Families of Martyrs also on Front lines Defending Islam

I have always said that our martyrs are on the front lines defending Islam and that their families–including fathers, mothers, wives and children–stand, immediately, behind them; this should be appreciated. The impact that martyrs exert on Islam and on Muslims is not few in number.

Today, we are involved with the issue of the martyrs who defended the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) shrines. This is one of the astonishing stories of history: During the time of war, we used to encourage youth to go and fight in the arena of war, and they would answer our call. Whenever Imam (r.a.) delivered a speech in this regard, a large group of youth would go and join the front lines; but, we do not encourage them today. Nonetheless, notice that the determination of youth from Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries is so strong, and their faith is so pure that they leave their young wives, their infant children and their comfortable lives and go to a foreign country to fight and be martyred in the way of God. Is this a minor incident? Each and every step in the history of the Islamic Revolution has witnessed such determining wonders; these are wondrous events.   

I should mention that this event has three dimensions: one is behavior, the patience, motivation and faith of the martyrs themselves. Another dimension arises from the attitude of family: patience and endurance;  young wives of martyrs could do something to prevent their husbands from going to war; their parents could also prevent them from going; but, they displayed patience and endurance during the time of their departure, during a time when their pure bodies were returned to them, and also after that. Finally, the third dimension is the event itself, which is a historiography of the Islamic Revolution: this is what the Revolution and the Islamic Republic represent.

Jun 25, 2016

The issue, in regards to families of martyrs, is not that they have merely lost a martyr on the path of truth; their patience has mountains of value. The fact that a martyrs' father, mother, spouse, or children endure the loss of their dear one is a lofty value: "They are those on whom are greetings and mercy from their Lord" [The Holy Quran, 2: 157].

Do you believe that God sends His greetings upon you? God does send his greetings upon you! When you, who are families of martyrs endure this loss, thank God, show patience, and consider this as God's work, your patience will cause God Almighty – Who is the Owner of this universe and the world of existence – to send His greetings upon you; these [gratitude and patience] are values, and we should understand these values correctly. These concepts create astonishing strengths within us; they prepare us for many great feats.

Jun 18, 2017

Today, there is a war which our people do not feel with their flesh and blood, but at the same time, they participate; you see, this is extremely important. They go to the war, even though, they do not feel it at home, why? Because they understand the situation. This deep understanding and proper analysis of events are both key elements; this is the miracle of the revolution. These young men and women, people like this lady, like these fathers and mothers, have been raised and matured in the revolution. Such a revolution is undefeatable. Today, I think, the number of individuals who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of God are equal to--if not, surpass--the number of those during the time we fought the imposed war on our own borders.


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