Leader's Speech to Government Officials


The following is the full text of the speech delivered on July 21, 2013 by Ayatollah Khamenei the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a meeting with the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al Qassem al-Mustafa Muhammad, upon his immaculate, pure, chosen, and infallible household, and upon those who guide the guided, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth.

I thank Allah the Exalted who gave us the opportunity and let us live long enough to experience another month of Ramadan. One of the blessings of this month is this warm, friendly and public meeting in which the officials of the country and the main officials of the Islamic Republic gather in this place. It is a meeting in which friends and officials can meet one another and in which, one can say and listen to things that are beneficial to the people and the general atmosphere of our society.

I would like to express my gratitude to the dear brothers and sisters for organizing this meeting. I also thank the president for presenting this complete and extensive report. I hope that Allah the Exalted rewards and bestows His blessings on all officials, all of you and all those people who are rendering services in different sectors throughout the country. By Allah's favor, your efforts and services - wherever you are - will be recorded by divine justice and will receive divine reward.

What I want to say in this meeting is that it is our duty to thank Allah the Exalted after each time He helps us. After Allah the Exalted helps us make an achievement in a certain area, it is our responsibility to pay more attention and rely on Him more than before. This is our responsibility. Allah the Exalted said, "When there comes the help of Allah and the victory, and you see men entering the religion of Allah in companies, Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and ask His forgiveness, surely He is oft-returning (to mercy)." [The Holy Quran, 110: 1-3]

Help provided by God is a divine blessing. It should help us get close to Allah the Exalted, renew our relationship with God and make us engage in supplication in a more serious way. Thankfully, our people have always benefited from divine assistance. The last case, which was great, was the issue of elections and the presence of the people. Both the people of Iran in general and the officials of the country in particular were involved in this political valor and they benefited from this divine kindness and assistance. Now that we benefited from divine assistance and managed to create this great valor - the effects of this great valor will be gradually visible in different sectors - we should raise our hands in supplication, rely on God and thank Allah the Exalted. We should do this especially because it is the month of Ramadan. It is an opportunity and a great achievement.

We are lucky that at this important moment of the political movement of the country, we are in the divine month of mercy. There is a narration which say, "This is the month of returning to God, the month of repentance, the month of forgiveness and mercy. This is the month of liberation from the fires of hell and the month of finding paradise." [Bihar al-Anwar, volume 94, page 359] These are among the prayers of the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of anabah [returning to God] and towbah [repentance]. Towbah means changing the path which we followed with our sins and mistakes. Anabah means paying attention to God in the present time and in the future. It has been said that the difference between towbah and anabah is that towbah is related to the past and anabah is related to the present time and the future. We should both return to God and repent before Him because of our sins, mistakes and the bad things which we have done in different areas, and we should perform anabah for the present time and the future. We should strengthen this relationship between ourselves and God. Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness: "This is the month of liberation from the fires of hell." Liberation from the fires of hell is, in fact, liberation from the mistake and sins which we commit.

The pain and torture that one may suffer in the hereafter are the incarnation of the sins and mistakes which we commit in this world. If we oppress other people in this world, if we engage in backbiting, if we make slanderous remarks about other people, if we overstep our boundaries and if we do not fulfill divine obligations, we should know that each of these things will appear to us in special forms in the barzakh and in the hereafter and these are the divine punishments.

There is a poem which says, "Those who tore Joseph's shirt will appear in the form of wolves in the hereafter." If we claw at other people's hearts, we will appear in the form of wolves in the hereafter, which is the embodiment of our sin. "This is the month of liberation from the fires of hell and finding paradise." Paradise can be achieved if we move in the right direction, cleanse our hearts, say prayers, perform nafelehs, behave in an honest, sincere and friendly manner towards the believers and fulfill different obligations. Doing these things is the same as going to paradise and in the hereafter, going to paradise is the embodiment of our good deeds. Divine blessings, which have been promised to the believers and the pious, will be the embodiment of our good deeds.

God says, "And remember your Lord within yourself humbly and fearing." [The Holy Quran, 7: 205] Remembering God humbly and fearing is the source of all blessings that one can achieve in his life. Remembering God should not be confined to times when we are suffering and when we are in pain and under pressure. We should also remember God in times of comfort and when we do not have any material anxiety. When we are faced with certain difficulties, we remember God. Allah the Exalted says, "So when they ride in the ships they call upon Allah, being sincerely obedient to Him, but when He brings them safe to the land, lo! They associate others (with Him)." [The Holy Quran, 29: 65] When something bad happens, we remember God, but when the problem is resolved, we forget God. In many parts of the Holy Quran, Allah the Exalted complains - perhaps 10 times or more, I have not counted how many times - that when we human beings are faced with a difficulty, we pay attention to Him. But when that difficulty is resolved, we tend to forget him.

