immorality and nudity. They introduced women to immorality, and have not provided them with an appropriate family environment. The U.S. and European press frequently publish reports on the high rates of violence and brutality against women. With regard to the woman and spreading nudity and immorality among women of those parts of the world, Western culture has made the family institution unstable and weak. Even infidelity by a man or a woman in the family is not regarded as very serious. Is this not a shame? Is this not betrayal to the female gender? With such culture, they are actually boasting to the world, whereas, they are at loss. Western culture is the culture that should defend itself in the matter of women. They should defend themselves and provide explanations. However, the dominance of capitalism and Western repressive media have reversed the situation. So they claim they are the leaders of women’s rights! While this is by no means true. Of course, among the people of the West, there are thinkers, philosophers, truthful and righteous individuals who think and speak truthfully. What I mention is the general attitude of Western culture and civilization against women.

  • What is women’s main problem in the Western society?

    Oct 22, 1997

    In a society, there may be different sorts of injustice, and they must be eliminated. But at the same time, the woman's responsibilities, and the man's responsibilities—while they are mutually responsible when founding a family—must be regarded as important; because the happiness of the woman and the happiness of the man is tied to it. Some individuals think that women are in need of big and important jobs and positions. No, this is not the problem of women. Even women who hold important positions need a safe family environment, a kind and tender husband, and a secure emotional and moral support—that is, their husbands—to lean on. This is the nature, the emotional and moral need of women. This need has to be fulfilled ... But the main problem of women is not having or not having a job. The main problem which has unfortunately gone [unnoticed] in the West today, is the [need for] feeling tranquility, safety, and being able to flourish without being subjected to injustice in the society, family, marital or parental home.

  • Depriving women from education is an act of oppression

    Oct 22, 1997

    The inherent nature of the man and the woman in the family environment is a one that creates a relationship between the man and the woman: a relation of love and affection. If this relation changes, if the man takes himself as the owner at home, if he sees the woman as an employee or wants to exploit her, this is an act of oppression. Unfortunately, many men commit this act of oppression. Outside the family environment, the same applies. If the woman does not have a safe and secure environment to study, work, earn money, and rest, she is oppressed. The law and the Islamic society should confront anyone who manifests this oppressive behavior. If a woman is not allowed to access proper education, science and knowledge, she is oppressed. If she is overwhelmed with work and different tasks, to the point that she cannot attend to her ethics, her religion, her wisdom, she is oppressed. If the woman is not allowed to use her property independently and with her own willpower, she is oppressed. If at the time of marriage, a husband is imposed on the woman—that is, she plays no role in choosing her husband and her desires and wants are not considered—she is oppressed. If the woman cannot take emotional advantage of her children, either when she lives with her husband, or when she is divorced, she is oppressed. If a woman has some talents, for example in science, invention, in politics, or social activities, she is not allowed to develop her talents, she is oppressed.

  • Western thinkers cannot prevent the damage done to Western women

    Oct 22, 1997

    When in Europe, women were given the right to property - according to meticulous studies by sociologists in Europe - it was because factories that had just expanded modern technologies and industry in the West needed workers. But there was a shortage of workers, and the need for an abundance of workers was felt. In order to recruit women in factories, and use their workforce - and of course they were always paid less -, it was announced that women had a right to property. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the Europeans gave the right to property to women. This is the excessive, wrong and cruel view of women in the West and Europe. Such an extreme view goes in the other direction as well. When a movement for women was born under such circumstances, naturally it suffered from the other extreme. As a result, you can observe, during several decades, there was such corruption, and sexual unrestrainedness in the West, instigated and propagated, that even Western thinkers feared the outcomes. Today, the compassionate, those who want to make things right, the wise and motivated people in the West, are worried and saddened by what has happened, and of course, cannot do anything about it. In the name of helping women, the biggest blow was landed on their life. Why? Because, with sexual unrestrainedness, and the spread of moral corruption, and with absolute freedom in relationships between man and woman, the foundations of family life were shattered. A man who can fulfill his sexual desires freely in the society, and a woman who can have free relationships with different men without any problem in the society, would never be worthy and fine spouses in the family. As a result, the family was broken.

