Death of liberal democracy

Liberal democracy vs. religious democracy

In countries with so-called democratic governments, when a political party wrests political power from its rivals, it will use its power to amass more wealth and fortune, and then it will spend that money in such a way as to obtain power and take office once again[...] However, religious democracy is completely different from the present democracies in the world.


Liberal democracy or dictatorship by political parties?

The present governments claiming to be democratic and popular are in fact the same old dictatorships but in a new guise.

Today, the same old tyranny is being exercised by political groups and parties. Even if there is competition, it is between the political groups and parties themselves, and the public plays no effective role in the arena of politics.

In countries with so-called democratic governments, when a political party wrests political power from its rivals, it will use its power to amass more wealth and fortune, and then it will spend that money in such a way as to obtain power and take office once again[...] However, religious democracy is completely different from the present democracies in the world. Oct 22, 2002


Liberal Democracy: originating from the votes of people or the wealth of Zionist capitalists

A U.S. official recently said that the United States does not recognize the existence of democracy in the Islamic Republic![...] The Iranian people do not approve of American democracy either. A democracy that relies on the wealth of Zionist capitalists is no source of pride and honor and imparts no valuable lesson to other nations. The real democracy is the one that originates from religious faith. The people's participation in general elections is motivated by a sense of national and religious responsibility. They vote for a candidate whom they consider to be the most committed, faithful and dedicated.

Besides, the candidate who is elected president by garnering the majority of the people's votes will be indebted to nobody except Almighty Allah and the people. This is the meaning of democracy. Aug 3, 2005

In countries with so-called democratic governments, presidential or parliamentary candidates usually spend a great deal of money on wooing the voters before elections. They also use all kinds of fascinating propaganda to manipulate public opinion. Therefore, the reality on the ground is that democracy in the modern world is enslaved by money!

This is not real democracy, as public opinion is easily manipulated by wealthy politicians, who employ costly propaganda and publicity means and who spend huge amounts of money wooing the voters. Therefore, in the present democratic systems, the people's votes are used as mere instruments for bringing certain politicians or political parties to power. Oct 22, 2002

We have also made progress in political arenas. In the arena of domestic politics, the new model of religious democracy which we have introduced to the world, our elections and the transition of executive and legislative power in the country are among the greatest achievements. Religious democracy is a healthy democracy, without the deceptive measures which are common in the world. I am sorry that many of our youth do not know about the common methods in the world - In America, in the West and in Europe - which are used in the arena of elections. These methods are seemingly democratic, but they are non-democratic in nature. Good books have been written in this regard. They have been written by westerners themselves. Our youth should take a look at these books and read them to see how a mayor and a governor in such and such a state is elected, how they become a senator and a president after that and how they are pushed into these arenas. They can see with what tricks these things are done. Then our youth can compare this with our country in which somebody - sometimes without any executive background - attracts people when he meets them and speaks to them. When he does this, a wave of excitement is created. The people go to ballot boxes, vote and elect somebody with such a massive turnout. This is a new model of democracy. This is our political progress.

The same is true of our foreign politics. Today, the Islamic Republic has an undeniable role in different issues of the region. No one can deny this. It should be noted that the issues of our region are the issues of the world. We have made progress in the area of domestic politics. We have introduced a new model of democracy. We have the power - on a national level - to choose. In the area of foreign politics, we have exerted so much influence. These are the facts. Jul 21, 2013


Freedom in liberal democracy belongs to the capitalists and results in moral breakdown of the society

There [in the West], the media are free. But, to whom the media belong? The media belong to major corporations. In the United States, freedom of media is equal to free speech for the capitalists. The main press belongs to them. The most important printing houses and book publishers belong to the capitalists. One of the current officials had written a book in English about the takeover of the spy den [former U.S. Embassy in Iran]. This respectable official told me: “All the publishers in the United States refused to publish this book, because major publishers were affiliated with capitalist systems, so we had to go to Canada. We finally managed to find a publisher in Canada that accepted to print this book.” He said, “The Canadian publisher contacted me later and said that since he had made the commitment to publish this book, he received phone calls, threatening his life!” Real freedom of speech and freedom of choice do not exist in the West, in the sense they claim they exist.  May 9, 2005

Of course, as I have mentioned, frequently, liberal democracy has proven to be the ruin of Western nations who have based their government and social system on liberal democracy. The kind of liberal democracy which is common in the West today has ruined them. --It has led to social rifts, lack of social justice, the destruction of the family unit, comprehensive and epidemic corruption, and excessive and extreme individualism: they are all ruined. Now, with the emergence of that man – the current eerie and strange U.S. President – he is selling all their values at a cheap price: he has, in fact, destroyed the remainder of American reputation and that of liberal democracy. Nov 3, 2018

Today the big void in western liberal democracy comes from the absence of social justice. They have increased the number of factories and machines and they have broadened the scope of science but they have failed to serve social justice. Morality has declined and I am not the only person saying that. Is it possible to use international media to say something that goes against what people feel? This is what they themselves are saying.

Today western liberal democracy is faced with a moral crisis. Today countries which have astonished history with their developments are faced with sexual, social, moral and family crises.

The happiness of human beings does not lie in their scientific development - science is merely a tool for happiness - but rather the happiness of human beings depends on peace of mind and soul, a life without strains and full of moral and economic security and finally the feeling that justice is served in the society. The west does not have these criteria. Not only are these criteria absent in western countries but also they are increasingly walking away from them. Jan 2, 2008

The more important issue is the outrageous affront to the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him and his infallible household), which brings disgrace to Western civilization with regard to the freedom of expression. Such offensive acts discredit and bring shame upon liberal democracy, the banner of which has been raised by Western countries and in which these countries take pride, with respect to the freedom of expression.

Western countries allow no freedom of expression, which they claim to advocate, with regard to the myth of the massacre of Jews known as the holocaust, and nobody in the West enjoys the freedom of expression to deny it or raise doubts about it.

There are many individuals in European countries, including scientists, scholars, historians and journalists, who do not dare to express their doubts about this issue. There are also some who believe that the whole issue is a lie, but they do not dare to say so because they have seen that whoever has said so has been punished, prosecuted and imprisoned and has been deprived of his rights.

However, affronting the sanctities of about 1.5 billion Muslims - without any reasons or the existence of any quarrels between the two or any affronts on the part of Muslims to their sanctities - is permissible in the West and benefits from the freedom of expression!

The issue is not that some cartoonist has been paid by the Zionists to draw the cartoons in order to further the diabolic goals of the Zionists. But the issue is that European politicians are defending and endorsing this mean and outrageous action and trying to portray it as permissible on the pretext of the freedom of expression! Feb 7, 2006

The same thing is also true about Europe. European countries also do not tolerate any words and views contrary to their national interests. They do not even tolerate the headscarves of Muslim schoolgirls. They would not ensure the security of their citizens if they are Muslims or if they are of a racial group not regarded as white. This is what Western liberal democracy is. Jan 9, 2006


The ultimate product of West’s liberal democracy: expansionism and domination

Dear youth! The ultimate product of western liberal democracy is hegemony and domination, which is bare before the eyes of the people of the world. You see, bullying and the law of the jungle. Within a year and a half, they knocked down two Muslim nations of Afghanistan and Iraq; shedding their blood. This was the peak of the liberal democracy, despite all those bogus claims. They ignored all the global protests, which means that the people, humanity and the will of the human beings are of no value to them. There is no global authority, and those who rely on international communities, are deceiving themselves. You see how the United Nations and the global authorities deal with these catastrophes! December 25, 2003

Islamic democracy: a loftier alternative to liberal democracy

We believe in democracy and we also believe in freedom, but we do not believe in liberal democracy. Although the literal meaning of "liberal democracy" is freedom coupled with democracy, the term is commonly associated with certain concepts which we hate. We do not want to use the term for the immaculate, wholesome, righteous and pure concept that we have in mind. Therefore, we need to select a new name for our favorite system: "Islamic democracy" or "Islamic Republic". Oct 15, 2010