Well, this blocks our path and restricts our movement. In the holy Sura Yunus, this issue has been repeated twice. One of them has a strange tone, a harsh and reproachful tone: "When trouble touches a man, He cries unto Us (in all postures) lying down on his side, or sitting, or standing." When he encounters a difficulty, he turns to God. He prays, engages in supplication and pays attention to God when he is asleep, when he is walking or when he is sitting. "But when We have solved his trouble, he passes on his way as if he had never cried to Us for a trouble that touched him!" When the trouble is gone, he walks as if he asked nothing from God and as if God never helped him. This is complete ignorance. Then He says, "Thus do the deeds of transgressors seem fair in their eyes!" [The Holy Quran, 10: 12] This ayah has a harsh and disparaging tone.

Dear brothers and sisters, we should ask God for help in all conditions. Our spiritual relationship with God should continue in times of comfort, peace, sufferings and sorrow. This guarantees the movement of human beings towards perfection. It guarantees the transcendence of human beings. This is the thing which can help us achieve the main goal of the creation of mankind. In my opinion, reliance on God and supplication will lead to diligence and action in all the arenas of life. If we pay attention to God, there will be no stagnation, no despair and no regression in different arenas of life. And the prerequisite for action is patience and reliance o God.

You are the officials of the country in different sectors. You have many responsibilities. What you do is both related to this world and the hereafter. That is to say, when you are carrying out your responsibilities, you are building the world and your lives and you are also building your souls. Your action - which is both a material and a spiritual action - needs two elements: patience and reliance on God. In a holy ayah, God says, "An excellent reward for those who do (good), those who persevere in patience, and put their trust, in their Lord and Cherisher." [The Holy Quran, 29: 58-59] Patience means perseverance, steadfastness, resistance and remembrance of goals. "If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred" [The Holy Quran, 8: 65] In the battlefield and in the arena of confronting the enemy, if you are patient, you can defeat the enemy with this number of people.

I have said many times that in different international arenas, confrontation with the enemy is a war of determination. Each side whose determination is undermined sooner, will be defeated. Patience means preserving this determination and willpower. And reliance on God means carrying out our responsibilities and asking God for results. It should not be imagined that reliance on God means sitting idle and expecting God to solve problems. Of course, in the religious atmosphere of our society today, the people do not think like this. But, in the past, this idea used to be promoted and instilled in the minds of the people. Reliance on God means doing our tasks and asking God for results. In such conditions, we can rely on God for results. Therefore, on the issue of reliance on God - as we clerics say - tasks and responsibilities have been taken as a pre-condition.

Besides a personal function, patience and reliance on God are important in the management of the country. On a personal level, both our patience and reliance on God are beneficial. If we are patient and if we rely on God in our education, we will move forward. The same is true of office jobs, sports and family management. It is the same in every personal matter.

Patience and reliance on God also play a role in the management of the country, whether macromanagement or management of different sectors. Without patience and reliance on God, it is not possible for one to do things which are his responsibility in the area of management of the country. With impatience, haste, listlessness, laziness and despair in facing problems, it is not possible to do great things, to make progress and to carry out the important responsibility of helping the country make progress.

Well, in the area of managing the country - all of you are somehow involved in this area and you are responsible in different economic, technical, cultural, scientific and other areas - if we want to benefit from patience and reliance on God, we should pay attention to a number of main factors:

The first factor is adopting the right orientation. We should adopt the right orientation because it is like a compass. This is the main criterion. If we adopt the wrong orientation and if we make a mistake in adopting the right orientation, not only will our great efforts not produce results, but they will also make us deviate from our path. God Almighty says, "Shall We tell you of those who lose most in respect of their deeds? Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life?" [The Holy Quran, 18: 103-104] Their efforts are based on ignorance. That is to say, their efforts are not based on the right orientation. The right orientation should be adopted. If such a criterion does not exist, our different efforts will drift us away from the destination. Orientations are important.

