Ayatollah Khamenei

There is only one solution to the issue of Palestine: Annihilation of Israeli regime


Our view on the issue of Palestine is clear. We believe that the solution for Palestine is the destruction of the Israeli regime. They cannot say it is impossible; nothing is impossible in this world. Anything is achievable. All the huge mountains that prevent people from moving are removable.

August 19, 1991

Regarding the issue of Palestine, as well as rejecting the entity of the usurping and fake Zionist regime, and condemning -- in a serious manner --the increase of crimes that this regime is committing, we have proposed that an election take place in the presence of all Palestinians. This is completely compatible with the current rules and regulations around the world.

Any administration that emerges out of the votes of the Palestinian nation shall determine the fate of the Zionists and the residents occupying their lands. Of course, in opposition to our reasonable offer, they have said that this means the collapse of that usurping regime. Well, that fake regime, naturally, should collapse. 

Nov 1, 2015

The solution that the Islamic Republic suggests, to resolve the conflict between Palestine and that old wound (the Zionist entity), is a clear and logical proposal, one that is based on political wisdom accepted by global public opinion, and it has been presented in detail previously. We neither propose a classical war with the armies of Islamic countries, nor do we propose throwing Jewish immigrants into the sea, or intervention of the United Nations and other international organizations. We propose a referendum among the Palestinian people. Just like any other nation, the Palestinian nation has the right to determine its own destiny and to elect its own government. All the original people of Palestine -- including Muslims, Christians, Jews, and indigenous inhabitants -- should take part in a general and orderly referendum to determine the future of Palestine's government, whether they live inside Palestine, or in refugee camps, or in any other place. The government that is established after the referendum will determine the destiny of non-Palestinian immigrants who migrated to Palestine in the past. This is a fair and logical proposal which global public opinion understands, and it can receive support from independent nations and governments.

Of course we do not expect the usurping Zionists to willingly accept this proposal; this is where the role of governments, nations, and resistance organizations becomes significant. The most important pillar of supporting the Palestinian nation is to stop supporting the usurping enemy: this is the great duty of Islamic governments. After the people have stepped into the arena and chanted against the Zionist regime, powerfully, on what logical basis do Muslim governments continue their relations with the usurping Zionist regime? The proof of Muslim governments' honesty lies in their support for the Palestinian nation and in their decision to break off their overt and secret political and economic relations with the Zionist regime. The governments that host Zionist embassies or economic offices cannot claim to defend Palestine, and no anti-Zionist slogan on their part will be considered serious and genuine.

Today Islamic resistance organizations, which have been shouldering the heavy burden of jihad over the past years, are confronted with the same great responsibility. Their organized resistance is an active arm that can help the Palestinian nation move towards the ultimate goal. Brave resistance of the people, whose home and country has been occupied, has been recognized in all international conventions and has been praised. Allegations of terrorism by the political and media network affiliated with Zionism are hollow and worthless claims. The obvious terrorists are within the Zionist regime and its western supporters. Palestinian resistance is a movement against the oppressive terrorists: it is a human and sacred movement. 

Oct 1, 2011