The betrayals to the Palestinian cause will not affect the Palestinian nation's resistance

In a videoconference with the heads and administrators from the Ministry of Education on September 1, 2020, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated the following about the recent normalization in relations by the UAE government, “The UAE betrayed the world of Islam, the Arab world, regional countries and the Palestinian cause. What the UAE government did is a stain of dishonor. Of course, their strategy will not work. With God’s favor, it will not last long, but the stain will remain forever on the foreheads of those who have done this.” In order to analyze the dimensions of this issue, KHAMENEI.IR conducted an interview with Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar, the former cultural attaché in the Iranian embassy in Lebanon and a senior analyst of regional issues.

Q: El Al's Boeing 737 landed in Abu Dhabi after crossing the skies over the Occupied Territories, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. This added another chapter to the case of the Arab rulers' betrayal of the Palestinian cause. Where did this story begin that it has now come to this point?

The basis for the emergence of the Zionist regime in the region and the occupation of Palestine is that Western countries wanted to be freed of the problems they had with the Zionists. They also wanted to create a country in the heart of the Islamic world, which could prevent the Islamic resurrection, uprising and movement in the region. Therefore, the security of the Zionist regime was the most important factor for Global Arrogance, especially the United States, from the very first day. This security will not be ensured unless the Zionist regime is considered to be a natural element in the region. This requires establishing relations between this regime and the countries of the region. That is why Egypt signed a peace treaty with the Zionist regime at Camp David.

The triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran immediately after Camp David slowed this process down to some extent. However, various plans were later put forward at the Madrid Conference and the subsequent Oslo Accords, the Taba Summit and meetings, Sharm el-Sheikh, the formation of a four-member committee led by the former British Prime Minister and Ms. Rice's various plans for the New, Greater Middle East, and finally under Trump's administration, the Deal of the Century was introduced. What happened in the third country in the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates seems to be an important part of this Deal of the Century. However, no documents have yet been presented about this plan.

In general, the process of compromising and the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime causes this regime to become an element in balance with the region surrounding it. One of the Zionist leaders once said, "We cannot become Arabs, so Arabs must become Mediterranean." That is, they should enter a mechanism and relations called "Mediterranean Relations," which includes normalizing relations with the Zionist regime.


Q: Do you mean that Arab rulers, especially in the UAE, are players in a scenario, where the main beneficiaries are the Zionist regime and the United States?

This is undoubtedly true, especially now that Netanyahu is suffering under the worst conditions. There is the crisis of forming a government and a cabinet, the protests and the opposition. Moreover, there are Trump's recent setbacks in the region. In addition, there is the need to take action before the US presidential election to use this to his benefit in his campaign for him to win the people’s votes, especially the American Zionists who are very influential.

So the UAE did the greatest service to the United States, the Zionist regime and specifically to Trump and Netanyahu. It should be noted that the UAE is cooperating with the United States to guarantee its own existence. There is a confrontation in the region between the project of resistance on the one hand and the project of Global Arrogance, occupation and commitment to arrogance on the other. Such a small, weak country, which does not have the military power, national strength or popular backing and support of its own people, is trying to fill the gap in its power and authority by joining the American-Israeli movement in the region.


Q: The UAE is the third Arab country to enter the process of normalizing relations with the Zionist regime. How does this affect the main issue of the Islamic world, namely Palestine? What will the consequences for the Palestinians be?

Clearly, after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, the formation of repeated intifadas in Palestine, the strengthening of the resistance movement in the region, Gaza’s separation from the rule of the Zionist regime, three wars in Gaza, and Hezbollah's confrontation with the Zionist regime in southern Lebanon all formed the rings of a chain showing that both political relations and relations in the field in the region have changed. The Zionist regime, which once defined its territory to be from the Nile to the Euphrates - and even beyond - and still does not set a clear boundary for itself, today seeks to ensure its own security inside a part of occupied Palestine.

Although they have committed this betrayal, which is a stigma for its perpetrators as was mentioned by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, its impact on the Palestinian people and Palestinian resistance organizations and movements in the region will not be considerable. The resistance movement in the region has been able to gain victories and achievements. In confrontations far beyond and greater than this event, it has been able to achieve its own victories. In Lebanon, we faced the Zionist regime, and in Syria and Iraq, we had victories and achievements against ISIS and the Takfiris. Therefore, I believe that this confrontation between the resistance movement and its opposition movement will continue.

In my opinion, what has happened in this event may affect regional relations in the Persian Gulf and the presence of the Zionists in it, rather than affecting the Palestinian cause, the resistance of the Palestinian people and the resistance movement in the region. As expected and announced by Mr. Kushner, another Persian Gulf country will soon join this event. About other countries, Oman's reaction was more appropriate. In recent days, Qatar has mediated between Hamas and the Zionist regime to agree to reduce tensions and stop clashes. In this way, perhaps Qatar has compensated for not getting involved in the normalization process of relations to a certain extent.

Although the delegation that landed in Dubai in an El Al's plane was more of a business delegation, it was also a security-political one. It was led by the head of the Zionist regime's National Security Council. In the US delegation, both Kushner and the head of the US National Security Council were present. This shows that the issue is entirely about security.

Let me also mention that the UAE has brought two excuses to justify their decision. First, they have said that they did this so that less territories will be annexed by the Zionist regime from the West Bank, and this is very disgraceful. This means that they have accepted the principle of the Zionist regime annexing the West Bank territories, but they want fewer territories to be annexed. Nevertheless, Netanyahu immediately took a stand saying that annexation was still on the agenda and that they would continue to do so. He did not allow even a small amount of dignity to remain for the UAE officials. The second excuse they brought was buying F-35 fighters and advanced weaponry from the United States. It is interesting to know that some of the advanced planes that were given to Iraq in a limited number by the US are actually just for show. That is, the Iraqis cannot fly them at all.


Q:You mean the equipment they were given cannot be used to confront and fight the Zionist regime?

Right, they cannot fly them. Basically, no country in the region, especially Persian Gulf countries, is expected to take action against the Zionist regime using advanced aircrafts. Moreover, the Zionist regime has officially stated that they oppose giving F-35 fighters to the UAE. Contrary to the statements of the UAE officials, this was not at all a part of the agreement between the UAE, Israel and the United States. Again, they did not allow any dignity to remain for the UAE officials. It was possible the UAE would have been able to benefit from their excuses, but Netanyahu cleverly and deliberately stated his position and announced that such measures are not included in this agreement.