On the 14th of Khordad of this year, in a meeting in Imam Khomeini's (r.a.) holy shrine which was held on the occasion of his demise anniversary (may God bestow paradise on him), I explained the orientations of the Revolution on the basis of the principles of Imam (r.a.) - which are very important and authoritative for us. I spoke at length about our orientation towards domestic and foreign polices and our orientation towards the arena of culture and economy. What I said was based on the statements of Imam (may God bestow paradise on him).

Thankfully today, our outstanding personalities, our officials and all the people throughout the country believe in Imam. Everybody chooses Imam as a standard. Sometimes, the ideas and orientations of Imam towards different issues are interpreted in the wrong way which is a bad thing. It is also dangerous. Fortunately, Imam's speeches are available to us. Imam's speeches, voice, writings and works are available to us. On that day, I said that Imam's final testament, which is a summary of his orientations and positions, are available to everybody. Therefore, it is clear what the orientations are. We have no problems in identifying orientations and we do not need to sit and make a decision in this regard. Imam was a faqih. He was knowledgeable, wise, experienced and intelligent. He would speak with wisdom and he would think in the right way. He created this Revolution, formed the Islamic Republic and developed clear guidelines for it with his thoughts and ideas. Therefore, the first thing that every manager in every sector should do is to adopt the right orientation.

The second factor is using all the tools which are available. All of our tools and energy should be implemented. These orientations should turn into practical policies. General policies are part of these practical policies. The 20-year strategic plan is part of these practical policies. The executive policies of the government in different sectors are part of these practical policies. The plans that different administrations formulate and the bills that the Majlis ratify and put into practice are part of these practical policies. In the process of developing these practical policies, general goals should be established, the right orientations should be adopted and they should play an outstanding role.

The third factor is considering priorities. This is another factor. There are many things to be done. Sometimes our energy, capabilities and financial resources do not meet all needs. Therefore, priorities should be taken into consideration. This is the thing which we can do in the area of management in order to establish the principle of patience and reliance on God.

Let us take a look at the general conditions in the country. Fortunately, the country is in a great era. I will tell you that when administrations change, our country and our political history experience a great era. This transition of governments is one of the great blessings of God for us. It is one of the great opportunities which is available to us. New people, new ideas, new plans and new opinions enter the arena. This has been determined by the Constitution. This is one of the opportunities. Of course, if this opportunity is used in a different way, it will turn into a threat. As we can see in a number of countries, the transfer of power is accompanied by bloodshed, displays of power and violence. Fortunately, such a situation does not exist in our country.

Of course, in the year 1388, some people made a great mistake. They pushed the country towards such a precipice and they created such a problem for the country. But, thankfully, Allah the Exalted helped and this nation managed to overcome this problem. Over these long years since the victory of the Revolution - except that short period of time in the year 1388 - this transition of governments in the country has always occurred with tranquility and comfort. This is a very important opportunity.

Therefore, today that a transition of governments is taking place and a new group of people, new elements, new thoughts and new innovations are entering the arena, this group of people should move things forward by benefiting from what has already been done and by building another level over the current structure. This is a very important and good opportunity and it is a kind of Eid for our country. This transition of governments is really an auspicious occasion. Each administration which is entrusted with this responsibility should adopt a positive outlook on its predecessor. You heard the detailed report of Mr. President, Dr. Ahmadinejad. Many things have been done. Outstanding work has been carried out. It is possible that the next administration does as much or twice as much as what has already been done. What is better than this for the country? The important point is to continue adopting the right orientation. In the future, I will mention to officials and the people a few points about our efforts to continue adopting the right orientation. In the present time, it is not necessary to do this.

What is necessary today - it is good to pay attention to this issue - is to take an overall look at the country and the general conditions in the country. We do not want to busy ourselves with details because there are many details. Let us take an overall look at the affairs of our dear country and the Islamic Republic of Iran to see where we are and what we are. I have written down six, seven factors. All of these are facts.

The first fact is that our country is a country with an important geography. Our geographical position is one of the good ones in the world. If we divide all countries in the world into different categories in terms of their geographical position, Iran will definitely achieve a high rank or the highest rank. Regarding geographical positions, this is a privilege. This is what we have. It is a God-given privilege.

