Ayatollah Khamenei

Individuals Who Waver on the Path of Religion and the Revolution Should Be Avoided

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Monday morning with a number of scientific medal-winning students of Sharif University of Technology. The medals – that were won by those outstanding students in domestic and international competitions – were presented to His Eminence as a gift.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution described his meeting with the outstanding youth of the country as the opening of a window towards a beautiful garden, the entrance of fresh air into the environment and a growth of hopes about achieving the lofty goals of the Islamic Republic and the country, adding: “I am thankful to Allah the Exalted for the existence of good, competent and outstanding youth in the country. And those youth too should be thankful to Him for the blessing of being outstanding and enjoying these enormous capacities and talents.”

Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the points discussed by outstanding youth were deep, accurate and exact and that they were in line with the ideals of the country. He said: “The outstanding nuclei, which are spread out throughout the country like greenhouses, will surely imbue the future of the country with the scent of knowledge, experience, talent, piety and revolutionary outlook.”

His Eminence referred to the expansion of the knowledge production discourse throughout the country and the emergence of its results in the arena of action, adding: “Scientific endeavor and scientific movement should not slow down or be stopped in the country in any way, rather they should continue at a faster rate.”

He described the medals won by outstanding youth as very valuable and as a symbol of their talents and their lofty identity, adding: “The spiritual value of these medals is much more than their material value. For this reason, I accept the medals that the outstanding youth presented to me with complete willingness and pride, but later I will give those same medals back to them.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution mentioned that the issue of religious and revolutionary commitment is as important as scientific endeavor. He stressed: “Scientific progress alone will not bring happiness to a people and a country. Only when scientific movement is accompanied by lofty spiritual and revolutionary ideals, will it prepare the ground for resolving the issues of the country and in such circumstances, it becomes a model for the region, for the world of Islam and for the entire world.”

Ayatollah Khamenei believes that the reason behind the current rifts, shortcomings and weaknesses in the foundation of the western civilization – despite its numerous material achievements – is lack of spirituality and divine ideals, saying: “The existence of various psychological, practical and moral deviations, the destruction of family, and the emergence of increasing violence, moral corruption and suicide attempts in western societies – particularly in American society – are because of this issue. Some American thinkers and intellectuals acknowledge these rifts, detriments and lack of morality in an outspoken manner.”

His Eminence pointed to increasing violence in American society and killing people with guns, adding: “Killing people and the availability of guns to everyone has become a serious problem in America whose cure is preventing the people from using guns. However, due to the dominance of the weapons-building mafia, the rulers of that country do not dare make weapons illegal.”

He reiterated that the requirement for the real progress of the country is making serious efforts to promote religious and divine ideals and revolutionary commitment, stressing: “This issue should receive attention in all the arenas of the country including the arena of the economy, politics, scientific work, the management of the country and the appointment of managers.”

The third factor for the progress of the country is stability and resistance on the path of religion and the Revolution: “The accomplishment of great feats such as the victory of the Islamic Revolution, success in the eight-year Sacred Defense Era, and confrontation with pressures and hostilities against the Islamic Republic have been because of individuals who enjoyed stability and resistance and who did not waver on the path of religion and the Revolution. Therefore, those individuals who waver on the path of religion and the Revolution should be avoided.”

From the viewpoint of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, jihadi presence in different arenas – particularly in influential arenas for the future of the country – is another factor for success and progress: “Jihadi endeavor means tirelessness in the face of difficulties and obstacles, having faith in one’s path and moving forward on the basis of thinking and logic.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described the current young generation in the country as much wiser and much more capable and intelligent than the first generation of the Revolution.

Referring to the student movement, he said: “The student movement means a jihadi movement on the path of revolutionary ideals. It means being devoted to those ideals, not speaking against them.”

His Eminence added: “I love pious and revolutionary youth very much and I support them wherever they are. The responsibility of the heads and officials of universities and ministers related to such affairs is to support pious and revolutionary youth in universities on a daily basis.”

Pointing to the statements of an outstanding student about adopting the necessary measures for the progress of outstanding women, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated: “University officials should prepare the ground for female students and researchers to be able to carry out their duties towards their husbands and their children as well as attending to their scientific duties so that they will not be forced to abandon their scientific path.”

Touching on the statements of one of the outstanding youth in the meeting about the economy of resistance, Ayatollah Khamenei said: “The economy of resistance is a tried and tested matter in the world and it is not particular to us.”

His Eminence stated that the different ways to benefit from the economy of resistance are dependent on the goals of countries: “Apart from one’s orientation and one’s way of using the economy of resistance, the fact that the economy of resistance will protect the country against various global fluctuations – including those which are ill-intentioned and well-intentioned – is an accepted principle.”

He stressed that the reason behind the scientific and industrial achievements of America in the past 150 years is its utilization of the economy of resistance. His Eminence added: “Of course, the Americans have used that idea in the direction of materialism and money, but this tried and tested experience in the world can be utilized with an exalted orientation.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the natural resources and capacities of the country as very diverse, spread out and of course unknown, stressing: “The existence of such capacities is a great opportunity for the young generation to help the country achieve worldly and otherworldly progress simultaneously provided that they benefit from it.”