  • Why does Islam take the role of woman in family so seriously?

    Mar 10, 1997

    One of the duties of women at home and in the family is raising children. Women who avoid having children, due to their activities outside the family, act against their human and womanly nature. God does not approve of that. Those who stay away from having children, raising children, breastfeeding, and rearing children with affection for the sake of profession which do not necessarily rely on women’s work, are at fault. A child is best raised with their mother and her kind attention. The women who deprive their children of this divine blessing are at fault. Their act is detrimental to their children, themselves, and society. Islam does not allow this. One of the main duties of the woman is to raise her children with affection, appropriate education, and with proper attention so that when this boy or girl grows into adulthood, they become morally and mentally healthy, without unsatisfied needs, or a feeling of humiliation or other problems that many youth or teenagers suffer from today especially in Europe and in the U.S. My dear audience, you view that because the women in the West didn’t value family and child-rearing, today in Western societies there are millions of teenagers who have become criminals. Under the realm of materialistic civilizations, the splendid palaces, atomic bases, skyscrapers and scientific and technological advances they engage in crime at the age of 10 or 12: they rob, murder, smuggle, consume drugs, smoke cigarettes and cannabis! Why is that? This is because the western family didn’t value family. In the past, the situation of women was not the same as now: since some fifty years ago, specially in the US and some European countries, the situation has become worse for Western women. The day western women initiated this wrong path, they never thought that some fifty years later their society and their country would suffer from a similar calamity: that the twelve-year old teenagers would carry guns or knives and at night or during the day, in the streets of New York or London or other western cities they would kill someone if they can, kill with no compromise. This is their situation now. When family institution is broke, this situation will be created. Indeed, family is formed and managed by the woman; know this. The main constituent of the family is the woman; not the man. A family can persist without the man. Imagine a family when the man is absent, or has died for example, the woman can yet save the family, if she is wise and sophisticated. However, if the woman is taken from a family, the man cannot save the family. Thus, the family is kept together by the woman. Islam attributes so much importance to the role of the woman in family because if the woman is loyal to her family, is enthusiastic, takes child rearing seriously, looks after the children, breastfeeds her children, raise them with affection, provides them with cultural food, such as stories, Quranic lessons, useful teachings, and feeds her children with them at any opportunity like the food they eat, future generations will become elevated and successful. This is the art of the woman and is not contradictory to her pursuing studies, teaching, political and other activities.

  • Three arenas of women's activities described by Islam

    Mar 10, 1997

    In Islam, three arenas are defined for the women's activities. The first arena represents the spiritual growth and perfection of the woman herself. There is no difference between men and women in the arena of individual spiritual growth. That is, a man can reach the highest levels of spirituality; a woman can also reach the highest levels of spirituality… The second arena is the arena of social activities, including economic, political and social activities in the especial meaning of term, academic activity, pursuing studies, teaching, endeavoring in the path of God, striving and all aspects of life, at the level of society. In this arena also there is no difference between men and women: they are both allowed to be engaged in different social activities. If someone says men can study, women cannot: or, men can teach, women cannot; or, men can have economic activities, women cannot; they are not talking about the logic of Islam: rather, they contradict Islam. Based on Islam, in all the activities related to the human society and life undertakings, men and women have the same permissions. Meanwhile, some activities are not suitable for women, because those activities do not match their physical features. Similarly, some activities are not suitable for men, because they don’t match their physical or behavioral features. This has nothing to do with the fact that a woman can be socially active or not. Work division happens based on capacities, interests and conditions. If a woman wants to, she can do any social activity she likes… The third arena, which is also very important, is the arena of family. We referred to the role of the woman in spiritual achievements as well as the Islamic law on any type of social activity; but in this part, we will discuss the role of the woman in the family; that is, the woman as a wife or a mother. Here, the Islamic laws are so excellent and interesting that when would take pride in them. The woman as a wife receives particular attention in Islam in different stages. The first stage is choosing a spouse. According to Islam, the woman should be free to choose her spouse herself, and no one can impose on her anything in this matter. So a woman’s brothers or father—let alone other relatives—can never force the woman to marry a certain person and they do not have the right to do so. This is the opinion of Islam… these are all apt for the nature of men and women Men and women have naturally different characteristics. Within the family women should not be expected to work or have masculine features; similarly, men should not be expected to act like women, and have feminine features. Every gender has its own natural and innate characteristics, and the wellbeing of humanity, the wellbeing of the society, the wellbeing of the social system for men and women lies in respecting men’s and women’s features within the family. If they are respected, both men and women will have a happy life. However, no one has the right to oppress the other, coerce the other, or force the other to work. Some men think that the woman has to do all the chores. Of course, in the family environment, the man and the woman who love each other will do the work of the other with pleasure and satisfaction. But doing them by satisfaction is different from when a person thinks or acts as if it is the duty of the woman to serve the man like a servant. This is by no means accepted by Islam.

  • The greatest work of creation is designated to women

    Sep 24, 1994

    Women and their treatment in societies have always been important issues in different societies and civilizations. Half of the world population are women. Life in this universe is as much dependent on women as on men. Women, naturally are responsible for the biggest works in the universe. The main responsibilities in the universe, such as procreation and education of children are taken by women. So the issue of women is an important issue and has always been in societies, among thinkers, and in nations' different customs and habits. Islam has chosen a bold issue here. It has prevented from excess and cautioned everyone in the world. Islam totally confronted men who employed men and women out of physical power or wealth, and treated women with cruelty or contempt, and put women in their true place, and in some ways put them on a par with men: "truly Muslim men and women, and pious men and women ... ". Muslim men, Muslim women, praiseful men, praiseful women, worshipful men, worshipful women. So, in Islam, all these moral ranks, and human degrees have been equally divided between men and women. In this regard, men and women are equal. Anyone who endeavors for God, "man or woman", be it a man or a woman, "we will grant them a blessed life". Sometimes, Islam has even given preference to women over men. For example, when it comes to a man and a woman who are father and mother to a child. The child belongs to both of them, but being at the service of the mother is more necessary for the child. Mother's rights over the child are more, and the child's responsibility towards the mother is greater.

  • How can a woman achieve perfection?

    Dec 16, 1992

    When a Muslim woman returns to her origin and nature, she can realize a great miracle; as it was seen in our revolution and in our Islamic establishment, thanks be to God, and is seen today. We had never seen such power and bravery in women as we witness in the mothers of the martyrs today. Have we ever seen such sacrifice as that made by young women, who sent their beloved husbands to the battlefields so that they could fight with peace of mind? This is the greatness of Islam which is visible in the faces of our revolutionary women during the revolution and today, thanks be to God. The propaganda that women cannot pursue their studies or carry out housework or raise children while keeping their hijab and chastity, is nonsensical. Today we have many female experts in different fields in our society: hard-working and talented university students, graduates of high levels, imminent doctors! Today, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, many of the leaders in various majors are women; women who have also safeguarded their chastity and womanly purity, and also their hijab in a complete manner; women who also raise their children in the appropriate manner as required by Islam, and they work on their relation with their husbands, the way Islam has asked, and engage in academic and political activities. Now among you- the ladies present in this meeting-- there are many who have social and political activities, prominent and important activities; either single women among you or married women, whose husbands are proud and should be proud of their wives’ leading involvement in different areas. With the Islamic spirit and in an Islamic environment, a woman can reach her true perfection; away from lavishness, humiliation and mortification induced by consumption.

  • From the beginning of the nineteenth century, women were regarded as cheap labor force.

