People of Qom meet with Ayatollah Khamenei

Palestine, with a millenial history, was destroyed by British policies



The UK has done nothing but behave in an evil and corrupt manner towards Palestine

Today, if you look at the statements that arrogant powers and occupiers of nations’ vital spaces make, you see that they invite to discord. Since long ago, the English policy has been described like this: “divide and rule.” “Farraq, tasod” which means “divide and rule.” During the time when England had some power, this was its policy. Today too, this policy is being adopted by material powers in the world – whether America or lately again, England. The English have always been a source of malevolence in our region. They have always been a source of misery for nations. Perhaps, the blows that they have delivered to the life of nations in this region have few peers in other parts of the world.

In the Indian Subcontinent – which is comprised mainly of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the present time – they delivered severe blows and they pressured the people in a very harsh manner. They did so in Afghanistan, in Iran and in Iraq in different ways. And the last example is Palestine which is the place where they made that disgusting and malevolent move. They rendered Muslims and – in fact – a nation homeless and they made them drift away from their own homes.

A historic country, namely Palestine – whose history has been recorded since millennia – was destroyed by this English policy. From two centuries ago onwards – two centuries-plus a few years: from 1800 onwards – the English have done nothing but behave in an evil and corrupt manner and issuing threats. This is while that English official [Prime Minister Theresa May] comes here and says that Iran is a threat to the region. Is Iran really a threat to the region? It requires a great deal of shamelessness for those who have been a source of threat, danger and misery in the region to accuse our oppressed and dear country. They are like this. 

Dec 17, 2016

Before British colonization, India had an advanced industry 

In his memoirs, Nehru says that before the domination of the English over India, India had an advanced civilization compared to those times. It even had an advanced industry and advanced products. However, the English came, took the affairs of that large country into their hands and pushed it backwards so that they themselves could prosper. A small and remote country like England gained power only by looting the resources of a large country like India. As a result of this, they ruined that country. This is colonialism. This is the rule of lust and rage.

May 5, 2016

The English promoted the use of opium

Many years ago - in the 1330s and 1340s - in the southern part of Khorasan, I met old luminaries and intellectuals who remembered how the English would use special techniques to promote the use of opium among people. After all, people did not know how to use opium. Such things did not exist. The people I met provided examples and explained how the English would promote the use of opium. It was through these techniques that addictive drugs were gradually promoted inside the country. This is what western culture is.

Oct 3, 2012

The Islamic revolution frightened the English govt.

The Islamic Republic, our great Revolution and our great Imam (r.a.) managed to attract the thoughts of the world of Islam and the hearts of Muslims. They managed to channel their motivations and their moves. This frightened the enemy. This frightened colonialism, arrogance and Zionism - particularly American politicians. As a result of this, they resorted to their old weapon which is the weapon of creating discord.

Since many years ago until today, they have been fueling the fire of discord between Shia and Sunni so that they can divert the attention of the two sides from the main enemy - who is the enemy of Islam, not the enemy of Shia or Sunni in particular - and so that they can busy them with each other. This is the policy of colonialism. And the experts on this policy are the political and security hands of the vile English government which has been active in this area since long ago. They have made many efforts in this area and they know how to create discord between Muslim denominations. They have experience in the ways for doing this. Therefore, they know how to do it and they are extremely active in this arena.

 Oct 13, 2014


The malevolent UK has stood to defend the usurping Zionist regime


Today, western imperialist powers - that is to say, a few large, rich and powerful western powers which are headed by America and malevolent England behind it - have stood firm in order to defend this usurping, oppressive and cold-hearted regime. This is a very important issue. They are supporting it openly. What are they supporting? They are supporting a creator of disasters and no ordinary and fair-minded person can accept any indifference towards these crimes.

A small area and a piece of land named Gaza is being attacked by airplanes, missiles, armies and tanks. They have used all kinds of munitions on these people. This is really an astonishing event. So many children are being killed, so many houses are being destroyed and people's lives are being accompanied by so much bitterness, cruelty and torture. This is while these so-called gentlemen are supporting it.

With what reason do they support this regime? They support it with the stupid reason that the President of America gives. He says, "Israel has the right to ensure its own security". Well, do the Palestinians not have the right to ensure their security?

Jul 23, 2014


Wherever the British went, they wiped out local languages


Whenever we speak about the west, the western civilization, western methods, western plots and western hostility, they interpret this as hostility towards the west. They say that we are hostile towards the west. No, we do not bear grudges against the west. What we say is based on careful studying and research.

For those who have imitated the west, imitation has brought about nothing but loss and catastrophe. This is the case with imitating countries that might have achieved wealth and technological and industrial progress on the surface. The reason is that western culture is an aggressive culture. Western culture is a culture that destroys other cultures. Wherever westerners went, they destroyed local cultures and essential social foundations of the host countries. They did their best to change the history of other peoples, their language and their orthography. Wherever the English went, they made the local people speak English and they wiped out rival languages wherever they identified them. In the Indian subcontinent, Farsi used to be the official language for several centuries: Farsi was the language of all correspondence among state organizations, the people, scholars, major schools and outstanding personalities. The English came and prohibited the use of Farsi and they promoted the English language in its place.

Oct 3, 2012