Imam Khamenei

The U.S. opposes anything that will make Iran powerful

The following is the full text of a speech delivered on October 4, 2018, by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, during an assembly that attracted a hundred thousand of Basiji volunteers, the assembly was held at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; peace and greetings upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate, and chosen household -- those who guide the guided and those who are infallible and respected -- especially the one remaining with Allah on earth.


Greetings upon you Aba-Abdillah and upon the souls who stayed by your side. I send you God’s eternal greetings for as long as I live and for as long as days and nights go on. I hope that God will not make this my last Ziyarah of you. Greetings upon Hussain, upon Ali ibn al-Hussain, upon the children of Hussain, and upon the companions of Hussain.


It is the martyrdom eve of Sayyid-u-Sajidin – Imam Ali ibn al-Hussain --greetings be upon him. These are very important days after Ashura. In fact, these days are about the epic of Zaynab. In such days, Zaynab al-Kubra, Imam Sajjad, and other captives of Ashura began their enlightened and valorous path to Karbala, Kufa, Shaam (Levant), and afterward Medina. They were personalities who managed to eternalize and immortalize the event of Ashura with their movement. Today, in such days, we feel closer to those great martyrs (God bless their souls).


Arbaeen is ahead of us as well. Our nation, the Iraqi nation, and many other peoples are preparing themselves, organizing for the great epic of Arbaeen. The Arbaeen epic is an extraordinary phenomenon which came into being – by Allah’s favor and grace -- at a time when the world of Islam greatly needed it. We commemorate the Master of Martyrs in our hearts and in our minds. We present our sincere and genuine greetings to that great personality, to those great personalities, and to pure martyrs; we say to them: “Oh Saba – you herald of the deprived – send our tears to their blessed presence.” [From a poem by Pakistan’s national poet and hero Iqbal Lahori.]


Today’s great gathering and this young, enthusiastic crowd of Mobilized Forces (Basijis) is reminiscent of a gathering in this very stadium during the early 1980s, after which the participants entered the war front and achieved victory. I hope that, by Allah’s favor, you will achieve complete victory in the arenas that are ahead of you as well.


This great gathering has occurred at a very sensitive time: the position of the country, of the region, and of the world is sensitive; particularly, for us the Iranian nation. It is sensitive because we are faced with the shouting and yelling from the leaders of the Arrogant Front and those world-usurping American politicians on one side; on the other side, we are witnessing a display of strength from our pious youth and their continuous victories in different fields.


On the one hand, we are faced with some economic problems of the country and the livelihood problems of a large group, consisting of underprivileged classes, in our society; on the other hand, we are witness to the sensitivity and diligence of outstanding personalities, within the country, who have become touched by the present conditions, who have spurred into action by carrying out intelligent and practical endeavors.


Because of the existence of these problems, the country has emerged from slackness and inaction. Today, many of those who used to be mere spectators feel responsible, and they are busy carrying out their efforts. These are the different aspects of the issue. These are special circumstances for the country, and this meeting is being held in such an environment.


Today, the essence of my speech is comprised of three parts: first, the greatness of Iran; second, the power of the Islamic Republic; and third, the invincibility of the Iranian nation. --These are not hallowed pretensions; they are not mere slogans; they are not idle statements, like the slogans and statements some individuals chant and make. These are the realities that enemies of the Iranian nation only wish we were not aware of, or they wish we ignored them. They wish we thought otherwise of ourselves, our country, and our nation. However, these truths are too obvious to be denied by anyone.


We spoke about the greatness of Iran. This greatness is not only related to the present era. Iran’s greatness is a historical reality. Over the course of time, our dear country has managed to stand honorable; it has proven itself successful in fields of science, philosophy, politics, and art; furthermore, in the arena of pioneering Islamic sciences among Muslim nations and, at a certain point in time, among all nations in the world Iran has exhibited its capabilities. Iran’s greatness is a clear reality that allows every fair-minded individual to acknowledge it.


Of course, this greatness is related to our own time and also some historical eras. Some historical eras are exceptions: two hundred years before the victory of the Revolution – since the middle of the Qajari era onwards and during the sinister Pahlavi era -- Iran’s greatness was, unfortunately, trampled upon. However, our discussion today is not related to this issue.


As for the power of the Islamic Republic, we only need to say that the Islamic Republic liberated Iran from the domination of England and USA. That domination began near the early 19th century of the Christian calendar. Cruel and arrogant foreigners used to dominate all Iranian affairs. --To give an example of the Islamic Republic's strength, it would be enough to know that it managed to save the country and the people from this oppressive domination.


To add, another sign of the Islamic Republic's power is that it rescued the country from the malice of the tyrannical monarchical regime. Furthermore, over the course of the past 40 years, the Islamic Republic has managed to repel the enemy’s transgressions; for the first time, in recent centuries, it managed to save the country from dismemberment during the course of a major war.


Before the Islamic Republic – in the Pahlavi and Qajar eras – whenever a war broke out, either the enemies partitioned the country or they humiliated the people with their military presence inside the country. For the first time, the Iranian nation succeeded at completely frustrating the vast front of the enemy during that eight-year imposed war. It managed to throw them out of the country: it preserved the territorial integrity of the country by doing so. --This is the meaning of power: power means that the Islamic Republic has managed to increase the country’s credibility and respect within the region and the entire world, and it has been able to stand against the vast Front of Arrogance, all on its own.


We spoke about the invincibility of the Iranian nation. Of course, this has been achieved thanks to Islam. The reasons for and signs of this invincibility can be witnessed in the victory of the people of Iran during the great Islamic Revolution, in their victory during the Sacred Defense, and in their resistance against the enemies’ plots over the past 40 years. Our people did not retreat. They did not fall to their feet. They did not feel weak and undermined in the face of the enemy. --This is the victory of the Iranian nation: this is the condition of the country. By Allah’s favor, I will give more explanations in this regard. --This is our condition in the present time.


Dear brothers, dear sisters, the great people of Iran, despite this and while in the arena of political and economic battles – just like the arena of military battles – if a front that feels victorious becomes overconfident, the path to victory will be blocked. Becoming overconfident about one’s victories, lack of planning, and lack of innovation for continued victory will definitely make us fall behind the enemy: it will help the enemy advance. If we become overconfident, if we suffer from inaction and lack of innovation, we will become frustrated. We should, thoroughly, continue to make efforts to engage in jihad (selfless endeavor), to take the initiative, and to benefit from resources.


We are in the middle of the path; actually, we are at the beginning of the path: we should reach the peak that the Islamic Revolution has sought after. --Diligence, skill, courage, and acumen are required in order to achieve that. However, what is important for you, dear youth, is that you are the tip of the arrow in this great national movement. It is you, the young, who can lead the way towards that peak. Experienced elderly can provide guidance if they are not tired, apathetic, or exhausted, but it is you, our youthful ones, who function as the engine of this train.


--This has been the case in the past as well. This has been the case in all the arenas of jihad. We have engaged in many jihads over the past 40 years. In all those jihadi actions, it was the youth of Iran who stood front and solved problems. The youth were the tip of the arrow. In the jihad against the rule of tyranny {during Pahlavi era}, before the victory of the Revolution, during the time of revolutionary activities, and in the jihad against separatists near the start of the Revolution – during which time some separatists emerged in the eastern, western, and northern parts of the country – it was our brave youth who stood on the front lines of this great movement. [Audience chants, “O liberated leader, we are prepared, we are prepared.” The Supreme Leader responds, “I am aware of your preparedness, but pay attention.”]


At a time when Construction Jihad ( a movement that was organized to reconstruct the country after the war)– which was one of the developments of the Revolution – was launched, it was the youth who were on the front lines and began that great movement. In the jihad against hypocritical and treacherous terrorists in the early 1360s (1980s on Gregorian Calendar), in the jihad against aggressors during the eight-year Sacred Defense, in the jihad to reconstruct the country after the war – in the year 1367 [1988] – and in the cultural jihad against the cultural invasion of the 1370s [1990s], it was the youth who managed to change that difficult environment to the benefit of the Revolution and Islam.


In the scientific jihad which was launched in the early 1380s, it was the youth who responded to the call of scientific progress from different universities and research centers and who opened the path of science and technology in the country by leaps and bounds. And finally, they played their part in the jihad against takfiri terrorism in the 1390s [2010s] – in recent years.


