What are the goals of the enemy's propaganda program against Iran?

Simultaneously with the sanctions – please pay careful attention to this – there is a movement of distorting the truth as well. There is an orientation to distort the truth as well: Distorting the facts and portraying realities in the reverse order including the realities about our country. This is also one of the things that they do. They pursue two goals in distorting the truth: one is to damage the people’s morale – later on, I will explain how they want to damage the people’s morale – and another is giving the wrong address concerning the lifting of sanctions. The distortion movement covers these areas and it pursues these two goals. They are also spending a lot of money to distort these truths...

This has been continuing since the beginning of the Revolution. Since the beginning of the Revolution, the enemy’s definite policy has been to suggest to the Iranian people – via television and radio: at that time, they had more limited means of communication, but today they have all sorts of media outlets available to them – that they are ruined and finished and that no one can do anything for them, and that they are in a dire situation and so on and so forth. Since the early days of the Revolution – of course, in the very beginning, they were a little confused, later on: they pulled themselves together and took the propaganda machine in their control – one of their goals has been to say to the people of Iran that after cutting off their relations with the US and after the bond was broken between neo-colonial Iran of the Pahlavi era and the US, the Iranian nation has been ruined. They have been pursuing this policy since the beginning. In the present time, the same policy exists. They are pursuing it these days as well.

They are portraying a dark picture of the situation with hundreds of tongues and hundreds of means. If there is a strong point in the country, they deny it outright. They either maintain silence or deny it completely. Well, good tasks are being carried out in the country, but none of them, whatsoever, is reflected in our enemies’ propaganda. If there is a weakness, they magnify it ten, and sometimes, a hundred times. Why do they do so? They do it in order to undermine the people’s morale and hope, in particular, that of youth. This is because when youth are hopeful, they become extraordinarily dynamic. Youth play a pioneering and leading role. However, if they have no hope, they stop moving, like a car which runs out of gas. They stop moving without hope.

These are their goals. They want to disappoint our youth and take away their enthusiasm and dynamism in a way that they will lose their pioneering and leading role. This is their goal and of course, it works on some people. Inside the country too, some individuals repeat their words. For example, you hear something from someone who is the member of a political group outside the country and two days after that, you see that the same writing is reflected in cyberspace or in such and such a newspaper in our country. These things are unfortunately done in our country.

As for the second goal – giving the wrong address – this is how they do it: they say that if we want sanctions to be lifted, we should come to terms with the US. The gist of what they say is that we should get along with the US and stop resisting. Later, I will explain this more. This is how their distortion orientation functions. Of course, I would tell you that it affects some individuals as they repeat what they say. This happens in the case of the country’s weak points – which are magnified tens of times – in the case of underplaying the country’s strong points and achievements and in the case of giving the wrong address. Well, this touches some individuals, but it does not affect the majority of the Iranian nation. The majority of the people know the US and the enemy. They know that they are lying and that they have ulterior motives. Therefore, the distortion movement has not produced the desired results for them.

I will tell you that if the distortion movement fails, the sanctions movement will definitely fail as well. This is because the arena is an arena and a war of wills. When the truth distortion movement fails and when the Iranian nation’s willpower remains firm and strong, the nation will certainly overcome the enemy’s will and it will win. This is the second point. [Jul 31, 2020]