The second fact is our history and our civilizational roots. Our ancient and civilizational roots and our history are glorious, particularly from the beginning of the Islamic era onwards. Before the Islamic era too, there were a number of outstanding characteristics in the history of our country, but after the introduction of Islam, these outstanding characteristics increased to a great extent. We made progress in scientific, industrial and cultural areas, in areas related to different political glories and in areas related to the development of the country, whether qualitative or quantitative development. This is our history. Our scientific legacy in different areas related to human knowledge and divine teachings is a unique legacy. Few countries in Asia and few countries with an ancient civilization - such as India, China, Egypt and other such countries - are like Iran, let alone western countries which have no special historical background. So, in terms of civilization, we are among outstanding and leading countries. This is another fact.

The third fact is our outstanding natural and human wealth. Around 20 years ago, it used to be said that the oil supply of the country will be exhausted at such and such a time - they used to set a date for that. But new discoveries in the area of oil and gas have extended this date four, five times. We are an excellent and rich country in terms of our sources of metal, our energy resources and the different resources that a country needs to manage itself.

The same is true of human resources. We have said this many times. During the early days after the victory of the Revolution, we used to say this based on our speculations. But later on, international statistics confirmed that we have achieved the highest ranks in terms of talent. That is to say, we are much higher than the global average in this regard. Our average is higher than the global average. As you can see, our talented individuals and our youth are excellent. Perhaps, I have said this many times. According to the information that I have, the reports which are delivered to me and the things which one can witness, there is no single branch of scientific and technological areas - these branches are many - which has an infrastructure in the country and in which our youth and scientists cannot carry out great work. Wherever they cannot do this, it is because the infrastructure related to that branch does not exist. Of course, these infrastructures should be built and it is being built. This is our natural and human wealth.

Besides these facts, another fact should receive our attention: during the past two, three centuries we have received hard blows. These came from both domestic dictatorships - dictators inside the country - and foreign attacks. It is a fact that we have received certain blows. The history of the entrance and the influence of foreign governments in our country dates back to the year 1800 of the Christian calendar. That is to say, 212 years have passed since the first foreign interference in our country which came from the English government that had its bases in India. The English John Malcolm came to Iran - those who have read the history of this event know this - and there were a number of consequences for us. The weakness of those Iranian governments in confronting the influence and the cultural and political attack of those western governments made the country become passive and we gradually became weak and suffered a number of defeats. This is a fact. We cannot ignore this era if we want to analyze the issues of the country and gain an understanding of its current situation. They dealt hard blows to us. They had both political and cultural influence over our country. They also looted our resources.

Unfortunately, nothing appropriate has been done in this area. Our researchers and historians should carry out extensive and detailed work about the looting of the economic resources of the country by the foreign influential countries which entered Iran such as England in a certain era and Russia in another era and others who entered Iran. Of course, England and Russia were the main countries and finally America entered the arena. They looted our wealth, humiliated the Iranian nation and established their political domination. What you heard from the politicians, who were dependent on western policies and autocratic governments, about the humiliation of Iran and the Iranian nation and about the notion that "we cannot" and other such things resulted from the domination of western culture and western policies over our country. These are among facts.

The fifth fact is our national awakening in three eras. In three eras, we enjoyed a public and national awakening. The first era is the era of the Constitutional Movement, the second is the era of the National Movement - the movement of Ayatollah Kashani and Dr. Mosaddeq - and the third is the era of the Islamic Revolution. In the first two eras, the Iranian nation was defeated. The Constitutional Movement was an important movement, but they were defeated. During the time of the National Movement, they sparked an uprising, but they were defeated. The reasons why these movements were defeated require another long and detailed discussion. There was a reason for the failure of each. The third era is the era of the Islamic Revolution. These are national movements.

Of course, there were a number of non-public movements and uprisings such as the Tobacco Protest and other such movements. These were not national movements for bringing about a dramatic change in the country. They were launched for a specific issue. What can be called a national movement and a great achievement took place in these three eras. But, the victory of the Islamic Revolution was an outstanding era which defeated the West and its opponents and which brought them to their knees. And this happened thanks to Imam (may God bestow paradise on him), his personality and the divine obligations and rules which he relied on. He created the Islamic Republic based on these rules and his clear guidelines. This is a fact. So, we experienced this victorious confrontation against the West as well as the defeats which we suffered against the West during those two centuries. This is also a fact.

The fifth fact is our experience in making progress in different arenas. Regarding political - whether foreign or domestic policies - economic and other such issues, some people say that we should adopt a realistic outlook. Well, the things that I said are facts. These facts should be seen. One of the most important facts is the achievements of a country. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution - that is to say, from the year 1357 onwards - Iran has considerably changed and we cannot witness so much change in other countries in such a period of time. I do not know any country which has made so much change. Developed countries in terms of civilization, industry and science travelled longer distance to reach the point which we have reached today. As far as I know, this level of progress has been witnessed few times or it has not been at all witnessed. As the president mentioned, we have made progress in scientific areas. Of course, our scientific achievements are much more than this. We are not saying this because we are officials of the country. This is the judgment of scientific centers in the world.

We have also made progress in political arenas. In the arena of domestic politics, the new model of religious democracy which we have introduced to the world, our elections and the transition of executive and legislative power in the country are among the greatest achievements. Religious democracy is a healthy democracy, without the deceptive measures which are common in the world. I am sorry that many of our youth do not know about the common methods in the world - In America, in the West and in Europe - which are used in the arena of elections. These methods are seemingly democratic, but they are non-democratic in nature. Good books have been written in this regard. They have been written by westerners themselves. Our youth should take a look at these books and read them to see how a mayor and a governor in such and such a state is elected, how they become a senator and a president after that and how they are pushed into these arenas. They can see with what tricks these things are done. Then our youth can compare this with our country in which somebody - sometimes without any executive background - attracts people when he meets them and speaks to them. When he does this, a wave of excitement is created. The people go to ballot boxes, vote and elect somebody with such a massive turnout. This is a new model of democracy. This is our political progress.

The same is true of our foreign politics. Today, the Islamic Republic has an undeniable role in different issues of the region. No one can deny this. It should be noted that the issues of our region are the issues of the world. We have made progress in the area of domestic politics. We have introduced a new mode of democracy. We have the power - on a national level - to choose. In the area of foreign politics, we have exerted so much influence. These are facts.

We have also made progress in construction. What has been done in the area of construction in the past 30 years is really astonishing. Before the Revolution, we used to pay a visit to different cities, villages and deprived areas. We used to see the situation. We know how, at that time, they were working on this issue. Whenever an earthquake happened - I myself established an aid program during a number of big and well-known earthquakes and I worked there - I used to see how they were working. And now, you can see how fast they provide aid whenever an earthquake and a natural disaster happen in any part of the country and whenever the people face certain problems. This is unbelievable, but it is true.

The same is true of cultural areas. In general, we have experienced a dramatic cultural change compared to the time before the Revolution and the time of taghut. I am not speaking about the details. If we take an overall look, we see that this is a revolution in the real sense of the word. Of course, if we work in a better way, if we become more competent and if work more seriously, we will also be successful in details.

A promising future for our country is another fact. This young generation is very precious. Last year in the month of Ramadan, I addressed an issue in such a meeting and it was put into practice to some extent. The issue of birth control is dangerous for our country. I would tell you that birth control is a big danger for our country. We have moved far into the danger zone and we have to move back. We could have prevented this, but we did not. The research that specialists and experts carried out with their scientific approach and scientific precision makes us conclude that the country will face problems in the future with the current process. The country will suffer from demographic aging. This birth control is a bad thing. Of course, I have heard that there is debate about a certain bill in the Majlis, but the way it has been explained to me, this bill will not work. The solutions which have been put forward in this bill will not work. The officials in charge, those who are interested in and familiar with this issue should pay attention so that they can do it in the right way.

The eighth fact is that the country is faced with a camp of hostile enemies. We are the top country in the world in this regard as we are the top country in many other things and many other arenas. We have no other country which is faced with such a large number of hostile enemies. We are faced with such enemies. There is the camp of prejudice, there is the camp of arrogance, there are some of the leaders of western countries and there are some weak officials of the regional countries. There is always a certain camp against us. Obviously, there are clear reasons for this. These reasons can be explained and analyzed. Of course, this issue requires another discussion. But the truth of the matter is that there is such a camp against us.

Well, in the face of such a camp we should make a decision by relying on these facts and by taking a look at our general goals. Each official in each sector should know how the path of the future should be trodden in such conditions. He should be able to determine this. In my opinion, these facts show us the path of the future. The innovative ideas which different administrations and managers of different sectors implement are an opportunity and a divine blessing for the country. The decade in which we live now, the fourth decade of the Revolution, can be the decade of progress and justice in the real sense of the word. The facts which we see dictate that we can set this decade as the decade of progress and justice in the real sense of the word.

In the process of reaching our ideal goals, the infrastructures of power should be strengthened. This is the essence of our work. If we want to continue treading this path, pursue these goals, move forward, put up a resistance against the hostility of the enemies and employ patience and reliance on God, we should reinforce and strengthen national power from inside the country. Some elements for this reinforcement are elements which we have always put great emphasis on. These are recurrent elements. And some others are those which are needed during a particular time. These are seasonal elements. One of the recurrent elements is firm determination which I have spoken about. The officials of the country should persist in their decisions when they are faced with problems. They should preserve their firm determination and they should not falter in their resolve. Moving towards ideals requires this firm determination. It should not be the case that they falter when the enemy frowns, when it looks at them with a sour face and when it makes various hostile moves - such as its propaganda efforts and its political, economic and other such plots. It is necessary for both officials and the people to have firm determination. Of course, the latter - people's firm determination - requires certain preconditions and, in the present time, it is clear what these preconditions are. If we want to preserve people's firm determination, we should carry out certain responsibilities.

As for the seasonal elements - those elements which are priorities for the country in the present time - in my opinion, the issue of economy and science are the most important. The leading officials and politicians of the country and those who are in charge of managing the main issues of the country should pay attention to these two elements. The issue of the economy of the country should be highlighted. The issue of the scientific progress of the country should be highlighted too. Fortunately, the issue of economy receives attention on a public level. Everybody pays attention to this issue. Economic valor has been part of the slogan of this year. I hope that, as political valor was achieved, economic valor will be also achieved with the efforts of officials. Of course, economic tasks cannot be accomplished in a short period of time. They cannot be completed in one, two months or in one year. However, the movement should be started. I also stress the importance of the issue of science. During the past 10 years, our scientific movement has been very good. The rate of our scientific progress has been very good. But this rate of progress should not be slowed down. If we want to reach the desired level and if we want to catch up with the leading camps of global science, we should preserve this rate of progress.

The second point which should be raised in this regard is the issue of interaction with the world. Today, this issue is discussed at length. We believe in interaction with the world. In the process of interacting with the world, one should know the other side. If we do not do this, we will be tripped up. We should not forget our history of enmity with global arrogance. Sometimes, we may not point out to the other party that we have a history of enmity with him. This is alright. Sometimes, you have something to do with someone and you two have a history of resentment against one another, but you think it is expedient not to remind him of that. This is alright, but you should not forget this history. If you forget it, you will be tripped up and you will receive a hard blow.

The Americans say that they want to negotiate with Iran. Well, it is several years they say that they want to negotiate with us. This is not an opportunity which they have provided us with. In the beginning of the year, I said that I am not optimistic about this. I do not forbid you from negotiating on specific issues such as the issue of Iraq and a number of other issues, but I am not optimistic because experience has proved this. The Americans are unreliable, unreasonable and dishonest when they approach us. The past four months which passed since I spoke about this issue has proven this. The positions of the officials and politicians of America showed that what I said - about not being optimistic in this regard - is true. They themselves confirmed this in practice. England and other countries showed this in a different way.

There is nothing wrong with interacting with the world. From the beginning, we were interested in interacting with the world. But when we interact with others, we should know the other party and its methods and we should consider our main goals. It is possible that an enemy blocks your path and say, "You should not go any further." Coming to terms with this enemy does not mean that you should accept and turn back. Your negotiating skill lies in the fact that you should do something to continue your path. You should not allow the enemy to prevent you. Otherwise, if understanding with this enemy means that you agree to turn back from your path, then you have suffered a loss. The officials and politicians should pay attention to this issue.

Of course, regional issues are also important issues. These issues have occupied part of our minds. But there is no more time to discuss this.

Dear brothers and sisters, you were patient and listened. I hope that Allah the Exalted will bestow His blessings on all of you. Dear God, bestow on us the blessing to engage in supplication. Save us from the fires of the hell which we have set ourselves. Dear God, guide us towards good and moral deeds. Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad (s.w.a.) and his household (a.s.), bestow Your favors and grace on all the people of Iran and the officials of the country - those who have been in charge until today and those who will be in charge in the future. Accept the efforts of those people who made efforts for this country and this nation. Dear God, help those who decide to make efforts and render services for this country succeed in this responsibility and guide them towards the right path - the path which you approve. Make the holy heart of the Imam of the Age satisfied and pleased with us. Make the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam and the pure souls of our martyrs satisfied and pleased with us.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings