Laborers and employers are the main pillars of economic progress: Imam Khamenei

The following is the full text of a speech delivered on May 6, 2020 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of Labor Week. The speech was delivered via videoconferencing with the participation of seven active production establishments. Before His Eminence began his statements, the managers and laborers in these production establishments delivered reports and expressed their viewpoints.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad, and upon his pure household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

The program that our friends organized today was a very sweet and attractive program. I thank the people who organized it and who worked diligently to perform it and I also thank the honorable managers and other dear individuals who delivered a report. The reports were very good and I insist that they be published. I request that it should not be the case that only my statements will be published. What the friends in the meeting – the honorable managers, honorable laborers and the officials in executive organizations – mentioned should all be broadcast and presented to the people so that they will know about them. This will surely influence the people’s outlook about the future of labor and the endeavors of the country.

The livelihood problems of laborers should be eliminated

First of all, I wish to congratulate all laborers on the occasion of Labor Week and I hope that with the measures adopted this week and these days and with the measures that will be adopted later on, some of the problems of the diligent society of laborers will be eliminated, God willing. There are certain problems and one of our most important issues is to eliminate the problems of laborers and we should work to that end. I would like to raise two points today: I will raise a few points about the issues related to labor and laborers and I will also speak about the surge in production which is this year’s slogan.

The general and the specific meaning of labor in Islam

In Islam, labor with its two meanings is a well-known concept: in its general sense – spiritual, worldly, otherworldly, economic, mental and physical work: generally speaking, it means work and action – and its special economic sense. Today too, the issue of labor and laborers is highlighted in the world in its special economic sense. Labor is a significant concept in Islam in its two different senses.

As for its first meaning – the general meaning – the ayah which was recited in the beginning of this gathering says, “That man can have nothing but what he strives for” [The Holy Quran 53: 39]. The Commander of the Faith also says, “Action, action followed by the result, the result!” [Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 176] Working is the ultimate slogan. This is the slogan of the Commander of the Faithful: “Action, action!” And the next most important thing is the result which means finishing and seeing it through. One of our problems is that we sometimes begin a piece of work but that we leave it unfinished. Today, one of our issues and problems in the country is unfinished projects and failing to fully accomplish a task. This is one of the flaws in our work.

The Commander of the Faithful speaks about beginning and finishing a piece of work. So, this is the general meaning of labor. This aspect of work and labor is not necessarily related to its economic aspect. It could be practical, religious, worldly, collective, political and jihadi work. It includes all forms of actions. Notice that the Holy Quran places great emphasis on doing good deeds, for example in this ayah: “To those who believe and do deeds of righteousness has Allah promised forgiveness and a great reward” [5: 9]. The Holy Quran frequently speaks about taking action and working.

Adopting a result-minded outlook and avoiding idleness

Well, emphasizing this aspect of labor is the opposite point to idleness. It means that we should not expect to get something for free. We should work hard, be that religious and otherworldly areas, worldly areas and important matters related to the country such as political and social areas. And we should also pursue our work and ask for results. It is wrong to ask for something for free. That is why there has been so much emphasis on work in this sense.

Islam highlights labor in its second sense – the economic sense – as well. The Holy Prophet kissed the hands of a laborer. This is a very important matter. He said, “God loves a servant who does neat work.” Allah the Exalted loves those who work and who do it in a neat and proper way and with a sense of responsibility. So, Islam discusses labor in its two senses, but today, I would like to raise certain points about the second meaning.

The economy of the country pursues the goal of generating wealth and distributing it fairly among the people

Well, what is the goal of the economy of the country? The goal of the economy is to generate wealth and to distribute it in a fair manner. A healthy economy is one that can generate wealth in the country and to distribute it in a proper and fair manner among the masses of the people in the country. Such an economy is a healthy economy.

