Islamic Propagation vs. Western Propaganda: Ayatollah Khamenei elaborates

An overview of the Supreme Leader’s statements in meeting with members of the Council of Coordination of Islamic Propagation

Propagation has Quranic roots; it means conveying a message and the correct idea.

The main conditions of propagation:

  • It should be sincere
  • It should be friendly
  • It should be trustworthy
  • It should be done with a sense of responsibility

The difference between Islamic propagation and Propaganda:

  • Propaganda is exercised with the purpose of controlling public opinion. It is in the direction of gaining power, benefits and money.
  • Propagation, in its Islamic sense, means reaching an understanding with the people. The issue is not about controlling, rather it's about understanding.

These are allowed in Propaganda: 

  • Deceiving public opinion 
  • Behaving like an actor
  • Dramatizing
  • And lying.

In Islamic propagation

  • Sincerity, trustworthiness, and having a sense of responsibility are necessary
  • Opportunities and threats are explained to the people
  • Enemies and friends are clarified and identified for the people
  • People's confidence is boosted

-When you practice fundamental Islamic propagation, an enemy front will form against you: you should be aware of this.

-The enemies' most important plan – numerous tasks that they carry out - is to make the people of Iran lose their self-confidence.

-Propagation is a battlefield, the enemy has waged a war in the present time; this is not a military war but a soft war, which is more dangerous than a military war.

-Our job is to destroy the structure and system of power – the system of domination – within the world. And we have done so.

The system of domination means dividing the world into two groups:

  • The first group is the dominator 
  • The second is the dominated

-We have destroyed this erroneous system and formula within the world.

Things the enemy has done and failed at: 

  • Waging wars
  • Imposing sanctions
  • Bullying or making accusations
  • Penetrating the country (hatching plots)
  • Creating domestic rifts 
  • Agencies of "intelligence" imposing their culture 
  • Destroying the domestic culture

-We should understand the enemy's plan. In promotional, economic, social and security wars and in the war of influence and infiltration, you should hypothesize on what the enemy plans to do. Today thousands of weapons [audio and visual] – the artilleries that focus on spreading lies and exaggerating problems – are busy firing at this nation.

Enemies' plots in cyberspace and media: 

  • They release false statistics
  • They lie
  • They tarnish the reputation of popular personalities
  • They deny the Revolution's achievements
  • If there is one failure, weakness and shortcoming, they say that there are thousands of them.

Features of those who do the enemies’ work inside the country:

  • They do not have piety
  • Their religion is political: Instead of having religious politics, they have political religion
  • They neither pay attention to God, to religion nor to fair-mindedness

Our main enemy, the regime of the United States of America:

  • US regime is one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in the world
  • They support terrorists: they supported DAESH and takfiris as much as possible 
  • They support tyrannical governments: they used to support the Shah; they support the oppressive House of Saud; they support some oppressive dynasties in the region
  • They support criminals who are committing crimes in Palestine and Yemen
  • They place African Americans under pressure

-By the grace of Allah the Exalted, we will disappoint the U.S. in all arenas.

The way to confront the US is to turn our economy into the economy of resistance:

  • The honorable officials should take the economy of resistance seriously; they should not support it simply with words. 
  • The economy of resistance does not agree with uncontrolled importation. They should strengthen domestic production
  • Government and executive offices should prefer domestic products to their foreign counterparts.
  • The people, too, should turn to domestic products.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Dec 27, 2017


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