Pakistanis' faith is deeper than that of many other Muslim countries: Ayatollah Khamenei

I believe that the faith of the Pakistani people is deeper than that of many other Muslim countries, or perhaps better say almost all other Muslim countries; I can argue on that.

Matters regarding Pakistan are by no means separated from Muslims, in general, and Islamic goals and issues. There has always been a special relation between the Iranian nation and the Pakistani nation; God willing this relationship will grow stronger, day by day. In fact, the Pakistani nation and their sincere Islamic country men have always been a source of support for our nation, when it comes to matters surrounding the Revolution; it has been so, since the early days after the Revolution; it continues to be so and it will keep going - God willing.

In Pakistan, the enemies of Islam have great influence. There are roots of colonialism, left since British colonization of the nation, which was later transferred to the U.S. and other agents among those arrogant powers. Hence, although the Islamic movement in Pakistan is in full blossom and delight, it faces complicated problems too; and you are feeling the dilemmas there. We observe those dilemmas from a far, while you feel it within your own flesh and bones.

We believe the basis behind these measures are carried out is to sow discord, under the slogan of “divide and conquer” upon which the British acted, since the first day of stepping onto the peninsula.

Shias and Sunnis have always lived together in peace on this Peninsula; and it has been the same for Pakistan. They are putting Shias under pressure, by classifying them as a minority. You can feel this pressure in Pakistan. Pakistanis have also had martyrs, for the same reason: the late martyr Aqa Seyyed Arif, was a prominent martyr of a conspiracy created by the enemies.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to two fundamental measures:

Firstly, strengthening the Shias: the 25 percent of Shias who live in Pakistan should unite, as much as possible. Regardless if the unity is not achieved at 100 percent, unity at 100 percent should be the target. If presumably the 100 percent goal is not achieved -because some remain indifferent or stay away from it- the totality of the Shias should stay together. They should establish a bond that would strengthen them: so they may move with the movement, take action and have an identical direction; there should be no discord among Shias themselves. Different groups with different names should not stand out. "Discord among Shias can bring about much harm"; I stressed this point on a trip to Pakistan, 6-7 years ago, to the late Aqa Seyyed Arif, the late Aqa Seyyed Safdar, along with other scholars who were present; and on every visit they made to Iran, I reminded them of this point. Thus, Shias must make an attempt to establish a strong and solid entity, so that they cannot be gobbled up by the enemy.

Secondly, this single and united entity should commit themselves towards establishing more relations with non-Shia groups, except for those who are determined to practice animosity, like Wahabbi groups who show animosity towards Sunnis as well. If, for one day, we seek refuge in God, and Shi’ism does not exist any longer nor is there a Shia entity, they (Wahabbi) will sow discord among Sunnis; because, those who direct them fear the unity of Muslims. Of course, the ordinary members of these takfiri groups may not realize what they are doing; they are ignorant and malevolent people, who only do evil; but those who direct them (even if there was no Shia) would sow discord among non-Shias too! This is why in Pakistan, with a population of hundred million believing Muslims, they do not allow the Islamic potency to grow.

I believe that the faith of the Pakistani people is deeper than that of many other Muslim countries, or perhaps better say almost all other Muslim countries; I can argue on that. Despite the British rule over Pakistan, for many years, and all those areas, which were once under the control of the British (who tried their best to secularize them): what remains, after so much pressure there, is witnessed in Pakistan; the consolidated Islamic belief with Islamic enthusiasm and passion.

If all the efforts made by the British in Pakistan were carried out in a different country, possibly, it could be argued that there would be no trace of Islam left there.

It is clear that the people of Pakistan are stronger, in their belief, due to their spiritual and mental complexion; and the enemy knows that. The psychology of the people is known and controlled by the enemy. The enemy wants to perish this strong faith by any means possible; that is why they make their attempts to cause discord.  In my opinion, if a strong coordinated effort is made, then future relations with all non-Wahhabi groups can be established; I assume, the groups of brothers in various Shia communities (in Pakistan), can make this all-embracing and strong effort together.

The Almighty God and the Prophet have promised us that if we move on the path of God, those with Satan will practice animosity towards us: we should embrace this animosity;  If efforts and following up on tasks are carried out, God willing, victory will be achieved in the face of truth.


Ayatollah Khamenei's statements made during a gathering with a group of Pakistani Shias; January 06, 1992