Laborers one of the most important elements in generating wealth

In order to achieve a healthy economy, there are two, three main pillars: one main pillar is comprised of laborers. One of the most important elements in generating wealth in a country is laborers. Of course, the more skilled, innovative and creative laborers are – as the report mentioned, laborers show signs of creativity and innovation and they are skilled – the better the results will naturally be. Therefore, one of our duties regarding laborers is to improve our manpower’s skill and expertise. This is one of our duties. I witnessed that some economic establishments pointed this out in their reports. One of the responsibilities of economic establishments is to increase and improve on the skills and expertise of their manpower and their work force. This can yield very positive results.

As for laborers, they should do their work in a firm, painstaking and proper manner by increasing their skills and their sense of responsibility and they should avoid doing careless work. This is a mutual responsibility between laborers and employers.

Boosting production depends on the mutual cooperation between the work force and the investing sector

Real mutual cooperation between the work force and investors – who are referred to as employers – can increase production and value-added. Mutual cooperation between laborers and employers/investors can achieve this. The work force and laborers should increase their skills, their sense of responsibility and their precision. They should work in a more responsible way. In return, employers should increase their share of the revenues. This is a necessary task.

I witnessed that some of the friends had complaints about their viewpoints being ignored in preparing certain rules and regulations. Well, these regulations should definitely be prepared in a fair-minded way and the officials in economic establishments should pay attention to this point. When announcing the policies on the economy of resistance, I mentioned this: the cooperation between these two. If this happens, then these two – laborers and employers – will mutually form the main pillar of economic growth and economic progress.

One of the points that will be good to be discussed about laborers on the occasion of Labor Week is the issue of observing the rights of the work force. The natural rights of the work force should be asserted: their fair, regular and on time payments and their job stability which means job security. I have always emphasized job security in recent years as it is a very important matter. Some of the gentlemen who spoke stated that they have not suspended any laborer from work in recent months. This is a very good course of action and a very good methodology. Job security is very important. Insurance, education, welfare and healthcare services are among laborers’ rights and among the natural responsibilities of employers. Of course, if they make more endeavors to resolve laborers’ problems – such as their familial needs and the education and marriage of their children – this will naturally help remedy the relationship between laborers and employers.

Education a necessity for industrial, agricultural and economic establishments

I wish to remind everyone that in today’s world, technological developments take place – if I am not exaggerating – on a momentary basis. They take place at a rapid pace. Therefore, because these constant technological developments exist, one of the necessities for industrial, agricultural and economic establishments is continuous learning. Here, learning means both educating oneself and benefiting from experience. Sometimes, it occurs that those with experience will have more benefits to their future generations compared to new forms of education. For example, the farmer family from Khorasan which delivered a report here surely proved that the benefits that the third generation gained from new sciences do not weigh heavier than the benefits they gained from their fathers’ experiences and the experiences of the two generations before them. Therefore, both new sciences and the experience of veteran forces should be acquired.

Improving the quality of work and achieving economic growth depend on improving the efficiency of laborers

There is another point: if the efficiency of the work force increases, the quality of labor will go up as well. Take the issue of education, which I just mentioned, as an example: if this happens – which will naturally lead to the efficiency of the work force – the final price and the final expenses will be reduced. This will surely improve quality and when quality is improved, there will be more competition, leading to economic growth, particularly in the area of exports.

An inseparable bond between the Islamic Republic and laborers

Another point about laborers is that over the course of the past two centuries, laborers have been influential in the political scene. This has been the case all over the world: in European and other countries, laborers have been influential in the political arena. They have been influential, in the true sense of the word, in our country as well. As the gentlemen in the meeting pointed out in the beginning of the meeting, laborers in the National Oil Company and other places really helped to move of the Revolution ahead.

Later on, in the Islamic Republic era, one of the most prominent classes of society in cooperating with the goals of the Islamic Republic was the society of laborers. Laborers always played a leading role in the Sacred Defense Era and in subsequent eras and events. They always worked hard to the advantage of the system and were at the service of the system. Therefore, the bond between the Islamic Republic and laborers is a perpetual one and I hope that this bond will continue by Allah’s favor. Of course, this places more responsibilities on officials’ shoulders regarding laborers. Everyone has many responsibilities towards laborers. Different officials in the three branches of government, the masses of the people, employers and owners of industries, and agricultural units have many responsibilities towards them.