    Dec 16, 1992

    Ever since the Europeans created new industries—in the early nineteenth century, when Western capitalists invented large factories and hence, needed a cheap and undemanding workforce—they began advocating for "women's freedom" to make women leave their families behind in order to work hard for the factories; and they could be exploited as a cheap workforce, to fill their pockets and take dignity and merit away from women. Today, what is referred to as "women's freedom" in the West is the sequel of that historical fact. Therefore, the oppression of women in Western culture and the misconception of women in the works of Western culture and literature are unprecedented throughout history. In the past, women had been oppressed everywhere; but this pervasive, universal and all-inclusive oppression is particular of the recent time and was caused by Western civilization. They introduced the woman as a means for satisfying men’s sexual desires, and called it "women's freedom"! Although, it was in fact, the freedom of the dissipated men to take advantage of women; it was not the freedom of women. Not only in occupations, industry and similar activities, but also in arts and literature they were cruel to women. Look at written stories, novels, paintings, and other different artistic works and see the view on women. Are the positive aspects and high values in women observed? Is it the fine emotions, kindness, and tender nature that God Almighty has created in women— temperament for motherhood, compassion for caring for children and bringing them up—which are considered or the sexual aspects which they call love? (And this is a wrong phrasing. This is sexual desire, not love). They wanted to form and make women this way: as a consumer. A spendthrift and a cheap worker who doesn't ask for much. Islam does not consider such things values for women. Islam allows women to work. Not only it allows them to, but Islam even deems it probably essential for women to work as long as their occupation does not interfere with their main responsibilities and most important occupation; that is, educating children and protecting the family. A country cannot forego the workforce of women in different fields. But this work must not contradict a woman's dignity and moral and human values. Women must not be looked down on and made to submit to pressure and bow down. Arrogance is unpleasant from anyone, unless from women against unfamiliar men. Women must stay proud against unfamiliar men. They must not be humble when talking to men. This is to protect the dignity of women. This is what Islam wants and this sets the role model for a Muslim woman.

  • Regard a woman as a lofty human, to realize what represents her perfection, rights and freedom

    Dec 16, 1992

    The world of Arrogance, [the front] which is filled with arrogance, is at fault for thinking that a woman's value and merit relies on her physical attraction to men. So the perverted eyes look at her and indulge in [gazing at] her, and admire her. The trend which has been spread in the world by the perverted Western culture under the name of freedom of women is based on exposing women to men's eyes so they take sexual indulgence. Men take indulgence in them and women become means of sexual desire for men. Is this freedom of women? Those who claim they support human rights in the perverted, ignorant and negligent western civilization, are indeed oppressing women. Regard women as lofty humans, in order to realize what represents their perfection, rights and freedom. Look at the woman as someone who can help the society advance by raising noble people, to realize what her true right and freedom are. Regard the woman as the main constituent of the family; because even though a family is made up of a man and a woman, and they are both essential for the formation of a family, the peaceful and soothing environment of the home is accomplished thanks to the women's nature and kindness. Look at the woman through such a viewpoint, and you will know where her perfection and rights rely on.

  • Iranian woman took to the battlefield in hijab

    Aug 12, 1992

    On the bogus pretext of improving women’s status, the Pahlavi regime took the national and traditional Iranian dress away from the women The one who took the biggest step in favor of the Western culture—that is, in reality the West’s hegemony over Iran—and in favor of the British colonization, was Reza-Khan. You see, this kind of action is perceived so disgraceful today, if a king completely changes the national dressing culture of a country. For instance, if you travel to India, or different parts of the world, nations have their proper forms of dress; and they are proud of it, and they don’t feel ashamed of it. But in Iran they suddenly banned the [national] costumes! Why? Because, they said, it was not possible to become an academic with this type of clothing. Amazing! Our most prominent scientists -- Iranian scientists whose work is still being taught in Europe-- grew under the same culture and in the same environment. How can the clothing tradition have an impact [on their scholarly work]? This is a nonsensical remark! They suggested such a nonsensical reason, and changed the clothing tradition of a nation, removing women’s chadors. They argued that “a woman cannot become an academic, or a scientist, and take part in social activities while wearing chador.” My question is: “By removing the chador, in our country, what percentage of women took part in social activities?” Were women given opportunities to take part in social activities during the reign of Reza Khan and his son?! Men were not given opportunities either, nor would women be given opportunities. When women of Iran entered the arena of social activity, powerfully raising the country in their vigorous hands, and encouraging men to follow them into the arenas of fighting, they did so while wearing chadors. What negative effect can chador have?! How can clothing prevent a woman’s or a man’s activity? The important thing is how a person’s heart is; how their mind is, how their faith is, how their personality is, what motivations are created for their social or scientific activity. This ignorant bully --Reza Khan-- came to power and yielded to the enemies. He suddenly changed the dressing culture of the country, he changed many of the traditions, and he banned the religion! He did actions that we all have heard--which took place during the Pahlavi regime, through coercion and bullying. He became popular in the eyes of the Westerners—that is the colonizers.

  • The biggest oppression against women is preoccupying her with consumerism and show-off

    Jan 6, 1991

    After all the calamities that were inflicted on women in the past, in Eastern, Western, Iranian and non-Iranian cultures, (I don’t need to mention them, you all know) Islam gave a new life to women. In our Iranian society, the woman is not still at the level that Islam requires, neither in social rights, nor in the individual rights to property, or the related laws. In some parts of our society women are badly treated, which is not something that happens only in Iran. Unfortunately, throughout history, women have been under oppression, which is mainly due to the fact that the status and value of woman is not accurately understood. Of course, this has existed in different parts of the world, in different forms and continues to exist; it does not only happen in our society. However, in our society it should be as Islam requires. The woman should find her true position; she must not be oppressed simply for being a woman. It is heartbreaking to see so much oppression is put on women—oppressions we do recognize as oppressions; and there are so many forms of oppression that are not even recognized as oppression, while they are indeed acts of oppression; such as, leading women to ostentation, show-off, consumerism and flamboyant adornments, extravagant expenses and changing into a consumer good. This is a major oppression to women. We can say that no other oppression is worse, because it will make her completely negligent about her ideals and purposes toward perfection, and will make her busy with trivial matters. This was done during the oppressive monarchical regime, which was put an end to.

  • Women were oppressed in the monarchical society

    Jan 16, 1990

    Women were truly and in all dimensions underprivileged in the society of the self-surrendered evil monarchical regime. If a woman wanted to enter the academia, she was obliged to relinquish her religion, piety and decency. A Muslim woman could not easily retain her hijab, decency and dignity in the universities, academia, scientific and cultural centers. It was impossible! A Muslim woman could not, in the streets of Tehran and some other cities, walk with Islamic dignity and decency, even with a partial hijab, without being harassed and molested by some vulgar people obsessed with the corruption and immorality brought to us from the West. They had created a situation in which it was generally impossible for women to acquire knowledge. There existed some exceptions. But generally speaking, women could not enter the academia, except by removing their veil and relinquishing Islamic piety and dignity! The same was true in the social sphere. If a woman wanted to acquire a position in the society or politics during monarchical Iran, she had to relinquish hijab, dignity, decency and grace of a Muslim woman. Yet, it also depended on her innate qualities and essence. If she was very weak-spirited, she would slide down to the depth [of indecency]. If she was self-restraint, she could preserve herself to some degrees, but she was constantly facing increased pressures from the social environment. Our society was like that.

  • Falsely characterizing women by forcing them into flaunting themselves to men

    Jan 16, 1990

    In the previous regime, a great number of women were illiterate and ignorant of social affairs—that is, they would not be allowed to obtain information. Women had grown indifferent toward the fate of the country, as they didn’t even know that women could play a role in the future of the country. Nevertheless, they looked like European women in their appearances and some had even surpassed European standards [in dressing revealingly]. When you saw them you would think they had just entered Iran from a European country and a Western environment. However, if you started to speak with them, you could readily notice they were not very educated if literate at all. They forced women to create a false identity for themselves by attracting eyes toward themselves and flaunting. This was a deviation for a woman; not an advancement. Is there a bigger crime against a woman, than to make her preoccupied with makeup, fashion, clothes, gold and other accessories and take advantage of her as a means for achieving various goals, not letting her enter arenas of politics, ethics, and education? This is what was being done in the previous regime with precise planning.