Fall of U.S.

5 claims against the U.S. by Imam Khamenei: what do statistics reveal?

Various reports, including those from western sources, give the impression that the United States today faces many crises ranging from economic to cultural and social calamities; crises that are discussed today by many American strategists and politicians as well.


It was last November when Ayatollah Khamenei—the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran—asserted: “Those who are inclined towards a compromise should know that the United States is on a decline.” Certainly, this assertion—like any other reiterated by the Leader—enjoys not only strategic and reasoning depth, but also religious depth. Its most important evidence probably is verse 81 of Sura Isra: “… falsehood has vanished”. This new axis, apart from all the messages it contained for those inside Iran who sought a compromise [with the USA], was also promising a new World Order: a world without the arrogant government of the United States; a world that, according to Quran’s promise, will be inherited by the oppressed.

The religious basis of Imam Khamenei’s assertions is also accompanied by staggering evidence and examples. Various reports, including those from western sources, give the impression that the United States today faces many crises ranging from economic to cultural and social calamities; crises that are discussed today by many American strategists and politicians as well. One important confession was made by Admiral Michael Mullen, a former United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a few months ago, where he said the U.S. is declining. It looks like a company going bankrupt. The question is will there be leaders to save the United States from this downfall before the country faces disintegration?[1]

The Leader of the Revolution in his speech on May 14th, 2019 pointed out the axis that exhibits U.S.’s decline; axes that will be studied briefly in this short report.


1- Ayatollah Khamenei: The US Department of Agriculture reports that 41 million Americans are hungry.


As pointed out by Ayatollah Khamenei, according to a report by the US Department of Agriculture, 12.3 percent of American households are food insecure; that means between 40 and 41 million Americans suffer from food insecurity.[2] This is while 10% of U.S.’s well-off households possess 79% of the nation’s wealth[3] and tens of millions are doomed to suffer from acute food insecurity. Of course putting food insecurity aside, there are many reports that confirm the absolute rule of capitalism over the U.S. For example:

- According to a report by CNN, 43 percent of U.S. households cannot afford basic expenses like rent and food.[4]

- According to a report by Harvard Research Center, 45,000 people lose their lives in the U.S. every year due to lack of an ordinary health insurance.[5]

- According to a Family Promise report, 2.5 million American children will experience homelessness next year.[6]

- According to reports, 25 percent of U.S. forgo essential medical treatment, because they are unable to afford it.[7]


These statistics are without a doubt a result of the ruling capitalist regime in the U.S. where the rich get richer in Manhattan or Beverly Hills, and millions in Bronx, and other poor neighborhoods are unable to provide for much of their basic needs.


2- Ayatollah Khamenei: 40% of children in America are born out of wedlock.


As pointed out by Imam Khamenei, based on estimates by World Family Map, about 40% of children in the U.S. are born out of wedlock. That is, one in every 2 people you meet in the streets of U.S. is most probably illegitimate born. This number is 33% in Canada, 57% in France, 35% in Germany, 48% in the UK, and 55% in Sweden.[8] These statistics give the impression that the majority of births in Western civilization are out of wedlock. But the moral crisis in the society of the United States does not end here. For example:

- In the United States, every 92 seconds a case of rape occurs.[9]

- 1 in every 6 American women has been sexually assaulted once in their life.[10]

- 38% of American students are sexually assaulted by their teachers.[11]

And the United States alone has 428 million pornographic web pages on the Internet, ranking 1st in the world in this regard.[12]

This is what the U.S. is facing today. If they do not find a solution to these statistics, moral and cultural crises will make it implode.

3. Ayatollah Khamenei: the US has 2,200,000 prisoners

As Ayatollah Khamenei points out, the United States has approximately 2,300,000 prisoners.[13] Many of these prisoners are behind the bars due to economic problems or as a result of the destructive American culture. For example, only one-fifth of U.S. incarcerated population is in prison for drug-related crimes.[14] Or, according to a report by Russia Today, thousands of prisoners have been incarcerated for debts of less than $ 28 to private plaintiffs![15] But what increasingly represents a sign of disgrace for the U.S. society is the large female incarcerated population in the country. With one-third of the world's female prisoners, the United States has the largest female incarcerated population.[16] It is important to note that more than 60 percent of these prisoners are mothers of children under the age of 18, which has aggravated the crisis of single-parent families in the United States. Moreover, 20 percent of these mothers were homeless before they were arrested, which is indicative of economic reasons behind many crimes in the United States.[17]

Hence, it is certainly not an exaggeration to say that the United States is the utopia of the world's prisoners.



4. The leader: U.S. has the highest prevalence of drug abuse

Like many other cultural issues, the United States is leading the world in drug abuse statistics. The United States has the highest levels of drug abuse in the world;[18] drug overdose leads to 72,000 deaths annually in the United States.[19] The U.S. is also among the highest ranking countries as for the amount of alcohol consumption, and alcoholic beverages result in nearly 88,000 deaths per year in the United States.[20] In terms of cocaine consumption too, the US is ranked first in the world.[21] Perhaps if the United States, instead of spending millions of dollars in Western Asia, increasing the defense budget every year and supporting the Zionist regime, had attended to the cultural and social problems of its own society and had spent the great sums of money on its education sector—which is heavily suffering today—it would not have to deal with so many cultural and social crisis today!


5- The Leader: 31% of world’s mass shootings happen in the U.S.

Between the years 1966 and 2012, 290 mass shootings happened across the world, 90 of which happened in the United States. That makes about one-third of all mass shootings in the world.[22] This gangster attitude has led to the death of 40 thousand Americans by firearms every year.[23] An arms industry that has dissuaded U.S. politicians from controlling and prohibiting firearms due to the high profits it brings to them. Apart from its internal affairs, the arms industry has also provided the United States with extravagant profits in the international market, and the United States is now the biggest arms exporter in the world with a 33% market share.[24]

The main thing to blame for this gangster attitude is the American ideology. A disease that the United States is seriously trying to spread to other countries by exporting arms and softly paving the way through Hollywood for [ideological aggression].






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