The terrorist attacks are consequences of security organizations in the US, the Zionist regime and Britain

 On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, thousands of believers gathered at Imam Khomeini’s (ra) Mosalla to perform their Eid prayers led by Ayatollah Khamenei. The Leader of the Revolution delivered the Eid al-Fitr sermons; wherein, he spoke on blessings of the sacred month of Ramadan, Al Quds day, recent terrorist attacks and a few other important issues.

 “Our believing people passed through a very good month of Ramadan full of spirituality, supplication and humbleness. Vicious hands worked to persuade our teenagers into disrespecting fasters by eating in public, but they failed and will fail. The officials should pay attention how far the enemies want to infiltrate, and on what matters they plot,” Ayatollah Khamenei stressed. The Leader of the Revolution thanked the Iranian nation for taking part in the Al-Quds Day rally - held each year on the last Friday of Ramadan.

This year, despite the scorching heat, he said: “The massive Al-Quds Day rally was one of the major tasks carried out across the nation. Some cities were so hot, that normally one would avoid moving in such scorching heat, but our people took to the streets to mark Al-Quds day. They marked a real endeavor. The massive turnout for Al-Quds day meant that if some Muslim governments betray  Palestine, while other Muslim nations are not informed, the Iranian nation is ready to stand up for this cause and revive it.” 

On the recent bombings in Baghdad which left hundreds of Iraqis grief stricken, Ayatollah Khamenei said: “Sadly the people’s celebration was turned to mourning in certain countries; families were grief stricken when their loved ones were killed by terrorists. These are consequences of security organizations in the US, the Zionist regime and Britain who train terrorists. The super powers meddling with regional affairs led to the crisis in Syria and Yemen.”

 His eminence further added: “Our admiration also goes to the people of Yemen. They took to the streets on Al-Quds day, marked by a massive turnout in such a hot weather, while under bombardment.”

 Ayatollah Khamenei acknowledged charitable deeds and donations made by the Iranian people during Ramadan by adding: “This year, too, people provided iftar in the Hussainiyas, mosques, streets, neighborhoods and allies; one is truly impressed by so much spirituality and desire to serve the people. This year such charity was more widespread compared to previous years. These acts were a contradiction to the luxurious and wasteful iftar, like iftar served by some governmental organizations for those who are not needy. Doctors offered free medical services during Ramadan, proving that sacrifice and altruism exists among all classes. Acting charitably during Ramadan brings forth divine mercy.”


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