There are two fundamental points in building this civil-political system and these two points are interconnected. In one sense, these two points are two sides of the coin of truth. One is entrusting the affairs of the country to the people through democracy and elections and another is launching this movement - which originated from Islam - and any movement which originates from democracy and entrusting tasks to people, within the framework of Islamic sharia. These are two parts. In other words, these are two sides of the same truth. Jun 4, 2014

The fact that in the holy Islamic Republic, executive power is transferred from one servant to another servant of the Revolution with tranquility, peace and friendliness is a very valuable and significant phenomenon. This phenomenon results from Islamic democracy which our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) made the basis for the Islamic Republic with his acumen and wisdom. Everything is in the hands of the people. It is the people who choose and everything pivots around our dear Islam. This is Islamic democracy. Aug 3, 2013

The Islamic Republic is a democratic system in the true sense of the word. Of course, the enemy constantly speaks against our elections. The Americans and their propaganda agents constantly speak against our elections in different ways. For 25 years during the time of the taghuti regime, the Americans were present in Iran, but they did not at all criticize the nominal and ridiculous parliaments of those days. If you take a look at history and read the events about the elections during the time of Mohammad Reza Shah - and worse than that, during the time of Reza Shah - you will see that first the English and later on the Americans dominated our country, but they did not oppose those nominal, theatrical and ridiculous elections even once!

In the present time too, they do not say even one single word against the dictatorial, tyrannical and hereditary regimes that exist in the region, but they constantly blame and make false criticisms against Iran that is holding different elections one after another. This is while in Iran, all the bases of the system - ranging from the Leadership and the president to the members of the Majlis, the Assembly of Experts and city and village councils - are elected by the people. Sep 9, 2015


religious democracy is derived from the law of the religion (shariah)

If Islamic sharia is completely observed in society, this will ensure both civil and individual freedom - the freedom of individuals - and collective freedom which is called independence. Independence means freedom of a people. It means that a people are not dependent on anyone and any place.

"A free people" means a people who are not under the influence and domination of their opponents, their enemies and foreigners in any way. If Islamic sharia is observed, it will ensure both justice and spirituality in society. These are the four main elements: freedom, independence, justice and spirituality. If Islamic sharia dominates society, these main phenomena in the order of Islamic society will show themselves. Therefore, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) stressed the necessity of Islamic sharia which is the soul of the Islamic Republic. He also stressed the necessity of religious democracy which is a means and a tool and which is derived from sharia.



Being elected by the people is a precondition

It is Islam that says: "sovereignty belongs only to God. He has commanded you to worship none but Him; [Quran 12:40]. This decree refutes any oppressive sovereignty. No one has the right to rule over the people unless they meet the accepted criteria and people accept them, too. Today in the Islamic Republic, all officials who are involved with people's affairs in one way or another, are chosen by the people either directly or indirectly; including the Leader. That is to say, in the Islamic system, it is not enough to meet the criteria; rather, being elected by the people is a necessary condition to meet and it is impossible to rule without public endorsement. Is this democracy or what we witness today in Western countries and Western societies in the shadow of lavish dishonest propaganda-- which they do not even believe in?!

February 2, 1992


human dignity, the main pillar of religious democracy

The other pillar of the Islamic Revolution was attaching importance to human dignity. A community of people who live in a particular area of the world enjoy human dignity and this dignity requires that they stay free and independent and develop their capacities. This dignity requires that they have control over their destiny, are not subject to humiliation and insult and stay true to their real identity. This was something that was ignored during the rule of autocratic governments and the Pahlavi family. Autocratic rulers had in some cases rendered great services to the people of Iran such as certain victories against foreigners and efforts to develop the country, but they had taken away the most important things that any human being values, namely freedom, independence and having control over one's destiny. This is the nature of all dictatorial governments.

Unfortunately, I would say that in many of the countries that do not carry the flag of dictatorship and claim to respect freedom, liberalism and votes of the people, the nature of government is essentially dictatorial and is based on suppressing the people. In fact, in many of the countries that promote the slogan of democracy in their policies, the people do not enjoy freedom of thought and they cannot make free choices, but these things are concealed under different layers of propaganda. This is something that outstanding intellectuals of the west - both in America and in Europe - are speaking about in an open way. Human dignity, the flag of which is being carried by the Islamic Revolution, is the exact opposite of this state of affairs.

Through their propaganda, the enemies are trying to pretend that they are encouraging Iran to move towards democracy. The Islamic Revolution brought about the freest kind of democracy for Iran. What is it that Iran is supposed to move closer to? Democracy means the rule of the people. It means that political methods and the way a country is managed have to be based on the votes of the people. This was the miracle that the Islamic Revolution caused in Iran, an achievement that could not even be imagined during all those years from the Constitutional Movement to the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Of course, during a certain era when there were free elections in the country, this aspiration was temporarily fulfilled in the country, but unfortunately due to the repeated mistakes by government officials of that time, this era did not last more than two years. In any case, the point is that except for that short period of time, the people of Iran did not have the freedom to build their destiny with their choices. October 14, 2003


Public participation in elections are a manifestation of Islamic democracy

In our country, elections are the manifestation of "political valor". The responsibility that I mentioned lies on the shoulders of all Iranian people can be described as "economic valor". Elections are the manifestation of political valor, the manifestation of the power of the Islamic Republic, the manifestation of the pride and credibility of the Islamic system. The credibility of the Islamic Republic depends on elections, the presence of the people at polling stations and their votes that elect managers of the country. Elections are the manifestation of our national willpower, the manifestation of Islamic democracy. We proposed the idea of Islamic democracy as opposed to western liberal democracy, and the manifestation of Islamic democracy is the presence of the people in elections. May 21, 2013


What are other aspects of Islamic democracy?

Basij is the embodiment of religious democracy. When we speak about religious or Islamic democracy, some people think that such democracy is only manifested at ballot boxes and through elections, those elections are only one manifestation of religious democracy. [Religious] democracy means a system which is based on religion and Islam. The masters of social life are the people themselves. Democracy means this. This is the meaning of Islamic democracy. Basij is the manifestation of religious and Islamic democracy in all arenas. If Basij enters the economy, the economy becomes democratic. This is the same thing that the gentlemen in the meeting said today which is completely correct. If the economy of resistance – which I have spoken about – benefits from the power and strength of Basij, it becomes a democratic economy of resistance. The same is true of science. The same is true of various social achievements. The same is true of politics. The manifestation of religious democracy is Basij. Nov 23, 2016

The presence of Basij means the presence of the people. When Basij is present somewhere, it means that the people of Iran are present there. As I said, Basij is a sample and manifestation of the people of Iran. It is a sample and sign of the people of Iran. Of course, it is evident that this presence is for the sake of defending ideals, values, and revolutionary and national identity. It is for the sake of helping our people and our country to reach the points which they deserve, which they have formulated in the shade of the Revolution and on which they are moving forward. The presence of Basij means this. It should defend. Nov 25, 2015


Will the global government of Imam Mahdi (greetings be upon him) be popular and democratic?

the government that will be established by Imam Mahdi (greetings be upon him) will be a popular government in its real sense. In other words, he will not eliminate oppression and injustice from the world all by himself, but he will do so with the help of his devout followers, and he will establish his popular government based on the divine justice and equity.

However, the popular government that will be established by Imam Mahdi (greetings be upon him) will be completely different from the present governments in the world that call themselves popular or democratic.

In an Islamic system of government, the perfect example of which will be established by Imam Mahdi (greetings be upon him), wooing the voters by spending money and manipulating public opinion will be regarded as an offence. Above all, using political power to amass a fortune will be viewed as the most serious offence.

Besides, the companions of Imam Mahdi (may Almighty Allah hasten his reappearance), who will be the top officials of his government, will be obliged to lead a simple life and abstain from luxuries. Oct 22, 2002