Ayatollah Khamenei meets with Nicolás Maduro

U.S. failed in Lebanon: Imam Khamenei

The Lebanese Hizbollah has shown in practice that it is not only endowed with power and initiative in the area of jihad and resistance, but it is also characterized by wisdom and dexterity on the scene of politics. Today, the United States looks tangibly weak in this region. This is evident from U.S. defeat in Iraq and also from the failure of U.S. plans for Lebanon and Iran.


Statements made during a meeting with Hizbulla Secatary General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah ; August 2, 2005.


They have plans for Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. And their plans are specific. One day, they gave themselves away by speaking about “The New Middle East” and “The Greater Middle East”. The lady who was head of their foreign policy in those years said this. They made a mistake, but they said this any way.

They have a plan for this region – for the region that they refer to as “The Middle East”. This is a wrong term which originates from the arrogant philosophy, ideology and mentality of the west. This means that whichever region that is close to the west and to Europe is called “The Near East”. Whichever region that is far from them is referred to as “The Far East” and whichever region that stands in the middle is referred to as “The Middle East”. This is the European standard. For them, Asia – which is such a vast region – is not a standard. Now, they have called this vast region “The Greater Middle East” and “The New Middle East”.

The reason why they have a plan for this region is that it is a very sensitive region. It is a sensitive region because of different reasons: because of the existence of Muslims and Islam, because of the existence of the Zionist regime, because of the existence of great sources of oil, and because of the existence of important waterways. The Strait of Hormuz is in this region. The Babul Mandab straits and several other important straits exist in this region. These straits are very important in the world. They are very important in terms of political geography and strategy. This is why they are sensitive about it and this is why they have plans and plots for it. And they want to pursue their plans easily and without any obstacles on their way.

Statements made during a meeting with Members of the Parliament; June 5, 2016.


Over there, Hezbollah is shining like a sun! Hezbollah is a source of pride for the world of Islam! The youth and members of Hezbollah of Lebanon are a source of pride for the world of Islam!

They made such an achievement that could not be achieved by the armies of three Arab countries in two, three wars. They defeated Israel. Before inflicting such a defeat on Israel, the armies of three countries – countries like Egypt and Syria, that had strong armies, and Jordan – deployed their forces against the Zionist regime at least in two wars and they were defeated in those wars. In the first war, not all countries participated, but in the second war, Egypt, Jordan and Syria deployed their armies against Israel and were defeated.    

However, Hezbollah managed to defeat the Zionist regime – which had become stronger after those wars – in the course of just 33 days. Is this a small feat? Is it a minor achievement? Is it wrong to say that they are a source of pride for the world of Islam? Now, even if a piece of torn paper condemns them somewhere, who cares? The truth is growing and blossoming. The truth might face some difficulties on its path, but it will eventually become victorious.

Statements made in a meeting with the members of Islamic Students Associations; April 20, 2016.