Killing of Jazmine Barnes

When Blacks are killed in US, there is no guarantee the murderers will be punished: Imam Khamenei

When African Americans are killed in the US, there is no guarantee that their murderers will be punished. This is the US government. This is racism in the United States.

When Imam Khomeini said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on the U.S.” this means defending values, not only defending values particular to Muslims but also defending all human values. Today, as the Americans themselves acknowledge, the U.S. government and the U.S. system have drifted miles away from human values. Did you watch the recent debate between the two candidates for the U.S. presidential elections? Did you see the truths that they revealed? Did you listen to them? They revealed the true nature of the United States. The truths that they revealed were several times larger in number [and worse] than the truths which we had disclosed. Of course, some people did not believe or did not want to believe them.


And what is interesting is that the person who spoke more candidly attracted more attention from the people of America. Because that man spoke more candidly and more openly, the people of America paid more attention to him. The other party said that he is adopting a populist method. Why populist? It is because the people were watching him and they saw that what he was saying was correct. They saw it in the realities of their life. Human values have been annihilated and trampled upon in that country. There is racial discrimination in that country. Just a few days before that debate, that man stood up in his presidential campaign and said that if you are colored – black or red-skinned - and if you are walking on the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington, California, and other such cities, you cannot be sure that you will remain alive for a few more minutes! Notice that this is being said by a person who expects to go to the White House in a few days to manage the affairs of United States! This is what is meant by racism in the United States.


Poverty has struck the Americans as well. He said that 44 million people are hungry in the U.S.! He and others said that less than one percent of the people of America are the owners of 90 percent of American wealth. Human values have been trampled upon in that country. There is discrimination, differentiation, racism, and annihilation of human rights in the U.S. When you shout, “Dow with the U.S.A.” and when Imam Khomeini (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on the U.S.” this means down with all these vices. It was because of these vices that Imam Khomeini (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on the United States.”

November 2, 2016

Our main enemy, the regime of the United States of America, is one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in the world. They support terrorists. They supported DAESH as much as they could. In the present time too, despite all the fuss that they kick up, they are still helping DAESH and takfiris like DAESH behind the scenes. This is according to the news that we have received. They support terrorism. They support tyrannical governments. They used to support the Shah. They support the oppressive House of Saud. They support some oppressive dynasties in the region. Are there actions which are more erroneous than these? Is there any corruption which is graver than this?


They support criminals, whether the criminals who are committing crimes in Palestine – the Zionist regime – or the ones who are committing crimes in Yemen. In Yemen, they shed blood every day. They commit crimes inside their own country. They place African Americans under pressure. The US police murder African American women, men, children and youth without any reason, but the US courts exonerate them and let them go. This is their judiciary branch! That is while they criticize and find faults with the judiciary branch of other countries including ours.


Of course, our judiciary branch is not perfect. You should know that I am aware of the problems that exist in the judiciary and executive branches. Perhaps, my information is much more than many others, but I see the positives as well. In Ziarat Aminullah, we say, "Make me aware of Your abundant bounties." We should pay attention to God's blessings. We have some corrupt judges, but we also have just and reliable judges as well. We do not have the right to reject everyone at once. We have ambitious, brazen and materialistic executive managers, but we also have clean and diligent executive managers. We do not have the right to pass judgment on everyone with the same brush. We should be careful in this regard.


We have these judiciary systems of the western world in front of us. An example is the judiciary system of the US whose prisons are a disgrace and whose problems are astonishing for their people - because of the issue of bribes and other such matters. Nonetheless, in Hollywood movies and the like, they pretend that their judiciary system was clean and spotless. An example is what I just said: if African Americans are killed in the US, there is no guarantee that their murderers will be punished. This is the US government.

December 27, 2017

Unfortunately, today as you can witness, these events are many in a world that is indifferent to spiritual values. Now, the funny part is that in the U.S.- whose president is a black - many crimes are committed against blacks. They have a celebration on the occasion of abolishing slavery, which was done by a certain president, but they oppress blacks in a very cruel way. Of course, there are certain criticisms about the abolishment of slavery. They say that Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, but this is not the truth of the matter according to historical research that has been carried out in a careful way. The issue was not the issue of abolishing slavery. Rather, it was the issue of the north and the south. It was the issue of long and deep-rooted wars between the north and south of America. It was a fight between landowners and agriculture, and industry. This was the main source of contention. They did not abolish slavery because of altruistic feelings.


In any case, despite this celebration, blacks are ignored and humiliated. Besides, their lives are in danger as well. Such police power is not what Islam and we want. We do not at all like to give a cinematic and Hollywood-like color to our police work on the streets. We want tasks to be carried out in the real sense of the word. That is to say, we want complete authority and power accompanied by justice, kindness and mercy - in certain cases, power should be accompanied by mercy. This is the manifestation of Islam. On the one hand, the Holy Being is Beneficent and Merciful and on the other hand, He is a Great Punisher. These two things should be considered together. This should spread in the different levels of the pyramid and affect our lives, behavior, and affairs. The same thing should be done in the Police Force.

April 26, 2015