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Hajj is a practical arena of combining religion and politics, religion and science: Imam Khamenei

Some people have begun to dissuade the new generations from combining religion and politics, religion and life, religion and science, this world and the hereafter and spirituality and material achievements. They want to dissuade minds from this combination. Hajj is a practical arena for showing this combination.

Hajj enjoys the characteristic of combining spirituality and politics, spirituality and material attributes and this world and the hereafter: “And there are men who say: ‘Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the fire" [The Holy Quran, 2: 201].


Those who say this prayer in Hajj and who ask Allah the Exalted for worldly and otherworldly rewards are cherished by the Quran. This means that this world and the hereafter have been combined in Hajj. Hajj is the manifestation of such a thing. Some people have worked hard in the course of many years – in the present time too, they are working hard – to separate Islamic spirituality from life and from the management of society. This means the separation of religion from politics. The enemies of Islam and those ignorant individuals who know nothing about Islam have been working for many years – perhaps, it can be said, for tens and hundreds of years or even more – on this matter.


When the Islamic Republic came into being and when the Islamic revolution achieved victory, all these ideas proved to be wrong. It became clear that Islam could perfectly handle the arena of politics, life, the management of the country and the people’s involvement in the arena with all their capabilities and capacities. Islam was more successful than the communists, the liberals and the westerners in the area of chanting slogans. So, the effort that they would make for a long time was counteracted, but they have begun to make the same effort again. Some people have begun to dissuade the new generations from combining religion and politics, religion and life, religion and science, this world and the hereafter and spirituality and material achievements. They want to dissuade minds from this combination. Hajj is a practical arena for showing this combination.


How is this done? During the hajj ritual, you supplicate, you say prayers, you rely on God, you shed tears, you perform tawaf, you make religious endeavors, you say daily prayers and you have public gatherings. This is very important. Well, they should think. In inviting people to perform Hajj, if Allah the Exalted only wanted the people to gather there and spend a few days doing spiritual things, there would not be any need to set a specific date. Anyone could go at any time that they wished. So, this is not the case. There is a specific date for Hajj.


At this specific date, everyone throughout the world of Islam should attend the ceremony. And this is not about one, two years, rather this has been the case throughout history. On certain days, everyone in the world of Islam who has the capability to do so should gather in a specific place. What does this mean? This means that the very essence of this gathering is what Allah the Exalted wants. This is what He wants. This means the formation of the Islamic Ummah. This is the same outlook towards the gathering of Muslims. Hajj is the embodiment of this.


July 16, 2018


Hajj is a manifestation of the power of the Islamic Ummah

Hajj is the manifestation of the great presence of the Islamic Ummah, of unity, of unanimity and of the power of the Islamic Ummah. Every year, the greatest gathering of the Ummah takes place in a particular location with clear and transparent circumstances. The Islamic Ummah shows off its presence through hajj. As well as this extrinsic aspect, there is an intrinsic aspect: during hajj, Muslim nations get familiar and establish a close relationship with one another. And they understand each other's language – by "language", I do not mean words, rather I mean the culture that dominates everyone's mind. They get familiar with this language and become close to one another.


This way, doubts and falsehoods are eliminated, enmities are undermined and gradually disappear, hearts get close to each other and hands come to one another's help. Countries can help one another. Nations can help one another. This is hajj. Now, to what extent those who are in charge of hajj help or allow hajj to be organized in this way, this is a different issue, but hajj is this: a peerless capacity for spirituality and for social presence, and a place for expressing one's beliefs and the positions of the Islamic Ummah.

July 30, 2017


Hajj can cure grave maladies that the Islamic Ummah is suffering from

Hajj is a mystifying act of worship in a holy dwelling, a position full of divine blessings, and an embodiment of Allah the Exalted's signs and symbols. Hajj can help pious, humble, and wise servants of God achieve spiritual positions; it can make them become lofty and enlightened individuals; it can make them become insightful and courageous elements who are prepared to take action and engage in jihad (endeavor for the sake of God). Both spiritual and political, and both individual and social aspects are completely outstanding and visible in this unique obligation: today, the Muslim community is in dire need of both of these aspects.

One the one hand, the magic of materialism is busy beguiling and annihilating by using advanced instruments, and on the other hand, the policies of dominating system are instigating sedition and fueling the fire of discord among Muslims, turning Islamic countries into a hell of insecurity and disagreement.

Hajj can be a cure for both of these grave maladies that the Islamic Ummah is suffering from. It can purge hearts of impurities and enlighten them with the light of piety and understanding, it can open eyes to the bitter realities of the world of Islam, it can strengthen one's determination in order to confront those realities, it can make one's steps firm and it can prepare hands and minds.

Hajj Message; August 29, 2017


Those who reject to recognize political aspect of Hajj want Islam separated from politics

Those who reject to recognize the political aspect of Hajj, indeed, want Islam and religious beliefs separated from politics. The slogan of ‘separation of religion from politics’ is what the opponents of ruling of Islam over the Islamic societies have raised since several decades ago. Now that a government based on the sacred religion of Islam is established in Iran, and the growing enthusiasm for forming Islamic governments has spread throughout the world, the enemies broach the slogan more rashly and aggressively than ever. Wherever prerequisites of such a government are available, the enemies act seriously and aggressively and do all they can to prevent it. Ruling of Islam is indicative of opposing the interference of the arrogant powers in Islamic countries, and requires cutting off the hands of those who rely on such powers and act like slaves of Devil of self-absorption, and Devil of Arrogance—from dominating over these countries. Thus, naturally, the arrogant powers, their allies, devils and their followers are angry with it. To the same extent, the believers in God and the Hereafter, true Muslims, should embrace it and strive to achieve it. As at the present time, blessed individuals from around the world have found the opportunity to experience days of knowledge and Hajj, I beseech God the Almighty, to accept their Hajj; and bestow the blessings of Hajj on them and on all the Islamic Ummah.

May 15, 1994