A good opportunity to implement the slogan of bringing about a surge in production

As for the surge in production, well, we announced it as the slogan of this year. In the present time, we are in the month of Ordibehesht. So, we are in the beginning of the year. In other words, there is an opportunity and a possibility to bring about a surge in production in the true sense of the word. We are not short of time. There is a good opportunity now as there are 11 months left. By Allah’s favor, various organizations can act on those duties of theirs which will culminate in a surge in production. I wish to raise a few points about this surge in production:

Production acts as the defensive and immune system of the economy

We have spoken at length about production. I myself have discussed it at length. Diligent and enthusiastic officials have discussed it as well. What I want to say is that we can liken production to the security and defensive system of human body – as these days, we are faced with coronavirus. The role that the defensive system of the body plays in confronting viruses, microbes and anti-health invaders is a very important role. Undoubtedly, coronavirus entered many bodies, but not all of them became sick. Why is that? It is because they had a very good and healthy defensive system which could defend and ensure the safety of the body. If we compare the economy of the country to a human body, then the defensive and security system of the economy will be production. In other words, what can repel the viruses and microbes invading the economy and what can keep it safe is domestic production. If we have good, proper and increasing production in the country, then we can resist the natural viruses that exist. Unfortunately, our economy is exposed to many natural microbes and viruses. There are human-made viruses as well, viruses such as sanctions and the current oil price. These are the matters that could potentially harm the economy.

Production has such an influential and astonishing effect. Therefore, we should naturally consider it important and give it due attention. If we manage to achieve this defensive and security system for the economy of the country and if we succeed in keeping it prepared in every way, then various international problems and economic fluctuations will undoubtedly fail to deliver a major blow to the country.

The vital role of production in the economy and in national self-confidence


Well, production can engender a strong national economy in the country. Production has a primary role in building a strong economy. It has a vital and undeniable role in the management of the country. I believe that production is not only about the economy. Of course, it is vital to the economy. Domestic production is vital for the economy of the country and for creating a healthy economy, but its part is not confined to that. Politically speaking, production makes every country self-confident. It helps people feel dignified. If a people feel that their needs are satisfied inside their own country and on their own, this is a great source of dignity and honor for a people. Opposite to this is when they see that they have to buy everything they need from others. In such circumstances, they have to beg others to give them what they need. And others might accept or refuse to provide those things. They might give the good ones or the bad ones.

If a people feel that they can be the producers and providers of their own needs, this gives them self-confidence and dignity. So, as you notice, the role of production is beyond pure economy. Production can influence all economic criteria in the country. It can influence various indexes such as Gross Domestic Production [GDP], employment, which is very important, the supply of commodities and services, social and public welfare and exports with their psychological and cultural effects. As well as these, as I mentioned, domestic production is a source of national pride. It gives the individuals in society self-confidence. So, what else can one say about the importance of production? Domestic production is really vital for the country.

We chose “A Surge in Production” as the slogan of the year. Why do we speak about “A Surge in Production”? This is because we have shortcomings in terms of production. The accomplishments mentioned by the friends are very outstanding and satisfactory, but they are not enough and we need to expand, strengthen and develop production even more. I will raise certain points in this regard:

The economy of the country is tied to the people’s participation

The first point is that even the strongest governments are not capable of starting the engine of the economy of their country without their people’s participation. No government can get the economy of their country up and running without their people’s participation. Some intellectual, political and economic systems – for example, some forms of socialism: of course, not all of them – put the government in charge of economic affairs, but they failed. It is not possible for any government to enhance the economy of their country and to start the engine of their economy without people’s participation. Therefore, one of our most important issues should be to bring the people’s talents, innovations and various capacities to the arena of the economy.

The duties of the government regarding the surge in production: 1. Providing support and eliminating the hurdles

Well, although this economic endeavor is primarily the people’s duty, the government has certain duties as well: when we speak of the government, we mean the three branches together, not just the executive branch: the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, as the government of the Islamic Republic, have certain important responsibilities including the fact that the government should support production and producers. If the government and the officials of the country fail to honor these responsibilities, there will be no surge in production.

To put it in a sentence, the responsibility of the government is to support. Well, what does this support mean? As soon as we speak of “support”, some people interpret it as the injection of cash. Well, in certain places, injecting monetary resources might be necessary and in certain cases, it might be detrimental. By “support”, I do not only mean injecting monetary resources. Opening up the arena is also necessary. If we liken the work force, the investing sector, engineers, economic thinkers and laborers to a fast runner, then you do not need to teach him what to do as he himself has the willingness and enthusiasm to run. You only need to open the pitch, eliminate the hurdles and smooth the path to allow him to do his running. If this is done by the administration – bearing in mind that it is very important and I will cite some instances in this regard – then this movement will be launched in a proper manner. Therefore, when I speak of “support”, I mean eliminating the obstacles. Which obstacles for instance? Eliminating bulky and unnecessary regulations. There are some regulations which are not beneficial in any way and they are detrimental as well. The existence of these regulations prevents the manufacturing machine and the active and valuable apparatus of the economy from fulfilling their function.

2: Combating smuggling

A very important support is combating smuggling. Smuggling is really a poison for the country which should be fought in the true sense of the word.

3: Preventing unnecessary imports

One of the most urgent tasks is to seriously prevent unnecessary imports. I have placed great emphasis on the issue of preventing unnecessary imports, but one sees that certain things are imported with different excuses. They write letters complaining to me about this. One organization says that they have produced a certain commodity with great trouble, and at half or one third of its real price. However, such and such an executive organization which needs that commodity embarks on signing a contract with a foreign producer and has it imported. Well, such actions should not be taken. If this is done in the case of an important product, then we should refer to it as a crime and an act of treason! Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes, it is done out of ignorance, but in certain cases, it is a crime and an act of treason.

4: Combating bureaucratic and financial corruption

One form of support is combating monetary corruption in a serious way. Notice that the organizations that delivered a report today – and hundreds of other organizations – are doing economic work in a healthy way. If you want these people, who are doing healthy economic work, to achieve results, you should seriously fight against those who engage in corruption, bribery and embezzlement. Corruption should be fought against: both bureaucratic corruption – in other words, those corrupt actions which are taken in executive organizations and which are related to economic matters – and those corrupt actions which are related to production and economic activities.

One important task is to seriously confront bureaucratic obstructionism. I know of certain instances in this regard. I have seen over the course of many years that officials and high-ranking managers in certain organizations pursue something in a diligent and enthusiastic manner and wish to accomplish an important task, but that does not come to fruition. Official decrees are issued and some meetings are held and they take all the necessary measures, but there will be no outcome. The reason is that there is some sort of obstructionism in the process. When the Commander of the Faithful mentioned, “Then look at the result, the result” this is what it means. It means that it is not enough that you are an enthusiastic manager. You need to follow up the task so that such cases of obstructionism in the process of doing the task will definitely be prevented.

An important issue is observing the right of ownership. This is the responsibility of the judiciary branch. An important issue is refusing to help promissory notes transactions and engaging in detrimental businesses. This requires the passing of certain laws which falls on the Islamic Consultative Majlis. When they ratify a law, they should take care not to further such trade and businesses. In return, they should help proper activities. In certain cases, it is necessary to issue tax exemptions. Similarly, it is sometimes necessary to impose taxes such as in the case of windfall profits. Of course, I do not wish to mention the examples. There are many cases and jobs in which individuals gain windfall profits and they do not pay tax. We should impose tax on such businesses. And sometimes, it is necessary to eliminate or lower tax. Many production centers should be assisted this way. Therefore, providing real support for production on the part of the government includes these and other such cases.

Well, you witnessed that on the issue of the coronavirus, the administration really supported the people by opening the arena. If the administration had said, “Everyone who wishes to produce masks should have permission from us” – if they had done this – that would have been enough for masks not to be produced in the country, but they opened the arena and said, “Everyone who is capable of producing masks can do so.” This helped organizations to produce them: factories, the Executive Headquarters of Imam’s Directive, the Mostazafan Foundation and the people produced them in their houses and in mosques. This has developed in a way that in the present time, we have masks more than our need in the country and we can give them to others. That was because the administration eliminated the obstacles. If such tasks are carried out in different areas, this will surely help.


Improving the financial environment

The third point is improving the business environment. I have stressed the issue of improving the business environment many times. The points that I raised in the second part of my statements about providing support and reducing bulky laws and the like are actually manifestations of improving the business environment. I have looked at expert studies in this regard. The friends in my office mentioned that they have been sent by the Ministry of Economy. With their expert studies, they have concluded that if two measures are adopted in the area of economic matters, the country will move up 40, 50 ranks in terms of the economic and business index. This has been mentioned by the experts in the Ministry of Economy.

One of these two tasks is to create a “permit issue window”. Two, three years ago – I do not exactly remember when – I said in a meeting with our executive friends that a person who wants to obtain a permit for an economic endeavor has to visit 30, 40 places to do so. A task that should be done in the course of one day lasts six months or sometimes the permit is never obtained! One of the tasks is this: creating a permit issue window. In other words, all organizations should gather in one place so that a person wishing to gain a permit can do so in the course of one day, thus abridging the time spent on such tasks and helping them move on.

The second task is to establish financial courts of law for settling economic disputes. This falls again on the judiciary branch. They have claimed that if these two tasks are accomplished, the country will move up 40, 50 ranks in terms of the business environment. Well, these are important steps.


The fourth point is the issue of preventing imports which I touched on before. Of course, I am not opposed to imports. Everyone knows this. What I mean is preventing those imports whose counterparts are either produced or could be potentially produced inside the country. This is what I mean: not only those products whose counterparts are produced, but also those which can be potentially produced. By preventing such imports, we can help the active and innovative forces inside the country embark on this endeavor. In my opinion, if this is kick-started, it will help such people to a great extent.

Sometimes, executive organizations open up the path of imports with different excuses and with no good reason. For example, they do so with the excuse of making businesses competitive. When they are asked, why they allow foreign automobiles to enter the country in such large numbers, they answer that they did so for the sake of competitiveness. In response, I say to them, that if your intention is to improve quality with competition, you should focus your efforts on improving quality in another way. Otherwise, if you make domestic production suffer a great loss because you intend to improve quality, this is not a proper course of action in any way. Bringing about a surge in production also signifies taking a leap in the area of quantity. Of course, it signifies taking a leap in the area of quality as well, but there are different ways for each. You should not want to achieve this through imports.

Of course, some individuals have other motives which sometimes leads to the annihilation of production because of unnecessary imports. I know of many instances in this regard. There are some people who come visiting us about these matters and I refer them to various organizations and follow up the matter so that it is settled. So, the next point is preventing those imports whose counterparts are either produced or could be produced in the country.

Improving quantity should be accompanied by improving quality

The next issue is bringing about a surge in quality which I already pointed to. This is an important matter as well. If we achieve a surge in quantity without a surge in quality, we will not progress. If there is no surge in quality, we will fail in the area of domestic consumption as well. When domestic consumers see that domestic products are poor in terms of quality, they will naturally be drawn to their foreign counterparts. When there is a market for foreign products, importers will naturally and undoubtedly show up and it is not clear if the administration can stop it or not. We should do something to convince domestic producers that domestic products have acceptable quality.

Fortunately, this holds true for many of our products today. This means that the quality of our industrial commodities in different areas – I do not want to mention which areas, but we know of these various areas and divisions – is better than their foreign equivalents. Nonetheless, there are some flaws and shortcomings in certain cases. Therefore, it is very important to pursue the issue of achieving a surge in quality because it affects domestic consumption and it also greatly influences exports as well. If we wish to make our goods competitive outside the country, we should improve quality which is a very important matter. This is another point.

The necessity to boost the people’s hope about the positive outcomes of working hard

The next point is that we should boost hopes about the achievements of working hard in the country on a daily basis. When I say that this meeting and this program should be broadcast so that the people watch it, the reason is that some individuals are constantly whispering dangerous and harmful notions in the people’s ears, saying that endeavoring is of no avail and that there is no chance that we will achieve anything, while we have every chance to do so. We can accomplish astonishing feats. What I want to say is that when we can build such a quality rocket capable of moving at such speed – 7,500 meters per second: in other words, 7.5 kilometers per second – and when we can put our satellite in orbit, then we should naturally be able to accomplish many other feats. The same people, the same intentions and the same hands that can build such rockets and such satellites will be able very soon to put the same satellite in an orbit of 36,000 kilometers, which is what we aim for. We want the satellite to be placed in an orbit of 36,000 kilometers. This will surely happen. This possibility definitely exists.

It means the same minds, the same willpowers and the same hands that can place a satellite in an orbit of 400, 450 kilometers will be able to put it in an orbit of 36,000 kilometers in a near future. When there is hope, when there is a feeling of progress and capability, this is what happens. My main point is this. Now, some people say, Agha, just because you express your joy of launching a satellite or other such achievements, this will not give the country security. Satellites, weapons and the like cannot bring about security for the country and the main thing is economic matters. Well, we are aware of these issues and we are well-informed about these points. It is not the case that we are not aware of them. However, my response is that when we can make such accomplishments in the military area and in the area of launching satellites into space, why should we not be able to produce an automobile and vehicle which has a fuel consumption five-liters per 100 kilometers? Should we constantly limit ourselves to producing automobiles which consume 8, 10, 12 liters? What I want to assert is that when there is such a capability and creativeness in us, it will be extended to all areas of the country: to industrial and various other sectors such as agricultural and public services sectors. This is what I mainly want to say.

Giving priority to key areas

Another point is that some centers and areas play a leading role in achieving this surge in production. Therefore, they should be given priority. I have written down some of these areas: for example, the oil sector and the expansion of refinery capacities such as the [Natural Gas] Condensate Refinery which was inaugurated in Bandar Abbas. There are subsequent phases for this refinery which will naturally engender more sources of wealth for the country. Another example is the Siraf Refinery Complex. The friends in the meeting described this complex as an important center because it will exert great influence. We could also refer to petrochemical projects. According to the reports that I have received, if these projects are carried out, then petrochemical products will increase from 50 million tons to 100 million at first and later to 130 million tons and its value will increase by three times. This is an important achievement. This will naturally prove to be a very valuable phenomenon, in particular because in the present time, the country needs currency.

Another key area is pursuing agricultural projects for the sake of bolstering self-sufficiency in fundamental agricultural products. One of the tasks that should definitely be pursued in the area of agriculture is pursuing self-sufficiency in fundamental products. Sometimes, it might happen that the price of buying wheat turns out to be cheaper than producing it. Of course, this is not the case in the present time, but there were times when the price of buying wheat from the outside was cheaper than producing it in the country, but even in such circumstances, production should be given priority. In the present time, they do that in the world as well. In other words, they do not let their country be dependent on the outside in terms of wheat.

Imagine that malicious American elements impose a ban on certain products, as they do in the present time. Well, they do such things. So, you should be able to manage the affairs of the country. Therefore, fundamental products should definitely be produced in the country, thus achieving self-sufficiency. Of course, today, we do not thankfully have the problem of water shortage. Once, they used to say all the time that there was not enough water and that we were short of water supplies. Fortunately, today, we do not suffer from water shortage for both dryland farming and irrigation projects. Therefore, we should pursue fundamental products like wheat, oil seeds, medicinal herbs, animal feed and aquaculture. These are areas that we should definitely pursue. Also in the area of agriculture, modern irrigation systems, watershed and aquifer management and the like are among noteworthy areas which play a leading role.

Another key area which should receive special attention is the development of infrastructure. Today, the country is thankfully very advanced in terms of infrastructure. There is no doubt about this. Today, our condition is not comparable to that of the pre-revolutionary era in terms of infrastructure such as ports, roads, highways and dam construction and we have achieved extraordinary progress. However, we still need to develop this area. We still need to develop the infrastructure such as ports, electricity and transportation, in particular rail transportation which is enormously important.

Another key area is the issue of component manufacturing which was reflected on in todays’ reports. Sometimes, it happens that a big machine becomes dysfunctional due to lack of a particular component which needs to be imported from the outside. We should work on component manufacturing in different areas. The reports that were delivered today mainly focused on automobile components, but component manufacturing is a very significant matter for all kinds of big machinery.

Another key area is the mining sector. We are really backward in the mining sector. This is one of the areas that should definitely receive attention. Another key area is medication and vaccines. Fortunately, I have heard that good measures have been adopted in the area of producing medication for the new virus and I have heard that research is being carried out on the development of a vaccine. They promote the idea in the world that a vaccine will be developed in such and such a time – for example, in six months, one year. However, it is not clear if they can do so. Our good and young scientists and our researchers should sit and work on producing a coronavirus vaccine and different other vaccines. Perhaps, they will be able to develop one sooner than they do and they will be able to benefit from it. This is a key area.

Another key area is clothing, shoe-making and house appliance industries which are among key areas. Of course, the country fortunately has many capabilities in this regard, but despite the fact that we have been among the leading countries in the area of clothing since long ago and despite our many achievements in this industry and in shoe-making and house appliance industries in recent years, the issue of imports in these areas continues to loom ahead of us. In my opinion, imports should seriously be prevented in these industries and they should be given due attention and considered a key and fundamental area.

In the years 1397 and 1398 we needed a certain quantity of children’s jackets. I said to the officials in charge that they should not at all buy them from foreign markets and that they should have them sewn inside the country. They engaged in preparing the materials and hiring tailors and they managed to produce a certain quantity. They were definitely better than their foreign counterparts: they were more beautiful and they had a better quality. Well, such goods are being produced inside the country. When we can produce them inside the country, why should we import them from the outside? I myself had two jackets which I used to wear for mountain hiking. They were foreign and they were given to me as gifts. I gave them away and I asked for the domestic brands.

I should add that our domestic clothing industry - which is a deep-rooted, old and well-established business in the country and which is thankfully very good - is unfortunately faced with a grave problem: they falsely put foreign labels on them. This is wrong! I saw a foreign label on the jacket which had been bought for me. That was a lie! We knew the tailor, we knew who had sewn it and when he had done it. I had it scraped off. So, a very key area is clothing production.

Benefiting from innovative youth for achieving a surge in production

Therefore, the movement of production has thankfully begun in the country, but I want to say that we will get nowhere by launching an ordinary movement. What we need is a surge and a powerful movement. Fortunately, the ground is prepared in the country for this powerful movement. There are very good and creative individuals and prepared youth who are thirsty for work in the country. We can benefit from them and achieve a surge in production in the true sense of the word. The surge in production can revive the economy of the country.

Once more, I wish to thank the friends who made a great effort to prepare this program, those who delivered speeches and reports and also all those individuals who are active in the area of economic matters. I hope that in the shade of the blessed prayers of our dear people in the auspicious month of Ramadan, there will be important and fundamental developments in the areas that the country needs including in the economic area.

Considering the situation that arose after the coronavirus pandemic, the people made certain moves as a result of a new and extraordinary condition. Due to lockdown measures, there were certain needs which were satisfied with the people’s cooperation. That was valuable in the true sense of the word. I hope that by Allah’s favor, this development will turn out to be a new prelude and a starting point for new endeavors and new developments in different areas including in the economic area. And I hope that God will help, bless and answer prayers. I too will pray for all officials and activists in different areas of the country whether economic, cultural or various other areas.

I hope that God will bestow His blessings on all of them and showers His grace, mercy and bounties on them. Once more, I thank all of you and I offer my greetings to the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam and to our dear martyrs.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings