Imam Khamenei's opinion about the Corona pandemic

Imam Khamenei's opinion about the Corona pandemic

  • Imam Khamenei's submission to the health protocols during Corona

    Imam Khamenei's submission to the health protocols during Corona

    Jan 11, 2021

    Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has encouraged both the people and officials to carefully observe the health protocols for the prevention of Covid-19 from the early days of the outbreak. In addition, he himself has obeyed the regulations enacted by the National Committee on Combating Corona even more than others. Moreover, his Eminence has reminded both the people and officials of the necessity of observing the enacted rules in various speeches.

  • Pursue intensive scientific research on COVID-19

    Aug 23, 2020

    Another project that has begun concerns the actions related to the health system, in particular the actions related to the confrontation of the coronavirus. Very important measures with good management have thankfully been adopted in this regard. Some of these measures will have long-lasting effects: measures such as the manufacture of medications or other such measures. These are very important matters. In particular, the extensive scientific tasks that are being carried out in the area of the coronavirus should seriously be pursued in the last year.

  • Follow the opinions of health experts for religious gatherings

    Jul 31, 2020

    I want to stress is that in mourning ceremonies, the main criterion is what medical experts – the National Anti-Corona Headquarters – announce to us. I myself will observe whatever action they deem necessary. My firm recommendation to all those who wish to participate in the mourning ceremonies – including mourning committees, those who take the minbar, the organizers, panegyrists, performers of elegies and the like – is this: before you do anything, you should see what they say. If the National Anti-Corona Headquarters issues certain regulations for these occasions, all of us will have a duty to observe them. The issue is not a minor issue, rather it is a very important one. In the present time, there is supervision and control to some extent. However, if God forbid, these measures are taken lightly and if people do not observe them, then there will be a disaster with unclear consequences at the end.

  • Ask for God's help to defeat COVID-19

    Jul 12, 2020

    One of the things that I would like to stress – is the issue of praying and supplicating. From the beginning, I said that public supplication is a very important issue in this incident. Praying is not particular to the seventh dua of Sahifa Sajjadiyyah, which was recited and acted on by many. You should read various prayers. You should ask God to help and you should supplicate to Him. In particular, youth – who have sincere and pure hearts like freshwater: some hearts are shining and brilliant – should pray as their prayers can be answered. By Allah’s favor, saying prayers for even as long as half a night can eliminate a hundred plights and disasters.

  • Two examples of important national capabilities in the fight against Corona

    Jul 12, 2020

    The most recent example of these important national capacities, which are rooted in revolutionary and religious faith, is the timely and selfless presence of the people in the first wave of the coronavirus disease. Was it a minor achievement? The medial staff of the country were the frontline warriors and behind them, there stood an enormous number of people and youth who entered the arena in different places and in different forms and who rendered services. As it happens, their work was influential in soothing the Iranian nation’s pain during the confrontation with this dangerous disease. In the movement of religious assistance, the people were asked to help the underprivileged classes of society. Of course, even if we had not said that, the people would have entered the arena on their own. They had entered the arena before we said so. However, after the announcement, they participated in a comprehensive manner throughout the country and you have already seen what great endeavors were made and what valuable services were offered to families with modest means. And this movement was launched on the verge of the auspicious month of Ramadan. These are the spiritual capacities of the country which are really important.

  • Compensate for the economic hardships of weaker classes with your aid

    Jul 12, 2020

    Following the emergence of the coronavirus, lower and even middle classes of society really received a blow in terms of their livelihood problems. The endeavor that began right before the month of Ramadan – the pious movement that everyone participated in – was a great endeavor as it managed to help certain families have fewer concerns. Today too, I believe that this movement of cooperation and charity should be re-launched by our dear people. Of course, it has not come to a halt, but it is necessary to accelerate it a little bit so that you, people, can cheer up the environment of the country, gladden some children, provide financial help to some families and liberate certain parents from the concerns they have about their children’s livelihood. This is what the people can do. Now, how this should be done and managed, this is something that cannot be managed in a focused and organized way. These are tasks that are carried out by the masses of the people throughout the country. Thankfully, we have a large country and a large population. Therefore, the movement can be launched at an extensive level. Everyone can help within the scope of their capability. And it should not be said that such and such a family received help and charity in two, three different ways. Well, so much the better! Of course, if they can do it in an organized and systematic way, it will be better, but if it is not possible, it is alright. Even assuming that a family receives help from two, three different places, this is alright. They should not complain that such and such a family received help twice, saying that this is not good considering the dire economic circumstances. They should try not to leave anyone out, that’s it. People should take care not to leave anyone out so that everyone can receive help. This freshens up the country, blesses the affairs and helps God bestow His grace on you.

