Give in and submit.720

Give in and submit!

In the present time, you can see that the Americans continue to pursue the issue of negotiations. This is a trick. Everyone should know and pay attention to this. Of course, the Americans do not utter the same words. They sometimes speak about “negotiations without any conditions”, they sometimes say, “negotiations without setting any preconditions” and they sometimes proclaim “negotiations with 12 conditions”! Their policy might be very chaotic and they do not know what they want. This is a probability. Another probability is that they are using a trick. And one of the tricks is this: saying different things in order to confuse the other side.

Of course, we will not become confused. Our path is clear. We know what we are doing. When the US says, “let us negotiate”, it does not mean, “let us find a fair solution.” No, it means “let us sit at the negotiating table and then you accept whatever we say.” This is what they mean by negotiations.

They have become so brazen now that they are saying it outspokenly. Previously, I used to say that this is what the Americans are pursuing, but some people would say that this was wrong. Now, the Americans are saying it themselves. Just a few days ago, one of them said that we should sit at the negotiating table and Iran should accept such and such terms. This is what they mean by negotiations: we say something and you should accept it! Very well, they should go and negotiate like this with those who act as their dairy cows, but the Islamic Republic is the republic of believers, of Muslims working for Allah, and of dignity. A negotiation in which we have to accept this and that terms is meaningless. 

Sep 17, 2019