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The disgraceful UN Secretary General should step down: Ayatollah Khamenei

Openly establishing ties with the Zionist regime is a stab in the Islamic Ummah’s back, by the Saudi Government. Or if you see that it’s over a year and a half now, that Yemen has endured bombardment, Is that not serious?

They’re bombing a country; not its military bases, but its bazaars, hospitals, residential homes, villages, plazas, and schools! This is nothing trivial; it’s an immense crime. They appreciate neither the sacredness of the month of Ramadan, nor prohibition of the haram months. The Saudi government does not care about the children; they have slaughtered thousands of countless children; this is a major crime, which has unfortunately been committed by the Saudi government.

Additionally, these crimes are conceded with the support of the US; the US gave the green light and has provided Saudi Arabia with weapons to carry out their crimes. They (the U.S.) are preparing all that is needed to carry out this genocide.

Even while the United Nations Organization cares to make a statement on this crime -when it decides to speak truth and condemn a crime, after so long- they silence them from speaking via money, threats, and pressure. The shamed and unfortunate Secretary General came out and confessed that he was pressured! Well, if they pressured you and you can’t take it, then step down! Why do you stay in that position, to betray the mankind? That’s betraying mankind.

~Ayatollah Khamenei, 8/1/2016