  • Do not waste the sacrifices made by medical staff by not following the health guidelines

    Jul 12, 2020

    The recurrence of the virus makes one really sad. When you turn on the television and hear that 180 or 220 – a figure related to a few days ago – have passed away, your heart is broken and you become really sad. Such a large number of individuals lose their lives in the course of just 24 hours! Even thirty was too many. When the death rate decreased, it was about 30, which was nonetheless a lot. Each of those 30 individuals had dear ones and they were others’ dear ones. They had a father, a mother, a wife, children, brothers and friends and now, they have to mourn the loss of their dear ones. Now, if this figure reaches 150, 180, 200 individuals, this is really a source of sorrow and grief. I strongly ask all those who can play a role in this regard to play their role in the best way possible.Well, the medical staff of the country fortunately made sacrifices. Words fail me when I try to explain the sacrifices that they have made. A large number of them were infected themselves and some of them lost their lives in the way of serving the people. These services are really valuable and important. However, it was not only the medical staff who rendered services. The different groups of people who make decisions, those who implement these decisions and those who provide backup have played a role as well. A large number of our youth participated in the endeavor in the first months. They supported and helped the medical staff of the country. The masses of the people helped as well. However, when I see on television that some people walk on the street while they refuse to do one single thing – wearing a mask – then I feel embarrassed to face the nurse – nurses and physicians together – who makes such sacrifices. This is while that young or elderly individual is not prepared to wear a mask. These simple measures should be adopted I strongly ask all those who can do something in this regard – including the executive officials of the country, the individuals who can play a part and the masses of the people – to be active in this regard so that we can cut off this chain of infection in a short period of time and that we can help the country reach the shore of salvation. In the beginning, we were one of the best and most successful countries in this area. However, today, this is not the case. Of course, we continue to be ahead of many other countries, but today, we are not at the level that we used to be in the beginning and this bothers me.

  • By wearing a mask, encourage others to do the same

    Jun 27, 2020

    Some people think that the issue of the Corona is done and dusted. This is not the case and corona still prevails. Fortunately, health organizations, hospitals and other such centers were in the frontlines and they sacrificed themselves – I have frequently said this before, but even if I say it ten more times, it is not too much because their work was really outstanding and they continue to do this marvelous work – and secondly, the mujahids in the way of God entered the arena voluntarily and they did voluntary work and rendered valuable services in hospitals, in cities and even in graveyards. The people too really behaved well and had a good response. In the beginning of the year, when the people cancelled “the sizdeh-bedar” tradition, I thanked them from the bottom of my heart because they took a serious approach. Well, what was the result? The result was that we were introduced in the world as a successful country in fighting against the coronavirus. When some heads of the countries spoke to Mr. President [President Rouhani] – he told me this – they asked him what we have done to prevent the spread of the virus. This shows that our work and our achievements in fighting against the coronavirus have been reflected in the world as some heads of countries ask our President what we have done. This was the first phase. Now that we look, it seems as if the first movement and the first endeavor had lost its vigor among the people and some officials. I see that certain honorable officials show their presence on television while they are surrounded by other people, but they do not wear a mask! Well, I am not wearing a mask either, but there are no people around me. If two, three people come to me, I too will certainly wear a mask as happens sometimes. However, I see that some people do not wear a mask. When you are a government official and do not wear a mask, you might encourage the youth who is walking on the street not to do it either. What will be the consequence of this? The consequence is that our mortality rate reaches 130-plus people while it had reached a two-digit number – about 30, 40 people. This makes one really unhappy. About a month, a month and a half ago, they gave me certain statistics and figures showing that some provinces did not have deaths. I really became happy and I thanked God to know that there are such and such a number of provinces in which there are no casualties. However, very recently – a few days ago – I received a report showing that the same provinces which did not report any death on that day have reported several deaths. Well, one becomes really sad. We should not do this. We should observe the protocols. Both the people and officials should observe the protocols. Fortunately, medical teams and staff continue to stand firm, but I am concerned that they might become tired. Medical staff have endured many difficulties. Well, until when should they keep doing this? For how long should they do it? We should do something to lighten the load that they are carrying. God forbid, if our nurses, our physicians and other medical staff in hospitals and the like become exhausted, work will remain lying idle and the situation will worsen. It is said that there will be economic problems. This is true. Things should be predicted in a way that there will be no or few economic problems because of the coronavirus. We should pay attention that if God forbid, we show negligence and corona spreads again, the economic condition will become even worse and there will be more problems.

  • Believers observe the health guidelines more than others do

    May 10, 2020

    There is an unanswered question about praying and other religious ceremonies. Of course, I do not want to put forward any proposal to the National Anti-Coronavirus Headquarters about mosques, prayer halls and the like. I follow the expert decisions made by the Headquarters, but what I want to say is that praying and religious activities, in particular in the month of Ramadan and in particular in the Nights of Qadr which are ahead of us, are one of the people’s definite and fundamental needs. From one viewpoint, they are not that different from worldly needs and from another viewpoint, they are even more important than worldly needs. The people need to be in contact with God, to pray and to supplicate, in particular when important matters arise. Therefore, we should think of something for resolving this matter. I even believe that if strict regulations are imposed in this regard, our pious people and mosque frequenters will observe them more than others. In other words, if pious people are told that they should observe certain regulations when visiting holy places, mosques and hussainiyahs, I believe that those who are interested in attending mosques will observe them carefully. As I said, I have no suggestions in this regard and I will approve of the expert and carefully studied decisions of the Headquarters, but I recommend that you entrust this task to those who understand, in the real sense of the word, the significance of dua, supplication and spiritual matters. It is such individuals who should examine the matter and make decisions. Whatever decision they make, I and all the people will be obliged to implement them, God willing.

  • The Westerners failure in the international COVID-19 test

    May 10, 2020

    Westerners really failed in this international test. This is another point that I insist should not be ignored and forgotten. Westerners failed this great test which was confronting the whole world – spanning from the east to the west. Their failure is evident in several arenas: first of all, they failed in terms of their managerial capabilities. Despite the fact that the disease spread in European countries and the US later than in our country and in some other countries – in some countries, it spread one month later or even more than that – and although they had time to prepare themselves for confronting the disease, they failed to react the way they should have. Notice how high the death toll is in the US and in some European countries. Notice how high the rate of the infected is. The people experienced many livelihood problems in those countries which are at a high level in terms of wealth and various other capabilities. Despite their resources, they had numerous problems in dealing with the livelihood issues of their peoples – unemployment, affliction with the disease, failure to get a bed in hospitals and sleeping outside hospitals. So, western governments were defeated in the area of managerial capabilities. They were defeated in their social philosophy as well. Western social philosophy – which is actually a materialistic philosophy in body and soul: such a philosophy that measures everything with money – become a scandal in the world with their outlook towards the elderly and towards those who do not have monetary benefits for their countries and their societies – the sick and the physically and mentally disabled individuals. In some countries, nursing homes were abandoned as a result of which some of them lost their lives or some elderly and some people with physical and social disabilities were discarded. This indicates the defeat of the social philosophy ruling over western countries which as it happens, make extravagant claims. In such countries, money is the main criterion and it is only money that talks. Well, when circumstances are like this, an old man or an old woman who do not generate money for society should naturally not be heeded and they are really not heeded. This is the defeat of that social philosophy. They failed in displaying public morality was well. Despite their claims and despite the exaggerated comments of some individuals in non-western countries – unfortunately, including our own country – about western ethics and morality, they were defeated in this area as well. As you witnessed, an example was emptying stores. Mr. President recounted for me that in a certain European country – he mentioned the name of the country, but I do not want to mention it – trucks deliver goods to stores early in the morning, but the store is empty in the space of just one hour! This is because the people pour into stores and empty them. Where do they take them? They keep them in their storerooms, thus preventing others from having access to them. This is a moral defeat. This is a display of negative attributes in these countries. Of course, as I said, westerners themselves and westernized orientations do not want these truths to be divulged, but they are necessary to be seen. It is necessary for us to see and know about them. For nations, making important decisions for the course of their destiny depends on these pieces of information.

