Imam Khamenei

Free scientific movement is a lie in the liberal- democratic world

I am informed that some internationally indexed journals do not publish our researchers' articles at all—particularly in the fields of humanities. Why? Because these papers contradict their codes. Our researchers might find new ideas in their research in the areas of philosophy, psychology, education, and other arenas;—what we have always favored: [to be creative]—. They might break open a new frontier; one which does not conform to the western origins of that science—and may not conform to their values. Consequently, they refuse to publish these articles! This is a response to those naive people who think that the world of Liberal Democracy is truly open, and anyone can express what they want to. No; there, they even conduct researches according to specific calculations. This is a fact for contemplation and attention. If you are not aware of it, investigate about it. You will come to understand the point I made. We have heard that Stalin used to demand his research centers to achieve a certain result he desired! Science was not at liberty. Well, this was also said by the Americans and Europeans. At that time, I believed it, but now I have doubts. Because they are always lying, I wonder if this was also a lie about Stalin. They said--I do not know if it was really the case-- that if the result of a study was against dialectic principles, Stalin would reject it. He said ‘you have to do research in a way that leads you to such a result!’ Now, in the liberal-democratic world, we are witnessing it firsthand. However, this time it is nicely presented in a modern, smart and attractive appearance. The scientific research of a Muslim scholar—that does not fit in the framework of the reviewers of an I.S.I. journal—is rejected.
Let’s think about establishing an Islamic international scientific indexing center and start to discuss it with other Muslim countries. We are fortunately developed, among Muslim countries. However, forming an Islamic center does not mean that it should not be in relation with other international scientific indexing centers around the world. No; we can form a center that belongs to us, and that becomes a reliable reference. The more you engage in similar activities, the more the country will progress.
Statements made during a meeting with a number of university presidents

Statements made during a meeting with a number of university presidents, January 6, 2005