33- war 4

Damages inflicted on the Israeli regime in the 33-Day War

In 2006, the Israeli regime launched a military attack against Lebanon. Israel’s purpose in this attack was to destroy Hezbollah and change the composition of Lebanon's population.

Israel killed more than one thousand Lebanese citizens. 30% of the victims were children.

Hezbollah retaliated to defend the Lebanese people, and they inflicted heavy damages on Israel:

  • Economic damage: $ 3.5 billion
  • Damage to the Chamber of Commerce: $ 1.4 billion
  • One fourth of jobs experienced the risk of bankruptcy
  • Number of soldiers killed: 121
  • Number of soldiers wounded: 1,244
  • More than 4,000 missiles struck the occupied territories
  • 20 Merkava tanks were destroyed
  • One Sa'ar 5-class corvette was sunk
  • One helicopter was shot down
  • The decades-long myth of the Zionist regime's invincibility was shattered
  • After 33 days, the Zionist regime requested a ceasefire in complete humiliation
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