Today as well, it is still the youth who are engaged in an intellectual and practical jihad for untying economic knots. They offer us suggestions on the economic problems of the country, and we pass them on to officials and ask them to pursue these matters. Many of these suggestions are put forward by our youth, and they are sensible, practical and helpful suggestions. Thankfully, our youth are both intelligent and motivated when it comes to the issues plaguing our country today. As was pointed out, the problems have spurred everyone into action, and our youth feel responsible.


Today, around ten thousand Jihadi (those who struggle on God's path, doing voluntary work) organizations are busy, working throughout the country, and they are actually a good sign for the future of the country. They are great investments for the future of the country. They are busy working and endeavoring. Perhaps, they have carried out hundreds of thousands of tasks related to helping underprivileged classes in remote areas, and they are continuing to do so. They are carrying out big and small tasks on the basis of the people’s needs. --This is a great investment for the country. So, this is another role of the youth, and this is promising for the future.


You, dear youth, are the owners of the country. When I praise the young, some people say it is clear that he does not know about some deviant and decadent youths and their wrongdoings. --This is not the case: I am aware of them as well. After all, there are certainly some younger people in the country who are lacking in positive and brilliant qualities. --They are our fallen ones. However, what I want to say is that our risen youth are larger in number than our fallen ones. Those who move towards commitment, thinking, and action, on the path of great goals, are larger in number than the ones who move towards decadence: this is promising for the future of Iran.


Some people do not understand this, and they do not pay careful attention to the role of the youth in the present and future of the country. Some individuals even try to pretend that our youthful citizens are a problem for the country. They even try to turn our youth into the problem of the country. On the contrary, I believe that the youth are the solution, not the problem!


I have certain points to discuss with you, who are like my dear children. You should pay attention to these points. It is important for the youth not to think that the path ahead of us is like a smooth asphalt road. It is not. The path to progress opens up to us, but it is one that is full of twists and turns. It has many ups and downs. There are certain obstacles on this path. The enemy is completely active in confronting us. We should take this path by overcoming all obstacles. There are certain conditions for overcoming these obstacles.


The first step for treading down this path, rightly, is that we should feel the existence and presence of the enemy. Comfort-seeking, two-faced, and hypocritical intellectuals, who reject the enmity of the U.S. downright, who do not understand this enmity, who write a prescription that calls for surrender when faced by the US, for the people and the government, are not men of this arena. Even if they are not the enemy’s agents, at least they are not men of an important arena in the country’s progress.


Therefore, the first step is feeling the presence and existence of the enemy. If we are unaware of the enemy’s presence in front of us, we will fail to embark on constructing earthworks and trenches, and we will not carry with us the necessary weapons.


The second step is self-confidence and the determination to resist. Apathetic, hesitant, cowardly, and opportunistic individuals and those who lack in self-confidence cannot have an effect on this arena. Besides, they might create obstacles for others. They cannot make one move so they sometimes create obstacles for others. They are hopeless, and they make others hopeless. They are lazy, and they pass their laziness on to others as well.


The Holy Quran says about a particular group of people that is relevant to this time, “If they had come out with you [in battle], they would not have added to your strength but only made disorder, hurrying to and fro in your midst and sowing sedition among you.” [The Holy Quran, 9: 47] It states that even if such people accompany you to the arena of jihad, they will corrupt you. Even if they come with you to the arena of jihad, they will create disorder. Not only will they not help, in any way, but they will also create obstacles. Of course, our youth did not suffer from this malady in all the jihads that I've mentioned before. They had self-confidence and courage. They did not have any doubts; they were not cowardly and faint-hearted. If they had been cowards, things would not have developed. --This is the second step.


The third step is knowing what the arena and area of invasions are. Where do our wars against the enemy and his invasions against us lie? We should understand this correctly. We should understand the enemy’s threats, we should know the severity of his enmity, and it should be clear where the arena of invasion is. If the enemy is attacking from the eastern borders and if you take your forces to the western borders, things will not go anywhere and you will not benefit from your forces. You should know from where the enemy attacks. The entire government, the entire country, and all the people should have a correct understanding of the enemies’ arena of battle.


Well, where is the arena of battle? I would like to point out two, three areas where the enemy has been confronting us. The first arena is Islam or the Islamic faith. The US has been slapped down by the power of Islam: it holds a grudge against the religion of Islam. The US has been slapped down by the Islamic Revolution: it holds a grudge against the Islamic Revolution. They used to be in charge of all affairs in Iran. Everything was under their control. The officials of the country used to be obedient to them. The resources of the country were at their disposal. The resources of the country would be transferred here and there according to their wishes. The economic, social, and cultural policies of the country would be formulated the way they wanted.


However, their hands were cut off from this means of controlling Iran. What cut off their hands? It was the power of Islam that did so; it was the Islamic Revolution that severed their hands from our country: that is why they are enemies. Some people – including the nuisances – keep saying that "we should not speak ill of the US so they will not be our enemy." However, their enmity is not due to us speaking ill to or about them, and you chanting “Death to the USA”; rather they hold a grudge against the essence of the Revolution and the essence of the great movement of the Iranian nation.


That is why they hatch plots and use deceit as a weapon. --This is the first arena of battle. That is why they are afraid of a great Islamic power appearing in the region: it would completely prevent them from pursuing their greedy expectations in the region. They do not want their pursuits to end: they are afraid of this and want to rally their forces against us.


They are afraid of Islamic and revolutionary power: that is why they are trying to destabilize and destroy the elements of power. What are these elements of power? Political organization and stability; social security and national unity; commitment to the principles of the Revolution; progress towards scientific development and the expansion of the revolutionary and Islamic culture: these are our elements of power, and they are opposed to them.


Of course, they are opposed to our military progress, our missiles, and our presence in the region as well. --This is because they are among our elements and factors of power. So, these are the areas of battle. The arenas of battle and the confrontation of arrogance towards Islamic Iran are comprised of all the things that assist the Islamic Iran in becoming powerful. --This should be considered as one of the sources of conflict with arrogant powers.


Another source of conflict is in regards to having a correct understanding of the realities in Iran and the world. If you have a correct understanding of your own country's realities, this is to their disadvantage. They are opposed to accurate knowledge: they are fighting against it. What is their weapon of choice? The very dangerous weapon belonging to the media, particularly recently emerged media. By creating false images, they try to divert the thoughts of the Iranian nation. They portray both false images on Iran and about themselves. They also create false images regarding the conditions of the region. One of the false images that they create is that they are in a position of power -- while they are not in a position of power.


Now, their hard power is a visible type of power. In other words, they have money, military weapons, and media resources: these are their hard weapons. However, in international confrontations, it is the soft power which is the main criterion. Soft war power equals logic, reasoning, sensible arguments, and new discourse – a new discourse which plays a determining role in life. --It means presenting new ideas. They have no new ideas to show. They have no logic. The U.S. is extremely poor at soft war power. They only know how to bully others: its reasoning is poor.


Today, its liberal democracy is ridiculed around the world. Its methods of implementing liberal democracy – which they were once proud of – are being widely criticized by intellectuals from throughout the world. That is why you are witnessing that the US – which enjoys atomic power, advanced technology, and large sources of money – has been defeated in many parts of the world. It was defeated in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Pakistan, and in Afghanistan. It has been defeated in its confrontation against global powers; and today, one can envisage other defeats for the US. --This is the image that they have created about themselves which is false and fabricated.


They have created another image which is completely false and deceptive: that of Islamic Iran. It is an image which they are trying to promote to shift public opinion around the world. They want to present it to us, the Iranian nation, as well. They want to inject these false notions into us and convince us to accept the ideas that they have spread about our country. By relying on the economic problems, which exist in our country and which are realities, they are nurturing some erroneous notions in their own thoughtless and unintelligent minds.


Recently, I heard that the U.S. president has said to the heads of some European countries that they should wait two or three months longer; after that, the Islamic Republic “will be done.” He has mentioned such things to them! --This reminds me of the statements that were made by the domestic servants of the US 40 years ago – 40 years ago, four decades ago! They used to boost one another’s hopes by saying that if they wait for six months, the Islamic Republic will be terminated. However, after six months, the Islamic Republic would still be here; they would say that they should wait another year: yet, the Islamic Republic would never be terminated! 40 years have passed since that time, and that little sapling has become this enormous tree!


Now, this wretched person wishes to bolster his hopes and those of his European partners by saying that if they wait for two, three months, the Islamic Republic will be gone. --This reminds me of the popular idiom: When the camel dreams of eating cottonseed [Participants laugh], sometimes he eats them by the mouth-full, and sometimes he eats them seed by seed {meaning that American efforts to overthrow the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic are foolish dreams that will never be realized}. [Participants chant, “O liberated leader, we are prepared!” The Supreme Leader responds, “May God increase your success. Thank you very much. May God preserve you all!”]


The enemy has failed to know you! The enemy has failed to know the Iranian nation! He does not know the Revolution or the revolutionary and faith-based spirit! Throughout all these years, this mistaken analysis has been misleading the enemy, and he is continuing to be misled! According to a saying that has been attributed to the infallible Imams (as): “Praise belongs to the God who made our enemies from among the fools.” God has made the enemies of the Iranian nation from among the fools. It is fools who are the enemies of the Iranian nation.


Of course, we have problems. Yes, we have economic problems. The dear youth and our motivated and pious people should pay careful attention. We have economic problems. We have an oil-based economy, which is a grave flaw in itself. We do not have a culture of economizing. The culture of economizing is very feeble among us: this is a flaw. Extravagance is a flaw; we have these flaws, but they are not fixed flaws. The real flaw is reaching a dead-end, and we have, thankfully, not reached a dead-end road. We do not have dead-ends.


The real flaw is that the youth of the country presume that there is no option other than seeking refuge in the enemy. --This is a flaw. Some people are trying to inject this idea into the minds of our youth. The enemy wants the people of Iran to conclude that it has reached a dead-end, that there is no option other than seeking refuge in the US, kneeling and submitting to the US. I wish to explicitly say this: I wish to explicitly say that those who promote this thought, which is favored and advocated by the enemies inside the country -- are the ones betraying the country. This is a betrayal of the country. If we promote this notion – one that is favored by the enemy – that there is no option other than to seek refuge in the enemy, this is the greatest betrayal against the Iranian nation! Of course, this will not happen (submitting to the enemy). By Allah’s favor and grace, with your help, I will, with all my power and energy, not allow this to happen to our country!


This is the image that the enemy is creating (dead-ends). --This is a deceptive image about his own condition and that of ours. These are false images with which the Iranian nation and our public opinion are being inundated, with the aid of thousands of television, radio, and Internet networks. This is a false image, but what is the real image? The real image is that you and all the youths of the country should know today’s position of the country and of your people. --This is the first condition for you to exert your influence.


First of all, today, great politicians around the world, veteran and sensible political brains are praising the people of Iran for their 40-years of resistance. --This is a reality. This is something that we see clearly and transparently. We are aware of this, and I am proclaiming it to you. Experienced politicians -- even in the US, in Western and European countries, which do not have good relations with us – are applauding the people of Iran because they have been refusing to retreat for more than 40 years in the face of enemies' pressures, and because they have made great achievements and turned themselves into a world power. --This is praiseworthy.


A few years ago, I quoted a statement from a chief Zionist military official who said, “I do not have a good relationship with Iran, but I stand up and take my hat off in respect to the person who has built these missiles." He was speaking about one of the tens of different types of missiles which have been built here. Political masterminds from around the world express their respect for our country, our people, and their resistance and progress in such a way.


Second, our country benefits from many capacities which are found in few other countries. It has geographic, climatic, man-made, underground and above-ground capacities. The capacities of Iran, which are extraordinarily important for the economy and progress of the country, are abundant. Of course, we have not used these capacities correctly. Once, I came across some statistics, and I mentioned them in a meeting which was broadcasted. The statistical data revealed that we were the first in the world in terms of not using the capacities of our country! We have not used them. I have always advised officials to identify untapped capacities and to benefit from them for the country; thus, in order to generate national wealth. --This is the second point.


Third, you pious youth are the capacity of the country that has been actualized. This is the real image: our pious youth in the country have defensive and scientific capabilities, they have capabilities in the area of cultural issues, social matters, and many other areas. --This is the real image of the country. The enemy who thinks in certain misleading ways about Islamic Iran does not see this very large number of pious youth in the country.


Fourth, after carrying out extensive research, the enemy has resorted to sanctions in order to confront the Islamic Republic. --This means that other paths are blocked to him. They have no option other than economic sanctions and other paths are blocked. However, I will tell you that economic sanctions are more vulnerable than our national economy. Our national economy can defeat sanctions, and, by Allah’s favor and grace, we will defeat sanctions, and defeating sanctions means defeating the US. The US should receive yet another slap in the face by the Iranian nation with the defeat of sanctions!


Fifth, the fifth point, the Basij establishment in itself – Basij-e Mostazafeen [Mobilized Forces to Assist the Underprivileged] -- is an accurate reflection of the condition of the country. --This great organization, this foundation which exists throughout the country, and this great popular system has become a model for other countries. They, too, refer to their youth in order to solve their various problems.


Basij is the manifestation of this holy ayah: “Men said to them, ‘A great army is gathering against you.’ And frightened them.” After the Battle of Uhud, word was being spread that Medina would be attacked, and they said that Muslims should be afraid of the enemy: “But it only increased their faith.” In the face of those threats and shouts, the faith of believers increased, and they said, “For us, Allah suffices, and He is the best disposer of affairs.” [The Holy Quran, 3: 173]--This is representative of the Basij. Basij is the manifestation of this holy ayah -- not only does it not retreat in the face of the enemy’s threats, but it increases in faith as well: this is a strong point. Basij mobilization is one of the outstanding parts of the real image of our dear country, and the enemy is extremely opposed to it. His agents are extremely opposed to Basij mobilization as well. 


The sixth point is in regards to the outstanding and brilliant groups that one sees all over the country, throughout the year, including Jihadi inspired groups. As I pointed out earlier, there are almost ten thousand Jihad inspired organizations which are active in the country: Construction Based Basij, Rahian-e Noor, and those of revolutionary rallies, i'tikaf ceremonies, and Hussaini and Ashura'i -- ceremonies which grow on a daily basis.--This reflects a realistic image of the country. These are phenomena with which one can get to know the Iranian nation. Of course, all organizations are responsible for helping Basij and Jihadi Forces, jihadi-centric activities and Rahian-e Noor. 


Well, I want to finish my statements. I only want to raise two, three points with you at the end of my statements: the first point is that, presently, the enemy is using the media to influence public opinion. Notice that media has become an important weapon, and if they are in the hands of the enemy, it becomes a dangerous weapon. Some have even compared the media to chemical weapons in military wars. When they use chemical weapons, it is not tanks and weapons that are destroyed, rather it is humans who will be destroyed. This way, the power to use those weapons is lost. --Chemical weapons are like this in a military war. The same is true of the media.


Today, television and radio channels, the Internet, social networks, and various other forms of cyberspace tools are used against the public. Those who are in charge of this area of the country – the communications area – should pay careful attention. I have warned them about this during my meetings: I have stressed this point. Still, I would like to repeat it now:  they must pay attention to the media, it should not turn into a tool wherein the enemy can easily use his chemical-like weapons against our people. They should know what their responsibility is, and they should act more seriously.


Next, my dear ones, if the enemy sees unity among us; if he sees that we feel powerful; and if he sees a firm determination in us: he will retreat. If the enemy sees that the people of Iran and pious Iranian youth show their presence, have a sense of responsibility, and stand in the middle of the arena powerfully, he will retreat. However, if he feels that there are weaknesses and differences amongst us, if he feels that there is no harmony and unanimity among the officials of the country, or if he sees a rift between the people and the officials of the country, he will be encouraged to increase his intensity.


Everyone should pay attention to this: both the officials of the country and the masses – in particular, our dear youth – should know that we must convey a message of power, not of weakness, to the enemy. The enemy should feel that, through our words, behavior, and lifestyle, he is faced with a powerful entity. If he feels that we have some weakness, he will be emboldened, and he will increase his intensity. You should be careful. --This is the second point.


The third point is that I will tell you confidently – based on my information about the condition of the country – that our people and the new young generation have decided that they do not want to become humiliated anymore. They have decided that they do not want to follow foreign powers and the enemy. They have decided to help dear Iran reach the peak of honor and dignity, and they have the capability to do so. They have the willingness, the firm determination, and the capability to do so, and they will reach that point, God willing.


This large audience of a hundred thousand reminds me of a crowd that was once the exact same size, back in the late 1360s [1980s], during which time, I spoke to them; after that, they set off towards the frontlines; and they achieved great victories for the country.


By Allah’s favor, our dear youth, too, will become victorious and successful in the arena of science, in the arena of action, in the arena of economic activities, in the arena of entrepreneurship, in the arena of work and individual and collective endeavors, in the arena of building social and cultural networks, and in the arena of making necessary moves, “firing at will” whenever necessary, God willing.


Greetings are upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings