The Accomplice 1600

The U.S.A. is an accomplice to "Israel's" crimes

Today, the dilemma in the world of Islam is its drifting away from the Quran. The malady that some Islamic societies are suffering from is because of an overall drifting from Quran. Look at the situation in Palestine [how Muslim countries’ negligence of Quran has afflicted their brethren in Palestine]. A people are driven out of their homes, and those who have remained in their homes are under all kinds of stress--an example of which you witnessed recently. Many people were martyred and several thousand individuals were wounded or injured at the hands of a usurping, malicious, and fraudulent regime: this is while so many Muslims were merely watching the catastrophe unfold--like mere spectators.

Some people complain and ask: "Why hasn't the US adopted a position [to protect Palestinians]?" Is the US supposed to adopt some position? The USA itself is an accomplice [to "Israel's" crimes]. Many Western governments are partners in crime. Do you expect them to adopt any position [against "Israel"]? It is the Muslims who must adopt a solid position; it is the Islamic Ummah that must adopt a position: it is the Islamic Ummah, the Islamic administrations, and the Islamic governments which should stand firm [against Zionists] but they are not. Why is that? It is because they have strayed far away from the Quran, and they do not believe in it.

Imam Khamenei, May 17, 2018