Leader thanks Iranians for their response to the Islamic Republic’s call

The following is the full text of the message issued on February 28, 2016 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, following the glorious presence of the people of Iran in parliamentary and the Assembly of Experts elections.

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

I thank God the Omniscient and the Almighty for helping the knowledgeable and determined people of Iran achieve victory in another great test. For the 36th time since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, they showed their presence in a public election with firm willpower and with memorable enthusiasm and excitement, to determine the fate of the country in the present era, to elect their representatives for the formation of two powerful and significant assemblies and to once more demonstrate religious democracy – which radiated from their shining and powerful faces – to people all around the world. 

Islamic Iran feels proud of its people and it feels honored because of the strength of the rules and regulations that provide these valuable opportunities for national arising and replenishment.

I consider it my duty to thank the people for their public response to the Islamic Republic’s call and to ask God to bestow His reward and guidance on the people who created this eventful and glorious Friday.

I would like to remind the officials of the country – whether the elected candidates for the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of Experts, those who have executive positions in other branches or other officials in other organizations and associations – that they should fulfill the obligation to properly thank the people through rendering genuine services to them and to the country and the Islamic Republic.

They should consider the following as their permanent plan in this term of responsibility: leading a simple and virtuous lifestyle, being constantly present for one’s duty, preferring national interests to personal and partisan aspirations, standing up courageously in the face of foreign interferences, giving a revolutionary response to the plots of ill-wishers and traitors, adopting a jihadi outlook in thinking and in action and to put it in one sentence- working for the sake of God and in the way of rendering services to God’s creatures. They should not violate from these things at any price.

These very sensitive times require the sensitivity, vigilance and firm determination of everyone – you officials in particular. The progress of the country is the main goal. Outward and superficial progress without independence and national dignity is not acceptable. Progress does not mean being digested in the stomach of global arrogance and preserving national dignity and identity is not possible except with comprehensive and home-grown progress. The future parliament has heavy responsibilities towards these important chapters. We hope that everyone will witness in it the required capacity for being responsive to God and the people.

I deem it necessary to sincerely thank the officials in charge of holding these glorious elections, executive and administrative officials, providers of security, the national media organization and other influential organizations and personalities.

I ask Allah Exalted to bestow success on everyone.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei