The main producers of chemical weapons, those who falsely claim to support human rights

On the occasion of the Day of Fighting Against Chemical and Biological Weapons, is publishing excerpts from Imam Khamenei's statements highlighting the key role European countries, especially Germany, played in producing and using chemical weapons against the people of Iran and Iraq.

European countries have not yet answered for their crimes against Iran

We have been witnesses to many problems in the world and in our own country, which were not less important, rather more important than this recent malady, including the fact that Saddam’s planes dumped chemicals on our country 32 years ago– on exactly the same days that coronavirus has now entered our country. They killed thousands of people in our cities and in their own cities and they did so with mustard gas and the like. This happened and of course, all big powers in the world supported and helped Saddam on that day. Some of these so-called civilized and advanced countries gave him chemical substances and weapons and until today, none of them has answered for the crimes that they committed back then. And that criminal Saddam, behaved towards our people and his own people in Halabja in the same manner, because he felt that the people of Halabja might be cooperating with the soldiers of the Islamic Republic, he killed them on the streets in a brutal manner. Well, these things have happened. During the two world wars, millions of people were killed as well. In the case of the coronavirus, it is said that one million-plus individuals have been infected and some have lost their lives. [Apr 9, 2020]


It was Germany that provided Saddam with chemical weapons

What these three vicious European governments did: the vicious English government and the French and German governments. They threatened Iran that they would take the nuclear matter to the United Nations Security Council again. Of course, the officials of the country responded in a firm manner. They received a firm response. These are the three countries which helped Saddam as much as they could in the war that was imposed on us. The German government provided Saddam with chemical weapons so that he would target our cities and our frontlines. The effects of those chemical weapons still exist among our veterans. The French government gave him “Super Etandard” helicopters in order to target our oil tankers. This is their record. As for the English government, it served the goals of our enemies with all its power. It served the interests of Saddam as well. They are like this. This is their history and they are acting in the same way today. We should adopt such an outlook towards them. I used to say this from the beginning. After the US left the Bar-Jaam [JCPOA], those three governments would rant and rave all the time. On that day, I said that I did not trust them and that they would not do anything because they serve American interests. Today, this has become completely clear. After the passage of one year, it has become clear that they are America’s footboys in the true sense of the word. They are America’s footboys. [Jan 17, 2020]


Saddam was allowed to use chemical weapons against civilians in Iran

Notice the fuss that Europeans and Americans have thrown for the alleged use of chemical weapons [in Syria]. Notice the uproar they create and how shamelessly they behave! In those days, Saddam’s regime had permission to use chemical weapons, and not only on the frontlines but also inside the cities! Sardasht is still suffering from the consequences of those chemical attacks. Suburban areas of Sardasht continue to suffer from chemical exposure. Take note of such conditions in the world during those days. --This showed what was happening in the world. It showed the division and equation of power in the world. This bit of reality was recorded by the war, by the Sacred Defense, by those eight years, and by the selfless sacrifices of our soldiers! [Sep 26, 2018]

Those who are often attacking countries today, with accusations of chemical weapons use, officially and publicly gave chemicals to Saddam for making chemical bombs, and other chemical weapons, to use on the front lines. After the passage of 30 years, since the end of the war—almost 29 years have passed–we still have a fairly large number of soldiers suffering from the impacts of chemical weapons exposure. And many of them were martyred on this holy defensive path. It was the British and the Americans who caused this [destruction and injuries]. They helped him [Saddam] with war plans and satellites; all satanic apparatuses around the world helped that wretched, arrogant, and selfish Satanist–Saddam—against the Islamic Republic: they helped him with the intention of beginning, continuing, and ending the war in his favor. Of course, all those efforts were like a bullet that targets rocks and soil. For eight years they killed themselves to usurp just one inch of the Islamic Republic's soil, but they failed. The people of Iran defeated all those powers throughout those eight years. [Mar 10, 2018]


Saddam's revenge on the Kurds with chemical attacks on Halabja

These memories are full of lessons. Those days, the governments that now claim to advocate democracy supported Saddam Hussein. They supported these savage acts. The youth of our country should know that those who claim to support human rights turned our dear country and western borders - such as the Kurdistan region - into a testing ground for deception and irrevocable mistakes. In Operation Val-Fajr-4, Kurdish, Persian, and other youth went to the battlefields to put an end to the enemies' attacks and free Marivan from the fire of the enemies' artillery. And they managed to do so. The enemies constantly put Marivan under heavy fire using their long-range artillery. These youth along with the members of Basij and the Islamic Republic's Guards Corps - who were in fact brave Kurdish youth and people from other parts of the country - organized operation Val-Fajr-4. They managed to put an end to the enemies' attacks and made the enemies retreat. They even managed to free Halabja [in Iraq] which was occupied by the enemies. And do you know what the enemies did to make up for that failure? They could not invade Marivan because our brave soldiers had previously proven their power to them. Therefore, the merciless inhuman enemies, who were members of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party, dropped chemical bombs on the city of Halabja. Hundreds or even thousands of the Kurdish people who lived in Halabja died in those attacks simply because Saddam Hussein wanted to take revenge on the Kurdish people of Halabja because they had not confronted the faithful Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic and had accepted them with open arms. [May 16, 2009]