  • Care about the healthcare network

    May 10, 2020

    You should attach great significance to the health and treatment network. This network is very important. According to the conjectures of some people, which have been repeated many times, if we have a recurrence of the virus in the future, then surely will this health and treatment center manage to lighten the burden of the country. It was of great value during the recent epidemic as well. Of course, some organizations entered the arena midway through the spread of the disease.

  • The fight against Corona should be recounted artistically

    May 10, 2020

    Another serious request and wish: I hope that this wish will come true, God willing – that people like the late Shahid Avini will be able to recount this great national jihad. Shahid Avini managed to recount the details of the frontlines for us with his sweet, exquisite and influential eloquence and narration and he eternalized the Sacred Defense memory. Similarly, I wish that some people will do that with their speeches and writings and by means of artistic works such as performances and other artistic expressions.

  • A comparison of Iranians' reaction to COVID-19 crisis with Western nations' reactions

    May 10, 2020

    The Iranian nation shone brightly in another arena as well. Well, the things that I mentioned before were the arenas where the Iranian nation and officials were present, but the Iranian nation truly showed their mettle in another arena as well: equanimity and serenity. When an incident of such a magnitude arises, there will naturally be certain concerns for provisions, supplies and public needs. You saw on television that in other countries, people poured into stores and emptied shelves in order to fill their storerooms, but this was not the case in our country in any way as the people showed equanimity, patience and composure. This is very valuable. Besides, the role of family became evident in this stay-at-home period of time – it was almost a collective stay-at-home situation. Family and familial presence showed its influence. In countries where family does not have firm pillars and correct definitions, such stay-at-home periods are not seen at this level or at least, they are not tolerable, understandable and acceptable. However, in our country, families gathered together. In particular, we should refer to the role of women in family management and we should definitely not ignore the great influence that women’s patience, diligence and endurance exerted on the effective management of family.

  • During Corona, a great Jihad has taken place in the country

    May 10, 2020

    A great feat was accomplished and a glorious jihad was carried out in the country. It was a jihadi endeavor and a jihadi movement in the true sense of the word. This should be recorded in history. It should be reexamined and restudied – later on, I will explain this more. This great jihad materialized in a diverse and vast arena which covered areas such as treatment, all kinds of medical and nursing services and other forms of healthcare – a great feat was really accomplished in this area – and areas such as preventive measures, screening, public hygiene and the disinfection of streets and public gathering centers and the like. At the end of my statements, I will expand on this matter. Moreover, various companies – in particular, knowledge-based companies and different other organizations – and the masses of the people throughout the country embarked on producing medical equipment. What the people needed in this area was provided at a rapid pace and in many cases, they were provided for free. This is another arena which is really a source of pride. Another arena was welfare services and charitable acts. The pious endeavor that began in the country in this domain was truly astonishing in terms of extensiveness and diversity. The masses of the people in all provinces – from eastern to western and from northern to southern provinces, in almost all cities – launched this great movement of assistance. Officials, the Armed Forces, Basij and various other organizations participated in this movement as well. As for the masses of the people, you witnessed in national media the great services that the people are rendering in mosques. That was another great achievement which would not have materialized without divine will and the hand of divine power. Without divine intervention, it would not have been possible to bring the people to the scene in such a magnificent manner. Another arena was the presence of voluntary groups in challenging and risky endeavors. Well, I thanked our dear nurses and doctors many times and they really deserve it, but there were voluntary groups as well. Such and such youth, basijis and clergy entered hospitals and offered voluntary participation in that difficult and dangerous task. Another endeavor that they undertook, as mentioned by some of the friends in the meeting, was to bury the deceased which is a very painstaking action. While some people had proposed that we bury the deceased and the victims without shrouds and without performing ghusl, some people entered the arena and carried this difficult and dangerous burden. Another arena was scientific and research activities in academic centers and in certain knowledge-based companies with the purpose of understanding the virus – this tricky virus which is very difficult to understand on the basis of what experts say. They tried to find ways to fight it. I hope that by Allah’s favor, we will manage to display Iranian talent to the world in this area, as we have done in many other areas. I hope that our youth will succeed in understanding the virus as soon as possible, in producing the vaccine and medicines for treating the disease. Well, these tasks were carried out in different areas, but there was a good performance in the area of planning and management as well. In other words, your headquarters and the Ministry of Health and Treatment really had a good performance in terms of planning and management. These are national glories. They are glories in the true sense of the word. They put manifestations of our Islamic and revolutionary culture on display. The public manoeuver that was carried out in different areas was, for the most part, an Islamic and Godly type of work. These glories should be recorded and they should prevail. The feeling that many activists in this vast front had was like the feeling they had during the Sacred Defense Era.

  • Work on a COVID-19 vaccine

    May 6, 2020

    I have heard that good measures have been adopted in the area of producing medication for the new virus and I have heard that research is being carried out on the development of a vaccine. They promote the idea in the world that a vaccine will be developed in such and such a time – for example, in six months, one year. However, it is not clear if they can do so. Our good and young scientists and our researchers should sit and work on producing a coronavirus vaccine and different other vaccines. Perhaps, they will be able to develop one sooner than they do and they will be able to benefit from it.

  • The cooperation of the nation in the production of masks

    May 6, 2020

    During the crisis of the coronavirus, the administration really supported the people by opening the arena. If the administration had said, “Everyone who wishes to produce masks should have permission from us” – if they had done this – that would have been enough for masks not to be produced in the country, but they opened the arena and said, “Everyone who is capable of producing masks can do so.” This helped organizations to produce them: factories, the Executive Headquarters of Imam’s Directive, the Mostazafan Foundation and the people produced them in their houses and in mosques. This has developed in a way that in the present time, we have masks more than our need in the country and we can give them to others.

  • Practicing compassion, empathy and giving sincere assistance to the needy and poor

    Apr 9, 2020

    I tell you that officials in the National Anti-Corona Headquarters are working seriously. We receive the reports in this regard and we are aware of their activities. They have also come up with certain plans for underprivileged classes, but I wish to stress and recommend that executive officials should implement the plans for helping these classes as soon as possible and in the best way they can, God willing. However, the people are also responsible. There are some people who really find it very hard to make ends meet and they cannot manage their daily affairs. The people whose hands are open and who are financially well-off should begin extensive activities in this regard. We read in the holy dua “Shajarat-un Nubuwwa”: “Feed me so that I can help- by means of what you bestowed on me with Your Grace- those who are deprived of your bounties and blessings to a large part, as you provided me with Your shelter.” This is one of the necessary tasks that should be carried out, in particular because the month of Ramadan is imminent. The month of Ramadan is the month of giving alms, making sacrifice and helping the needy. It will be such an excellent move to launch a big movement in the country for charitable purposes and offering pious help to the needy and the poor. If this happens, there will be a good memory of this year in the minds of the people. In order to prove our love for the Imam of the Age, we should create scenes and reflections of the Mahdawi society. As I mentioned before, the Mahdawi society is the society of justice, dignity, knowledge and assistance. We should realize these things within the scope of our capability in our life. This will help us get closer to that ideal society.

  • About the matter of COVID-19, do not ignore the conspiracy of the Arrogant Powers

    Apr 9, 2020

    Another dimension of the issue is that coronavirus is clearly a grave problem for today’s humanity. It is a big and dangerous outbreak that has occurred to humanity, but compared to other problems, it is a relatively small matter. We have been witness to many problems in the world and in our own country, which were not less important, rather more important than this recent malady, including the fact that Saddam’s planes dumped chemicals on our country 32 years ago– on exactly the same days that coronavirus has now entered our country. They killed thousands of people in our cities and in their own cities and they did so with mustard gas and the like. This happened and of course, all big powers in the world supported and helped Saddam on that day. Some of these so-called civilized and advanced countries gave him chemical substances and weapons and until today, none of them has answered for the crimes that they committed back then. And that criminal Saddam, behaved towards our people and his own people in Halabja in the same manner, because he felt that the people of Halabja might be cooperating with the soldiers of the Islamic Republic, he killed them on the streets in a brutal manner. Well, these things have happened. During the two world wars, millions of people were killed as well. In the case of the coronavirus, it is said that one million-plus individuals have been infected and some have lost their lives. However, in the first and second world wars which occurred in Europe with an interval of about 20 years, several million people were killed. I do not remember exactly how many, but I know that tens of millions of people were killed during those wars. During the Vietnam War too, which was waged by the US, many people were killed and the same is true of other wars. Just recently, many people were killed and martyred during the attack that the US and others launched in Iraq. These cases have been frequent. Therefore, when we think about the recent matter, we should not ignore the other important incidents that have always occurred in the world and we should know that at the very moment, millions of people are under the pressure of oppression at the hands of big powers and enemies in the world and they are deeply suffering. The people in Yemen, Palestine and many other parts of the world are under pressure. Therefore, the issue of coronavirus should not make us forgetful of the plots of enemies and of arrogance and we should know that the enmity of arrogance is based on the essence of the Islamic Republic. If someone thinks that we should not show enmity so that they will not show us enmity either, this is not true. The essence of the Islamic Republic is the principle of Islamic democracy and this is not acceptable, understandable and tolerable to them!

  • A savage spirit is the natural outcome of the philosophy that governs Western civilization

    Apr 9, 2020

    Things that happened in western countries, in Europe and in the US, but some of them were not broadcast because this is the information that we receive and therefore, we are aware of it. The west displayed its cultural products as well. In some western countries– in Europe and the US– it so happened that governments confiscated masks and gloves belonging to another government while they were being transferred in order to use them for themselves. This happened in European and American governments. And the people there emptied the stores in a short time, in the space of one, two hours- as they were anxious to fill their fridges and they emptied the shops. They showed the whole world on television the empty shelves in the stores. Our television showed it as well. And there were some people who fought with one another over toilet paper. There were also long rows of people trying to buy guns. It was broadcast on television that the people were lining up to buy guns because they felt insecure and felt the need to buy guns in this sensitive period of time. We can also refer to their prioritization of patients: their preference not to treat the elderly. They said, “It is not necessary for us to bother treating the elderly, the disabled and the like who suffer from various conditions and ailments considering the restrictions that we have.” These are the things that have happened there. Some people in those countries have committed suicide out of fear of the coronavirus and of death. This is the conduct that some western nations have shown. Of course, this is a logical and natural consequence of the philosophy ruling over the western civilization, which is an individualistic, materialistic and secular philosophy. Even if there is belief in God in that philosophy, it is not based on correct, towhidi and deep tenets. I would like to add that a western official said a few days ago that the “Wild West” has been revived. This is what they say. When we say that there is a spirit of wildness in the west which is not incompatible with their perfumed and neat appearances, some people express their surprise and deny it. Now, they themselves are saying this! They say that such behavior is a symbol of the Wild West being revived.

  • The Iranian people adhered to the guidelines for fighting COVID-19

    Apr 9, 2020

    Another dimension of this issue is the public behavior of our dear nation in acting on the recommendations. One can see that the people are really acting on what the National Anti-Corona Headquarters announces in a definite manner. Of course, they might announce something while they have doubts and the people might conclude that it is not necessary to do it, but when something is announced in a definite manner and they feel that they should do something, they cooperate with officials on the recommendations that they issue. One example is this year’s “sizde-bedar” ceremony. Nobody would have believed that the people would cancel it, but they did. The people did not attend sizde-bedar. This shows that the people have accepted public discipline in confronting this disease in the true sense of the word. Of course, this should continue. This public discipline should continue to exist and the decisions announced by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters – as the Headquarters is the first-tier organization in charge of this task – should be taken seriously and acted upon.

  • The closure of religious gatherings is unprecedented, but the guidelines must be obeyed

    Mar 22, 2020

    I would like to reiterate again that everyone should act on the instructions given and announced by the officials of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters. They have even cancelled religious gatherings. Well, it is unprecedented in our entire history to cancel all religious gatherings in places such as holy shrines and public and Friday prayers. It is unprecedented, but there was no other option. They have determined it to be an expedient measure and this is how they acted. The people should observe the instructions so that Allah the Exalted will help the Iranian nation, all Muslim nations and the entire humanity get rid of this plague as soon as possible.

  • The US cannot be trusted to help in controlling COVID-19

    Mar 22, 2020

    These days, we are faced with the spread of a rampant disease and pandemic. This virus is inflicting casualties and advancing in almost all countries in the world. Now, some countries announce what is happening in their countries and some do not. One understands from what they say that some of their statements are not very compatible with the reality. The virus is progressing. This disease is the manifestation of this ayah, “Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits of your toil.” It both causes panic – some people are really afraid – and creates economic problems. Besides, it inflicts loss, and it causes casualties and other damages. However, after that God says, “But give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.” [The Holy Quran, 2: 155]. Patience is necessary here as well. Here, patience means doing the right thing and acting in a reasonable manner. Of course, the honorable officials in this area have given certain instructions which should be acted on, God willing. Everyone should comply with them. These instructions are for the sake of saving your own lives and those of other people and for controlling this dangerous disease. Therefore, everyone should carry them out. One of the issues related to the coronavirus, which will be good to speak about, is that American leaders have said several times that they are prepared to help us in the area of treatment and medication. They have repeated several times that all we need to do is to ask them to do so and then they will help us with medication and treatment. It is a strange comment to say that we should ask them for treatment and medication. First of all, you yourselves have shortcomings in that respect. The news that comes from the US and the statements that the Americans themselves make – the mayor of such and such a city, the head of public health in such and such an area and the head of such and such a hospital – reveal explicitly that they themselves have formidable shortcomings both in terms of preventative measures and of medication and the like. If you have anything and if you have ample resources, you could use them for your own sake! Secondly, you Americans are accused of having produced the virus. I do not know how legitimate that accusation is, but when such an accusation exists, which reasonable individual can trust you with medication? Your medication might become an instrument for further spreading the disease. You have no credibility and you are not trustworthy. The medicines that you prescribe or export into our country might make the virus last even longer or prevent it from being controlled. If this accusation is legitimate and if you have produced the virus, well, you are capable of doing these things! Or if you want to send some people here as doctors and physicians, they might want to come here and see, up close, the effects of the poisonous virus that they have produced on the ground! This is because it is said that some forms of the virus have been created especially for Iran through their familiarity with Iranian genetics, which they have acquired in different ways. Well, such individuals might come here and see how it has worked with the aim of gathering information and intensifying their enmity. Therefore, this proposal is not something that anyone in Iran can accept.

  • The Iranian people’s sacrifices have caused other countries to admire them

    Mar 20, 2020

    Regarding the recent disease – the spread of the Coronavirus – the sacrifices made were so dazzling that even foreigners felt obliged to admire them. Primarily, these acts of sacrifice were made by medical groups, physicians, nurses, assistants, managers and the staff working in hospitals. Alongside these people, there were volunteers from among the people, students, the clergy, Basijis and various individuals who helped the medical staff and who nursed patients. All these phenomena are a source of dignity and reputation. The people rushed to the help of physicians and doctors. There were also support groups, some of which offered their factories and even their houses with the aim of manufacturing the products needed for patients or for the masses of the people- products such as gloves, masks and the like. And there were public service groups such as the people who engaged in disinfecting streets or the places which are frequented by the people. Or the youth who decided to help the elderly by going to their door and doing their shopping for them. I can also mention the people who prepared goods and gave them to the people for free, including free gloves and masks. And some people helped salesmen and shopkeepers by not asking for rent. They said that the rent could be delayed and other such services rendered by the people. These are beauties that manifest themselves amidst difficult events. The Iranian nation showed its virtues through these groups and these tasks, some of which I referred to. I genuinely and sincerely thank all the individuals whom I referred to and I want them to know that divine rewards – both worldly and otherworldly – awaits them. Well, this was a difficult test. The tests of the 1398 were difficult ones, but overcoming and passing through such difficulties with good spirits makes a nation powerful. A nation will not reach anywhere with self-indulgence and simply seeking comfort. It is by confronting the difficulties and keeping one’s morale up in the face of difficulties that a nation will be successful. Thankfully, the Iranian nation has mastered this and it will continue to do so from now on too. This is what gives power and credit to nations.

  • Turning threats into opportunities with National Mobilization Campaign against Corona

    Mar 15, 2020

    The guidelines set by the National Committee on Combating Coronavirus and the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of this disease are obligatory for everyone to carry out. The National Mobilization Campaign against Corona, which is evidence-based and motivated by religious, humanitarian and Jihadi values, is an effective plan. This is what will turn tragedies into blessings and threats into opportunities, God willing.

  • A movement for biological defense; National authority and power

    Mar 13, 2020

    With appreciation for the services that the Armed Forces have provided to the dear people so far in the fight against Coronavirus, and with emphasis on the need to continue and expand these services, it is necessary to organize these services into a Health and Treatment Base In addition to treating the sick and establishing medical centers such as field hospitals, places of quarantine, etc., the spread of the disease should also be prevented using the necessary methods. The division of duties and missions of the organizations and departments of the Armed Forces is one of the tasks of this Base. This Base must work in full coordination with the government and the Ministry of Health. This measure may also be regarded as a biological defense exercise and add to our national sovereignty and power given the evidence that suggests the likelihood of this being a "biological attack.”

  • Honesty and transparency in Iranian officials’ reports about Corona

    Mar 3, 2020

    I strongly ask all the organizations in the country to cooperate responsibly with the Ministry of Health, which is in the frontline of confronting this disease, and to provide it with all resources and amenities. Of course, I have also asked the Armed Forces and the organizations which are in contact with my office to provide the people with all their resources in this regard. This incident is not particular to our country. You know and you have heard that the incident has also occurred in many other countries today. The only difference, though, is that in many countries, they do not act with transparency and they hide many things, but since the first day, our officials announced the news with transparency and with all sincerity and truthfulness. They kept the people informed, which was a good course of action. In some countries, they do not speak about it at all, but we know for a fact that in some countries, the epidemic is much graver than our country. I ask God to help the affected in other countries recover as well. I pray that God will help them as well.

  • Prayers are an important means for defeating Corona

    Mar 3, 2020

    The Holy Quran commands us, “Say to the rejecters: ‘My Lord is not uneasy because of you if you are to call on Him’” [The Holy Quran, 25:77]. There is another ayah which says, “Turn you to our Lord in repentance and bow to His Will” [The Holy Quran, 39: 54]. And it says in another Sura, “Bring your Lord to remembrance in your soul, with humility and in reverence” [The Holy Quran, 7: 205]. There are many other ayahs in the Quran which order us to supplicate to Allah the Exalted and to ask for His help in the face of different incidents – whether natural incidents like this or various other incidents that happen to the country, to the nation and to ourselves. Sometimes, they say that we should say such and such prayers and perform such and such religious acts, but I have no specific recommendation in this regard. Praying means speaking to Allah the Exalted and asking for His help. I am very hopeful, especially about the pure and sincere hearts of the youth and about pious and religious personalities as they can ward off grave calamities with their prayers. In my opinion, this is not a very grave calamity and there have been graver ones. I myself have witnessed instances of these calamities. The people can eliminate many problems by praying, by supplicating, by relying on the immaculate Imams (greetings be upon them) and asking them to intercede on their behalf and by referring to the Holy Prophet of Islam. This is another word of advice that I have for you. If you want a specific dua, I advise you to read the 7th Dua of Sahifa al-Sajjadiyyah which is also in Mafatih al-Jinan: “Oh God, You are the only One capable of resolving great difficulties and blunting the sharpness of hardships...”.

  • Contributing to the spread of COVID-19 is a sin

    Mar 3, 2020

    Surely, everything that leads to society’s health and everything that helps prevent the disease from becoming rampant is a good deed and on the contrary, everything that helps the disease become widespread is a sin.

  • Helping the health of community & preventing the spread of Corona are good deeds

    Mar 3, 2020

    I have a few requests to make to our dear people. One is that they should not ignore the recommendations and instructions given by the officials in charge: instructions concerning prevention, keepings one’s hands and face and the living environment clean and trying to avoid contaminating these. They should act on the instructions given by experts. Surely, everything that leads to society’s health and everything that helps prevent the disease from becoming rampant is a good deed and on the contrary, everything that helps the disease become widespread is a sin. Allah the Exalted has made us responsible towards our own health and that of others and the health of the people. So, the first word of advice is that we should consider it our responsibility to completely observe the instructions specified by officials and to act on them.

  • Appreciation of the health professionals

    Feb 27, 2020

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the doctors, nurses and medical staff for confronting and combating the recent disease, which has come into the country. I would also like to thank the Ministry of Health and the colleagues of the Minister of Health for their efforts and hard work. I arranged today's event only to express this gratitude in the presence of Dr. Marandi, the honorable president of the Academy of Medical Sciences. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the respectable brothers and sisters, physicians, nurses and medical staff. May Allah bestow success and prosperity on all of you. Your work is very valuable. It enhances the value of the medical and nursing community in the society, and more importantly, it attracts divine favor. Almighty God will surely reward you. We are hopeful that this great and heavy work will not take very long, and that this inauspicious virus will soon be overcome by God’s grace. God willing, you will all be successful.